CTIRCRPG Session Ten: The Black Wind Howls...


Mariah, Elynthia, Mekare, and Narrator: Lucca
Keli: Maruka
Leeta: Leeta
Ashe: Vile
Jazz: Black Phoenix
Voria and Victor: Marie
Derek: So. Central Rain
Damian: Golbez
And Various NPCS: Lucca,

Last time, the team had to fight off against Hendrel and his minions, but the team was triumphant. Later that night, the comrades had a little *slumber party* and had an overall good time, but they soon were to find out that there was trouble up ahead...

Location: Medina Village Fairgrounds-1030 A.D.

It's morning now in the camp, and everyone is eating breakfast, some look a bit sleepy, others are wide awake.

Damian: *Yawn* Wow, that was some slumber party.

Mariah: I'll say.....

Derek is sleeping soundly outside, his head propped up on a rock.

Jazz yawns.

Mekare: Hey, guys…um…

Mariah: Yes Mekare?

Damian: This Heart Gem I made is beautiful......pretty.....Oh, yeah Mekare?

Mekare: Well, I'm wondering…what do we do now?

Mariah: Do now?

Jazz: I forgot too!

Damian: Wake up, Jazz! Damian shrugs the warrior from his sleep

Jazz: HEY I’M AWAKE! Jazz smacks Damian

Keli stretches.

Mekare: Yeah, I mean....well, Hendrel's sorta gone, we don't even know who he is, and things are quiet, where do we go from here?

Jazz: Don’t do that! It’s morning!

Keli: What time is it guys?

Mariah doesn't know. "Wish I knew.." Mariah munches on a bagel with cream cheese...ymm..

Damian: It's 9:00 right now.

Mariah: Whoa! Really? Derek's sleeping late!

Damian: From what I gather in the city

Mariah tiptoes to Derek...

Mekare: Don't tell me you're gonna stick his hand in warm water!

Mariah: NO! I'd never do that!

Mekare: Good!

Derek is awakened by Mariah's shout of "NO!" What?! What?! Is something going on?

Mariah: Oh! I'm sorry Derek!

Damian: Finally, Derek's awake

Mariah: I was gonna wake you up, but a lot gentler. It's 9:00.

Damian etches his name on the ground with his sword.......leaving a mark for all to see

Keli: Wow... so late.

Mariah admires Damain's carving. "Cool. Leeta and everyone else is still sleeping huh?"

Derek: Whew...don't do that.

Keli: Hey neat, Damian!

Damian: Hopefully the people will remember what I left them.....

Keli: Yep. Knocked out.

Mariah: Damian, you're talking like you're never coming back! You'll be back, right?

Damian: I'm still with you until the end

Jazz looks suspiciously at him.

The team hears a voice coming from SOMEWHERE. Hello? Hello? Mariah?

Mariah blinks...

Keli looks concerned

Mekare: Who the hell?

Jazz looks around.

Damian: Something's calling us.

Mekare: That voice sounded familiar..

Damian grabs his heart gem....

Mariah: Yeah, I know....Hello? Hello?

Derek: Probably nothing good. Derek scowls.

Keli: Huh?

The voice says again. Mariah? Mariah?

Damian: Sounds awfully familiar

Jazz: Its coming from over here I think

Mariah: That sounds like Elynthia...but it can't be!

Mekare is silent.

Jazz walks around the tent.

Damian: She must be calling us.....

The voice says…look down. Mariah does, and an image of Elynthia is on a mud puddle!!


Damian: Whoa!

Mekare waves. Hi Elin!

Jazz: What the? Jazz looks back

Derek: It's an Image spell. I read about it once.

Elynthia: It's my way of comminucation.

Damian: Spekkio told me he had that once...

Jazz: What is it?

Elynthia: Since I can't step out of the End of Time, I communicate through this spell

Damian: It's a way of communicating to the warriors with it

Elynthia: Anyway, the treat in this time period is gone now, but I sense...trouble in 630 AD

Keli ponders

Damian: My time period?

