CTIRCRPG Session Eight: Sunstone


Mariah, Ellena, Mekare, Iris, and Narrator: Lucca
Keli: Maruka
Leeta: Leeta
Crono: Umaro1000
SirT Magus: SirT Magus
George: George
Derek, Lucca: So. Central Rain
Damian: Golbez
And Various NPCS: Lucca, George, Warlord Havik, Umaro1000, SirT Magus

Last time, our heros in training met a young lady known as Ellena, and she was part of the 'Rebels'. An orginazation sworn to kick Havik's rear into the sky. The team soon finds themselves raiding Havik's fortress, the Citadel, and destroying his defenses, but not without Star finally losing it and barely getting away. Now, the time is the morning after, with the heroes eating some breakfast...

Location: Keli's House-2330 A.D.

Mariah: Hmm....ok, so the right yellow wire goes into this socket, and the left blue wire goes into this socket...Hmm...this sure is a broken toaster! Hmm hmm hmm.. Mariah hums to herself.

Keli: Who wants pancakes?

SirTMagus is writing in his book. I'm gonna have a bestseller here!

Keli hands some pancakes to Mariah.

SirTMagus: I'll have some.

George: Bestseller? You?

Keli: And Leeta

Derek: Mmm, pancakes. Haven't had a decent breakfast in quite some time.

SirTMagus: ME!

Mariah: Thanks very much Kel! I'll have this toaster fixed soon!

Keli: And Magus

George: Double helping!

Keli: And Derek!

SirTMagus: I'm part novelist.

Keli: And George

Leeta eats her pancakes and tells Keli they were delicious.

SirTMagus: Usually in my spare time.

Leeta: Can I have the recipe?

Keli: Thank you!

Mariah: Mm...good...Maple...

George: Magus, if you want, I could teach you some writing, as Melchior once taught me.

SirTMagus puts down books and picks up a plate.

Mariah eats happily!

Crono eats some bread, hating pancakes.

George: Maple syrup?

SirTMagus: That'd be superb.

George: Where!?

Keli: Nah. It's a secret recipe past from generations.

Derek eats a pancake. Whoo, I'm full.

SirTMagus eats pancake ... "Hmm ... good!"

Leeta: Darn.

SirTMagus: More please.

Leeta smiles

Mariah eats about 2, and burps "Oops! 'cuse me!"

George pours half the jar of syrup and eats some pancakes

Keli sits down and eats some of her pancakes

Derek: Cover your mouth, Mariah.

The team hears knocking on the door

Mariah: I did, Derek.

Crono looks at all the people eating then looks at the door.

SirTMagus eats and cleans mouth and brings the plate to the sink.

Keli gets the door. Hello?

Leeta looks at the door nervously.

Ellena: Hey Kel!

Derek: You'd never know it from listening to you....

SirTMagus walks back and sits and writes in novel.

Keli: Ellena!

George looks up, startled, and wipes his mouth with a handkerchief.

Mariah makes a face. "Sorry"

Keli: So, what did you find out?

Ellena: Lots! Gotta get downstairs!

SirTMagus looks up from book, "Hi, Ellena!"

Keli: Kay

Keli: Whatcha writing, Magus?

Ellena bounds down the stairs Hi guys! Looks like Havik is up to trouble again..

SirTMagus: Oh, a novel.

Ellena: Or so I think..

George: Trouble?

SirTMagus walks downstairs.

George: What kind?

Keli: Oh, no...

Derek plays with a fork.

SirTMagus: Tell us.

Mariah: Yah *Mumph* tell us!

George stuffs the rest of his pancakes in a bag and listens.

Ellena: Well...it's kinda sketchy now...

SirTMagus: We can take it.

George: Sketchy.... but what DO you know?

Crono finds some cereal to eat for breakfast.

Keli holds in her breakfast!

Ellena: Did I meet you Sirs? Points to George and SirTMagus Oh well..

SirTMagus looks at George.

George looks at Magus

SirTMagus whispers to George, "Have you ever met her?"

Ellena: Well, seems our pal here is looking for a power source, the only problems, and questions, are what, and why.

SirTMagus: A power source?

Derek: Why is fairly obvious, he's got robots that need running.

Mariah: Well, tell us what you know.

SirTMagus: Like the Mammon Machine?

Keli: Tell us more, Ellena

Ellena: It's a type of...rock or stone, it seems, there is a little legend that goes along with it, I gotta look for it Searches her bag

Mariah wonders "Rock, stone?"

Keli takes out her book.

SirTMagus is confused.

Crono looks up, interested with the conversation.

Keli leafs through the pages.

Ellena looks around her bag Damn! Makeup, tampons *Blush*

Derek spins a fork around with his fingers.

Leeta laughs

SirTMagus whispers to George, "Have you met her before our encounter?"

Ellena: Got it! It's known as "The rock that shines like the sun" In fact, it's said to hold the sun! Or something..

Mariah: Wait...my mom said something like that before...Thinks.

Keli looks up from the book "A Sunstone of some sort?"

Mariah: Sunstone was it? Yeah, Sunstone..


SirTMagus: Sunstone!

Derek: Hey, I thought the Sunstone wasn't charged.

SirTMagus: I don't think so. Crono, Marle and Lucca charged it.

Mariah shrugs "Yeah, have it right here in my pocket" She takes out a small rock, that shines brightly Well…

Keli agrees with Magus

Mariah: It's an heirloom, or so my mom told me. She said she charged it, and it held the power of the sun! Can this be it?

Keli: Wow! Never thought I'd see it close up!

Crono smiles brightly at the mention of his old man.

SirTMagus: I didn't know you had it!

Ellena: I wouldn't doubt it.

SirTMagus: Havik would kill for it.

Derek: Wow.

Mariah: Well, what should I do then?

