CTIRCRPG Session Two: Time Warps


Mariah, Iris, Sarah, Crono Sr, Marle, and Narrator: Lucca
Leeta: Leeta
Lucca: So. Central Rain
Crono Jr., Fritz: Golbez
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Leeta ,Umarol000,Golbez & Warlord Havik

Location: Nu Mansion-1030A.D.

Last time, Lucca's and Iris' mammon machine exploded in Leene square, and Lucca didn't really seem to care, in fact, she even burned her own daughter, but her new friend, Leeta, came to assist her..

Iris: Uwaaaa!!! What the HELL!? Who's there!? I'll rip yer lungs out! *Ahem*

Mariah lands on her rump.

Lucca: Calm down, Iris...everything's okay. The blast is over and we're all alive.

Leeta glares at Iris and moves towards her.

Scientist for Iris: Dr. Muldune, the explosion caused a shock wave that nearly destroyed Guardia Forest....

Mariah: Leeta! What are you doing here?! Is secretly happy her friend is here..

Leeta: Sorry.....I thought I'd drop in......grins

Mariah: Well, I apprecate it!

Leeta moves back to Mariah and glares at Lucca and Iris.

Mariah: But..something is wrong here...Points to Lucca You can't be my mother..or else something is wrong...you would NEVER haved burned me like that!!

Lucca: You deserved it, for the way you've been acting lately. Turns to Iris.

Iris: Of course she's your mother! What are you, dense?

Lucca: Do you think we can salvage any of the machine? Is it safe yet to go check?

Leeta: Yeah! Mothers don't toast their daughters....

Iris: Where would you get a silly idea like that?

A scientist enters with critical information about the Neo Mammon Machine...

Lucca: I said that? I must have been mistaken.

Mariah: Yes, you did!!

Scientist: As a matter of fact, anything is possible with the human brain!

Mariah: Don't deny it!!

Scientist: Dr. Nu, Dr. Muldune, we have a 75% chance of salvaging the machine.....

Lucca: Oh, good.

Leeta whispers to Mariah. Probably mind control....or something else....

Iris: Hmm...good! We better go to it then.

Lucca: We'd better help with the restoration efforts.

Mariah blocks the door.

Another scientist runs in But we will need special imported parts for it!

Scientist: There are various plasma beams near it that are highly unstable

Mariah: I don't think you two are going ANYWHERE!!

Lucca: Mariah, I want you to stay home. You've been very naughty today, and you're grounded.

Mariah: Gee, that's nice, I've got no place to go anyway!

Lucca: I'm sorry, Leeta, but Mariah is grounded today. She can't play with anyone.

Mariah: 'Cuz YOU BLEW IT ALL AWAY! You have lost all touch with reality! Iris is contolling you!

Leeta: Grrr.....

Lucca: Let's go, Iris.

Leeta's hand starts to glow......

Iris: That's ridiculous!

The scientists start to go with Lucca and Iris.

A psycologist pipes up Now, now, a daughter-mother relationship is very important in a young lady's life...

Mariah glares at the psycologist-wanna-be Oh just SHUT UP!

Iris pushes Mariah aside Don't get into something you can fix..hah! Walks through the door.

Lucca follows Iris out the door.

Mariah: Fix? WAIT!! Grrr....there gone..again!

A scientist follows the other higher rank scientist like a tick, eager for a raise.

Mariah sits on the floor, thinking..

Leeta is about to run after them......

Mariah: Leeta!

Leeta: You 'kay Mariah?

Mariah: Am I crazy..? Am I the only one who thinks my mother is in trouble?

Leeta shakes her head.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door...

Psycologist's kid: Ummm... mam, why are you fighting with your mommy?

Man at Door: Open up Lucca! You know who this is!

Woman at Door: Lucca! Please! Open up!

Mariah hears the door...

Leeta glances at the door.....

Leeta: Who?

Mariah: Who could that be? Opens the door....

Scientist: Looks at the door.

Mariah opens the door and finds a man with red spiky hair, a woman with blonish red hair in ponytail, and another boy who looks a lot like the other man...Mariah blinks Does my mom know you guys?

Man: I hope she does!

Woman: Giggles You must be Mariah..I'm Nadia..This is my husband Crono, and this is our son, Crono Jr..

Mariah: THE KING AND QUEEN!? HOLY FREAKY CREEPS!!!! Aah..er...sorry..

Marle: Say hello Junior..

