CTIRCRPG Session Six: Delightful Spekkio


Mariah, Elynthia, and Narrator: Lucca
Keli: Maruka
Telim'Tor: Whitemage
Warlord Havik: Emperor Uhl
Leeta: Leeta
Star: Star
George: George
SirTMagus: SirTMagus
Jazz: Black Phoenix
Derek, Spekkio: So. Central Rain
Damian: Golbez
And Various NPCS: Lucca, George

Location: End Of Time

Last time, our interrupted heroes (and/or misfits) found out that Liza was kidnapped by a crazy woman (Cough cough *IRIS!* cough). From Ben, her fiancee, they received the items they needed to access the timegate, and they all landed..in quite an odd place...

Mariah looks around at the inky blackness Ok, where ARE we guys..?

Leeta: Good question.....

SirTMagus: Hmmm ...

Star: ....

Mariah notices she's inside a garbage can OH SICK!

SirTMagus: Looks familiar.

Jazz: Hmmm, quite odd place.

Star goes over to a corner...

SirTMagus bends down and picks up handful of dirt.

George: Nothing like I've seen...

SirTMagus sniffs dirt.

George: But then, I haven't seen much... shrugs

Mariah: Is anyone here...

SirTMagus: Smells familiar ...

Leeta laughs at Mariah's predicament.

Jazz looks around at the rusty fence surrounding them, and spots a fire below.

Star: Huh...

George: Not by the looks of this place...

Mariah: HEY! Hello? Anyone home? Ah! Damn! Someone help me up please!

SirTMagus: I'm not certain.

Jazz: What is that over there? Looks like a man standing by a fire.

Leeta helps Mariah up.

Mariah: Thanks Leeta! Everyone, stay here..ok?

SirTMagus: But there's something I recognize about this place.

Star: I recognize this place, also...

George: Something? What like?

Mariah motions for everyone to stay back.

SirTMagus points up index finger and light emits from his nail.

Derek keeps quiet.

SirTMagus: Stay close.

Leeta stays back, as directed

George sits down and looks at the sky.

Derek: You don't think it's dangerous, do you?

Mariah: Hello! Hello!?

SirTMagus: Group together and don't wander off.

George: You're not gonna believe this, but I think we're lost.

Mariah: Damn! No one's here!

Leeta smells the air.

George: Not much to wander off to...

Everyone notices a gate (as in iron gate) right in front of them.

Mariah opens the gate.

SirTMagus: We went through a Time Gate right? This must be the Dark Ages ... or the future.

Mariah: Yes, we did go through one, but this is like no epoch I've read about!

Star: ...

Jazz walks through the gate. HELLLO?

Derek: Maybe it's before the dawn of civilization.

SirTMagus: Mariah, what did you find?

George: A gate? A normal gate? That's a relief, at least...

Jazz: Or the End of Time.

Damian: Huh....damn daydreams

Derek: Yeah, or that.

George: Before? I don't think so...

The group hears someone call, "Yes?! Who's there?"

Damian: I hate it when I lapse off.

SirTMagus gasps.

George: The End of Time wouldn't look like it..

Mariah: Yes! Is someone there?

Derek: After the twilight of civilization?

Leeta looks towards the voice.

Mariah: SHH!

George: ?? Who's there!?

Star mutters Wanted to stay behind, but Neeeoooo! I had to come, and now-

Derek looks for a hiding place in panic.

Jazz rushes down the iron stairs to the fire he spotted earlier.

SirTMagus: Who's there?! Show yourself! SirTMagus looks about.

The voice sounds closer, but you can tell it's a sweet, female voice Visitors?!

Damian shows himself....fell down the wrong way.

George grasps the handle of his sword.

SirTMagus: Yes! Where are we?!

George: Visitors? What do you mean, visitors? What is this?

Leeta: Visitors....heh.

SirTMagus: Whispers don't fight, yet.

The team then see a woman bounding down the stairs, she's beautiful, blonde, and wears a ice blue dress. Why hello! We haven't had visitors here in..in...well..forever!

Derek: Sweet voices are always trouble guys I think we should go the opposite direction really fast please please please...

Damian: This isn't at all expected from an era I always envisioned.....hello.

George: Visitor... in here? In where?

SirTMagus: Where are we?

Mariah: Um..yeah, were are we?

Jazz: Hello...his eyes pan her body.

SirTMagus walks up to woman.

Woman: Why, the End of Time of course!

George thinks Derek is right...

SirTMagus: Where are we?!

Leeta hits Jazz in the chest. Down boy!

Mariah wants to smack Jazz too, but refrains.

Derek casts his magic on the woman.

SirTMagus: End of Time?

Woman: Umm..sir, what is so interesting about my chest?

George: End of Time!?

SirTMagus: What happened to it?!

Mariah: End of Time!?

Jazz glares at Leeta.

Mariah: Oh jeez....

Jazz: Am I a dog now?


Leeta laughs.

Jazz pushes Leeta aside.

SirTMagus: Looking at Leeta's and Jazz's antics How childish.

Jazz laughs.

George: I'd say...

Leeta growls.

Star continues muttering...

Mariah: End of Time..SHH! Lemme think here...

SirTMagus: What happened to this place?

Mariah: That's right! This place is where all the time periods meet!

SirTMagus remembers his father's words ...

George: Good question, Magus...

Woman: Why yes! How do you know so much about it?

George: Not at all like Melchior said...

SirTMagus: My father, Magus told me about this place! That's why I recognized it!

Mariah: My mom came here a long time ago.

Jazz: Yeah, how do you know so much?

SirTMagus: So did my dad!

Woman: Oh! I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! Clears her throat I'm Elynthia,the keeper
at the End of Time, and you are?

Derek wanders into the fenced enclosure north of where the rest are...

SirTMagus to the woman, Tell me, where's Spekkio and Gaspar?!

Damian sees the others near there.

Jazz wanders over to the fire pit to warm himself.

