CTIRCRPG Session Fourteen: Two Paths, One Destination


Mariah, Magicans, Mekare, Denise, Ben, and Narrator: Lucca
Akira: Xakor
Keli: Maruka
Aleria: Ruinr
Kane: Andrew
Leeta: Leeta
George: George
Jazz and Ayla: Spade
Isset: Maxout
Mog as himself =)
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Spade, Isset

Last time, our young heroes went back to the prehistoric era on hot pursuit of Iris. They met Ayla who was *Gasp* Jazz's momma, and prepared to take her down. But, Iris, with her blasted Mammon Machine, blasted (no pun intended) the team to 630 AD (Again). Now, the team is separated into 2 groups. They must find each other soon, because the team's problems are just beginning.

Location: Ben's Cabin-630 A.D.

Jazz, Mariah, Ayla, and Kane are knocked out in a small cabin. It seems to sparse, without a lot of furniture. Jazz wakes up first.

Jazz blinks and finds the others unconscious in a small cabin. Umm.... Mariah? Kane? Ayla?

Jazz sees a figure in the back. "So you're up? Good. Thought I lost you there..."

Jazz whistles. Huh? Who's there?

Voice: Look this way.

Jazz turns around

Jazz turns and sees...Ben! "Hi. Long time no see, eh?"

Jazz: HEY!

Ben: Are you ok? I found you all knocked out near here. What the hell happened?

Jazz: I dunno

Mariah wakes up... "mmm..."

Jazz: One minute I was fighting Iris, then I wake up here.

Mariah: What's going on..?

Jazz: Hey you're up! Remember Ben? Points to him

Kane is still sprawled out, unconscious, on the floor.

Mariah: Ben! Hi! Mariah suddenly looks panicked and looks around. "Leeta? Derek? Aleria? George?? Where are they?"

Ben: I dunno. You were all I found.

Jazz: I don't know, Its just us here. The blast must have separated us

Mariah: Oh, that's just peachy...

Ayla comes to Uh... Ayla grabs her club and glares at Ben. Growl

Ben: Hi there, miss Raquel Welch! Ben Grins

Mariah: Ayla! Don't!

Jazz: He's a friend!

Ben: Hehe...easy there Bambi...

Ayla puts the club down but doesn't break the glare

Ben: Anyway...I'm glad I found you. I need your help, actually...

Mariah: You do? With what?

Ben: With Liza. I've been looking all over for her, but I haven't had any luck. Did you find out anything?

Mariah: No. Sorry. Help me out Jazz!

Jazz: About what?

Mariah bopples Jazz. "About Liza! His fiancee!"

Ben snorts

Kane snores.

Jazz: No we haven't

Ben: You're friend over there is loud, eh?

Mariah: Oh! Kane! Mariah pokes Kane "wake up!"

Kane rouses and looks at Mariah... Ugh...that was fun...Kane scampers over to Ben and extends a talon. "Hello."

Ben: Hey there.

Jazz: Welcome back to reality Kane

Mariah: What can we do to help, Ben?

Jazz: You were deader than a doorknob but loud as a fog horn

Kane nods to Jazz. I tend to do that sometimes.

Ben: Well, anyway...I found out something...quite interesting, but I don't know if it's connected.

Mariah: Tell us anyway.

Jazz listens

Kane sits on the floor and listens.

Ben: Okay. Anyway, in the woods north of here, there is an old shrine that used to be home to the so-called 'immortals', but it's been sealed up for years. But lately, people have noticed strange chanting and lights coming from it.

Mariah: I see.

Kane: Hmm...

Ayla gets a strange look in her eyes

Ben: So, I thought, maaaaybe they took Liza. I was gonna check it out. You wanna come?

Kane: Should we go check it out?

Mariah: Yeah! Let's go!

Jazz: Why would they want her?

Mariah wants to get the hell outa here!

Jazz: Some sort of sacrifice?

Kane: Yeah!

Ben: WAIT!

Kane agrees with Mariah...

Ben: One thing. Ben walks over to a chest and opens it. "I have a couple of weapons I've been saving. You might need them."

Kane pads over to the chest.

Ben tosses a Long Sword at Jazz

Jazz examines the blade and sees some strange runic writing on the black mythrill blade

Ben then tosses an Iron Claw at Kane, and a Iron Crossbow to Mariah

Jazz practices with it, it is amazingly light. Nice. Thanks!