Leeta: Hmmm.

Marle: AHEM! CRONO! SAY HELLO! Sorry, he's a little shy....

Chrono Sr.: Where is your mother?

Mariah: She left to see the Mammon Machine again..why?

Chrono Sr: Oh man, this isn't good! Listen, you can't let your mom near that machine again, she's in big trouble with the law here, all of the Gaurdia army is looking for her!

Mariah: Why?! Oh yeah, she kinda killed a lot of people..ah ha..

Fritz: King Crono! The Neo Mammon nearly destroyed Guardia Forest!

Crono Sr.: We need to go find Lucca...Turns to Crono Jr. I guess you can stay here or come with us...

Marle: Crono...

Crono Sr.: I know....we'd better find Lucca....let's go Marle..

Fritz decides to come in.

Marle: Oh, what could have drove her to this...? Goodbye Mariah..it was nice to meet you..

Leeta turns and looks around the lab..........

Mariah nods...I'm going after my mother! Grounded or not, something is wrong! Mariah looks at Leeta. Wanna come?

Mariah: Leeta, I'm gonna go find my mother..coming?

Leeta: Yeah!

Crono Jr. tells his folks that he's staying at Mariah's house and comes back.

Mariah: Cool! You're really a good friend..and, you're Chrono, right?

Crono: I'm Crono Jr. alright....

Leeta blinks.....

Mariah runs to the closet and grabs her mallet.. Let's go! Mariah and the team head out the door.

Crono Jr. follows them...

Location: Path to Leene Square-1030A.D.

Mariah: Soo...lemme see...they went to the fair right..?

Leeta follows Mariah....keeping a eye on Crono Jr.

Crono: So what do we do once we get there, Mariah?

Leeta: Yeah...to salvage the Mammon Machine.

Mariah: Not sure, all I know is that we can't let my mom touch that machine! She may get worse..She's...changed.. Shakes her head..

Leeta puts her hand on Mariah's shoulder.

Mariah: *Sniffle* Thanks..

Crono is quiet a bit....

Leeta: Its okay.

Suddenly, you can hear screaming from the square.

Mariah: What?!

Crono: What was that?

Leeta starts off to the square...running.

Crono:Let's head to the square

Location: Leene Square-1030 A.D.

Mariah runs into the square, to find people running in chaos..

Mariah: What's going on?!

Crono: Mariah, was Iris possibly up to this...chaos?

Leeta glances around and tries to figure out what the hell is happening.

Mariah: Sees her friend Sarah Sarah! What's going on!?

Sarah: It's your mom and Iris! Lucca's totally Lost it! She got the Mammon Machine! And..all these monsters showed up! It's terrible!

Crono: Scientists! Mariah, ask one of them!

Mariah: Damn! I'm too late! Mother!

Leeta hears the word "monsters" and unsheathes her sword.

Crono. unsheathes his Wood Sword.

Sarah: She's---EEEEEK! Suddenly, a monster appears from behind and knocks her down!

Mariah: NO! Sarah!

Leeta sizes up the monster and leaps at it.

Mariah: Grrrr......that's it! NO MORE MISS NICE MARIAH!

Leeta Misses.

Mariah notices more monsters appering, all Naga-ettes..Mariah shakes a bit, she's never fought before, but, both she and her friends have no choice!

Leeta slams into a merchants stall.


Enemies: 3 naga-ettes- 20 HP each.

Mariah pulls out her mallet.

Leeta stands up, and gets into a battle stance....

Mariah gets into a battle stance...Mariah whips out her mallet and bonks on naga-ette on the head! It hits! The nagaette loses 10 hp! Yeeeees! I RULE!!! Mariah does a victory dance!

Leeta slashes at a Nega-etta and catches it on the stomach.

Crono slashes the naga-ette on the head.

Leeta's blow hits! 12 hp damage! Naga=ete 1 is dead!

Crono's blow hits! 13 hp damage!

Mariah uses the butt of her mallet and rams the Naga-ette with it! It hits! 9 hp damage! nagaette 2 is dead!

Crono slashes the naga-ette on the head again...

The naga-ete swipes at Mariah with her claws! It slashes Mariah! 4 hp damage!

Mariah turns to the last naga-ette, and wimpers over her cut. Ooh! That hurt..!

Leeta leaps at the Negaette which slashed Mariah. Critical hit! 21 Hp damage!

Crono: Mariah! Are you alright?

