CTIRCRPG Session Nine: Revolting Mystics?!


Mariah, Ellena, Mekare, and Narrator: Lucca
Keli: Maruka
Leeta: Leeta
Ashe: Vile
Jazz: Black Phoenix
Derek: So. Central Rain
Damian, Hendrel, Nasty Imp: Golbez
And Various NPCS: Lucca, George, Warlord Havik, Golbez

Last time, our mistfits tried to protect a rather valuble rock in 2330 AD, but failed miserably. Ellena revealed that she, and a few others, worked for Elynthia, and felt these kids had the power to stop Iris. The team followed Iris' trail to 1030 AD, where they tried to find a girl Ellena talked about named Mekare. Not only was Mekare in Medina, but she was a mystic too. After some fair antics, the team is now waiting in Medina circa 1030 A.D.

Location: Rebel Base-2330 A.D.

Meanwhhile, In 2300 AD, Jazz, Damain, and Keli, who stayed behind to help Ellena, are ready to follow the others.

Jazz: Hmm Looks like they left us.

Damian: I'm betting the others got back with their gate key or something, Keli. We need to find a way home ourselves.

Ellena: Well, thanks for staying behind and helping me with the cleanup efforts.

Jazz: Then how do we catch up to them?

Keli: Hmm... I believe ya.

Ellena: Sheesh! Wait! Will ya?

Damian: I'm waiting, Ellena. Go ahead.

Jazz: You're welcome. But do you know how we can get back?

Ellena: Take this Hands him a key This is the Time Key, I think Ben gave you one

Keli: Thanks, Ellena!

Ellena: Use it. They went to 1030 Ad. Just turn...Keli? Are you going too?

Damian: Thanks Ellena.....

Keli nods

Jazz: Thanks.

Ellena: I thought you would Keli. Be careful!

Jazz laughs

Damian: You must be Keli. I am Damian.

Keli: Hello, Damian

Ellena: No time for small talk! You better go!

Keli faces Ellena

Jazz: Okay

Damian: Let's go, Jazz.

Keli: Okay! Let's go!

Ellena: Bye Everyone! Take care of Kel!

Jazz: I think I saw her...Jazz does some stuff and a portal opens

Damian: We will......

Jazz: Bingo!

Damian: Shall we?

Keli grins at Ellena.

Keli: Bye!

Jazz waves

Damian waves at Ellena

Jazz: Bye!

Everyone jumps in the portal!

Jazz dives in!

Damian dives in the portal

Keli: Whee!

Jazz: SPOON!

Damian: Whoa....

Location: Medina Village Fairgrounds-1030AD

Damian comes crashing down to the center of the fair, along with Jazz and Keli

Keli looks around

Everyone is doing random things around the fair, it's about dusk now, and Mekare left to get some food.

Keli: Are you okay, guys? That was some ride!

Damian: OUCH! I hate time rides....

Jazz: Ummmmm

Keli shakes the stars off her head.

Damian is seeing stars from where he landed

Mystic: indicating lemonaide Get your lemonaid and FREE peanuts here! *Suckers*

Damian: I thought I seen Mariah......

Mariah is looking around for everyone, wondering where they all went

Keli looks around, curious.

Damian: There she is!

Derek plays some more blackjack.

Damian: Mariah!!!

Jazz lands right in front of Mariah

Jazz: Ummm.... Hi!

Leeta stratches

Damian runs closer to where Jazz landed

Mariah: Whoa!

Keli spots Mariah, and waves her hand to get her attention.

Mariah: Jazz!

Mariah: Keli? Why are you here?

Damian: Mariah, I thought I never seen you again

Jazz gets up and dusts himself off

Damian: She came with us

Mariah runs up to Keli "I thought you stayed behind!

Keli: Mariah! I decided to come with the others!

Mariah: Damian..hey guy! Look around, tell me what you see? And you can stay Keli? Coolness!

Keli grins

Damian: Uh, a big place almost where people like me are? I see a lot of familiar faces like the ones I used to know

Mariah: Yeah! They're Mystics! Look! They LIVED!

Derek: I win again!

Mariah grins

Damian: Oh my.....My kind did live after all

Mariah notes the shock in Damain's face

Damian smiles

Jazz looks around

Mariah looks over in Derek's direction

Damian: Plus they're all good

Mariah: Hey! How much money did you win?

Jazz: Pretty lively bunch these mystics

Leeta hands Jazz a coke

Gambling Mystic: The Roulette table is now OPEN! Blackjack is CLOSED!

Derek: These chips here are worth 3k.

Jazz takes it Thanks

Mystic: Hey! Quit staring at me! Human! Pokes Damain and runs away

Leeta suddenly feels her finger itch

Damian blinks as he's shoved away

Derek cashes in his chips.