Mariah: Wow! Mariah grins.

Kane: Thank you, sir.

Ben: Quite welcome, now let's go.

Kane straps the Iron Claw over his right hand.

Jazz throws the sheath over his shoulder

Location: Medina Village-630 A.D.

Meanwhile, Leeta and Aleria are knocked out in...surprisingly, a small cabin! What are the odds!? Leeta comes to first.

Leeta: Unnhhhh. My head....

Voice: Leeta? Are you ok now?

Leeta blinks Yes. Who are you? Leeta looks around

A girl crawls up. "Don't tell me you've forgotten already!"

Leeta: Erk....heheh...

Mekare: HI!

Leeta: Heya girl! Leeta hugs Mekare

Mekare hugs Leeta You spooked me out!

Leeta: I did?

Mekare: I found you near Medina, all beaten up!

Leeta feels the throbbing in her head. Ah, that'd explain the hurt in me head!

Mekare: And this old man over here followed me, and won't leave me alone! Mekare pouts

Leeta looks at the man Who're you?

Isset: I just though I come along, see how they were doing, maybe get some vittiles…Isset grins.

Aleria groans and wakes up

Leeta's eyes narrow

Mekare: Vittiles?

Isset: I'm Isset. Nice ta meetcha!

Leeta: Aleria? You okay?

Leeta: Uhhh....nice to meet you too.

Mekare: Yeah. Great. wonderful. Old smelly men.

Isset: Foodstuffs, edibles...

Aleria: I thinks so...

Leeta giggles

Leeta helps Aleria up

Isset: Hey, watch it there, little one...

Mekare: Aleria! What happened!

Leeta: Anyway.....where exactly are we?. Leeta looks around the cabin

Aleria: We were fighting!

Mekare: You're at Medina.

Leeta: Medina.....ogh....better question, where's Mariah and the rest?

Mekare: I only found you! Is she ok?!

Leeta: I...dunno kiddo. She probably is.

Mekare sniffles

A small mystic sneaks into the room Um...Mekare....?

Mekare: Hi Denise! What's up?

Aleria: I wonder where they are?

Leeta glances at the mystic

Isset goes rummaging for food.

Aleria looks at Denise

Leeta: Isset?.....here.

Mekare walks up to the girl, and discusses something with her. Denise seems to be crying.

Leeta tosses him a piece of bread

Isset: Ahh, Thanks!

Leeta: Erk. Crying kiddies.....

Isset munches on the bread.

Aleria looks at Isset.

Denise:...and then, he said he wanted to go that new village to pay respects to someone! Who would he wanna pay respects to?! I don't get it! Mark would never do that!!

Leeta: Oh, Aleria, this is Isset. Isset, this is Aleria.

Isset: Hiya!

Aleria: Hi

Mekare: I dunno Denise. Your boyfriend's smart. I'm sure he...

Leeta listens.

Isset finishes the bread.

Leeta: Hmmm.

Isset: that was the first real food I've had in days.

Denise: And, he has a weird look in his eyes lately. They have no life in them!

Mekare: Denise...

Aleria: Why haven't you eaten?

Leeta: Really, Isset? Wanna drink or something?

Denise: Please! can't you go to Tomoe? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Aleria walks over to Denise. What’s wrong?

Leeta takes mental notes of the parts of conversation

Mekare: Argh! Stop whining!

Isset: Sure, I'll have a drink. I haven't had much because I lost all my Gold... Couldn't buy anything, couldn't get work...

Leeta hands Isset a nice cup of cool water

Denise *Sniff* My boyfriend. He...sniff went to that new town, Tomoe, and he's acting weird..

Leeta: We should go after him!.

Isset: Thanks! Drinks it

Leeta: Its the right thing to do!

Mekare: Tomoe's a new town built about a year ago. There's bad rumors about the place lately.

Aleria: Perhaps we'd better check it out

Mekare: I agree. We'll go look.

Denise: Thank you!

Leeta nods to Denise

Aleria: You're welcome!

Mekare: Let's go! Tomoe’s not too far!

Leeta: All right.

Location: Sirak Woods-630 A.D.

Jazz, Mariah, Ayla, and Ben are walking though the forest, and find a small tent along the way...

Mariah: Are we close, Ben? What's that tent for?

Ben: Dunno. They're not bugging us, so we won't bug them.