Naga-ette 3 is dead!


Crono: Alright!

Leeta smiles and does a victory flip.

The party gains 12 XP and 24 gp!

Mariah gains a new tech! Flame singe!

Mariah dances around, saying I AM THA BOMB!

Leeta cleans her sword.

Mariah: Whoa....sorry... blushes

Leeta: Hmmmm. That was fun.

Crono cleans off his sword.

Sarah: Ding dong? Earth to Mariah? Your mom?

Mariah: Oh yeah! Let's go!

Crono: Let's head out!

Mariah runs to the place where the Mammon Machine is, thankful there are no monsters...

Leeta follows.

Mariah then sees her mom and Iris in the distance. Moom!

Crono: Wow, this is the Mammon Machine, Mariah?

Lucca: Mariah, I thought I told you you were grounded. Ah well. If you'll disobey my rules, you'll fall victim to my monsters.

Mariah: Monsters???

Crono: Monsters???

Mariah: Man, I just thought Sarah was kidding, but.....it's true..

Leeta: Hmph. Motherly love.......

Mariah: Why?

Lucca laughs...

Crono: We gotta do somethin' Leeta....

Leeta glares at Lucca.

Mariah: Don't hurt her! She's still my mother!

Leeta: I know Crono......but she's still Mariah's mother....

Crono:We need another plan though, Mariah

Mariah: But....turns to Iris I will get you for this!!

Lucca whines...Iris, they're getting in the way. Can't we do something about them?

Iris: You're too late Mariah...too late! Laughs evily.

Leeta starts to build up energy for a spell.

Crono: We're gonna stop you, missus you know all.

Mariah stares back...You witch! What have you done to my mom?

Lucca: Iris, can we focus this energy's machine? It might make a useful weapon.

Iris: More than you'll ever know, missie. Let's just say we need her...talents..

Lucca tinkers with the machine a bit and lets out a blast at Crono.

Crono: OUCH!!!.....

Mariah: NO! Mariah pushes him out of the way.

Crono falls over...

Leeta: Ah! Nooo!!

Mariah: Crap! Crap crap crap!

Iris: Hold on a second, Lucca, let's have a little fun.

Crono:....Ugh....Leeta...help me get up.....

Mariah helps Crono Jr. up.

Crono: Thanks...

Mariah: Why did you just do that mother?

Lucca: An experiment! It's ALL an experiment!

Mariah notices that her mom's eyes are strangly blank.

Crono unsheathes his sword.

LuccaL Knowledge for its own sake...isn't it grand?

Leeta: Silent....Doing a spell.

Mariah: Experiement? On what?

Leeta: Earth.....

Mariah: Hurting people?

Crono: It ain't grand, Mrs. Nu

Mariah: Mother, I don't want to hurt you, but, if you love me, you'll stop this!

Lucca: Now we know what kind of energy this can unleash on a person.But there's something we don't know..can it kill? Let's do another experiment!

Iris: Shall we see? Mwaa haahaa..

Mariah: NO!

Crono:What you are doing is dangerous....please don't do this....Mariah loves you....I think.

Lucca focuses the energy on Mariah.

Mariah runs up to the stand.

Leeta: Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expolsion!!!!!!!!!!!

Crono: No!!

Mariah stops short. You wouldn't!!!

Leeta 's spell flies at Lucca...and fizzles out..too much power!

Crono Jr. slashes at the Neo Mammon Machine.

Suddenly, a booming voice is heard! THAT'S ENOUGH!

Leeta: Ack.

Crono: Huh?

Crono Sr. and Marle enter

Mariah: King and Queen Gaurdia! Thank god!

Crono: Mom! Dad!

Mariah smiles in relief.

Leeta glares at the ground.

Crono Sr.: Lucca...stop this! Grabs on to Lucca, and pins her hands behind her back. She can't get away...

Crono runs to his mom.

Marle: What is wrong Lucca?! Why are you doing this?

Crono: How will we help Mrs. Nu Mom?

Marle: Answer me Lucca!!!! Lucca? Looks at her wild face. My god, what has happened to you?

Lucca: No! No! Let me touch the machine!

Crono: Dad....please stop her

Mariah stands by her friends..watching....with her hand on her mallet.

Lucca: You can't keep me away from my machine! Iris! help me!

Crono Sr.: Lucca....

Leeta just stares at the ground.....

Iris: Stay back...I'm warning you! Lucca is ours!