Mariah: Hey! What a rude little kid!

Damian: I doubt he knows of his heritage

Jazz: Put me on 13! Tosses him some coins

Leeta glances over at the Roulette

Mariah: Maybe..

Ashe can be seen suddenly running across the fairgrounds to the other side, in a hurry!

Damian: Did you meet anyone, Mariah?

Keli faces away from the Roulette wheel.

Mariah laughs when she sees this guy trip over a mystic

Roulette Manager: Are there any more bets? grins

Keli: No thanks... not into gambling

Derek: Gambling's only fun when you can cheat.

Mystic woman: HEY! Dumb Kid! Points at Ashe what the hell are you DOING!?

Leeta calmly gets up and places coins on 17

A crowd in the background: DABO!

Mariah is no gambler..

Ashe: uhhh, err... ack! Ashe continues running

Mystic Woman: Come baaack!

Jazz: Did someone mention Dabo? Where?

Damian: Reminds me of something I used to do in 630 A.D.

Mariah chuckles some more.

Derek: Huh. Looks like another cheater got caught.

Dabo Girl: Over here!

Damian: Dabo was a favorite game back in that century, must still be a popular game

Mariah: Hee hee..no Derek, just some guy!

Derek shrugs.

Leeta looks at the guy with interest

Jazz laughs

Derek: He must have done something stupid to get the locals after him.

Damian: Among the Mystics of my kinda, they loved to pass the time with that game and practicing stuff

Jazz holds a hand up. Gotta find out what the wheel lands on

Roulette Manager: Just the human and the house spins the wheel and it lands on 00

Mekare then comes bouncing back Heeeellloooo! Got some food!

Mariah: Hi Mekare!

Jazz: No!

Damian: Hello!

Leeta quickly grabs the Roulette keeper's money pouch without him noticing

Jazz grumbles

Keli: Hi!

Mekare stares at him Whooa..you're...different..

Jazz snaches it from Leeta as she walks by him

Damian: Did I....do something? blinks

Jazz: lose something?

Mekare: Mariah, who ARE these people?

Leeta glares at Jazz

Damian: I am Damian

Jazz tosses the bag back to the guy

Mekare: You look Human, but you seem like a mystic too...

Keli: Hi, I'm Keli

Leeta elbows Jazz in the gut

Damian: I was half-mystic, half-human

Mekare: Hi Kel!

Roulette Manager: Tough luck, kid. Most people here either place thier bets on red or black. Wanna try again?

Jazz: If you're looking for the thief, its that guy over there named Damian

Damian: Jazz, stop it now

Mekare: Cooooooooooool!

Keli extends her hand "How are you?"

Leeta walks over to Mekare

Mekare shakes Kel's hand Fine thanks!

Jazz: Greetings! bows I'm Jazz

Mekare: If you guys wanna go into that tent over there, you're welcome to!

Keli grins

Derek: Hello, Mekare.

Mekare rolls her eyes Uh..hi Jazz..*loser*

Jazz: What was that?

Leeta grins at the look Jazz got from Mekare

Ashe runs back across the fairgrounds, careful not to trip over people, it seems like he's looking for something

Mekare: Nothing!

Leeta: Smart kid.

Damian glances around Medina, and stops by a few places

Derek watches Ashe and ignores Mekare.

Mekare: Come into this tent, K? That's where all the food is. You ARE staying the night, right?

Damian: Yeah....

Derek wanders over to Ashe.

Leeta: I'll stay.

Mariah: I will too.

Keli: I'll stay

Damian: I'll stay too

Ashe looks around

Damian: Wow, Mariah, I never knew this would exist, but this was a dream of mine.

Mariah looks around, and notices a lot of lights are being turned on, cuz it's nightime "Oh wow..it's beatuiful.."

Derek: What are you doing, you idiot? You stand out horribly.

Damian: To have a city of Mystics, all of them congregating with many peoples

Mariah: I know Damain, isn't it wonderful?

Leeta looks up at the sky and feels a great emptyness

Ashe: I'm trying to find.. uhm, nevermind..

Mariah looks at Leeta, and notices she looks rather sad

Damian goes into the tent

Mekare goes off into the tent

Jazz is looking over the scene

Mariah follows the others

Ashe runs over to a brown sack in the corner and looks inside, then picks it up and runs back across the fairgrounds again

Derek watches Ashe go and shakes his head, then walks back to the tent.

Jazz walks to the tent

Mariah calls from the tent "Hey! Where is everyone?!"

Damian: I'm in here, Mariah

Mariah: Oh! Hi!

Derek: Coming, Mariah.