Keli: We have to protect the thing to make sure it won't go in the wrong hands

Derek: I haven't seen anyone use that since we started using the Mammon Machine for power.

Ellena: We gotta gaurd it, that's what!

SirTMagus: Like Havik's.

Mariah: How?

Keli nods.

SirTMagus: Magic.

Ellena: Well, you could come to one of the Rebel bases...

SirTMagus: Magic, of course.

Mariah: Rebel base? Really?

SirTMagus: Who?

SirTMagus: A rebel base ... neat.

Mariah: Rebels are the people against Havik, Magus

Keli: Good idea, Ellena!

Ellena grins. We all gotta guard it! And, most likely, they know you have it Mariah.

SirTMagus: I know.

Mariah gasps "Crud.."

SirTMagus: A little bit.

Derek nods. "Lucca would know where it is, and she's in league with them..."

SirTMagus gasps, "She needs help!"

Ellena looks up. Lucca?

SirTMagus: Lucca, one of the Heroes of History!

Ellena: She's not in league with Havik.

Derek: But I thought...never mind.

Mariah: Umm..I think we better just go..I mean, if a bunch of robot wreck Keli's house, it'd be a bad thing..

SirTMagus: Nevermind me.

Keli ponders.

Ellena: Let's go.

Crono: Ahhh, we could take a bunch of tin cans, right?

Keli doesn't wanna think about THAT

Ellena walks out of the house.

SirTMagus: I can anyway.

Mariah: Well, umm....ok, I don't get this...they want this little stone?

SirTMagus follows Ellena, wondering about what she said before about him and George.

Derek: Don't you know about it, Mariah?

SirTMagus: It has SOLAR power.

Derek: The Sunstone was pretty much our only source of energy in Zeal before we made the Mammon Machine.

SirTMagus: Something from the universe. I know that!

Mariah walks out of the house, as does everyone else...

SirTMagus: Derek, your familair with Zeal's customs?

Crono: Yeah, and it can be forget to make some pretty cool stuff

Derek looks at SirTM oddly. "Of course. I'm from there, after all."

Crono looks around, then walks out.

Keli: I studied Zeal customs for a few years

Derek walks out of the house, disgusted with SirT.

SirTMagus: Sorry, Derek, I don't know you as much as you know me ...

Location: Rebel Base-2330 A.D.

Later, the team finds themselves inside a rebel base, in a big room, that's guarded...Ellen a is talking to some of her comrades.

Mariah: Wonder what she's talking about? How long do we have to stay here?

Ellena keeps chatting.

Mariah: Great, we're prisoners of war..

Crono: What the hell?!

SirTMagus: War. I've been stuck in that for so long!

Crono: But I thought we went here to get help...

Mariah: Well, we've been here for 2 friggin hours...I'm just saying Crono, it FEELS like it.

SirTMagus: What are we doing here?

Crono: Oh.... hehe. Sorry, I'm a tad nervous

Derek: This seems silly. Couldn't Havik just break in anytime?

SirTMagus ...takes out book and writes.

Ellena comes back in. Well, we've got guards on all the doors and windows...I guess you COULD leave anytime, unless you wanna guard the stone a bit.

SirTMagus writes in book, "We traveled to Ellena's base and just waited for 2 hours ...."

Mariah: Well...

SirTMagus: I'll guard it.

Mariah: Magus....

SirTMagus: Yes, Mariah?

Keli looks over Magus's shoulder, curious about what he was writing.

Mariah: We'll-

Suddenly, everyone hears a popping noise!

SirTMagus: If you want to know, It's a book on our travels!

Mariah: What was that!?

Keli: Huh??

SirTMagus: What's that noise?

George thinks that determination, at least, Magus has got..

Ellena: Whooo! Here comes the company!

Derek: Um...I don't know!

Crono: A - pops over Crono’s head

George: Wh-what the..?

Ellena: As long as we stay here, we'll be......wait a minute...?

SirTMagus: Company?

Crono opens his sheath, alert.

Derek: More fighting?

George: Ehmm... Ellena?

Keli: More fighting??

Mariah sees a large blob of void appearing at the end of the room "A..TIMEGATE!"

George: WHAT'D YOU MEAN???

Derek: I, ah, forgot my staff back at the house.

SirTMagus puts book away.

Mariah: Oh no!

Keli: WOW!

Crono: Yeah, I'll go help him get the staff...

Derek: Hey, that looks like the portal I fell through.

Ellena: Heheh...well..ahah...this isn't Havik..is it...? Haha..shit.

SirTMagus: What the-?

Keli: A... timegate?

SirTMagus’s scythe appears in his hand.

Keli: ...amazing

Suddenly, strange monsters come flying outta the portal, and they look PISSED!

Mariah whips out her gun "This has to be Iris!"

Keli prepares her foil.

SirTMagus: OH GREAT!

Mariah: But what would she want with my stone?

George shouts to back away!

Crono: OHMYGOD!!!

Derek draws his ceremonial dagger.


Crono draws his sword


Enemies: 2 Zombies=200 HP each

George draws his blade and slashes through a zombie! It hits! 45 Hp damage!

SirTMagus readies himself.

Damian: Those monsters delayed me! Allow me the honor of helping you, Mariah! Damian has returned! Yeah!

Mariah: Thanks Damain! Go for it Kel!

Keli slices at the zombie!! It hits! 56 Hp damage!

Mariah: Gooo! Whoo hooo!

Derek slashes at the zombie with his dagger. It misses! Doh!

Damian: Say, Mariah, did you meet anyone while I was delayed?

SirTMagus: Good work!

Mariah groans!

Damian chants the spell of Pearl Storm at the zombie. The zombie is weak against light magic! 101 hp damage! Zombie 1 is dead!

Zombie one swipes at Keli! 23 hp damage!