Damian: I'm Damian, from 630 A.D.

George: Melchior is the closest thing I have to a relative... but I think he was here..

SirTMagus: Sir Timothious Magus.

Jazz: Don't you get cold?

Mariah: I'm Mariah. What do you mean keeper, I thought...um..Jasper was in charge of that..

SirTMagus: From .... nevermind.

Leeta steps up. Pleased to meet you Elynthia, I'm Leeta!

Jazz looks at the black sky.

George: George Desormeaux, 1030 AD.

Damian: So cold here.

Elynthia: Hah..no, it's Gaspar, and, he was the Keeper here...

Jazz bows.

Mariah: WAS?

Jazz: I am Jazz.

SirTMagus: My friends call me either Timmy or Magus, after my father.

Mariah: You mean he's...dead...?

George: Gaspar? What happened to him?

Star:Star.....That's me...

Elynthia nods sadly..

Leeta frowns.

Damian: What happened to Spekkio?

SirTMagus: And Spekkio, Master of War?! Did you know my father? Well? Rattles off a zillion questions.

Damian: He taught me my Moon and White Magic, but where could he be?

Elynthia: Ah! Spekkio is still here..Come, sit, I shall tell you what I know.

SirTMagus sees a strange bucket.

Damian sits then.

SirTMagus stands by lamppost.

Jazz listens intently while standing near the fire

Star continues muttering anyway...

Derek comes out of the enclosure and rejoins the group, muttering something about a fuzzy jerk...

Leeta walks over to Star and ponders.

George sits down. But- what exactly do you know, Elynthia?

Elynthia: First, I need to know, are you the Mariah that Gaspar was talking about,
the one who is the daughter of one of the heroes of yore?

SirTMagus: I was going to ask the same thing.

Mariah: Yes..If you mean my mom Lucca.

Elynthia: I do. You see, a long time ago, I had the misfortune to fall into an active time gate. I was only a child... Gaspar couldn't send me home, because the timegates where unstable, so I stayed here, and became his dicisple, He trained me to be the future controller of thetimegates here..

Damian: What period were you from, Elynthia?

Elynthia: But, a few weeks ago, The time gates grew more unstable than usual. Gaspar said it was a bad omen, like the time Lavos came to Earth.

SirTMagus: Tell us more, Elynthia.

Mariah: She will, Magus. Be patient...

SirTMagus: Lavos ...So familiar ...

Elynthia: I couldn't believe something bad would happen, but it did, for just a week ago, a strange man came here, destroying everything. Gaspar sacrificed his life to keep me safe. A tear rolls down her cheek.

SirTMagus hands Elynthia a hankerchief. You have to be strong, Elynthia. You probably are ... but-

Elynthia: His dying wish *sniffle* Was for me to assist a girl named Mariah, and her friends Sobers up and that is what I intend to do!

Leeta: Dammit.

George: But... he... Gaspar... knew what would happen?

Mariah: Thank you Elynthia. I bet I know who that man is working for..

Damian: I'm betting you're probably right, Mariah. All things point to Iris

Mariah: Firt name Iris, last name Bitch.

SirTMagus snickers.

Leeta: Heh. good one Mariah!

Everyone laughs.

Elynthia: Ah..well, that's not how I would put it, but yes, she is one of the factors in this mess.

SirTMagus: Elynthia ... what else do you know?

Mariah: One of them? How many are there?

Derek watches a fly buzz around.

Damian: Is there MORE factors, Elynthia?

Leeta: Erk. More?

SirTMagus sits down and starts writing in and old withered book.

Mariah: Well?

Damian: If it's not Iris, then who else? Well, other than Iris that is.

SirTMagus: I may be able to answer that.

Leeta: Another asshole to get its ass kicked!

SirTMagus: Whoops.

Star: .....

SirTMagus: Nevermind.

Elynthia: I do not know too many details, but, disasters have been popping up in all the time frames!

George: Disasters?

Damian: I know that my Elder told me of some future events but never in a grand scale, and I think he was prepping me for this.....

Jazz: Like what?

George: Like... in the Guardia Kingdom?

SirTMagus: Yes, the explosion.

Elynthia: I also believe that Iris is..working for higher power. I do not know who, or what, but I have a hunch. No one has that kind of power on their own..

George: Who?

SirTMagus: Except for ... nevermind.

Jazz: More powerful than.... Lavos?

Damian: If Iris is working for a Lavos like being, we gotta do something!

Elynthia: Exactly....

George: But, Lavos was destroyed!

Damian: I heard of Lavos when I was around my people.

George: And none of his spawns were left, Melchior said!

Elynthia: Also, I have a feeling, several people will be hurt by this, it's..all a conquest for power..it must be stopped! It..doesn't feel like Lavos, but it's..familar..

George: Familiar?

Jazz: Do you at least know who the pawns are in this game?

Mariah thinks about pawns...and her mother...

Damian: How familiar? Like family type?

George: Hmm...

SirTMagus just ignores everyone and continues writing in book.

Elynthia: I don't know many, but I can tell you one that may be.

Damian: Please do....we need to know...

George: And, that is?

Damian: ..so that we may stop this threat.

Derek: Are we almost through here? I'm bored.

Star mutters some more and goes off into a far corner....

Elynthia: I'm sorry..Derek, was it..?

SirTMagus: Funny, feel same way.

Damian: Derek, you gotta mind here. Elynthia is telling us some important news here

Elynthia: I'm sorry, I thought this would intrest you..anyway, disturbances are happening in 2330 AD, by a machine known only as Warlord Havik.

SirTMagus shrugs.

Damian: Warlord Havik, eh?

Mariah, who has been silent all this time, glares at Derek.

George: So... we have magic users, now- machines?

SirTMagus continues writing in book.

Elynthia: Yes...

Star begins talking to herself....

Elyntha: She is a soul trapped in a machine's frame, although I know not how, but..I cannot keep you here, you'll find out more on your own!