Mariah: There? But we were just there! And we fixed everything…right?

Elynthia: Well, now I sense...something..

Mariah: Is Iris in this time period? I need to know..

Elynthia: No, I no longer feel her presense anymore, she's gone. She may be in 630 AD, but I cannot tell

Damian: If she's causing trouble in that period, we gotta get going.....I fear she may change the mystics if she keeps this up.

Elynthia: What I need you to do, Mariah, is have some of your friends stay here, so they can watch over this era, and some go to 630 AD. I'll give them a time key, so they can join you at anytime

Mariah: I'm up for that! I still have mine! Where is the nearest gate, Elynthia?

Damian: I'll go, it's my native time period......

Mekare pipes up. Umm..Elin?

Elynthia: Mekare, please call me Elynthia, all right?

Jazz thought that Damian was from Zeal. Jazz shrugs with confusion.

Damian: I have garbs like people from Zeal, Jazz but I'm not from Zeal.

Mekare: Ok...ELYNTHIA *Whew* Can I come too? OOOOH PLEASE?!

Jazz: Ah

Elynthia: I don't know Mekare...

Mariah: It's all right Elynthia! We'll take care of her!

Mekare gives a cute look, one than simply cannot be resisted...

Damian: Please let her go, Elynthia. Mariah will help protect her. So will I.

Derek groans.

Elynthia: All right *sigh* Be careful Mekare, and, if you see Ben, give him a helping hand. He just found out about Miss Liza.

Jazz laughs.

Derek: We're not seriously taking her along, are we?

Mariah 's face darkens. "Liza.."

Mekare: Yaaaaaah! I’m going on a reeeal adventure! Whooo hooo!

Jazz leans in by Mariah "Just take her. You'll never hear the end of it"

Mekare does backflips.

Mariah: We are Derek. I don't mind her.

Mekare then trips and lands in the mud. EEEEP!

Mariah laughs.

Keli laughs.

Derek looks daggers at Mekare.

Jazz: What happened to Elynthia?

Elynthia: Laughs a little Oh Mekare, you are quite the amusing child…

Damian: Anyway, shall we head along?

Jazz: Oh... wrong puddle he he.

Elynthia: I'll open a gate for you, go now…The mud puddle then turns into a gate, and Mekare barely gets outta the way!

Elynthia: Good bye she disappears

Mariah: Well, shall we go?

Damian: We must.

Mariah runs and jumps in

Damian jumps in too

Jazz flips and dives in "SPOOON!"

Keli jumps in. Whee!!

Mekare: WAAIT FOR MEEE! Jumps in, this is so repetitive…

Derek glares at Mekare. "*cough* Ladies *cough* first." Derek then looks all around him. No one is left.

Damian: WHOA......very fusing ride

Derek stomps into the gate.

Location: Porre Lake (Near Porre ^_^ )-630 A.D.

The party then lands right in a lake in 630 AD, of course.

Keli: Oh, the colors...

Damian: OUCH! Not again.....

Mariah: Ahhh! *Splash!*

Keli: Ah!!

Damian crashes into the ground, covering his face.

Keli: Ah! I can't swim!

Jazz: ACK! NO!

Mariah can swim, thank you very much!


Mariah: Jazz! He's drowning!

Jazz flails his arms

Derek splashes down

Mariah swims to Jazz and supports him


Mariah: Hey! This is cool!

Damian jumps in the lake and goes to save him

Keli stops panicking and attempts to float

Damian grabs Jazz soon enough.....

Mariah: Huh? Your heads above water?



Mariah: Quit kicking! ACK!! Mariah 's head is pushed underwater!

Derek treads water.

Jazz kicks Damian in the knee


Mariah can't get up! Craaaap!

Damian smacks Jazz C’mon, get up!

Keli: Mariah!


Derek: Jazz! Calm down!

Damian: You're near the beach

Mariah swims up and gasps for air

Damian: I pulled you out

Mariah: Ahh!

Keli: Phew...

