CTIRCRPG Session Three: Where are we?!


Mariah, Lucca, Liza, and Narrator: Lucca
Leeta: Leeta
Jazz: Black Phoenix
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Leeta, Kuko & Warlord Havik

Location: Leene Square-1030A.D.

Last time, Lucca went bonkers with her Mammon Machine, and blew Truce sky high, and sucked her own daughter and her friends into a timegate, but meanwhile, In 1030AD, Lucca is about to get an unexpected surprise...

Jazz hides in a bush watching the group, keeping an even closer eye on Mariah.

Lucca smiles in satifaction as the warp sucks the children in...

Jazz wonders what is going on, and moves in for a closer look.

Lucca pats her machine and starts to step in the warp, when the figure steps out of the bushes

Jazz: What is going on?

Lucca blinks Who are you?

Jazz: WHOA! Feels a force pulling on him! No time for intros, HELP!

Lucca: Well, if you truely wish to meddle, you'll feel the power of the Mammon Machine! Time to experiment!

Jazz: Oh goodie, that can't be good. Tries to dig his feet into something since there is nothing to grab.

The machine whirrs and begins to suck Jazz in, but he holds on to a shrub at the last minute.

Lucca: Ooooh? Stuck eh?

Jazz's hands slip from the shrub

Lucca: Let's experiment some more!! Starts stepping on his fingers with her boots. This little piggie went to market..

Jazz slides across the ground but grabs the grass. OWW!

Lucca: This little piggie....OH SCREW IT! Puts all her weight on his fingers, he slips from the grass.

Jazz grabs for the ground again, still sliding around

Lucca mutters Children, don't they ever give up? Gives him a swift kick in the face, and he finally loses hold, and get's sucked in!


Lucca laughs, as Jazz dissapears....

Jazz feels his brain and body get torqued sideways as he is flung across time.

Lucca finally smiles, pats her machine, and steps into the warp herself..



Mariah and Co. are in the lovely bliss of unconiousness...

Leeta groans....

Jazz: WHAAAAA! Gets flung out from about 20 feet up.

Mariah has a wicked dream that she is on the Rolanda show titled "Crazy Vilainesses and the Daughters who love them." Everyone "ahhs" for Mariah, and boos when they pull Lucca out, tied up in a straight jacket, screaming"DON'T TOUCH MY MACHINE!!" she moans...

Leeta is muttering something in her state of dream.......

Jazz looks around and sees the rest of the group laying on the ground. He walks over to investigate.

Mariah moans "No, my mom's good..she's good...." Jazz paces, looking at them all.

Leeta whispers "Father.....nooo..."

Mariah starts to stir a little, and gets up, rubbing her eyes "Oh, what DAY is it?" What the hell happened?

Jazz snaps his head to look at Mariah Uh oh...

Mariah opens her eyes Wha...AHHHH! Who the hell are you!?

Jazz can't stop thinking about how those lobsters feel in that tank

Mariah; Leeta! Leeta! Get up!

Leeta: Huh???

Mariah shakes her "ACK! We got a maniac watching us! AHHH!"

Jazz: I'm Jazz H.... Jazz. grins.

Leeta jumps up

Jazz: WHOA! Calm down!

Mariah: Jazz...uh...why the hell were you watching us?!

Jazz: I was sucked insome portal thing cuz some psyco woman threw me in!

Mariah hopes she didn't snore, or do something stupid... ohh......

Jazz: Under his breath Sorta..

Leeta stares at the guy in front of her.....

Mariah: Don't call her psyhco! She's my Mother! Glares. Mariah looks around."Hey, were's Crono?"

Jazz turns around and mouths "that whole family must have a few screws loose"


Leeta mutters "Wow......he looks like my old boyfriend!"

Jazz cocks an eyebrow Chrono?

Mariah: Leeta? He's a jerk!

Jazz thinks I didn't say it out loud!

Leeta shakes her head and snaps out of it.

Mariah: Oh man! Leeta! Where's Crono?!.... Better yet..where are we..?