George: What kind of "disturbances" do you mean? getting a bad feeling. Hey wait! On... our own? You mean we're- going there?

SirTMagus turns away from everyone and writes ...

Derek: Well, at least we're going -somewhere-.

Damian: It looks like we are, George.

Derek stands up.

Damian: C'mon SirT, you're needed

SirTMagus: Why?!

George sighs...

Elynthia: Now, take these keys Hands them keys like the time keys..three of them, actually. And go there, if you wish to get to the bottom of this.

SirTMagus: No one ... no one ...

George: I knew I shouldn't have gone to Guardia..

Star laughs, and continues muttering....

Mariah: I do, I need to save my mother..and..

Damian: Your father would not be proud of you writing in that book all day.....receives his key.

SirTMagus: Your mother. My father's friend.

Mariah: Hey! Where did Crono go? Oh damn! Lost him again!

SirTMagus shuts book and gives it to Elynthia.

Mariah blushes Why do we always forget him?

Damian: I have no clue.

SirTMagus: I'm going to help. Big time.

George: What exactly is that book about, Magus? If you don't mind my asking?

SirTMagus: It's confidential. I want Elynthia to have it.

Elynthia: Thanks, I will let you go now...but first, go into that room over..there! Points to another iron gate My old friend Spekkio may help you,

Damian: Com' on, we gotta rush to 2330 A.D. if we have to get to the bottom of this Warlord Havik.

George: Very well!

Mariah: Wait!

Damian: Huh?

Star laughs again...

George: Spekkio?

Mariah: I want to meet spekkio! Mariah grins

SirTMagus: Spekkio.

Damian: Oh yes!

SirTMagus: Master of War!

Derek: THAT jerk?

Mariah runs into the room. C'mon!

Derek: You don't want to waste your time!

Damian: I gotta talk to my old mentor.

Star: Spekkio....

Derek: He's such an IDIOT!

Damian runs with Mariah

SirTMagus: He's a genius.

Derek trails off and mutters obscenities.

George pokes Derek's shoulder.

SirTMagus: Let's meet him.

George: What Spekkio?

Leeta: SpekkioSpekkioSpekkio!

Damian: Spekkio's the master of war and a highly gifted magic user.

George: Whatever- Spekkio then?

Mariah: Derek? What is so wrong about him?

Star: Master... huh.... Laughs like an insane idiot...

George: And he's an idiot? confused

SirTMagus: Lucca and Magus knew Spekkio buddy!

Derek: Well, you're not getting me into that room again.

Mariah: Please Derek, for me?

Jazz walks into the room and looks for Spekkio.

Damian: I did too, SirT, he was my mentor of magic.

Mariah waits for Derek.

SirTMagus: He taught Mariah's mother magic!

Derek: Well... I guess.

SirTMagus: Have R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Mariah hums R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me R-E-S-P-E-C-T, yeaah! Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me, sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me...

Damian: Spekkio? Where are you

Mariah: Thank you! Let's go!

Star: I don't know the word "respect"....

Mariah walks into the room.

SirTMagus follows Mariah.

Damian: Spekkio?

Mariah: Hello? Spekkio?

Damian walks with Mariah into the room too.

George shrugs and decides he'll follow too...

Damian: Where could the master of war be?

Star follows, muttering still...

Damian: It probably takes a while for him. Spekkio?

SirTMagus: My father remembered that we should walk around the room three times from the door. OK?

George: Three times?

Damian: Maybe we should do that?

Mariah is getting annoyed...Come out blue blob..

SirTMagus: Three.

Mariah: Walk around three times? Come again? OH YEAH! Duh.

Damian: Okay, on the count of 3..........1.......... 2........3!

SirTMagus: Yes.

George: Or we might as well start jogging around... skeptical

Mariah walks around the room three times, with everyone following her, then she realized she lost count. D'oh! I'm ruining my genius image!

Derek: He's just being difficult.

SirTMagus walks around room three times starting from door.

Damian walks around the first part of the room

Jazz walks around the room

Derek: I told him about my magic and he refused to believe me.


George shrugs and follows Damian.

SirTMagus: Leeta.

Star walks around the room... muttering all the way....

Jazz laughs.

Damian follows Mariah and walks the second time in the room.

SirTMagus: OK ....

SirTMagus walks third time.

Mariah walks the last time around the room.

Damian walks his third time and then stops.

SirTMagus: There.

George: There what? Looks around.

Star runs the rest of the room and pouts. There. I did it.

Damian: That should do it, shouldn't it?

SirTMagus: Wait. He'll show up.

Damian waits.

An annoying voice is heard. Holy freaky creeps!!! Who the heck!? I'm showering! Geez! Wait a sec, will'ya!

Jazz walks under the light in the middle of the room.

George: !?

SirTMagus: Ahem ... what did I tell you?

Mariah: Spekkio? We walked around the room three times!

George: Who's that??

Damian: Spekkio!

SirTMagus: Greetings, Spekkio.

Spekkio pops in, in his Kawala form. Hee hee! Hello!

Leeta: Aloha Spekkio!

Damian: The mentor of magic I worked with long ago.

George: Spakkio?

Mariah: Hi Spekkio!

SirTMagus: We're friends of your friends. Some of us relatives.

Jazz: Hola Spekkio, and some not.

George: Umm... hello.

Spekkio: Yes...I notice the family resemblence. So! What brings you here!

George: We'd like to know! Grimaces

SirTMagus: You should meet Mariah.

Mariah: So, you're the master of war right? Why do you look like a Kiwala? Thought you were supposed to be a Nu.

SirTMagus: Mariah ... Spekkio.

Damian: I suppose you wouldn't still remember the time you gave me my Moon and White Magic from a fight once.

Jazz: So this is the guy who is gonna teach me magic huh? Jazz looks at him.

Spekkio: Well...let me ask you something...how strong are you guys?

George wonders...