Jazz sits up panting

Keli: Thought I'd never make it...

Damian: So where do we go from here?

Mariah swims out, and promptly punches Jazz "Why the hell did you do THAT!"

Jazz is REALLY lucky Leeta isn’t here yet. *PUNCH! SLAM!* What? Ow! Mariah?!

Keli gets out of the water.

Derek swims to the shore.

Mariah: You pulled me under! I almost drowned!

Jazz stands up

Mariah coughs

Keli: Man... now it's cold...

Derek: Calm down, Mariah. He was panicking.

Keli shivers

Damian: Did Elynthia tell us where to go?

Mariah is wet…very wet...she wishes she had a towel.

Mekare: Umm..no..

Jazz looks down. Sorry

Damian sees something coming near...

Mariah: It's ok....

Damian: Hmm?

Mariah: Damain, what is it?

Damian: Someone......

Keli: What is it, Damain?

Voria appears in front of them, her black hair blowing in the wind, her black armor clinging to her body. Her eyes stare coldly at the group in front of her, remembering group much like this from her past. Beside her stands a VERY handsome man

Damian: Hooboy.....We have trouble!

Derek gapes at Voria.

Mariah: What? Who are you? Could you...*gulp* get me a towel?

Keli: Who.... ?

Voria grins evilly

Derek: Uhhhh.

Damian: Voria!

Jazz walks up to them. Who are you?

Mariah: Umm…I guess not..

Voria: Well, what do we have here?

Keli: What do you want?

Mariah: You know her? Damain? What's going on?!

Damian: So we do meet, eventually.......She's one of the humans who tried to kill my kind......

Voria glares at Damian

Mariah unknowingly stands in front of Derek, as to protect him.

Voria: Ah, Damian. Wow, I'm impressed with the party you have now!

Keli glares at Voria.

Mariah: She did? Well, you won't get away with any more killings..

Damian: You won't harm them....I swear upon it

Voria laughs at the pathetic party dripping like a cat just out of a lake

Mariah is freaking out!

Voria: Oo! I'm scared! You have no idea what you're up against!

Mariah then stops freaking out, and gets pissed. "Who do you think you are! Laughing at us like that!"

Jazz hugs Mariah "We'll kick her butt. WE always win."

Keli looks a bit frightened now..

Damian: I know what I'm up against!

Derek continues to simply gape in wonder at Voria.

Mekare gapes too.

Damian: You'll never kill me!

Voria hugs Victor.

Mariah: Not always, but mostly.

Jazz: I've killed rats with more confidence than you

Voria and Victor raise up into the sky.

Mariah: Jaaaazz! Was that crappy comment aimed at me?

Damian gets his heart gem out.....

Voria: We meet again, Damian....

Jazz: No Voria!

Mariah nods.

Mekare gets into a defensive stance.

Mariah runs up to Viora, chanting..

Voria: This is for the past!

Damian: No....!!!!

Mariah: NOOOOOO!

Jazz pulls out his rainbow dagger Try me!

Damian tries to get out of Voria's lock and fails…

Voria cast a bolt of black dark energy that goes flying toward the Damian

Mekare runs up to them, and stops gaping.

Damian: AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Keli: Damian!!

Mariah: STOP! STOP! Damain!

Damian is shocked by dark energy and falls

Mariah runs up to damain "No! Damian! Damain!"

Voria: Oh, man, that felt good!

Damian and his Heart Gem fall limp to the ground

Jazz runs up to her brandishing his dagger.

Keli: Damian! C -- can you hear me?

Voria: Laughs What a wimp!

Jazz is met by the fist of the man next to her

Damian: UGH....

Mariah: You bitch!

Jazz: Uhhhhh.

Damian: M....Miar....Mariah.....

Derek is shocked out of his stare by Damian

Damian: Get....the.....Gem!

Mariah: It's ok Damain! We'll get help! You'll be ok! You won’t die. It’ll all be OK! In total denial…

Derek: Damian!

Mariah quickly gets the gem.