Keli: Ouch! Keli stumbles back

Mariah: All right Damain!

Damian: Hahah! I did it! Go for it Crono!

Crono holds his sword with both hands and swings a blow to it's head. Critical hit! 77 hp damage! Woohoo!

George takes Leeta's place and blasts a zombie with light crash. Nice hit! It's weak against light! 102 hp damage!

SirTMagus: Good Work ...

Keli: All right!

SirTMagus: What's Ellena doing to help?

Ellena: Loading my gun, that's what!

SirTMagus: Blast it into orbit!!!

Damian: How many monsters did you encounter when I got here?

SirTMagus: This is the first!

Mariah shoots a Zombie between the eyes!

Keli: Goo Mariah!

Damian: Hmm...

Crono looks at the zombie "Ooo... twice to the head, that's gotta hurt!"

Mariah’s shot hits! 34 hp damage! Zombie 2 is dead!


All members gain 46XP and 239 Gold!

Derek learns Confuse!

Damian learns Morph, and gains a level!

Mariah gains a level!

Crono gains 12 zombify items! Crono gains a level... learns Back Stab!

George gains a level, learns Light Blast!

Mariah: ALL RIGHT!

SirTMagus: Hmm ...

Keli does her victory stance!

SirTMagus: Thanks. Now that that's taken care of why did zombies come out of a TIME gate?!

The team can hear someone applauding "Hmm hmm hmm..not bad, but, you're wasting your time kids.."

Mariah: Who?

Damian: Who are you?

Voice: Tisk tisk..how quickly you forget!

Lucca: Hello, my daughter. A fine group of friends you have gathered, I see.

Keli looks around.

Mariah: IRIS! Mom!


Keli: Lucca?

Derek: It's HER!

Iris comes out, with a biiig gun thingie! Lucca comes out as well.

Iris: Hello there...miss me?

Derek: She's the one who kidnapped me!

Damian: An easily recognizable face…you musta kidnapped Derek then. I should kill you, but that is beneath honor.

Iris: I did kidnap Derek. But, I didn't come for reunions. I want that stone!

George: Lucca!?

Lucca: Mariah, you have my Sunstone. I would like it back.

Mariah: Iris! You can't have it! My mom gave this to me! And she isn't quite sane at the moment!

Lucca: I am perfectly sane!

Mariah: No, you aren't!

George draws his sword again.

Lucca: And I have given you an order to give me the stone. Don't disobey me, young woman!

Damian: You're Mariah's.....mother? I sense evil in you. Snap out of it!

George: Stop!

Mariah: Yeah, she is Damain...

Keli: Mariah??... Lucca???

Lucca glances at Damian and knocks him out of the way with a Flame Toss.

Damian: OUCH! Gets back up

Iris: Oh yeah, you could call me evil…but…I like to think of it…as slightly eccentric.

Keli runs to Damian

Mariah: MOM! Stop!

Keli: Are you all right?

SirTMagus: So, we meet, Iris!

Lucca: I'm going to count to ten.

George helps Damian up again and confronts Lucca and Iris.

Damian: She's strong for a FORMER hero!

SirTMagus: And…Lucca?!?!?!?!

Lucca: Give me the sunstone, or you'll have to go to your room.

Mariah: You can just keep on counting mom...

George: No you don't, while I'm still standing!

SirTMagus: The 3rd Hero of History?

Damian smacks Lucca on the face!

Mariah: Besides, we're kinda in the future here. where the hell is my room?

Lucca: Ten.

Mariah: Damain! NO! Don't slap her!

Ellena: Yeah! She looks rather unstable! She's gonna bloooow!

SirTMagus: Her room is a few millennia away, lady!

Lucca looks at Damian with fury in her eyes.

Keli's confoozed

Iris: Stand back Lucca. Let me try a little something.


Crono: She's more messed up than I thought!

Lucca casts Flare on Damian.

Ellena: ACK! NOT FLARE! ANYTHING BUT THAT! Loooookout! Nuclear heeeeeell! The spell misses Damain, and hits Ellena instead!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Knocked into a corner!

Mariah: Mamma! Stop this! Stop!

Damian casts Pearl Storm at Iris

Iris dodges "Was that the best you could do, you mutt? Stupid Mystic half breed! I’ll tear you apart!"

Keli: Please! Lucca! Stop!

SirTMagus steps in front of Iris.

Derek cowers in the corner.

SirTMagus: What's the meaning of this?!

Lucca: Yes, Iris...

Mariah: STOP THIS! STOP! Stands in front of everyone.

Lucca stands back a bit.

Keli draws her sword, upset.

Crono casts protect on party members.

Iris: Time to try my latest invention.....

SirTMagus: ...?

Lucca giggles.

SirTMagus: Um…

Iris fires a gun, which causes a wave of energy to hit all the heroes! They can't move!

Mariah: I…can't...move!

SirTMagus: URRRRG!!!!!!

Damian: I'm…stuck!

George: Wh-What!?

Keli: Agh!!!!

Iris: Lucca, get the stone.

George: Iris!

Damian: What is the meaning of this, Iris?

Lucca: Yes, Iris.

Mariah: Momma…no…

SirTMagus: No!

Lucca walks calmly to Mariah and takes her purse.

Keli says in a faint voice "ow"

George: Stand back!

Mariah: NO MOM!

Crono tries to concentrate and burn the shield on him off.

Lucca fishes through it and pulls out the gleaming stone. Got it!

Ellena: I'll kick your ass Iris!

Lucca walks back to Iris and hands her the sunstone.

Mariah: No! Please mom! What do you want it for?


Lucca: I want it for Iris.

George starts glowing and tries to snap out of it!

Iris: Hmm. Turns to Magus. I've had enough of YOU! You and your pathetic prattle, constantly filling this room with pointless yelling! You should be punished…

Damian: Lucca! That is not right!