Mariah: We need magic please. Did Gaspar tell you about us?

Jazz: This Marshmallow?

George: Strong?

Mariah: Um...well, kinda strong..hehe

SirTMagus: If we looks weak he looks weak. We look strong, he looks strong. Me ... I'm strong!

Leeta: We're damn strong!!

Damian: I'm strong.

Jazz: I'm just fast.

Leeta: Bufo!

Spekkio snickers.

George: I'm... not strong- yet...

Mariah isn't strong, but she's smart!

Spekkio: Obviously you can't be as strong as you think, if you're seeing me this way.

SirTMagus: HEY!

George: Melchior said I would someday.. sigh

Spekkio: My appearance is simply a reflection of your own inner strength.

Jazz: I just told you I ain't that strong.

Star: Bufobufobufo....

SirTMagus: Inner strength?

Jazz: Just fast!

SirTMagus: But look at me!

George: Inner strength...

SirTMagus flexes.

Mariah: Well, can you help us? I need to save my mother! Do you remember a girl named Lucca?

Leeta giggles and pats Star on the shoulder.

George laughs and understands.

Mariah rolls her eyes at SirTMagus.

SirTMagus: And a man named Magus?

Star isn't strong at all...

Spekkio: Yes indeed I do! Charming lady...very powerful Fire magician...

Mariah grins.

SirTMagus: Ahem.

Spekkio: Magus? That dark guy? He didn't need any magic from me. Scary.

Mariah: My mom would have liked that..but..she's.... Trails off.

SirTMagus: Thanks.

Damian: Hey Spekkio, did you remember me at all from a time long ago, Or was that lost to ya?

Star pouts.

Spekkio: I never forget a face. Hello, Damian.

Mariah: Well, enough chit chat, do we have any magic potential?

Spekkio: Let's see...

Leeta: Yes.......do we?

George: No, Spekkio, you don't remember me. But I do you!

Star stalks over to a corner of the room....

George: You were that little thing Melchior showed to me once!

Jazz: C'mon Spekkio, teach me. Laughs

Damian: Well, in some areas.

George: He said it was a mirror!

Star plops down on the floor, crosses her arms and pouts...

Damian: I still haven't developed full potential for my magic yet.

SirTMagus: The Master of War ...

Mariah hopes she has some magic power.

Spekkio: Do you have any magic potential? Put it this way...all of you working together might be able to beat me to a standstill!

Mariah: Really? All right! Mariah jumps 'round

SirTMagus: Easy.

Leeta: Calm down Mariah......heh.

Star: We fight? brightens a bit.

Spekkio: You, little lady, have something I hven't seen in a while...a double gift.

Mariah: Really? Mariah grins. What!?

Spekkio: Fire and wind magic.

Mariah: All right! Mariah gets hyper happy again!

SirTMagus: Hmm ...

Leeta laughs.

Mariah: Well, do I walk around 3 times again?

SirTMagus: Congrats, Mariah.

Spekkio: Quiet, I'm diagnosing. Don't disturb the master at work!

Jazz applauds.

Star looks back at the wall, pouting...

Damian tries to learn more while standing.

SirTMagus smiles and remembers family qoute: Prepare for the void!

Spekkio: Twice in one day...incredible. Another with two magics.

Leeta: Who?

SirTMagus: Yes?

George blinks.

Star: Yes, who?

George: Strange family, Magus...

Spekkio points to Leeta. You, ma'am, also have the potential for double magics!

SirTMagus turns to George.

Leeta: Hu...h?

SirTMagus walks toward him.

George looks at Magus.

SirTMagus: You are not the only one who said that ... George.

Mariah is happy! She's gonna be a mage!

George: I'm... not?

SirTMagus walks away and leans in a corner.

Star 's family quote... "The Black wind ain't got nothin' on us!"

Spekkio points to Leeta again. You, ma'am, have the potential for Thunder and Earth.

Leeta smiles. Really?

George sighs and wonders if he will be able to get anyhing at all out of Magus.

Spekkio: Do I look like the lying type to you?

Leeta: Heh.....not really. You look like my old boy....nevermind.

Star is tempted to go and slash something...

George blinks and wonders what excatly did Leeta's old boyfriend look like.

Star: Anything...

Leeta smiles.

Jazz looks at Spekkio And me?

Spekkio: And you...Jazz, is it?...have the potential to be a -very- powerful Wind mage.

SirTMagus thinks, I'm all alone on this voyage ...

Jazz: Cool!

George turns around and goes by Magus. What exactly do you mean, Magus?

Spekkio points to George. A fine Light, White magician you can be!

SirTMagus thinks, Warlord Havik ... Elynthia ... Mariah ... Lucca ... Magus.

Mariah wonders why Star seems so nutty.

George turns around and stares.


George: Who? Me? Spekkio?

Spekkio: Ahh...haven't seen a Shadow mage in quite some time. Congratulations, Star!

George blinks.

Star brightens...

Mariah: Is that everyone Spekkio?

Leeta giggles.

Spekkio: No... There's a White/Wind mage somewhere around here.

SirTMagus just stares into corner.

Spekkio: Telim`Tor? Are you here?

SirTMagus knows he's a Shadow/White mage.

Telim`Tor comes out from the shadows, decked out in a strange hood.

Spekkio: Yes, that would be you.

Mariah: What?! Who the hell is that!?

Damian: Who are you?

Telim`Tor takes his hood off.

Leeta: Who the hell?

George: Another person?

SirTMagus: Gee, thanks for all you've done Spekkio.

Mariah thought that Elynthia and Spekkio where the only ones..

George: And you are... ?

Jazz: who's that?

Telim'Tor: I'm Telim`Tor. Nice to meet, you, I'm certain.

Mariah looks at the boy..Cute..but...Mariah thinks Derek is cuter!

SirTMagus turns around and sees some ... guy.

Damian: What era do you come from?

SirTMagus: Who's that?!?!

