CTRPG Session Logs
Leeta lookin' swanky!

Here are all the logs we have up so far from the CTRPG Sessions. Eventually, I'll have a "Summary Page" for all those too lazy to read the logs! But, until then, you'll have to read the logs! Haha!

More sessions are on the way. All of them are now completely edited of errors (Well, most of them anyway). I'll try to add even more sessions just as soon as I have time. Read on, and see the joy that the CTRPG can bring!

A little note before you read...
Session 1: Boom Time  Session 9: Revolting Mystics?! 
Session 2: Time Warps  Session 10: The Black Wind Howls... 
Session 3: Where ARE we?!  Session 11: Terror, Insecta-Style! 
Session 4: Island Ambush Session 12: Tragedy on Both Sides
Session 5: Enemy in the Form of a Friend  Session 13: Prehistoric Rumble
Session 6: Delightful Spekkio Session 14: Two Paths, One Destination
Session 7: Citadel  Session 15: Crazy Cults, and Crazy Love!
Session 8: Sunstone 
Special: CTRPG Bloopers and Outtakes Funny, and fat-free!
More will be coming soon, so hang tight!
Mariah in her room, filled with lamps and gizmos