Damian: I'm in the middle row

Derek arrives at the tent.

Mekare passes out rather fattening junk food and cola

Jazz: What's wrong Leeta?

Derek: Some fool was running around the fairground attracting attention.

Mekare: Goood stuff!

Damian: Wow, thanks!

Loud explosions and cricket noises can be heard from afar, and they suddenly stop..

Jazz: Mmmmmm munchies!

Keli looks at the food.

Mariah: Hmmm..was it that guy who trips over people?

Jazz grabs the nachos!

Derek: I don't know. I guess so. Hey! What was that?

Mariah jumps at the explosion! EEEK!

Leeta: Huh?

Damian: Huh? What was that?

Leeta looks around

Mariah gets cola all over herself "Ah nuts!"

Keli hands Mariah a towel

Derek walks out of the tent.

Jazz: Huh?

Keli slowly eats her food.

Jazz steps outside

Mariah: Thanks Keli..oh man, my shirt is soaked...

Damian eats some of his food.

Ashe can be seen trying to attract people to a fairly large metal box with a cricket painted on it

Damian: Where did Mekare go?

Mekare: Ummph! Back here! Eating!

Damian: Oops, sorry....

Leeta walks over to Ashe

Derek walks over to the box.

Damian: I didn't know where everyone was

Mekare goes outside for a second

Derek: What the devil is that?

Ashe: Hi! uh.. step right up and see the most amazing invention ever created! uhh.. The Cricket Emulator!

Mariah walks outside, and sees Derek with..that kid.

Keli: Hope this food doesn't have MSG

Derek: The Cricket Emulator?

Mariah: Be right back guys!

Jazz: Cricket Emulator?

Damian: Don't worry, Keli......

Ashe presses a button in the back and it sounds like a thousand crickets are nearby

Derek: Arrrgh! Turn that off!

Mariah covers her ears!

Leeta blinks and covers her ears

Criag: No boom this time... boom *next* time.

Ashe presses the button again and it shuts off.

Mariah: NOOOO! Crickets!

Damian puts on some ear muffs.

Jazz thinks "Aw great, the most annoying invention ever"

Derek: WHY did you make that?

Keli covers her ears

Derek: No, don't tell me.

Mariah: Umm..you know, from inventor to inventor..that isn't going to sell well..

Damian: Good thing I pack ear muffs for those occasions

Derek: I don't suffer fools.

Jazz: My thoughts exactly

Ashe grumbles.

Mariah: Hey! Don't feel bad! I have an idea!

Keli: What is it?

Mariah asks if she can borrow some of his tools

Leeta wanders off to cause some trouble

Ashe: Ok.. I don't see why not

Damian wanders a little bit to Medina's town square

Mariah grins, and takes them, and gets starts to work

Derek heads back to the tent to try to get some sleep.

Damian: This reminds me so much of home

Keli strolls around town...

Damian: But I gotta go to sleep....

Mariah makes some ajustments "DONE!"

Jazz kicks back against a tree to watch what hairbrain invention Mariah cooks up this time

Damian heads back to the tent

Derek falls asleep inside the tent.

Leeta: Hmmmm.....spots a knife throwing contest

Mariah: Ok, see? It's a bug ZAPPER! Much more helpful!

Ashe: Wow, cool. hehe.

Mariah: Leeta..umm..no..no knife throwing! Haha! Well *Yawn* I'm sleepy..I gotta go to bed..g'night..

Jazz see's Leeta looking at something What is it?

Damian: Leeta, come back to the tent!

Leeta throws knives at some apples on the stand

Carnival barker: Closin' time folks, let's head out!

Jazz gets up and walks over. "AH! Knife throwing! Hey mister Just a sec! Let me try this once!

Leeta hits them all and recieves a teddy bear

Mariah heads back into the tent

Ashe continues looking at the machine, and opens a small hatch, and presses another button, and the machine follows him across the fairgrounds as he wanders around.

Leeta walks back to the tent, smiling happily

Keli watches Leeta at the knife-throwing contest.

Jazz gets out his silver knife

Mariah gets comfy and falls to sleep in about 2 seconds.

Damian: Guys, we gotta head to sleep in the tent, don't we?

Derek snores, snores VERY loudly.

Keli agrees with Damian

Leeta stays awake and thinks

Jazz throws the knife with a wrist flick and it goes through all 6 in one shot

Damian: Hooboy....I'll have to put ear muffs the way Derek snores!

Mekare walks back into the tent Everyone sleeping already? Dooh..I wanted to have this whole "Slumber party thing!"

Leeta hits Derek with a pillow!

Damian: I'm still awake, Mekare.