Spekkio: Then, of course, there's the one who thinks he's found a non-elemental branch.

George: Telim`Tor, Telim`Tor... Got a nice ring to it...

Spekkio: But we'll just ignore him, shall we?

Leeta looks at the guy and smiles sweetly.

Derek: HEY!

Leeta: Heh.

Telim`Tor: Elynthia told me to expect visitors...

Mariah: Spekkio! Derek's nice!

Damian: Spekkio, is Spectra Myst anything special? My master said I could learn that magic...

Telim`Tor: 1999 AD...

Mariah: Stop ratting on him please.

Spekkio: Now! Line up according to height, please!

Mariah: The day of Lavos..?

George: 1999 AD?

Mariah: Ok!

Telim`Tor: Yes.

Leeta and Damain line up.

Telim`Tor lines up... or tries to.

Mariah lines up next to one of the shorter people.

SirTMagus: How the HELL do you come from there?!

Leeta is by the tall people.

Spekkio: Hee hee...I've always wanted to see people lined up according to height!

George walks to the line and stands up by the taller people.

Damian laughs.

Telim`Tor: I looked straight at Lavos. He actually looked at me. I felt the heat of his breath. And then some glowing hole opened under me, and I fell in.

George chuckles.

Star stands with the short people...

Leeta is standing next to George.

Spekkio: Ipso facto, meeny moe...MAGICO!

Mariah feels a power surge in her.

George tugs a little at his collar and looks embarrassed.

Damian feels tingling power surging thru him again, along with the rest of everyone

Mariah: YES!

Telim`Tor puts his hood back on.

Leeta: Oooooooh. Vibes!!

George feels some energy as if his eyeballs were about to pop!

Mariah learned Wind1 and Fire1!

Leeta learns Thunder1 and Earth1!

SirTMagus learns Black Hole and Cure2.

Jazz has learned Wind2 and Flight

George learns Cure1 and Light!

Damian learns Spectra Myst, Pearl Storm and Macro Cure!

Star learned Dark Bomb!

Jazz: Coolness!

Telim`Tor tries his very best to remain calm and composed.

SirTMagus: Hmm ... how nice.

Mariah: Thanks Spekkio! We'll go now!

Jazz flies up to the ceiling and circles the room.

Spekkio: Have fun, now! Be careful with Fire magic around thatched villages--they haven't learned flameproofing yet! *Poof!* Spekkio dissapears in a puff of pink smoke, yelling, Remember, I am the Master of War! Mwaa haahahh!


Damian: Thanks again, Spekkio.....mentor

Mariah: ME!

Star: Whew...

George: Me, Magus! Count me in!

SirTMagus: LET'S GO!

Telim`Tor follows his new friends out.

Derek: I'll help with the planning, I suppose.

Telim`Tor: Points to SirTMagus He's kinda strange...

Leeta: I'm in!

SirTMagus walks out to Elynthia.

George: I guess you may need my help.. grins.

Star doesn't respond, only nods slightly....

Damian: Mariah, how do you feel?

Mariah: Great Damain!

SirTMagus: Elynthia, we're off!

The entire clan runs out, waves bye bye to Elynthia, and goes trough a gate to 2330 AD.

SirTMagus sees wavy colors.

Leeta feels trippy

Damian feels as if electric energy of Moon and White surged thru him.

Telim`Tor: Interesting effect... just like that hole that opened near Lavos.

George feels strange... ripping apart inside... and pulling back together...

Location: Arris Dome-2330 A.D.

The clan falls on their butts to find themselves in a dingy alleyway. with MORE garbage cans! The city seems to be domed..

Damian: Oh my, a domed city!

Mariah: ACK! Damn! Not more CANS!

George falls head-first into a trash can.

SirTMagus: Ah ... back.

Derek: Cheery.

Jazz: hmmm.

George: OUCH!

Telim`Tor kicks a few of the cans into a deserted street.

Damian: This must be....

Telim`Tor: the future??

Jazz: The timeline must be extremely unstable, the whole group came through

Mariah giggles C'mon Derek, smile a bit! That ketchup glob on your nose looks cute!

SirTMagus: Oh, yes. This is the future alright.

George: I don't care what this is... But they sure are messy!

Mariah noticed that..

Jazz: And we didn't end up at the End of Time.

Derek puts on a big, fake, cheesy smile.

Damian: This must be the Lavos future.

George takes a banana peel off his head.

Jazz: Something is wrong.

Damian: Except no spawns.

Star: Heh... Lavos....

Telim`Tor: What ever caused this must be further back.

Star: Killkillkillkill...

Damian: We gotta find this......Warlord havik

Mariah notices a old woman yelling out a window GET THE HELL OUTTA MY TRASH!

SirTMagus: Warlord Havik!

George: Lavos must be GONE... I insist...

Star blushes and looks down...

SirTMagus: Better listen to the hag.

George turns around and glares.

Damian: He's gone, George but it's a future like his that exists.

Derek casts a spell on the old woman...

Jazz: Lavos is not the only way to destroy society.

Star: Heehee... Sorry....

Derek: Can you tell us anything about a Warlord Havik?

George: YOUR trash! Fine mess indeed! Where are we?

Leeta laughs and sticks her royal middle finger at the woman!


Mariah: HA! That's telling her..now, about Warlord Havik.

Damian: Sir.....

Telim`Tor begins digging through the trash... hmm...

George throws the banana peel at Magus. Well said.

Woman: I'm calling the athourites! You little maggots! Slams her window shut.

Star: I'll be in your trash whenever I wanna be! SO THERE! Sticks her tongue out at old lady.

SirTMagus destroys it.

Damian: There's a sign....

Mariah: As my friend Chris would say "Bite me!"

Derek: Incredible. The people here are so hardened and rude that my magic failed...

Leeta laughs and moons the lady!

George: Well, I don't want to be in your trash again!