Kane floats...

The team hears strange chanting coming from the tent...

Jazz thinks its a little out of place

Mariah: Wait...that chanting...

Kane: Hmm...we'd best be cautious. Kane tightens the strap.

The team hears a child, about 4-6, crying. "Leave me alone.."

Jazz draws his sword

Kane tightens the strap on his Iron Claw

Mariah: Is it our business now?

Kane: I think so.

Jazz: Why not?

Ben: Yeah, let's go. Motions for them to follow Ok, who wants to look in the tent?

Mariah: I will. Mariah sneaks up to the tent, slowly....

Kane: Careful, Mariah.

Jazz follows Mariah just in case

Mariah peers in "Wow. There's one man, one woman, one mystic and a girl inside ! They’re chanting something...there's a lot of candles and incense around..

Jazz looks over her shoulder

You hear a woman saying something inside the tent. "Gawd Dammit! Shut that kid up! I'm almost done!"

A man answers. "I'm doing the best I can!"

Mariah: There's doing a spell on the child.

Kane: They're experimenting on the child...how disgusting.

Mystic: Well hurry, it wasn't easy kidnapping that kid, you know! I just want my pay..

Mariah: Let's help her!

Kane: Yeah!

Ayla rips open the tent

Mariah: HEY! Not yet! Oh geez.

Jazz: Party's over folks!

Mariah pulls out her crossbow "Hehe. Let's go!"

Kane snarls and bares his fangs.

Woman: Who the hell are you!?

Jazz: I am the terror that.. oops wrong game!

Mariah giggles.

Man: Enough! How much have you seen here?

Mariah: Um..... Er....

Jazz: Enough to know that its nothing good

Woman: Who gives a rats-ass? Let's kill them anyway! I’m the best mage around! I’ll show you!

Ayla Grabs the woman and picks her up

Mage: Arrgh! Let me go! You'll....pay for that...

Ayla punches her

Mariah: Ayla!

Mage: Argh...Dark...Vortex! The mage casts Dark Vortex on Ayla! It hits! MORTAL BLOW! 5207 damage!

Ayla is blasted back to the wall

Jazz: AYLA!

The spell was so powerful, the mage dies. But she whispers " Oh well, you...and I...will assist...our queen...."

Mariah: Ayla!

The lady mage dies.

Kane: AYLA!!

Kane snarls at the mage...

Jazz: Well I can still kill you!

Jazz glares at the man

Man: You...you killed Scarletta! YOU'LL DIE FOR THAT!


Mariah: Fooooooooork!

Kane: Spoooooooorrrrk!


Enemies: Mage: 300 HP, Mystic Kidnapper: 200 HP

Jazz charges at the mage and slashes! ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It hits for 132 HP damage!

The mage chants, and points his staff at the party..."FIRE 2!" The blaze hits all party members for 90 HP damage!

Kane: Ugh.

Mariah: Eeeeek!

Kane bats at his scales.

Mariah stops, drops, and rolls, and on the way, fires her bow at the mage! It misses! Damn!

Ben: Time to play... Ben slashes at the mage! Hits for 158 Damage!

Kane leaps up and swoops down at the mage, claws extended...

Mage: Arrgh! T...take that girl....out of here. Take her to the shrine!

Kane slashes.

Jazz yells to Kane

The mystic nods, picks the screaming girl up, and leaves!


It hits! The mage is dead!


All members gain 145 XP and 674 Gold!

Mariah learns Flameria!

Kane: Sorry, Jazz...

Mariah: Jazz....

Jazz kicks the mage’s head aside. Its ok.

Mariah: Is Ayla...dead..?

Ayla Coughs

Ben: Apparently not!

Mariah: Ayla! Mariah runs to her.

Ayla: I... live *cough* good life.. no regrets...

Kane: No!!

Mariah: Don't talk like that!

Kane: Stay awake, Ayla. We'll get you help.

Ayla: cough Shakes head no. This my time

Mariah: Ayla! Please!

Jazz blinks

Kane: Someone's gotta have a Tonic around here...

Mariah: What would my mom say? Don't die!

Ayla: Tell Lucca, Ayla miss her. Miss their times

Mariah starts crying...

Ayla: Remember.. It can't rain all the time.... head drops

Mariah: NO!

Jazz turns away

Mariah: Jazz...

Ben is silent, and closes Ayla’s eyes...