Lucca: She needs it for scientific progress.

SirTMagus: What the?

Iris walks up to Magus. I think we'll take a little time trip, eh?

Crono starts to move a bit

SirTMagus: Get away!

Iris: Oh, so now you cower, little man? I've had enough of your prattle. So…

Keli: Watch out!

SirTMagus eyes widen and mouth drops open. DEMON!

Iris: Damn straight…Iris takes out a remote control, and a strange red gate opens up underneath him. Bye bye…dork!

SirTMagus looks in Iris' eyes.

Damian flings his sword enough to discharge energy at Iris. 

Mariah: NO!


Damian: OUCH! HURTS....

Crono: Hehe... who's she calling a dork?

Iris calmly moves out of the way.

Keli glares at Iris.

SirTMagus falls in red gate.

George: Magus!!!!

Mariah: Magus!!

SirTMagus: Aah!

Keli: Magus!! NO!

Derek watches in silence.

Iris laughs evilly. Serves him right. He’s as dead as a doornail…

Crono breaks out of the force field only to fall on the ground

Damian breaks free and whispers to Mariah. "I’m going to get help!"

Mariah watches the spot where Magus vanished. "OK. Be careful…"

Damain runs away unnoticed.

Lucca quickly stuns Crono Jr. again.

George breaks free and kneels on the ground.

Crono: DOH!

Iris: Let's go Lucca..

Lucca: Iris, we should leave. We have what we came for.

George: No you don't!

Iris pushes the time gate button again, and splits!

Lucca nods, and steps back through the portal.

George: Come back here!

Mariah: NO! MOM! Waaaait!

Lucca turns to Mariah.

Ellena: Get back here bitch!

Keli: No!!

Crono tries to break it again, but it's hopeless

George: IRIS!

Mariah: Mom…please!

Lucca: Why should I do anything you say? You're a horrible daughter.

Mariah: Because I love you..

Crono: Somebody kill that son of a...

Keli tries her best to break it.

Lucca leaves through the gate.

Mariah: No, you don't mean that…Mariah starts sobbing

Just as they leave, Crono’s force field disappears, making him fall on the ground.

Ellena: Oh…great, just great!

Crono is unconscious

Keli now has the freedom to move.

Derek finds he can move, and rushes to Mariah's side.

George tries to stand up

Derek: Of course she didn't mean it, of course not, Mariah.

Keli: Mariah...

Mariah can't stop crying "I'm…a terrible daughter…?"

George: Urrghh...

Crono slowly sits up and searches for his sword

Mariah: Th..ank you Derek..

Derek: You said it yourself, she's not in her right mind now. Anything she says is Iris' fault.

Keli: No your not… pats Mariah's back.

George: I'm gonna pay her back.... in spades!

George: Mariah...

Mariah: But my rock..

Ellena: Umm...er..umm..

Crono: Hurry! Mariah, can't we go after them? We should have killed them...

George: We'll get it back!

Ellena: There's kinda something…I need to tell you all…

Keli: Yes we will.

Derek looks at Ellena.

George: Ellena? What?

Keli: What is it Ellena dear?

Crono: You'd think that by now, we couldn't be caught by cheap traps like that

Derek: Well, it's not as if we had an escape, Crono.

Crono: Right when we get in town, I'm gonna buy armor invulnerable to force field beams! That just plain sucked!

Ellena: I didn't..quite tell you about everything..

Mariah: Shhh…I wanna hear this…

George: What did you... omit?

Ellena: How can I explain this? Well, you see, you know Elynthia, right?

George: Right... and?

Ellena: Well, Elynthia, kinda has helpers...to you know...kinda..help her..I'm one of 'em.

George: Oh....

Keli elects to help out.

George: And.... what in cripes sake are you doing here!?

Ellena: Did you meet someone named Ben? He is too.. Ellena then winks at George. Waiting for you guys! She told me that you'd be coming here. I wasn't quite sure if YOU were the people, but now I know..

Mariah: I see...Do you know much about Iris?

Keli: Hm...

George: I see... Hm.

Ellena: About as much as Elynthia…Which is hardly anything...

Derek: What do you help her do, exactly?

Ellena: Assist you guys, kinda.

George: Assist us? How?

Ellena: Yeah, you guys don't realize, and even I don't realize it, but...we're got one hell of a situation here.

Derek: Ellena...do you know why they took the stone?

George: I do realize.... Only I don't know what kind of hell is it!

Ellena: Elynthia feels, that you guys may be the only hope to stopping all of these disasters! Alem, most likely they want that stone for her stinkin' Mammon Machine.

Mariah: Oh…no…Mom will get even worse!

Crono: Well gee, I think I realized that when zombies from hell just waltzed out of a portal and tried to kick our ass!

George: Mammon.... machine?

Keli worries for Mariah.

Derek: They're making another one?

George: Uh-huh...

Derek: Don't they know what happened to Zeal? Don't they know what happened to the Queen?

George: So, we're talking 'bout a "Queen Zeal" effect?

Keli: Not another one... Disaster…

Ellena: They might be, or they might be making the original stronger. But yes, it IS a "Queen Zeal" effect…

George: Oh.... great...

Ellena: But…I know a lot about time gates…and…according to Mariah's time key here…that portal was to 1030 AD

Mariah: That's my era!

Keli: ... That means...

Derek: I get it now. Since Lavos isn't there to give the Mammon Machine power, they'll need alternate sources of energy...like the Sunstone.

Crono: So... somebody tell me what this "Mammon machine" does again?

George: So, we're trying to get Lucca back into her senses, get the Sunstone back, kill that *(%*&) Iris and destroy the Mammon Machine.... All in a days' work, folks!

Mariah: It...makes energy Crono

Crono: So what can it do for them?

Mariah giggles at George's comment "Guess so!"