Crono: She caused deaths to innocent millions!

Mariah tries not to cry.

Marle: Yours? who are you?!

Crono Jr. steps closer.

Iris: Wouldn't you like to know?

Lucca struggles to break free of Crono.

Crono Sr. Stay back kids!

Crono Jr. stays back.

Leeta: Kids.....Leeta growls.

Crono Sr.: Lucca, we've been friends forever, why are you doing this?

Mariah shrugs Well, we are...

Lucca: Forever...but Idon't know you...I want my machine...give it to me...give me...

Iris: Stay back! Secretly fires up the machine.

Crono Sr.: I never thought I'd say this, but..Lucca, you're wanted for the murder of many innocent people! I have to put you in the prision..

Crono: Mrs. Nu, please come back....please be friends with my Father and Mother....PLEASE?

Lucca: I didn't do anything, nothing, i'd never hurt anybody, not so long as i can be with it...

Mariah watches this silently....trying to cope.

Lucca: You're all lying, where is Iris?

Crono: Mom, how will we ever get Mrs. Nu back....?

Marle: Lucca! It's only a machine!

Mariah thinks Queen Nadia shouldn't have said that.

Lucca: My machine.. mine and Iris's

Iris: A MACHINE?! It's more that that, you ditz!!

Marle: Ditz?! I'll show you who's a ditz!!

Iris grins as the machine gains power. Stay back..

Crono: For what reason? Mariah, can you deactivate the machine?

Lucca: The machine! It's going!

Iris: Let's just say that....Lucca is important...and so is this machine....a new age is coming kiddies..and Lucca is important for it.

Lucca breaks free of Crono and goes to be with it.

Crono Sr.: Stop this!!

Crono: Dad! She's getting away

Crono Sr. and Marle run after her.

Mariah screams No! Look out!

Crono Jr. runs to Mariah and Leeta.

Lucca: Ahh, energy. Iris, how soon can it be at full power?

Iris: I warned you......Now...face the wrath of the Mammon Machine! You remember it well, don't you King Gaurdia.....?

Crono Sr. blinks Wha?

Iris: NOOOW!

Mariah: Noooooo!

Lucca: Do it, Iris!

Crono: Mariah! We gotta get this machine off.....

Iris blasts the beam of light straight at Marle!

Crono: Mama!!!!!

Leeta gasps. No!! The Queen!!!

Mariah lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

Marle: AAAAHH!

Crono runs to his mom

Marle seems to disenegrate..and dissapear.

Mariah: NO!

Crono: Mom!!!!!

Lucca: Incredible!

Leeta gasps....and runs to Crono.

Crono Sr.: MARLE!!!!

Lucca: But any result must be tested twice, to make sure the first one wasn't a fluke. It's the scientific process. Let it rip, Iris!

Crono Sr.: Iris! You BITCH!!

Crono: NO! You're done, Iris!

Iris: NO, I've got something better for you!!!

Crono Jr. slashes the Neo Mammon Machine.

Leeta glares at Iris and Lucca....You.....animals!!!!!

Iris *Ahem!* Time warp! OPEN! A strange purplish-blue portal opens up behind the woman, its starts to suck the team in!

Crono: Whoaaaaa.........caught in time warp.......Mariah!!! Leeta!!!!

Crono Sr.: Whhoooooooa! Gets sucked in.

Leeta runs to Crono....Dammit!!!!!

Mariah: Eeeeeeeeekk! Hang on! It's sucking us in!

Iris: Soon, you'll know the true power we represent! In time..ahah!

Leeta gasps as she starts to get sucked in too......

Crono: You'll never take over time, Iris......

Iris" Shall we go in, Lucca..? We must use the Mammon Machine..for world domination!

Lucca: After you, Iris.

Crono: You'll.....seeeeee......

Iris: Watch me! I'll take over EVERYTHING!

Lucca stands to the side to wait for Iris first.

Iris walks into the warp

Mariah hangs on for dear life..

Lucca follows Iris, waving goodbye to everyone that's left.

Mariah: Mooooomiee!

Crono: Mariah! Help me hang on!!!

Mariah: Don't dooooo this......! Mariah grabs on to Crono Can't hang on..... heeeeeeellllp!

Leeta tries to do something!! Anything!!!!

Mariah and the team finally get sucked in, and Lucca is laughing at them. Mooooooootheeeeeer.....

Leeta is silent as she gets sucked in.