Jazz wins an extra large teddy bear

Leeta: Everyone ain't asleep

Mariah groans..

Derek: oorf...no, I don't want a set of encylopedias...Derek snores some more.

Keli curls up and sleeps.

Jazz: Ooo boy this is big. Stumbles with it back to the tent

Mariah has an idea..

Jazz doesn't like that look in Mariah's eyes

Mariah gets up, and sticks some kleenex in his mouth! "Look! He's quiet! yaay.."Falls back asleep

Mekare: Oh, this is soo...cute!

Leeta frowns and walks out of the tent

Damian: Reminds me of home.....so much of home

Derek sleeps in silence.

Mekare: Well, we should..hey..wait..um..hang on a second.. walks out of the tent and sees Ashe in a panic "What's up?"

Damian waits in the tent

Jazz puts the bear in the tent and walks back out

Ashe: uhm.. who are you?

Leeta is sitting on the ground outside the tent

Mekare: Mekare...

Damian watches as everyone sleeps peacefully

Jazz: What's going on?

Mekare: Don't worry, I work here.

Ashe kicks the machine, who now is walking in circles around him, and it sits down.

Mekare: I think his machine is busted.

Ashe: No.. I never was able to finish it..It wasn't even SUPPOSED to sound like a cricket It was a last minute thing..

Mekare: Umm..well..it's late...sorry about your invention. Do you wanna stay here overnight?

Leeta starts to play her whistle softly

Mekare smiles so cutely, how could he say no?

Ashe: It's quite a long way back to the store.. ok.

Keli slowly opens her eyes slowly. What's *yawn* Going on?

Damian looks down......sheds a tear in rememberence....

Mekare: Cooool! Go into that tent over there!

Ashe kicks the machine again and it gets up and follows him to the tent

Keli rubs her eyes

Mariah smiles in her sleep, having a nice dream about her mom, when she was nice and sane.

Leeta sighs and leans back.

Damian thinks of the times with his Elder and the time with Spekkio

Mekare: Well, I'm zonked! See ya in the morning! *SNORE!*

Keli falls back to sleep

Damian: Wait....I thought this was a slumber party.....Oh well....

Later that night..

Damian looks at the moon and its stars

Mekare makes a face Shhh! It's 1 in the morning! You've been talkin' all night!

Leeta is still awake....but barely

Damian: yawn Darn, this time reminds me of many things.....

Leeta: Damn sword...throws her sword into some bushes

Damian falls asleep in his part of the tent

Jazz sleeps with his eyes open.

Mekare: Now let's just sleep, okay?

Keli dreams of her enjoyable childhood...

Mekare is facinated by Jazz. How the heck does he do that?! It's mega cool!

Damian sleeps peacefully and dreams of the time with the Mystics he hung around with

Ashe can be heard fooling with tools and parts.. but quietly enough to be easily ignored or not noticed

Derek wakes up blearily... Who put this paper in my mouth?

Suddenly, there is a loud crash from somewhere in the fair, with screaming!

Jazz wakes up Huh?

Damian: u...uwh....WHAT! I heard something!

Keli opens her eyes wide

Leeta frowns and gets up What the?

Keli: Didja hear that?

Mariah jumps up from sleep, knocking Jazz over

Damian: Everyone, something happened

Mariah: What was that?!

Derek: It was a noise.

Damian: I have no clue

Mekare: Ah man!

Damian: Let's investigate

Jazz: What's going on?

Mekare: No duh, old mystic man!

Damian: Uwha......

Mariah rushes out

Keli yawns "Is everybody okay?"

Leeta: What is it?!

Mekare: Wait for meee!

Damian: Now how did you.....how could you.....?

Damian blinks at Mekare

Mariah: This must be what Ellena warned us about!

Keli: Good... it wasn't from our camp...

Derek spits out the paper and gets out of the tent.

Damian: old mystic man?

Mariah: Oh my gosh! Quick! Quick! Outside everyone! This is baad!

Damian runs outside

Damian: Mekare, come on

Jazz goes outside

Jazz: Yeah?

Mekare: I'm outside!

Keli goes to Mariah

Derek: Huh? What's going on, Mariah?

Keli: What is it?

Leeta leaps by Mariah's side

Mariah: Look! points to several mystics, who don't look very nice, messing up the place!

Damian: Uhoh.....

Mariah: Why are they doing this?

Keli: Hey!

Jazz: Hey! Who are you?

Damian: I feared this throughout the ages!

Jazz: What are you doing over there??

Mekare: Talking about you behind your back Jazz evil grin

Nasty Mystic: Hahahahah!

Ashe comes running, with his machine standing next to him, which now looks more robot-like, confused

Keli: What do they want from us?