Telim`Tor: Guys, I sauggest we leave. Who knows WHAT kind of advanced weaponry these "authorities" might have...

Damian: This sign says "If you wanna find the warlord, go to the Pressure Dome" Where's the Pressure Dome here?

Jazz: Pull yer pants up Leeta, we didn't want to se THAT.

George: Pressure dome?

Mariah: Pressure dome? Ooookay..

SirTMagus: Hmm ...

Jazz: Pressure dome?

Mariah walks up the alleyway.

Derek: Sounds interesting. Better than here.

Telim`Tor: Dressure Pome?

Mariah: Whoa!!!

SirTMagus walks into street.

George draws his blade and tells Jazz not to speak to a lady like that.

Damian: Drones!

Jazz: Yeah I think so

Mariah gasps! Lookit this! Whaaaa..!

SirTMagus: What?!

Star follows Mariah....

Damian: Duck!

Star: What?

Damian ducks.

Leeta: Shuddap Jazz.

SirTMagus: Yes?

Telim`Tor decides that this is a good time to hide...

Star: Where's a duck? looks around.

SirTMagus floats over sidewalk.

Mariah What! Ducks and barely misse a frizbee being trown at her.

Telim`Tor pushes Star behind a trashbin where he is hiding.

Damian: The drones are the only way to that dome that the old signpost said.

Derek gets the frisbee intended for Mariah. Uhnnn...

Kids: Hey freak, watch where you're steppin!

Leeta yelps.

SirTMagus: FREAK?!

Mariah: Derek! Are you ok?

George: Frisbee? Freak?

Telim`Tor throws a stone at the kids.

SirTMagus charges up and roars!

Star: Bah... Kids....

George: Rough kids...

Leeta: FREAK?!

SirTMagus scares kids away.

Mariah waves her hand in front of his face. How many fingers?

Derek: Ow.

Telim`Tor goes over and uses a little healing spell on Derek.

Leeta: You skinny necked bastards!!!!

SirTMagus: It's a gift!

Kids: Ahh! Runnaway! Runnaway!! AAAAAH!

Derek: Thanks...Towline?

Star doesn't take offence to "freak" 'cause she is one....

Derek: What was your name?

Jazz glares at Leeta.

George wonders what is more dangerous...

Telim`Tor: Telim will do.

Jazz: Watch your tounge.

SirTMagus: There.

Leeta sticks her finger up at Jazz.

Jazz: They're just kids.

George: The kids or Warlord Havik.

Damian: It wasn't really Pressure Dome but it started with a P.

Star: Pleasure Dome?

Telim`Tor: That's a start anyway. How many domes can there be? Party Dome?

George: Pleasure? Here?

Leeta laughs.

Telim`Tor: Poultry Dome!

George: Ironic joke...

SirTMagus: If I can remember ....

Jazz: Keeper dome, Tran dome, Arris dome,

George: Poultry dome!?

Star: Proto dome? Process cheese dome?

Derek: Pariah Dome?

Mariah sees a woman walking up the street Damn, yet another rude woman.

Damian: Pariah Dome? Could be it...

SirTMagus: Geno Dome ..?

Star: Potty dome?

Leeta: Potty dome?!

George is tired of rough, rude women...

The woman walks up to them.

Damian: Ack....Potty dome?

SirTMagus: The Geno Dome! Does that still exist?

Telim`Tor: Excuse me madam... we seem to be lost. Might I inquire as to our current whereabouts?

Star: Heads!

Leeta laughs and gives Star a high five.

Mariah: Ok, Listen, If we're in YOUR garbage, sorry! 'Kay?

Leeta: Yeah.

Damian: Where are we at?

Leeta: We don't want trouble.

SirTMagus laughs.

Damian: That's all we're asking.

George hides from the garbage.

Woman: I'm Keli Levine. You are at Arris Dome... Are you new here?

SirTMagus: Yes.

Mariah: Remember, we're in 2330 AD.

Telim`Tor: To others Has anyone noticed how... unhealthy these people are?

Damian: I know we're here in 2330 A.D., Mariah, the question is where!

Mariah: Thank god, she's NICE! Um...yes, we are, we're kinda from the way before the day before yesterday.

Derek: I did notice that, Telim. It's like they're malnourished.

George: Unhealthy? Un-polite...

SirTMagus: Yeah. We're from .... Proto Dome!

Telim`Tor: I studied a lot of healing spells... A LOT. But this isn't like any disease or virus...

Mariah: Yeah, what gives..

Keli: What do you mean?? stares at the group.

George: Proto Dome? looks at Magus

Damian: Mariah, didn't your mom say she went to a dome that started with a P once?

SirTMagus shrugs.

Mariah: Well...Umm..you may not beleive me, but...We're from the past, and it's NOT like this.

SirTMagus: Can you help us?

Telim`Tor: This looks like a life of malnourishment and a bad environment has deteriorated these people to frail shadows of humans.

Leeta: Doo doo doo doo..

Mariah: Yeah Damian, she did..it was the Proto dome.

Jazz: Magus, it looks like they are the ones who need help

George: I dare say she could...

Keli: Past? Don't tell me.

Star wanders off.....

Damian: Could that be where Warlord Havik is?

Keli brings out her book in her pouch.

Mariah: What is that?

Derek: What's what?

George: Another book? Hold Magus back...

SirTMagus: Whispers Mariah, lets get to the point. Ask who is Warlord Havik!

Leeta: Book.

Mariah: Excuse me, but, we need to know, who is Warlord Havik?

Star pulls out her own book... still wandering away...

Keli opens the book and starts leafing through the pages.

SirTMagus smiles.

George: Or, what is Warlord Havik.

Derek: Hey...um...

Telim`Tor walks over to Derek and begins to discuss how these people might have become the bags of bones that they are.

Mariah: Derek?

Derek tugs at Mariah's sleeve.

Keli: Exactly... Where are you guys from?? estatic

Mariah: Yes? Smiles

Star falls. OUCH!!