Voria: That was for the past! Soon you'll all be gone! Ta-ta!

Damian: The Heart...Gem.......MUST NOT FALL.....

Voria and Victor disappear

Mekare: Come back and fight!

Mariah can't stop crying.

Jazz rubs his stomach. What happened?

Damian: Mariah.....the Gem! Take it.......

Mariah: D-Damain?

Damian falls dead.

Keli looks at Damian frightfully.

Mariah: DAMIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooo!

Jazz crawls across the ground to Mariah

Mariah clutches the gem and starts crying harder

Derek closes his eyes.

Jazz: What is... Looks at Damian oh.... I'm sorry

Mekare cries silently. Old…Mystic man...

Keli shivers "Don't tell me he's --" Keli lowers her head

Mariah: He's DEAD! He's Dead!

Keli sobs

Mariah: It's not fair! It's not fair!

Jazz slides his hand across his face closing his eyes

Derek: He didn't feel any pain.

Mariah: He was so good to us..

A image of Damian goes up into the gem.....his last words.

Keli hugs Mariah. "He was a good man.."

Mariah: Yeah…he was…

Jazz: We'll all miss him.

Mekare: I think I understand...I have to carry out…his dream..

Mariah stops crying and looks at Mekare…"What…?"

Derek: No one should have to die like that...

Jazz: Hmm? Jazz looks at Mekare.

Keli agrees with Derek.

Mekare: Hendrel, Victor and Voria...I must stop them, he would have wanted that..

Mariah nods.

Keli faces Mekare. Keli agrees.

Jazz: We'll do it together.

Mekare: I have to make sure the mystics don't become evil again..

Keli: For.. Damian

Mariah: Right, for him...

Keli sighs...

Mariah takes the gem, makes a tiny hole with her chisel, and strings it to a chain, and wears it like a necklace. Let's go guys, we won't fail. Our lives won't end like his..

Derek: Right.

Keli: Okay *gulps*

Derek: We have to go -somewhere-...

Jazz stands up

Mariah gets up too Umm…are we gonna bury him or something?

Derek: I don't know. We don't have a shovel.

Keli looks up...


Mariah: But, wait! I have...tools, I guess…um…I just don't like leaving him here, it's kinda wrong…

Star looks down on the party, unnoticed. "Pathetic…"

Jazz: Does anyone have an earth spell?

Mariah hears Star "WHO!?

Star: Better to leave him for the crows.

Mariah can't take much more of this…emotional overload…

Keli looks around to see who that voice is...

Mariah: S..Star? Is that you? You're OK!

Star: At least then He would've had a purpose. Snorts Of course I'm okay!

Mariah: Great! I was really worried!

Star scoffs. "The Black Wind blows, Mariah... D'you feel it?"

Mariah shrinks. "What…why are you looking at me like that?"

Star's hand closes over a pendant that's around her neck...

Derek: Uh-oh...Derek narrows his eyes at the pendant.

Star: Don't you remember? Dear Mariah.... So naive...

Mariah: Star......? C'mon...did we do something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Naive?....

Jazz: What happened? Aren't you friends?

Mariah: Yeah, aren't we..?

Star: No.... But I must restore my honor.... Where is that cursed prince?!

Mariah stares. Who? You mean Crono?

Star Laughs…

Mariah just keeps staring at star, when they hear a time gate open in the back of them!

Star: Where is that DAMNED PRINCE?!?!

Ashe hops out. doop doo. "Hi.. uh."

Leeta steps out. "Hey all! Miss me?"

Mariah: Leeta!

Keli: Leeta?

Mariah hugs her!

Jazz: LEETA!

Derek looks at Star.

Keli: Heh! Cool!

Jazz: ....and Ashe

Mariah: What Prince?

Leeta smiles.

Star: WHERE IS HE?!?!?

Jazz turns back to Star.

Mariah: Ashe? Oh yeah, Hi!

Leeta: Like a bad case of roaches.