Derek: How soon can we leave?

Ellena: It can be one hell of a weapon!

Derek: We have to stop that machine.

Ellena: Now, I'd bet, but.....

George slumps down and shakes his head sadly

Ellena: I have to stay here, and guard against Havik

Keli sighs

Crono: Sounds bad... but I'd think that something that powerful would have to be heavily guarded! Do we even stand a chance?

Derek: Oh.

Ellena: Keli, I might need help, can you stay too?

George: Georgie boy, one of these days you're gonna get in one hell of a mess, he said....

Keli: Of course.

George: And, he was right.

Keli: I'm always here to help, Ellena

Ellena: Also, I'd advise you to find a girl by the name of "Mekare" She's warrior for Elynthia, like me

George: Of course he was right, he's Melchior.

Ellena: Thanks Kel.

George: Mekare?

Mariah: Mekare..that's a pretty name..

George: And... where... is she?

Ellena: Just ask by name! Now go! That gates not gonna hold forever!

Derek dashes through the gate, eager to stop the machine

Crono: But... where does it lead?

George: Because, if we have to search EVERY time period!

Ellena: To 1030 AD! Go!

Mariah runs after Derek!

Keli: Good bye everybody!

Crono: Hmmm... cool!

George stands up and marches to the gate.

Ellena: I'll send the others after you soon.

Crono walks to get a closer look, trips on a rock, and falls in

Keli: Maybe we can see each other again soon... waves good-bye.

Mariah waves bye-bye, and falls in!

Location: Medina Village Fairgrounds-1030 A.D.

The party goes through the gate, and finds themselves in 1030 AD. They find it's really HOT, and there seems to be music in the background, like a carnival!

Mariah: Where are we?

Derek: 1030 AD. Weren't you listening, Mariah?

George: A... carnival?

Mariah: No no…I meant what town?

Crono: That music... reminds me of the millennial fair music!

Mariah looks at the sign "Medina"

Derek: How would I know?

George: Wasn't everything blown sky-high?

Mariah: No, I bet the fair moved down here! I heard it's a traveling one!

Derek: So, let's look for Mekare!

George: And... where are we? Medina....

Crono: Hey, I heard about a Medina before... heard something about a cult here

George: Medina Village, I wonder?

Crono: Of course, it was just a rumor

The team walks into the fair, and…well, there's a hell of a lot to do!

Mariah: Hmm…

George: What kinda rumor?

Mariah loves fairs…she can't help it!

Crono: Oh, my dad told me about it

George: Candy!! George runs to the candy stand

Mariah: Wait for me George!

Derek goes to the card game. "This ought to be easy."

Mariah: Ah…wait…diet, finding Mekare…nah…oh what the hell! Mariah buys some milk duds

Crono goes to the nearest carnival game, a "guess which nut it's under" one

George buys a ton of candy and stuffs it in his bag, with the pancakes, eating some first.

Derek plays poker, using his Mind magic...

Mystic: Just what we needed. Same fair with invention coming here. With my luck the sucker will explode right when it's turned on. . .

Mariah walks up to Derek "Whatcha doin'?"

Derek whispers to Mariah, "Cheating."

Mariah stares at the Mystic, not listening to Derek.."Psst! Derek!"

Derek: Hah! I win again!

Mariah: Derek!

Derek collects his chips and looks at Mariah.

Mariah tugs on his shirt

Derek: Ow!

George wanders around and looks for the water balloon games

Crono misses the nut again, only to find that all three are empty!

Mariah: Look! That's a mystic! Isn't it?

Derek: I'll be back, guys! Hold my place. Turns to Mariah. I don't know. What's a mystic?

Mariah: Hmm…That thing! Mariah points to one

Crono grabs the carnival workers shirt... "I want my money back, punk!"

Derek: I guess it is, then.

Mariah: Then, they aren't dead!

George sneaks back and throws a water balloon at Crono

Mariah: Whooohooo! Damain's gonna wanna hear this!

Derek: Who aren't?

Mystic: Whatcha lookin' at?!

George: Heh!

Derek scratches his head and goes back to poker.

Crono gets a refund, only to be hit by a water balloon!

Mariah: Um…nothing!

Crono: HEY!

George: Gotcha!

Mariah grins.

George throws another water balloon and runs off

Mystic: Haven't cha seen a Mystic before?!

Mariah sees a roller coaster in the back…hmm…

Derek cashes in his chips and gets 1000 GP.

Crono pulls out a water pistol the worker gave him, and squirts George with it.

Gambling Mystic at Roulette table: What do you mean I didn't win? I bet on red and it hit red!

Mariah: Yeah, but...not in this era...oh forget it

Omnicrone: They're humans. You expect them to know a lawyer when they see one?

George shields himself with his cape and walks stealthily, hoping to catch someone unawares

Derek walks up to Mariah. "Look at all the money I won! Who says cheaters never prosper?"

Mystic at a booth: Come one, come all, to the incredible Mystic freak show!

Drunk Man: Haaay! Have some roooot beaaear! *Burp!* Aaaah! Sheep are buet, sheep are cute, sheep are soft n’ fuzzy! BURP!

Mariah giggles.

George gets...Derek!! *SPALSH*

Mariah: Hey Derek, can I ask you a personal question?

Derek: You may.

Mystic: Mommy, mommy! LOOK! Humans!

Mariah: Umm...why don't you ever smile? You always seem so sad.

Crono sneaks up behind George with a gigantic water gun!

Derek: Never thought anything was funny.

Mother: Yes dear! We're friends with them, now. Or so I think. Want me to buy you candy?

Mariah: Well, maybe you just need to have a little fun! Follow me! Tugs on his arm!

George blinks as Derek doesn't react and throws another one!

Crono squirts George inside of his shirt! "Ha, gotcha!"