Kane takes a few steps back and lowers his head.

Jazz steps out and jumps up a tree to be alone

Mariah: Jazz....Mariah runs outside. Jazz? Where are you?

Jazz yells loudly in the distance

Mariah: Jazz!


Jazz learns Wind of Death

Mariah looks down...

Location: Village of Tomoe-630 A.D.

Meanwhile, Mekare's posse is nearing Tomoe. It seems peaceful enough....

Aleria takes charge

Isset: Hey! Wait for me! I'm coming with you!

Mekare: There it is!

Leeta: Hmmmm.

Aleria looks

Suddenly, you see a little white puff of fur standing smack dab in the middle of the path!

Leeta: Wha...?

Aleria: Aahh! What is it?

Leeta growls

Isset: Rabbit?

Mekare: What the hell?

Leeta steps forward

Mog looks up at the group, spear ready in.

Leeta gets close to the white thing

Aleria moves closer to it

Isset: !?!

Leeta: What the HELL are you?!

Mekare: Great, it's gonna kill us. But it's soooo cute!

Mog: Excuse me, but where do you think you are going?!

Aleria: I've never seen one of those before!

Mekare: To Tomoe!

Aleria: Aahh! It talks!!

Leeta: Where do you think, duhhhh.

Mog: Why?

Mekare: Because we're looking for someone.

Leeta: Yeah....we're looking for trou- errrr.....someone

Mog: Whom might I ask if I am not sounding too rude?

Leeta: A young boy..

Mekare: A Mystic named Mark

Mog thinks for a minute.

Mekare: Is that good enough?

Aleria: It's like a big, living stuffed animal!!

Mog: Never heard of him.

Leeta: Yeah.

Mekare: But he's here!

Mog: I'll let you pass if I get to travel with you for a while.

Leeta laffs at Aleria's description

Mekare: Ummm.....oooookaaaay...

Aleria: Ok

Leeta: I s'pose

Mekare runs to Tomoe!

Leeta: You'd better not have rabies!

Aleria: Can’t refuse the big fluffy furball!

Mog: I don't!

Isset: Say, what are you, anyway?

Mog follows after the group.

Leeta runs after Mekare

Mog: I'm a moogle.

Isset: Eh? Isset follows Mekare.

Aleria follows Isset

The town seems strangely quiet. People mill around in the streets, but they seem to be dazed.

Mog: HEY! Mog runs after everyone else.

Aleria: Woah, strange

Isset waves his hand in front of one of the townspeople, but she doesn't respond.

Mekare walks up to a woman. "Hi miss! Can you help us?"

Leeta looks around and feels a shiver of loneliness

Woman: In complete monotone I'm sorry, have to water my plants. Leaves

Aleria wonders what happened to all these people

Mekare: Odd...

Leeta: Wait a minute

Aleria: ooookkkkkkk

Isset feels uncomfortable...

Mog looks at the woman oddly.

Mekare: Umm...let's try the inn! Mekare runs to the inn!

Isset: Say, why don't we go look for your little buddy somewhere else?

Aleria: To the inn!

Isset: Awwww, great.

Mekare: But he's here Isset!

Isset reluctantly follows.

Leeta goes to the bar and steals a piece of fruit, to see if something happens

Mog is reminded of a town that some of his cousins live near.

Leeta munches on the fruit.

Inside the inn, the place seems to be strangely empty. The innkeeper stares at you with cold eyes...

Leeta: Hmmmm....isn't this the part where someone screams "thief"?

Isset: THIEF! Happy now?

Mekare: Inside here, guys!

Aleria notices she doesn't have to go to the gym anymore. I get enough running done as it is!

Leeta: Great, Isset.

Leeta follows Mekare some more, eating the fruit

Mekare: HEELLO!? Inside the inn! Right up here!

Mog walks up behind Mekare.

Isset runs after Mekare.

Mekare: Hi! We'd like a room, please.

Innkeeper Monotone No vacancies..

Mekare: What? But it's empty!

Leeta: Grrrr.

Innkeeper Monotone No vacancies..

Mog looks at Mekare oddly. "Don't think I'm gonna share a room with you people!"

Mekare: You just said that, and I said "IT'S EMPTY!"

Leeta: Listen, woman! I'm gonna kick your ass in about TWO seconds if you don't give us a god damn room!

Mog pokes the inn keeper with his spear.