Leeta: Hmmmm? CRONO?!

Mariah: Crono?!

Leeta looks around.......

Jazz: Who's Coma?

Mariah" NOT COMA! Crono! The prince of Gaurdia! Where the hell have you been!?

Jazz vainly smooths his hair back Oh.... that Crono.... Jazz still doesn't know who he is.

Leeta searches around for Crono.

Mariah rolls her eyes and thinks "We've got a live one here"

Leeta: Where the hell is he?!

Mariah: Yeah, that Crono...

Mariah: Leeta, I can't find him, he's gone...

Leeta: Dammit.

Jazz: Don't tell me someone as beautiful as you would be looking for someone besides me? Grins from ear to ear

Mariah: Oh no...Starts to sniffle I hope he's...alright..sniffle..and my mother.....oh man....Momma..Starts sobbing.

Leeta says a few choice words under her breath, then runs to Mariah

Jazz puts an arm around Mariah What happened to her?

Leeta Hey!.......its okay girl.......Her mother went a bit sycko Jazz.

Mariah pulls Jazz's arm back, and tries to smile. I'll be ok..

Mariah: My mother..she never would have acted like this..and it's all because of Iris!!

Jazz stands up, acting sorta like he was too proud to be down there in the first place

Jazz: Ok?

Mariah: But, Iris said she is working for someone...we have to find out who that is...

Leeta nods

Mariah: Well, we fell though a strange..portal thingie....kind of...WAIT! I know!

Mariah rummages through her bag, and pulls out a strange gizmo and makes some calculations...

Leeta looks at the "gizmo" and just gets a blank look

Mariah: It's a device that my mom used a long time ago, something called a...Time Key, now, it's just a handy key chain..but with a few adjustments...

Leeta blinks and mutters something under her breath about wishing she was as smart as Mariah.

Mariah makes out some math problems on the ground, and starts to open the key, and then....*BINGO!*

Jazz leans close to Leeta so only she can hear Trust me, she isn't totally human in that respect.

Mariah: Got it! Ok, Listen up!

Leeta shoves Jazz away into a tree. "WHAT'D YOU SAY?!" Glares at him.

Jazz: OW! Hey you didn't need to do that!

Mariah: Jazz, do shut up!! Blinks and blushes Please?

Jazz: You heard me the first time. Grins at Mariah It wasn't anything bad.

Mariah: Anywho, we fell though a rip in time AKA, a time gate, just like my mother used!

Leeta listens to Mariah.....still glaring at Jazz

Mariah: And, this used to be able to open them, but I need more powerful tools to fix it but, for now, I can tell what time period we are in, and we're in Looks at the monochrome monitor 630AD...

Jazz: Maybe you need a man to look at that.

Leeta growls again......

Jazz tries to take it from Mariah

Mariah: Maybe not! Swipes it away You might break it! *

Leeta shoves Jazz again Back off.

Mariah rolls her eyes.. Anyway, we're near Truce, maybe we should walk there! We can find my mother!

Leeta: Okay Mariah......

Mariah: Hurry Leeta! Let's go! Starts to walk off, with Jazz following.

Jazz: You two need someone to protect you. Smiles and follows

Mariah: Uh, Jazz, why are you..oh, FINE..geez...come on...

Leeta follows......about ready to pound the livin shit outta Jazz

Location:Truce Village, 630 A.D.

Mariah and Co. head into truce village after about an hour of walking...they find a bustling village.

Mariah looks over the village Whoa! different than from back home!

Villager:Look at how they're dessed! Havn't seen soething like that for... 30 years!

Leeta glances around, always watching.....

Mariah:.Where do we start?

Leeta: Hmmm.....good question.

Jazz: This way.

Mariah then hears a cry from the back! "NO NO! Keep away from my baby!!!!!"

Jazz pretends he knows what he is doing, and runs after the voice

Mariah: Whoa! Guess we start there! Runs to the voice

Leeta blinks and runs after them.....