George sees a shadow behind him...

Mariah giggles at George and Crono.

Derek scowls at George as he rubs his eyes.

George: AHHHHHH!!!!! IT'S COOOOOOLD!!!!!

Mariah: Please Derek? This'll be fun!

Derek: Fine, fine.

Mystic's Mom: Stay away from them. You don't know where they've been.


George launches a new water balloon attack against Crono!

Crono: The Ice gun gets em again!

Mariah: Cool! Pulls Derek to a side of the fair.

George: Take THIS!

Crono: DOH!

Tunnel Manager: Come to the Medina Tunnel of Love!

Derek: Fun? Magic is fun. This isn't fun. This is...garish. Ugly.

Crono is soaked.

Tunnel Manager: SNICKER!

George: Water balloons are fun... heh

Merchant: Get your lemonade and free peanuts here!

Mariah frowns. "Sorry…"

Derek: Oh, don't frown.

Tunnel Manager: Out to lunch!

Derek works a small spell...

Mariah suddenly smiles again.

George looks around for a clothes shop so he can buy a new shirt.

Mariah: At least TRY to have fun! See! Look at this! Points to "Gypsy Dancing!"

Crono throws a water balloon down his shirt, falling into his pants, down George's shirt, that is.

Mystic Dancer: MACARENA!


Crono: Ahhh, man!

Mystic Dancer does the Macarena. Be afraid…

Derek: What are they doing?

Mariah groans "Oh, Macarena…gross! Something evil Derek."

Mystic Dancer: It's a Medinan Custom!

George throws a wet pancake at Crono!

Crono: Ahhh!

Mariah pulls him into the "Gypsy dancing area"

Mystic Dancer: No wet pancake throwing please!

Derek follows Mariah reluctantly.

Crono gives up and goes to the Mystic's freak show "Anybody else wanna come?"

Mystic Dancer: Wanna dance?!

Merchant offer peanuts to Leeta, who’s been hanging out in the back… Merchant then offer peanuts to Crono.

Crono eats some peanuts

Mariah asks a human "What's going on" The lady Replies "The little Star dancers gonna dance!"

Crono walks into the freak show, then comes back out with a pale face.

Mariah grins "This'll be fun! Let's watch! " Sits down

Crono: T... they’re freak show is full of humans!

George hands Crono a paper bag.

Star Dancer: Eh? Eh?

Derek watches.

Star Dancer dances, and trips over the stage. She sucks!

George: Humans??

Woman: Arrgh! Not THAT woman! Wait a bit, and you’ll see what I mean, young lady.

Star Dancer does MoonWalk! GET IT?! YUKYUK!

George uses the paper bag himself

Mariah: She's not that good… Watches her get offstage.

Derek 's attention is diverted by a passing bird. Derek watches the sky.

Mariah turns her head to the sky "Wow...balloons.."

Crono: Yeah!

Merchant: I forgot to mention. . . I soaked them in red pepper juice over night. Wanna bye some lemonade?

Craid: Great. . . another big boom. Just what I need. Everywhere I go. . . boom.

George drops the bag in Crono's pants and walks about, reeling a little

Craig begins silently cursing Lucca's inventions

Bob the Mystic: Hey, wanna a balloon, little lady?

Mystic: Come one, come all, to see the incredible glowing stone, received just yesterday!

Mariah then hears a cute little voice from the stage whispering "I'm on, huh?"

Derek: Balloons...wish I had a peashooter.

Bob the Mystic: What color?!

Crono walks to the glowing stone display.

Mariah: Ah! Derek! Laughs.

Toy Merchant offers to sell Derek a pea shooter for 10 GP.

Girl: Oh yeah! I'm on! A little girl runs onstage! HI Everybody!

Clopin: The Festival of Fools!

George follows Crono stealthily, wandering if he's off to get new ammunition

Woman: Ohoh, she is soooo cute!

Crono: Whoa, cool! It's a glowing stone! You gotta come see this, guys!

Mariah grins…then realizes…she's mystic too!

Clopin: It's the day we've all been waiting for! Hey, that girl's stealing my show!

Crono then sees that it's just a plastic rock with a flashlight under it, and senses that he's being followed.

The crowd chants "Ya gonna dance today, Mekare?"

Mariah: MEKARE?

Mekare: Suuuure!

Craid walks up to a mystic Is Lucca showing off that invention here?

Derek: Huh? Where?

Mariah: There! On stage! that girl! She's Mekare?!

Pedestrian: Duh, human.

Crono looks.

Mekare: First, let's say "hi" to the audience!

Pedestrian: She's famous.

Derek: Wow. Derek jumps up onstage.

George sighs as he realizes it was just a display and goes back to the others.

Craid: RUN FOR THE HILLS! starts running off!

Mariah: Derek!

Pedestrian: GET DOWN!

Derek: Excuse me, are you Mekare?

George: ?? Derek?

Manager: GET OFF, SON!

Mekare: Ahh! Yeah, I am, but can I talk to you after the show?

Derek: Well, you see, it's rather important.

Kosh: Relaxing is good. . .

Derek: Have you heard of Iris Muldune?

Policeman mystic pulls Derek off of the stage.

Mekare: Yeah, yeah, I bet it...Iris...?

Manager: What are you doing here?!

Derek is pulled off by the police.

Manager: I'll call the authorities!

Mekare: *Psst* Yeah, after the show though..

Manager: There!

George stuffs the manager's mouth full of candy.

Craid: running around WE'RE GONNA DIIIIIIE!!

Manager waddles back into tent.

George: No you don't!

Manager: HEY!

Derek: Help!

Manager chokes to death, though no one notices.

Mekare then notices his friend.. Thinks Oh my gosh, oh…this is PERFECT! Hey! Stop that!