Mariah: Hey! Look out!

Ashe: What the hell is going on?

Jazz glares at Mekare

Mariah: I don't know, Ashe!

Derek rubs his eyes to make sure he's seeing correctly.

Some Mystics come toward them!

Mariah: Oh no!

Nasty Mystic: Not what I expected from you, Mekare.....and who's the half-breed?

Mariah: Lookout!


Ememies: 6 Mud imps, 150 HP each.

Mekare: I don't know you jerk! But you're going down!

Nasty Mystic: We'll see about that. My name is Hendrel!

Mekare: Hendrel? What a stupid name!

Keli: Hendrel??

Leeta looks for her sword.

Hendrel: These Mud Imps will take care of you nicely, muhahahahaha!

Leeta: Oh shoot

Mariah: Come fight us, you jerk!

Hendrel: Go my children, give em a taste of death!

Here come the imps!

Keli yawns, and draws out her foil.

Ashe draws his halberd-y staff.

Leeta growls and gets ready to fight! Leeta looks around and summons lightning and earth in a double whammy! Hiiiiiiiya!!! It hits imps one and two! 50 hp damage each! Yai tai!

Mekare growls and lunges at mud imp one, slashing it with her claws! It hits, 85 HP damage! Mekare grins I got tha powa!

Leeta: Woah.....goooo kiddo!

Derek claps for Mekare sarcastically.

Mekare: Thanksh...and Derek...hehe..nice..clappin there..

Keli hits the imp lightly. Keli is still tired

Imp one is hit with 34 hp damage. Imp one is dead!

Hendrel: ARRGHH! Charge my Imps!

Mariah whips out a little bomb, and detonates it! It hits all the imps for 45 hp damage!

Imp 2 hits mariah for 23 hp damage. Imp three hits Derek for 30 Hp damage. Imp 4 tries to hit Leeta, but misses!

Derek speaks a couple of words and uses a Mind Bomb spell on an imp.

Mariah: Ow..

Leeta: Ha! Too quick for ya lizard!

Derek: This is your brain on drugs, sir imp.

Imp two runs around and impales itself on a sword! It's dead!

Leeta: Freakyness

Damian chants the spell of Spectra Myst at the imps. It hits all of them for 55 Hp damage.

Mariah stares How violent!

Keli: Wow, Damian!

Hendrel: You, the half-breed! You may have power, but I have resources! Charge them my imps!

Mariah grins.

Ashe pushes his invention in front of imp 3, and distracts it, while he sneaks behind it and slashes it with his halberdIt hits for 51 hp damage. Imp 3 is dead!

Damian: How would you know, Hendrel?

One of the imps is sneaking behind Derek and Mariah..

Mekare: ACK! Look out! Derek! Mariah!

Keli: Watch out, Derek! Mariah!

Derek: Huh?

Damian: There's an ambush behind you!

Derek spins around

Mariah turns around and misses the imps sword swipe, but Derek doesn't! it grazes him. 13 hp lost

Derek winces and holds the scratch.

Mariah: Derek! Are you ok?

Damian looks at Derek's wound.

Derek: Yeah wince fine

Damian: It's not too bad if I can get a Macro Cure for him and all of you, Mariah

Derek: Takes more than that to get me down.

Hendrel: Is that so, little sapling? Take him, my children!

Keli: That's the spirit, Derek!

Derek: Wha...

Mariah: No! Derek!

Keli glares at Hendrel

Damian notices more imps gathering near Derek.

Mariah gets in front of him

Derek gets nervous.

Mekare: Take this you jerks! Mekare hits all the imps with a fury of kicks! 23 HP lost!

Keli: Derek! We'll take care of them... hopefully...

Imps: OUCH! OUCH!! Yeeeoooowwww!

Derek tries to kick some away, but misses

Mekare grins

Mariah: There are so many!

Leeta chants and summons lightning to her fist and slams it into the ground violenty, sending electricity at the enemies! It hits all of them! 28 hp damage! They all are dead!

Leeta: Ha! Never mess with a girl of thunder!

Keli: Phew!

Derek wipes his brow. Whew. Thanks.

Hendrel: YOU! You defeated my imps!


All the party gains 35 XP and 275 gold!

Keli gains a level!

Mariah: Yeah! Now, what do you have to say to that, Hendrel?

Hendrel casts Flame Toss at Mariah!

Leeta growls

Mariah: Ah! barely dodges

Hendrel runs away!

Ashe replaces his halberd on his back.

Hendrel: You haven't seen the last of me yet, saplings!

Mariah: I learned from Warlord Havik. Always keep on your toes!

Leeta: Yeah! run you flippin' coward!