Derek: I think that those machines coming are more dangerous than kids or rude people. Derek points.

Mariah: I'm from cira 1030 AD.

Star: Dammit...

Leeta runs and helps Star up.

Mariah: Machines?

Damian: Machines?

Telim`Tor: I am from 1999 AD, madam.

George: What machines??

Jazz: Machines?

Mariah turns around...OH NO! Get down!

Warlord Havik hides in the shadows with a drone fighter . . . and sends it out!

SirTMagus: 12,040 BC

Leeta drops.

Telim`Tor: Madam, Can you tell me this: Did anything noteworthy happen to this world in the year 1999?

Damian ducks.

Mariah pulls Derek down.

Star looks around, confused...

Jazz hides.

George throws himself to the ground.

Mariah doesn't like this Stupid idiots, using science to make machines like that! That is NOT how science was supposed to advance! Arrgh!

SirTMagus puts up his dukes.

Star: Huh?

Leeta yanks Star down too.

Star: Ack!

Derek: Sorry...can't help this time, they don't have minds.

Telim`Tor: WHAT?? Telim`Tor takes to the air.

SirTMagus: I'll take care of this ... OK?!

George: No minds? Goodie.

Keli: No. But I believe I know the reason.. peers at her book again.

Mariah: AACK! Keli! Look out!

SirTMagus brings down Keli.

Damian: I don't know if Spectra Myst will take care of these machine bozos.

Telim`Tor swoops friom the sky and pulls Keli up towards a rooftop.

Mariah: Telim can FLY? Mega-cool!


Enemies: 2 Cyberbots 400 HP each. 2 Robo-4's 200 HP each.

Jazz dives at Keli and pushes her out of the way.

SirTMagus: Oh ... sorry.

Keli looks around after Mariah's warning.

Star: I can't see... trys to get up

George: I dare say it won't Damian! Second try!

SirTMagus puts up hands and starts glowing.

Keli looks surprise

Telim`Tor hides keli safely on the roof.

Keli smiles at Telim

Mariah begins to chant.

Telim`Tor places a shield of light around Mariah.

Jazz hums the jeopardy theme.

Mariah: Thanks Telim.

Keli grasps on her foil sword and yells at the group Need help?

Damian chants the spell of Spectra Myst. It hits cybot 1! 57 hp damage!

Telim`Tor flies forward at Keli's side...

Star begins casting ramdom spells, not hitting anything...

Telim`Tor: Ouch! Watch where you throw those, star!

Leeta's fist glows and she dashes in, to deliver a powerful thunder blast!

George ducks as one of Star's spells almost hit him.

Star grins Sorry... stops casting...

One of the cybots throws a low level bomb at the party! Star, Mariah, Keli, and Leeta take 25 hp damage!

Leeta: Ow!! bastard!

Leeta's spell hits! 50 hp damage!

Keli: Hey!

Mariah screams.

Damian is unscathed?

George runs and checks if everyone is all right.

Telim`Tor must have dodged it. Telim`Tor them looks into his grimore for healing spells, preparing for his turn...

Mariah is cursing That wasn't in your best intrest!

Derek takes the staff he bought... Um. Derek swings weakly at a probe

Mariah: Whack him Derek! Whack him!

It hits for 14 hp damage.

Mariah: Ehh, well, heeh..Let me show ya something!

Derek watches.

Mariah chants, and throws fire at the cybot! The cybot is weak against it, 100 hp damage!

Leeta: Goooooo Mariah!!!

Telim`Tor is standing next to Keli, helping as best he can...

Star casts Dark Bomb....

Mariah cheers! Get'em star!

Her spell hits for 69 hp damage!

Jazz bounces off a wall and does a dive at a robot, dagger drawn It hits, 56 hp damage!

Mariah: Whoooo! get'em!

The monsters suddenly start putting up a barrier..buzz buzz..

Mariah: Look! The rest ran off! hee hee hee..

Telim`Tor calls a Shield of Light to protect himself and Keli.

Derek: Whew.

Mariah: The shield is up.

Telim`Tor: So that shield was kind of a waste. Pity.

Keli slashes at one of the robots. It hits for 60 hp damage!

Mariah: No wait, the one robot is there!

Damian chants the spell of Pearl Storm at one of the bots. It hits for 69 hp damage

Mariah: Look at it sparking! It's almost dead!

Leeta jumps in on the enemy and goes crazy!! She stabs and stabs and stabs!

The monster puts up a defense shield, it only takes 12 hp damage!

George sheathes his sword and looks as the robot collapses.


All memebers gain 32XP and 400 GP.

Mariah: HA! It's dead! it's dead..it's..wait..what's that ticking sound.. OH NO! DUCK!

Keli: Huh?!

Mariah: BOOOOMB!

Derek throws himself on the bomb.

Telim`Tor pulls Keli mehind the wall of light!

Mariah: Derek!

Star: Bomb?

Telim`Tor pulls Keli behind the wall of light!

Mariah: Get off that bomb!

Damian puts Derek aside and puts himself at the bomb.....sacrificing himself

Jazz dives beind a TRASH CAN

Mariah NO! Get back!

Star shrieks and hurls herself toward the bomb....

Keli: No!!

Telim`Tor puts a small light wall AROUND the bomb!

Mariah pulls them all off

! George takes his cape and covers himself with it.

Telim`Tor puts a small light wall AROUND the bomb, stopping the blast.

Mariah: NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE! Now....(BOOOOOM!) All of 'em are hit and thrown waaay far away!

Telim`Tor: My light wall! It... it... shattered!

Leeta yelps as she gets blown away.

Mariah: Aaaah! Crashes into the wall!

George kneels as the blast goes by his side.

Derek is blown straight up into the air

Telim`Tor quickly casts curing spells on Keli and Mariah, whom he landed near to.

Damian crashes into the sea from the blast.

Warlord Havik speaks from the shadows Impressive!