Crono watches as George is distracted by the show and throws another water balloon at him

Mekare looks at the police. Quit it!

Police: Just doing our job!

George turns around and the balloon hits him square in the face

Mekare grins mischievously. What's your name again?

Derek: Derek Eccles, ma'am.

Police: OOF!

Mekare: And who's your friend?

Crono: Hehehehe

Mariah: Mariah Nu...

Craid: I say we run for the hills before Lucca demonstrates this invention! waits at the door for everyone to follow

George rubs his nose ruefull and throws two wet pancakes at Crono.

Mekare: Ehhh..come up here..

Derek walks back to the stage.

Crono gets hit in the face

Police: Makare, he's dangerous!

Mariah shrugs, and does so..

Crono: Ahhh!

Mekare: Hell no he's not!

George: YES!

Mekare: He just wanted to talk to me!

Police: Whatever you say, miss.

Crono goes up to George and whispers his plan to bombard the police with water balloons

Police runs back into tent and trips over dead Manager and gets broken legs, both of 'em!

George grins mischievously and agrees with Crono Heheheh...

Mekare: Well, I'll talk to you after, but first, wanna play a game Giggles.

Mariah: Play a game?

Derek scowls. "I hate games."

Crono launches a dozen water balloons at the chief of police, then hides

Mekare: Sure!

MORE POLICE come and takes Craid away.

George gives half his water balloon ammo to Crono

Craid: Come on everyone! I'm not an old crazy human! I just wanna live! And so do you!

Police: Come on, buddy. Police grabs Craid.

Mekare: Ahhh, come on! You might win a prize for your ladyfriend!


Craid: Stop! We're gonna die 'cause of Lucca'a invention! is dragged away kicking and screaming.

Crono hit's Craid with a water balloon

George throws a score of water balloons and the deadly wet pancake at the Police!

Police: Where you're going know one'll hurt ya.

Derek glares at Mekare.

Police: HEY!!!!!

Mekare: If you do this, I'll help you. Smirks.

Crono launches the police with water balloons

Police runs after George but gives up.

Derek: All right. What's the *game*?

Chief of police: Hey, who's doing that?

Mekare giggles with glee! Ok, see, this is the peanut shell game, you know....3 shells, one ball in one of 'em, you gotta guess!

Derek snickers. Very well, then.

Mariah snickers too.


George walks stealthily and hides behind Crono


Mystic Child: to cop I smell bacon!

Mekare switches the nuts Ok, guess!

Mariah waits.


Woman: He'll never get it!

Derek looks at Mekare, and chants a word under his breath...

Mekare Glares at Crono.

George stuffs candy in Crono's mouth and tells him to keep quiet.

Crono hides behind a tent.

Derek: It's the one on the left.

Mekare pulls it off. Whoa! You're right!

Crono comes back out to see Derek get tricked

Lawyer: walking up to Crono, gives him his card. If you wanna sue, I'd be glad to help.

Crono accepts the "Lawyer’s" card!

Mekare gives Derek a biiig teddy bear See, now give it to her! Grins.

George takes the candy off Crono's mouth so he can talk to the lawyer.

Crono: What the hey!?

Derek drops the teddy to the ground. I thought you were going to help us.

Mekare: And you also get two free tickets, one to the roller coster, one to the Tunnel of Love… *PSST!* I AM! But I have to do this show first! sheeesh..some people...

Crono: He got it right?! Hey, no fair!

Tunnel Manager: Back from lunch!

Derek glares, picks up the bear before leaving the stage.

Crono talks to the lawyer "Yeah, I wanna sue!"

George looks around for Leeta when he hears the Tunnel of Love mentioned...

Mekare: And that's it for now folks!

Lawyer: to Crono. I'll get you 1,000 if you sue! Just give me 55%!

Mekare mutters "And they'd be soo cute together.."

Tunnel Manager: Hmm HMm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm ...

Crono puts water balloons on all of the tunnel of love boat seats, then sneaks away

George: .... Has anybody seen Leeta?

Tunnel Manager: Come one come all! Come couples! To the Tunnel of LOVE! L-U-V! LOVE!

Mekare: Gosh, will he even give her the stinkin’ bear?

Crono talks to the lawyer Ahhh, forget it!

Tunnel Manager waits.

Mystic: Of all things in like, are not women the finest?

Crono looks at the water balloons on the tunnel of love boat seats, and waits for a victim

Mariah follows Derek.

Derek thrusts the bear to Mariah.

Human: to mystic At least we can agree on that.

Feminist: SEXIST PIG! *SLAP!*

Derek: I can't use this, you might as well take it.

Tunnel Manager: Come to the Tunnel of Love!

Mariah: Why, thank you Derek! Smiles.

Derek: I don't want to lug it around all day anyway.

Mariah hugs it, happy.

George sits, alone, in one of the boats...

Tunnel Manager: You two, won't you come on? It's OK, son.

Mekare comes out OK, so, you're the ones…

Crono checks out the victims about to sit on the water balloons

Mekare: The ones Elynthia told me about, huh?

Tunnel Manager: To Derek and Mariah Won't you two come on? You look cute together!

Mystic Kid: looks at Crono You hit people with water balloons too?

Mariah: Yes, you're Mekare, right?

Derek: To Tunnel Manager Bite me!

Crono: Yeah, kid, but don't tell anybody!

George looks at the seat and throws the water balloons at Crono.

TunnelManager: Ah, I quit! Dumb kids! Dumb humans!

Merchant offers his peanuts to Leeta.

George sits, alone, in one of the boats.

Crono: AHHHH!

Mekare: Well, get your friends together, I'll talk to you. Mekare walks off.

Tunnel Manager: It's not fair to deny me of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me!

Mariah is happy.

Mystic Kid grabs a balloon from Crono and throws it at the manager "So do I!"