Star throws a spell at the party, Dark Bomb to be exact…

Mariah: Ahhh! Mariah is thrown back

Leeta: Prince?

Keli: Ack!!!

Leeta yelps and catches Mariah

Star: Dammit.... I won't hurt you if you tell me where he is!

Mariah's head smacks into Leeta! Oomph! We don't know!

Leeta: Ooooow.

Jazz: Whoa re you looking for?

Keli: Why do you want him for?

Jazz has an idea.

Mariah slowly, painfully gets up..

Leeta looks at Mariah with concern.

Mariah: I'm..Oww…OK…

Jazz supports Mariah

Keli quickly glances at Mariah, and then looks back up at Star

Leeta: Star! Stop this insanity!

Derek: You okay, Mariah?

Mariah: I'm fine…dammit! Mariah stands up tall

Ashe glares at Star, half thinking who is she, half thinking what the hell is she doing.

Mariah: Star, we don't know who this guy is, it'd be nice if we had a name. Second, someone important just died, you shouldn't be mocking his memory… Mariah starts to cry again…

Jazz puts an arm around Mariah. It’s ok

Keli continues to stare at Star, slightly P.Oed, slightly frightful...

Leeta blinks and feels bad.

Derek calms Mariah down with his magic

Mariah suddenly stops crying..

Star: Bitter smile My darling father's son.

Mariah blinks.....uh.....you mean...Crono Jr?...It's the only prince she can think of.

Keli looks back at Mariah. "Crono?"

Star: Hmph. Where is he?

Mariah shrugs "I don't know any other..WHAT?!"

Star: I want revenge, dammit....

Mariah 's eyes go wide "YOU DON'T MEAN?! Oh my gosh..Crono Sr...and Marle had another kid? Mariah didn't know this, maybe she's one of those "Black sheep" kids.

Jazz: He's been busy!

Mekare: Whoaaa…horny doggie…Who whoulda thunk?

Keli ponders... a lot.

Star: My gods, you're dense!

Mariah: What do you mean, "dense"?

Jazz: You mean this guy? Crono?

Star laughs uncontrollably at the thought of being Marle's child!

Leeta blinks.

Ashe: Uh, no offense, person, but you're nuts.

Mariah: Uh...I'm just gonna turn around, and run like hell, can we go now?!

Star: Nuts-? Don't distract me! Star smiles at Mariah.

Leeta frowns and walks slowly towards Star.

Mariah flinches

Ashe: Shouldn't you be back in your padded playpen or something?

Mariah: You…are…nuts…completely…and totally…nuts…Mariah feels sorry for her.

Ashe: Yeah, nuts!

Jazz sighs.

Ashe: ...nevermind

Jazz: I pity you…

Star 's smile turns sour. "Who are you, little man?" points at Ashe.

Derek shakes his head at Star.

Jazz thinks she should be put in a straight jacket and locked in a rubber room

Star: Pity? Star begins to laugh...

Jazz: Yes

Star: Mother... your revenge is not far off....

Ashe: Uhm. My dad always told me not to talk to strangers. I don't think I've encountered anyone stranger than you.

Keli: Sibling rivalry gone wacko?

Leeta: Ooooohkay…Revenge…yeeeeesh…

Mariah sees Star starting to walk away…Star! Wait! We can help you!

Ashe: Yeah, I know of a nice mental institute!

Star: I'll let you go... but live your life to the fullest these next days.... the Black Wind Howls...

Star disappears in a cloud of purple mist.

Mariah: She's gone..

Derek: Black Wind? Man, that was bad news...

Jazz: I expel snotty things in your "Black wind’s" general direction!

Ashe: Who the hell was that?

Derek: It was the title of a book of ebony magic, supposedly stored deep in the vaults of Zeal's library.

Mariah giggles…then looks sad again "Ashe, she used to be...our friend.."

Jazz: And don’t come back or I shall taunt you a second time!

Leeta sighs.

Ashe: Uh.. was she still a nut then?

Leeta: Another casualty of this cruel world and its people.