The team sees a woman trying to protect her child, she's as sacred as hell and some monsters are wrecking her fruit stand

Leeta stops and draws her sword.....

Jazz runs up and punches a few before they even see him. Jazz then draws his silver dagger and runs circles around the others.

The monsters cry out, and they prepare to attack!


Mariah whips out her mallet

Leeta gets into her battle stance Lets kick ass.

Jazz stands against a tree, no need to be ready cuz he is just that fast

The Enemies: 2 Blue Imps 12 Hp 2 Naga-ettes 20 Hp

Jazz spins his dagger between his fingers, waiting

Leeta summons a spell.....building power......

Mariah chants a few words, and screams, FLAME SINGE! It engulfs one of the blue imps, taking off 13 hp! Blue imp 1 is dead! She smiles! WHOA MAGIC IS COOOOOOL! Mariah then looks around for where Jazz went...

Leeta: Earth crash!!!!!!

Jazz waits, watches how incredibly slow everyone else is.

Mariah: HA! Guess he's not as tough as he thinks he is!

Leeta's spell hits another Imp! Takes off 10 Hp!

One of the naga-ettes swipes at Leeta! It hits! 5 hp loss!

Jazz runs circles around the naga ette dagger dicing it while he does. somewhere near 27 damage

Leeta yelps and growls......

Jazz kicks the nagaette that hit Leeta. 10 damage

Mariah glares No one hurts my friends!

Leeta looks at her wound and grits her teeth....

Mariah runs up to the last blue imp and swings with all her might-4 hp damage! BI 2 is dead!

Jazz looks at Leeta's wound. You'll live.

Leeta shoves Jazz out of the way. I can fight my own battles!! Leeta looks for another target

Jazz: Doesn't look like it.

The same naga-ette who swiped at Leeta now swipes at Mariah! CRITICAL HIT! 14 hp damage!

Leeta: Shut up!!! Leeta's fist starts to glow

Mariah: AHHH! DAMN...

Leeta leaps at the Naga-ette. Bastard!!!

Mariah: The swipe hits! 12 HP damage! Naga-ette one is dead!

Mariah moans...I'm not used to this...oww....where's the neosporin..?

Leeta runs to Mariah......Mariah?!

Mariah: I'll...live...Get the last one!

Jazz looks at Mariah's wound

Leeta jumps at the last.....uhmm......naga-ette?...

Jazz tears off a chunk of his tunic and wraps it around.

Jazz: It'll sting, but that should keep it closed

Leeta 's powered fist rips into the Naga-ette's side.

The naga-ette suddenly jumps at Leeta and swipes at her! 5 HP Damage, then leeta's Powered fist hits! Critical Hit! 15 hp damage!

Naga-ette: Ahhhh!

Leeta growls some more.....angry

Mariah: Ooh...my wound..damn..let me handle this last one...

Jazz: wonders where these guys are coming from. I thought there were only 4?

Mariah: No idea Jazz, but I'm getting the last one! Mariah whips out a old wooden boomerang of hers and chucks it at the naga-ette, killing it!


Jazz: 'Bout time

Leeta watches as her ONLY friend kills the last monster....

All the company gains 13 XP and 31 Gold

Mariah gains a level!

Leeta learns a new spell! "Lightning crash"

Mariah smiles..and plops on the ground..

Jazz feels his head hurt.

Mariah: You ok, Jazz?

Jazz: I don't know.

Leeta walks over to a tree and hauls an elixir out of her bag. Offers it to Mariah.

Mariah: Thank you Leeta. Drinks the Elixir

Jazz grabs his head

All the town, who was watching this whole thing, cheers!

Old Man: Yaaaaaaaay!

Jazz waves his hand and a gusty wind blows from it.

Jazz knocks a tree over! Whoa!

Mariah beams! This rulz!

Jazz looks at his hands

Banta the Blacksmith: Time to forge another bell!

Jazz: What was that? <

Old man: A new bell? Yaaaaaaay!!!!