Crono: Hehehehehe

Mystic Punk: to Crono. Hey, you look strong. Wanna wrestle?!

Derek watches Mariah from a distance and smiles for an instant.

Mariah turns to Derek "Well, we should get the others.."

Manager: JOIKS!

Crono: Yeah, sure! Bring it on, punk! Crono draws his sword

Mystic Punk: Let's go!

Mystic Kid throws water balloons at the punk and laughs.

MysticPunk takes out brass knuckles.

Crono: Hehehehehe!

MysticPunk: OW!

Derek: Yeah, let's go get them.

MysticPunk: grrrr ... Bet I can make ya squeal like a piggy!

Crono trips the Punk with his sword while he's blinded by the balloons.

Derek goes looking for George.

MysticPunk: OW!

Crono stands on top of the punk

Mystic Punk: Losers! OOF!

Mariah grabs Crono "Come on, let's go!

Mystic Punk: OW!

Crono: Now... err... give me something!

Mystic Punk: I don't give up!

Crono: Hey! I'm just starting to have fun!

Derek: There you are. Get out of that stupid boat and come with me, Mekare wants to talk to us.

Mystic Punk: Chop off my arms if you can!

Mariah: Come on! I met Mekare!

Anders adjusts his shades and looks at the punk "Why not pick on someone your own size"

Crono steals the Punks money really quick then runs to Mariah

Mystic Punk: HEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!

George looks hesitantly at the boat and lingers there for a while..

Mystic Punk: I'll kill you!!!!!!!!

Mariah pulls Crono away

Crono: Hehehehehe!

Mariah: Later Mystic!

Leeta sits dejectedly by a fountain

Derek: Come on! We'll be late!

Anders pulls a gun from under his coat

Punky: I'll have my revenge!

Anders: I don't think so. . .

Crono runs to where the group is.

Mariah: Leeta! Come one! Glad I found ya!

Anders guns down the mystic punk and runs away

Crono gains 200 GP!

Mariah is dragging Crono "God, you're heavy!"

Punky: UH!UH!UH!UUH!UH!!!!!!!

George tells Derek he'll catch up later

Derek: Suit yourself.

Leeta runs off, by Mariah

Derek walks back to the meeting place.

Crono walks to where Mariah is telling him to go

Punky falls on asphalt bleeding, and I see my Hibachi dealer and he says, "everything you know is wrong!" ...

Mekare: Over here! waves from a tent

Derek: Mariah, George is being a little pissy right now, he won't come.

Mariah runs into the tent…"Ooh cool!"

Derek: Says he'll meet up later.

Crono walks into the tent.

Mariah shrugs..."All right"

Frogtounge the Orc: Any of you interested in a little hired muscle?

Crono: singing I got me a little money, 200 gps to be exact...

Derek: Really? I got 1000.

Mekare: Well, sit where you want, although I'd like Mariah and Derek to sit up near me Points to two seats, right next to each other!

Crono: No, I mean, that's what I just now got!

Mariah sits down.

Derek: Oh. Wow.

Frogtounge the Orc: I work cheap! Jut 50 GP and I'll protect you for a little while!

Crono: I have about 2000 GPs.

Derek sits beside Mariah, burning holes in the back of Mekare's head with his stare.

Leeta laughs

Frogtounge the Orc: And don't think that just 'cause I'm an orc dosn't mean I'm dumb!

Crono sits down and closes his sword sheath

Mekare shifts uncomfortably. (Thinks) Hope his not on to me...but they look so cute!

Toy Dealer: Who wants a nice Nitnendo64 with Super Mario64?!

Leeta sits down and looks around

Frogtounge the Orc: looks at Leeta You wanna hire some muscle?

Toy Dealer: Ups! Just sold the last one!

Mekare: Well, who sent ya?

Mariah: Ellena.

Toy Dealer: Toooooooo bad!

Leeta: No thanks. I got my own muscle.

Mekare: Ahhhhh....Thinks We'll besides truce blowing up, nothing much has happened..but..if Ellena sent you here,

Derek: She said you were a helper of Elynthia?

Mekare: Yep! I AM! Grins cutely, like sickening sugar!

Frogtounge the Orc: You can never have too much in a pinch, lady! What do you say? 50GP sound right?

Mariah giggles.

Derek doesn't change expression.

Leeta: No. Really. I'm strong enuff to take care of myself

Crono: Hey, Orc, I'll give you a couple g's to scram!

Mekare: Well, anywho..nothing much is happenening here..but it might, if Ellena sent you here..

Mariah nods

Mekare: You might wanna stay here for the night, and we can discuss stuff!

Mariah thinks it over. Well…

Mekare: Ahhh! Come on! It'll be fun!

Derek: Sleep is good. I'm sold.

Anders: looking at Crono while putting his rapid-fire gun away. That orc's as dumb as a tree stump. And not that good a fighter. Now ME! I'm a great shot.

Mariah nods "Ok, why not?"

Crono: Hehehehehe

George walks towards the group slowly, looking rather sad, confused, and a little angry.

Derek: What's got into you, George?

Mekare: Anyway, you're welcome to stay for the night!

Crono: Ummm... does that include ALL of us?

George: The Tunnel Kepper gave me a thousand GP's to get out of the boat...

Mekare looks at George and Leeta OOH! Double the fun! Oh, sorry, haha! Ignore that

George: ?? What'd you mean?

Mariah blinks.

Mekare: Nothing, nothing!

Anders: Yelling If anyone needs a bodyguard, I'm the man foe tha’ job! If you wanna test your strength, I'm game!

Crono: *Cough*

A man comes in, he looks to be a squire for Gaurdia…starts whispering to Crono, his eyes grow large…

Crono: Crap! Gotta run! Problem! See you! Runs away, with a pancake flopping in his pants.

Mekare: Anyway…stay for the night!