Mekare: Hey! Wait! I wanna kick your butt into the strastosphere!

Derek: I wish I hadn't left my staff back at Keli's.

Damian: He sounds like Ozzie!

Leeta curses some more

Mariah agrees with Mekare!

Damian: Ozzie was way cruel to my society of imps....

Mariah: He's getting away! Should we follow him?

Damian: Yeah, we should, let's go!

Mekare: But which way did he go?

Ashe: Yeah, anyone with that dumb of a name deserves to be attacked!.. uh, forget it.

Mariah stares at Ashe...

Damian: That's what I'm wondering

Damian: He'll probably be back.....

Mariah: Let me guess..you wanna come too? Fiiine...come along..

Leeta smiles at Ashe

Mariah: Maybe..

Damian: I remember a guy by the name of Dadrek that was really nasty towards the humans in my time, Mariah.....I wonder if he's the ancestor of Hendrel?

Mariah: I dunno if we can catch up to him now..Mariah curses

Ashe begins talking to his invention. It seems to understand him.

Mariah: He might be...

Leeta: Well.....what now?

Keli thinks that Ashe's going insane

Mariah knows she is eccentric and nutty, but Ashe now takes the cake as far as "Nuttiness"

Damian: Should we try sleeping again? We made the imps and Hendrel go off.......

Keli agrees with Mariah

Mekare: Yeah, let's go back to bed yawns

Mariah: I'm up for that..walks back to the tent

Keli keeps her sword, and walks back in...

Damian: Maybe I should tell you about myself before I head to bed....or is that too much?

Leeta yawns also

Mekare follows her, then turns to Damain Tell me what?

Derek is already asleep on the ground.

Ashe wanders around looking up at the sky

Leeta goes to search for her sword

Damian: Well......

Damian: It's a rather long story....

Keli: Maybe later, Damian.. throws a pillow at him.

Damian: I guess we might as well hit the hay if Keli insists

Keli quickly zonks off...

Mekare: Hey Derek. The tents better *Poke poke*

Mekare: I'll talk to you into the morning

Damian bows his head in shame and decides to sleep

Mariah is already asleep in the tent.

Ashe 's invention has other plans and follows everyone

Jazz is asleep too

Mekare: So that's where he went.

Derek snores outside of the tent.

Mekare: G'night...again.

Mekare: Snore!

Damian: zzz....

Keli: ZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZZ

A little later that night---about an hour or so..


Damian wakes up and puts the Kleenex back in Derek's mouth

Mekare All night long, snore snore snore! He isn't even IN the tent!

Keli wakes up... "Not again..."

Mekare: Thank you...Zzzz...

Damian returns to the tent and goes to sleep. zzz....

Keli lays back, and nods off again

Keli: zz...zz..

Mariah starts to dream about her mother again, only this time, it's not a nice dream..it's a nightmare...She's grinning insanely, and blasting everyone with her Mammon Machine... Mariah whimpers "No no..stop it.."

Damian starts to dream of a time when he and his friends Daluto and Mandor played Dabo with Elder Delgarin

Ashe is still outside, wandering aimlessly

Leeta is alseep in the bushes

Keli dreams a scenario out of the book she was reading...

Damian: .....Elder Delgarin.......where could......we.....play.....Dabo......

Mariah's dream contuines, only this time, Lucca is killing off her friends..She then turns the beam on Mariah, and laughs again...and.... Mariah whimpers "No..Stop it..stop it..."

Keli: This... can't... be true....

Derek is dreaming the last hour of Zeal.

Mariah then starts to scream really really loudly, thrashing.."STOP IT! STOOOOP! MOMMAA!!!"

Damian wakes up from Mariah's screams Mariah, wake up.....

Derek hears Mariah's scream outside of the tent.

Keli opens one eye, and faces Mariah.

Mariah is still screaming

Derek rushes in.

Damian: Mariah! Wake up!

Derek: Mariah! What's wrong?

Damian: She's suffering a nightmare, Derek.

Keli: Whata dream I had, guys! It was about... err... forget it...

Mariah is still thrashing.

Mekare: Someone poke her Mekare looks waay freaked out!

Leeta: AHHHH!! wakes up and slips down again.

Keli shakes her head.

Damian pokes Mariah on the shoulder

Leeta gets up and rushes into the tent

Keli: Mariah!

Leeta: Mariah?!

Mariah: No no....

Derek casts a spell to calm Mariah down.

Ashe is disturbed from where he was outside and walks to the tent.

Damian: I had a good enough sleep. How 'bout the rest of you....?

Mariah thens wakes up, but still semi out of it.. "MOMMA!" Mariah gasps for air.

Keli agrees with Damian.