Mariah: Banta...Banta..? Why does that name seem so..familar? Oh well, Turns to the woman You ok, madam?

Leeta turns and looks at the woman's baby.....a look of who cares on her face

Jazz walks over to the woman, still looking at his hand

Banta: This one will be even more splendid than Lenee's bell! Now, if only I can find someone to finance it for me....

Woman with the baby: I'm fine..but that poor boy...

Mariah: Boy..Boy? What? What boy?!

Leeta: Boy?!

Jazz: Boy? Where?

The Old Man follows Banta around, anxious to hear more news of the new bell.

Woman: He's your age...here...come into my house...

Jazz: Who me? Ma'am I am insulted that you think I am a BOY! Oh. he he he sorry!

Mariah: NOT YOU DUMB SHIT!!! Oh, sorry..ha ha...

Jazz: Naughty naughty!

Mariah and CO. follow the woman into the house, while the Villagers have loads of fun!

Leeta looks around the womans house

Mariah watches the woman put the baby down for a nap... Nice place Miss...miss..

Leeta: Wow......feels the urge to steal....

Woman: Please..call me Liza..

Mariah: Hello Liza...anyway..who is this boy?

Liza: Oh yes! The boy...well, he's about your age, and I don't know a whole lot about him... He said his name was...Derek....sad thing was..he couldn't remember his name for the longest time...

Mariah: SHH!

Leeta listens to the lady....

Liza: I found him about a month ago, all beaten up, I took him in and I brought him back to health..nice little lad, very polite..

Leeta: Beaten up??

Liza: Aye, But, I think he started to remember some things, he got sort of...edgy, so to speak... and this week, we were..attacked...... .

Jazz: Attacked?

Leeta blinks.....attacked???

Liza: We were walking back from the market when these two women just got in front of us, and yelled something Like "Finally found you!!" and the boy went running...But, they threw me down, and they knocked the poor boy out! And, then, they said something Like how they were gonna harness his magic, and they...get this..dissapeared into a puff of smoke!

Mariah: Oh man..but..what did these women look like...?

Leeta: Hmmmm.......wierd......

Jazz: By chance did they look like albinos with green hair?

Liza: Well, one of them had long black hair, pale skin, and dark eyes, and hardly wore any clothes...uh..albinos..? No...

Jazz shrugs Well that's good.

Liza: But, the other, she wore glasses, and had blonde, curly hair, medium length, and wore a strange white coat.

Mariah: OH MY GOD! IRIS!

Liza: Wha..?

Leeta: ACK!

Jazz: Not good!

Leeta gags........

Jazz: Ithink.

Mariah: I know her! That guy is in a hell of a lot of trouble!!

Jazz: Who is Iris?

Mariah: She's the one who drove My mother insane!

Leeta growls.......she wants to hurt Iris.

Mariah blabs the whole story...

Jazz: And your mother was the...... mentally disturbed one who threw me here?

Liza: I see...

Mariah: Hell yes! I said this five times..or something...

Jazz: 2

Mariah: Ok, uh..2

Leeta snickers.

Jazz snatches Leeta's snickers and eats it. Oops wrong one!

Mariah: Please..tell us! Were did they take him? Do you know?

Liza: I'm not totally sure...but..there's an Island..to the west...they seemed to go in that direction..

Jazz: Island? West? At least it isn't the Mystic's Island

Mariah: Um, yes, I think it is.

Leeta nods

Mariah: Then we need to go there..and...Mystics...aren't they dead..

Leeta: Well.....if they aren't....we'll fix that.....

Liza: I hope you help him, and, when you save him here, bring him back here! I need to talk to him!

Jazz: Well, if they are, how did that city survive? Tran or something like that.

Mariah: Yeah Leeta! This is a great place to start!

Leeta: Yeah!

Mariah shrugs "Dunno Jazz.."

Mariah: Let's go!

Jazz grins again, knowing he is at least partly right

The party walks out the door, with Liza yelling "Be careful!!" And the baby crying it's head off