Isset stares at the innkeeper for a bit.

Innkeeper: We don't like strangers in this town. I don't think 'She' will be happy.

Leeta: She?

Mekare: She?

Aleria can't help herself. She gives the moogle a BBIIGG hug! "She?"

The Innkeeper Rises with a knife... I think...you won't be going... ANYWHERE...

Mog: Look buddy, we need a room and we are going to get one if you like it or not! Now give us the damn keys!

Leeta growls

Mekare: Umm...run?

Isset: Uh oh....

Leeta draws her katana Can't we stay a bit and fight?

Aleria draws her sword

Mekare runs out the door, to see other villagers with weapons!

Isset readies his staff.

Mekare: Ummm....like Jazz would say...SPOON!

Leeta: Mekare!

Aleria: OH NO!


Enemies: Innkeeper: 200 HP, Villagers X3=230 HP

Mog looks out of the door and sees the villagers as well

Aleria: SPORK!!!

Leeta: Oshidoya...

Mog thinks his dancing might help a little bit...

Leeta chants and a blue glow surrounds her. She draws back her katana and then rushes in, lightning around the blade......she drives it into the ground, causing a nice little shockwave! It hits all of the attackers for 79 HP damage!

The innkeeper slashes at Mekare with her knife! 49 HP damage!

Mekare: Aw!

Isset: Dancing! Were being attack by zombie villagers, and all you can think about is dancing?

Leeta: Yeah! Leeta pumps her fist

Aleria starts chanting

Mog thinks of which dance to do...

Mekare slams her fist in the innkeepers side! Critical hit! 100 HP damage!

Leeta cheers

Mog begins to dance and suddenly stops.... A large wave of water comes out of no where and rushes after the villagers.

It hits them for 60 Hp damage! The innkeeper breathes her last!

Mekare: YEAH! Go little stuffie!

Isset: !!!!????!!!!!!

Aleria stops her chanting and calls fourth a bear, the likes of which no one has ever seen!

Isset: O_o!

Aleria 's bear attacks the villager! It hits for 197 Hp damage! Villager 1 is dead!

Isset disappears...

Leeta: Yum......go bear, go!

Mekare: WHOA!

Aleria grins

Mog: Leeta, so do you still have any problems with my dancing?

Leeta: Wee! ME? Nah.

Isset silently jumps up from behind a villager and swings his staff at his head. It hits for 43 HP damage! Hmmm...Isset gets away from the villagers.

Mekare: Go Leeta!

Leeta growls and the glow around her turns DEEP red. It grows and grows in its heat. She cries out "Earth shower!!!" and the villagers get hit by sharp rocks, deadly. CRITICAL HIT! 120 HP damage! All the remaining villagers get pummeled with rocks!

Isset: WHOA!

Leeta: GAROOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All members gain 45 XP and 538 Gold!

Mekare learns Chop Kick!

Leeta learns Earth Blade!

Aleria learns Nature Call!

Isset: I think I'm a little out of my league here...

Leeta: Yai Tai!!!!!

Mekare: Whew...

Leeta: Well....that was fun!!! Can we do it again?

Random Villager: Hurry! We must let the high advisors know about this! Go to the shrine up north!

Mog wonders if anyone doubts his skills any longer.

Mekare: Shrine...North...?

Aleria: Uh oh...

Leeta: High advisors?....Shrine up north?

Mekare: Well...let's go to the shrine...up north!

Leeta begins to head North

Aleria: Hurry!

Isset follows after Mekare.

Location: Sirak Woods-630 A.D.

Meanwhile...Team 1 is still near the tent...

Mariah: Jazz! Where are you? Mariah is worried!

Kane: Jazz?

Ben: Dammit.

Kane flies up into the air, hoping to see him.

Mariah: It's not fair!

Kane coasts along the trees...

Jazz is upside down behind Mariah. He taps her shoulder.

Mariah: Ah! Jazz!

Jazz flips down. Yes?

Mariah: You scared the crap out of me.

Kane drops to the ground.

Mariah: Are you ok now...?

Jazz shrugs

Mariah: I'm sorry...about your mom. Mariah doesn't know what to say. She gives him a hug.

Jazz grunts

Kane: I'm sorry too.

Jazz hugs her, then sighs

Ben: Well...I hate to interrupt this, but the mystic and that kid...they were heading to the shrine.