Derek: Calm down, Mariah...calm...it was just a dream.

Damian: What happened?

Leeta grabs Mariahs arms and puts them behind her back.

Keli thinks "Poor kid.."

Leeta: Snap outta it!

Mariah: Uh..what..

Mekare: You had a nightmare.

Ashe looks confused. "What happened?"

Damian: Mariah had a nightmare, Ashe

Ashe: Oh..

Mariah: Oh..god, it was horrible..she killed all of you.

Mekare: Who?

Mariah: My mom..

Damian: Her mother, Lucca Nu, the one I tried to wake up from her evil sleep.....but failed....

Keli: It's only a dream, Mariah... pats her shoulder

Mekare: Damn! So that crazy inventor woman is your MOM? Whoooo!

Mariah: It felt so real though.. And there was so much gore and blood..

Keli shudders

Damian: How did the dream happen, Mariah? Did she just kill everyone?

Derek: Don't worry about it, Mariah.

Mariah shakes her head.

Mekare: No wonder you're so messed up!! Suddenly realizes what she said Oh..uh..sorry. It just slipped out..

Mariah: She..killed everyone..she killed all of you..

Leeta looks at Mariah, concerned.

Mariah: And she..went.. after me.

Ashe sits on his invention, who seems to be not so happy about it, and listens.

Derek frowns.

Mariah: I just need some air..ok..Can I be alone for a minute? Runs out of the tent.

Derek: Wait...blast. I could have calmed her down if she would have held still.

Mekare: Hey! Wait! Derek, will you go out and talk to her?

Leeta looks at her friend running out and wonder if she should

Keli: Okay, Mariah. Take your time..

Mekare: C'mon Derek! Go talk to her!

Derek: Okay, okay.

Damian sits down and meditates in the ancient way of the Mystics

Derek walks out of the tent. "Talk. Yeah."

Mekare: She shouldn't be alone! *Oh gosh! What a great way for these two to..get together!*

Derek: Mariah? You okay?

Keli opens her book, and starts reading it.

Leeta looks at Mekare and wonders what is brewing in her mind

Mariah is outside, crying "Uh..oh..umm..yeah sure.."

Ashe shakes his head.. "I'm not sure if I introduced myself yet.. my name is Ashe.. I came here to show off my invention but it kinda screwed up.."

Mekare: Seeing Leeta's stare Whaaaat?!

Damian focuses his energy and relays it to a rock he picks up, turning it into an sparkling gem.

Derek: Come on back in. It's no fun sleeping outside, believe me.

Mariah looks at him and smiles.."I don't want to sleep anymore.."

Leeta: Nothing ya little spud ball

Mariah: Not after that dream..

Leeta noogies Mekare!

Ashe: Uh.. no offense, but you people confuse me.

Damian: Not too much of a perfect gem, but Elder Delgarin taught me that trick.

Mekare: SPUD! SPUD?! Mekare gets a pillow, and..PILLOW FIGHT!

Derek doesn't know what to say.

Leeta laffs and attacks with pillows

Derek: I'm sorry about the dream.

A pillow bangs into Keli's book Hey!

Leeta laffs and chucks a pillow at Damian

Keli grabs a pilow and hits Mekare.

Mariah sniffles "I'm..sorry...I..just don't know what to do anymore. My mom hates me, my life is falling apart.."

Mekare wildly flings pillows, giggling

Keli laffs.

Derek: No! Your mom doesn't hate you. I keep trying to tell you that. It's that fiend Iris.

Leeta laffs and gets hit in the stomach with a pillow

Mariah looks at Derek "How do you do it? How do you..stay so calm? "

Mariah: I know..but it still hurts.

Mekare is gettting hit everywhere, but she is beating them back

Keli bookmarks her book, and starts flinging pillows at everybody

Derek: I adjust. Because I know if I don't, then they'll win.

Leeta gets buried under pillows

Mariah: That's..true..

Ashe: Iris? Fiend? Elder Delgarin? Pillows? Pink Elephants? Stars, Hearts, Clovers, Baloons, Moons, Horseshoes, Pots of Gold, and Rainbows?

Mariah stands up and stops crying "I have to be strong..right..?"

Derek: Your life isn't falling apart. You're surrounded by friends! They don't hate you. Hell, I hate everyone, and I don't hate you.

Ashe is REALLY confused now.

Leeta chucks a pillow at Keli but it flies out the tent

Leeta giggles

Mariah: Really?

Keli: Missed!

Mariah smiles.

Derek: No, I was lying. Of course really. Derek rolls his eyes.

Mariah: You're right...I'm ok now..

Keli grabs a pillow and throws it at Leeta

Mekare glares at Ashe They're magically delicious!