Derek: Aaaaaaaaah... Derek starts to fall.

Telim`Tor looks up at the robot...

Jazz the trash can takes most of the blow, and is completely incinerated

Star is thrown back...

Mariah: Wow..lookit..all..the..pretty..colors..*BOOM !*

Leeta: Ouch. Thats gonna leave a mark.

Telim`Tor flies up to catch Derek!

Leeta catches Star

Mariah feels the pain as Derek falls on her

Keli: Whoa!

Jazz: Um, hey lady, sorry bout yer trash, but its kinda DOA

Derek: Whew...thanks. That's twice you saved me today. How embarassing.

Mariah: Ooh, why are you always falling on me?

George stands up, shaking weakly, and looks around.

Telim`Tor places Derek safely next to Keli...

Star is out of it now... Mama... Lemme sleep another hour...

George: Who said that?

Warlord Havik: You people have a strange power. You should tell me what it is before you die.

Leeta pats Star on the head.

Mariah: Derek isn't on me? Oh, sorry..I don't know what I'm saying..

Jazz looks up.

Keli runs to Star.

Mariah: Huh? Who's there!

George: Warlord Havik?

Jazz: Who are you?

Keli: You okay, girl?

Leeta: Die?? I think not!

Jazz: Die?

Mariah: That's HIM! Or, HER! Or IT!

George puts his hand on the hilt of his sword and grinds hids teeth.

Mariah snaps back into reality.

Warlord Havik steps from the shadows, a menacing weapon on her arm.

Telim`Tor casts a Mass Heal on the party!

George: Not gonna die by YOUR hand, buster!

Mariah: Who are you? I mean, who do you work for!?

Warlord Havik: How *very* perceptive of you. Not like most people around here.

Star: Mama... I wanna play wif me toys... don't wanna go to school...

Telim`Tor: I've heard your voice before, Havik... but.. where??

Warlord Havik: I work for myself.

Keli: You... Okay?

Leeta growls and unsheaths her katana.

Telim`Tor picks Star up and tosses cool water in her face.

Mariah: What have you done to the people here...

Jazz glares at Havik

Telim`Tor: Havik... do I know you?

Warlord Havik: I have done nothing.

Star: Mama! I don't like water!

Mariah wispers Work for yourself? Well, that ruins that theory.

George: Nothing? Then what happened here?

Leeta slaps Star.

Keli stares at Havik, confused.

Warlord Havik looks at Telim. How should I know? You're the *human*!

Mariah: YES YOU HAVE! The people are afraid of you Havik!

Star snaps out of it. Ouch... Wha-?

Telim`Tor: Of course. I remember now... You were the one... the woman... I knew you before you soul was put into that machine, Havik.

George: The woman? Who, Telim?

Mariah is quite confused Ok, so....let's see here..hehe..you don't work for Iris, you don't know about my mother..DAMN!

Warlord Havik: Of course they fear me! Nobody have *ever* survived honorable combat with me.

Star: What?

Telim`Tor: When have YOU ever been in honorable combat, Havik?!?

George: Nobody? Let's *change* that.

Star: Who 'dat? points at Warlord Havik

Warlord Havik: Iris? Iris who?

Leeta: uhmmm......its Havik, Star

Warlord Havik: That's *warlord* to you, weakling!

Telim`Tor: That woman... she was there with us next to Lavos... she fell through the time portal with us... But she didn't go as far into the future as we did. We went to the end of time... she landed... closer to here!

Star: Oh....


George slashes down a trash can. En garde!

Star: What did I miss???

Telim`Tor: What made you so malevolent, Havik??

Jazz flies over Havik and lands behind it.

Warlord Havik looks at George. Typical man!

Derek: Let's just whack the guy...er...I mean you guys will do the actual fighting, of course...

George looks around, annoyed, and wonders what are people waiting for.

Mariah: You'll never stop us!

George: Typical man, huh?

Leeta growls

George: Typical this!

Telim`Tor: No! Don't hurt her! She was... she was... a long time ago she was... my friend!

Star stands and draws her sword... holding it by the blade... What the- Ooopppsss... turns it around

Telim`Tor: Havik... you wouldn't really harm us... would you?

Mariah pulls out her gun Eat this! Fires at him, it doesn't even leave a dent! Whaaat?

George: Your FRIEND!?! incredulous

Warlord Havik: Let's try that again. . . this time, with feeling.

Telim`Tor: BEFORE she became the evil robot!

Mariah is waaay scared here.

Warlord Havik: Evil? EVIL!?!?! Warlord Havik opens fire on Telim.

George: Well, she's an evil robot now, Telim! EVIL.

Telim`Tor: So I see.

Jazz looks at panneling on the back of Havik.


Mariah: Tellim! Look out! Mariah shoots at Havik again, nothing happens

Warlord Havik: Trust me. . . when I next see you, don't count on survivng.

Jazz: PSSST, Mariah! I can see an off switch, but it is DEEP in there. Jazz realizes he was heard by Havik. Uh oh..

George: Next? Why not now?

Telim`Tor throws a light burst at Havik's eyes!

Warlord Havik being to fly, makes a strafing run with her laser at Mariah and flies away. . . fast.

Leeta: Lets rock!

Mariah screams as the beam hits her, and she flies into the wall!

Telim`Tor casts a curing spell on Mariah.

Mariah: Ugggh...oh...damn...

Telim`Tor flies up into the air, and pursues Havik.

Mariah: I..I think I hit my head on that one..damn..

Derek: Mariah!

Telim`Tor: Havik! Wait! Don't you remember!

Jazz and Leeta run to Mariah.

Telim`Tor: Havik! Stop this!

Jazz sees a big gash on the side of her head. Mariah, you'll be just fine.

Mariah: Telim..wait..Passes out

Jazz winks at Telim

Telim`Tor lands next to Mariah...She's hurt badly.

Mariah's head falls on Jazz's shoulder...