Mariah: Yeah...let's follow them!

Jazz walks along the path talking to himself

Mariah: Jazz? Who are you talking to?

Jazz: No one

Mariah gives him a worried look "All right."

Jazz: Don't worry for me. And don't be sorry

Mariah: Ok..

Jazz: For pray take notice, no man can lose that which he never had

Ben: There!

Mariah: What?

Jazz keeps walking

Ben: There's the shrine!

Kane: There it is...Kane floats morosely in the sky.

Location: Sirak Shrine Entrance-630 A.D.

You see the shrine up ahead, and...surpriszi! There's people there waving at you!

Aleria: Hi!!!!

Mariah: Aleria!!

Jazz waves half heartedly

Kane: Ah, I'm glad to see you all.

Aleria: Where have you been? What happened to you guys?

Mariah: We got lost, fought some funky people...

Leeta glances at Jazz

Isset clears his throat.

Mog yawns.

Jazz: Am I having a good hair day or something?

Mariah: Who are these two?

Aleria: We've been in a town where everyone turned to zombies

Mariah: Wow!

Leeta: Peachy. Now, if we're all happy happy and such, can we go in?

Mariah: We fought some cult members

Aleria: We found a moogle! He's SSSOOO CUTE!

Mariah: AWW! He is Aleria! He is!

Leeta mutters something under her breath

Mariah hugs the moogle

Jazz half grins

Kane pats the moogle on the head.

Isset chuckles.

Mog looks at the new people and walks up to Mekare. Who are these people?

Mekare: My friends.

Akira walks out toward the party

Ben: This is really too cute..

Akira: Hmmmmmmm........

Leeta: Akira?

Mariah turns around...gets hyper happy! AKIRA! You're alive!

Akira: Yes.... Now prepare to DIE!!!!!!!

Mariah: What!?

Mekare eeps

Ben puts his hand on his sword

Leeta: Huh?

Aleria: Huh??

Isset: Nice guy...

Leeta growls and draws her katana

Akira starts chanting...Akira points at Ben "ETERNAL FLAME!!!"

Kane drops into battle stance

Leeta: Anytime you want, cannibal.

Aleria: AKIRA, how many times have I told you. Don’t eat the WHOLE SHEET!

Jazz draws his sword

Akira watches triumphantly as a dark flame envelops him

Aleria chants

Isset grabs his staff.

Aleria: Isset, not here!

Leeta: Ben!!! Leeta runs to Ben and helps him

Isset: All right... puts staff away

Akira: Ahhh... stay back or you'll pay!


Enemy: Akira: ?????

Jazz: ACK! Jazz gets ready to cast Twin Wind

Mariah joins in

Akira stops the flame over Ben

Ben: Oh shit!

Akira: Black Death!!!!!! At Jazz

Jazz cuts it down with his sword

Ben is hit by the flame! He falls down, life-force sucked!

Aleria begins to cast Death Grip

Jazz does a Dash Slash It hits for 140 HP!

Mariah Yays!

Leeta leaps at Akira, picks him up, and throws him into a tree. HEAD FIRST and HARD, snarling.200 HP damage! But...he's not even winded!

Akira: Why you!!! Owwww.....

Leeta: Grrrr...

Isset: To Aleria What's up with this guy?

Ben uses his magic and casts cure water on himself! Recovers 130 HP!

Leeta: You okay, Ben?

Mekare uses all her cutie power! Uses Chop kick! 129 HP damage!

Ben: Yep! Don't worry! I've been through worse.

Aleria: To Isset No clue, he's never been quite right in the head!

Leeta: Okay, just making sure....

Mariah shoots a crossbow bolt at Akira! Hits for 100 Hp!

Akira: We'll meet again!!! Teleport!!!!

Leeta growls more

Mariah: NO! Wait!


Since he ran away, no experience, no gold…

Leeta: Damnit.......get back here!!!!!!! Grrr....damn traitor!

Kane: Dammit!!!!

Mariah: Damn!

Jazz growls

Mariah: What the hell happened to him? I thought he was on our side!

Leeta: C'mon guys. Lets get what we came here for!!!

Mariah: And where's George? And Derek! Is he ok? Mariah starts to sniffle If Derek's hurt...

Leeta: Chill, girl. I'm sure he's fine...

Mekare: I'm sure he's ok!

Mariah: Well, we better go in...

---END SESSION 14---