Keli: D-oh! Bad aim!

Damian laughs with Mekare

Mariah smiles. "Let's head back"

Leeta gets hit by the pillow and laffs

Leeta: AH! DIEEE!

Derek: You can. I prefer it out here.

Keli giggles...

Leeta gets all kinds of pillows an throws them

Derek lies down on the ground again and tries to sleep.

Mariah goes into the tent, and gets hit with a pillow!

Keli: Ack!

Ashe grumbles and realizes he hasn't slept a bit all night.. ugghhh is it morning yet?

Keli tumbles back

Mariah: AHH! What's going on?!

Leeta laffs and hits Mariah again

Damian: Pillow fight, Mariah.

Mekare: Tickle her!

Leeta: Take that!

Keli laffs and laffs

Damian laughs

Mekare starts to tickle Mariah

Mariah: Ahhh! Hahahaa.

Leeta laughs Ha!

Mariah: Stop stop! Teee hee hee!

Keli grins and snickers

Mekare: Join in!

Leeta joins in the tickling

Ashe falls on the ground and is quickly asleep. zzzzz.

Keli shrugs, then tickles Mariah

Mekare: Where is Derek?

Leeta: Mwa hahahaha!

Damian: He's outside, asleep again.

Mariah can't stop laughing! Stooooop! Hhahaha He's...hahahah! Outside! hahahaahaahah!

Mekare: I think we'd better stop! She's red in the face

Damian picks up the gem he made and shows it to the group

Mekare stops, grinning

Leeta grins and sits back in her spot

Keli stops, laughing

Leeta: Fun fun fun

Damian looks at his gem, giving it a name

Mariah gets up, laughing

Leeta grabs the gem from Damian and stuphs it in her pouch

Keli: Very nice, Damian

Leeta: It'll be worth money

Damian: Leeta, I was about to explain what it was.

Mariah: What is that, Damain

Mekare: Yeah, what is it, Old Mystic Man?

Damian: It's the Heart Gem. As long as we have it, it means we're a group.

Mekare figures she's not gonna get any sleep, so why bother?

Leeta scowls.....can't sell it now....Leeta hands it back to Damian.

Mariah: Really? Whoa! That's cool!

Damian: If it ever gets out of our hands, our enemies will torment us.

Keli: How nice, Damian...

Leeta: Bring 'em on!

Mariah nods "Then we have to protect it!"

Damian: And how do you know I'm the old Mystic man?

Keli thinks, then looks at Damian. "How 'bout telling us your story that you were about to tell us last night?"

Mekare: Well, first off, didn't Ellena tell you I'm one of Elynthia's helpers? I just know! She told me.

Leeta yawns suddenly and falls onto the ground, asleep.

Damian: So you knew all this time I was one of the Mystics from that time?

Mariah looks half alseep.

Mekare: Yuppers! You rule man! You're one of the orignals! I don't know WHO THE hell Hendrel is!

Keli is now wide awake.

Mariah: But we'll find out, right guys?

Mekare: Right Mar.

Damian: Well, Keli, I come from 630 A.D., a time of peace and prosperity, plus some strained relationships.

Ashe wakes up, grins evilly, and presses the button on his invention again.. HAHA CRICKET NOISES! HEE HEE!

Leeta mutters in her sleep something unintelligble.

Keli sits and listens.

Mekare:Yeah, I've heard some stories.

Damian: All of the Mystics of that time were annihilated save for me, or so I thought.

Ashe shuts it off.

Mariah is now going to plummel the living shist outta Ashe. SHUT THAT THING OFF!

Damian: Hendrel's appearance sprouts some questions about how an evil mystic reappeared.

Leeta gets up and grabs the cricket thing from Ashe. She chucks it outside.

Mekare: They weren't, some Mystics managed to escape.

Damian: I'm sorry if I haven't been the perfect role model for the younger Mystics of this time.....many of em' like some of the stuff

Mekare: I thought all mystics co-existed with humans, I guess not.. frowns Hey! Damain! I think you rule!

Ashe watches it bounce. He mumbles "I didn't know machines bounced."

Damian looks at Mekare. "Thanks."

Mekare: You rule too Mariah! Mariah is asleep D'oh..

Keli laughs

Leeta grins evilly. "Men bounce too"

Ashe: Uh.

Damian: I'm keeping the Heart Gem together.....it reminds me of my home....... but anyway, enough chatting right? Since it still looks like night, we should sleep

Keli stares at Leeta. "What??" Keli giggles

Mekare: Well, It's about 4 now, we've got about a few more hours to sleep. I dunno when Hendrel will be back, but we should be prepared..

Damian: Definitely.