CTIRCRPG Session Thirteen: Prehistoric Rumble


Mariah, Iris, and Narrator: Lucca
Akira: Xakor
Keli: Maruka
Aleria: Ruinr
Kane: Andrew
Leeta: Leeta
George: George
Jazz, Jessica, and Ayla: Spade
Derek: So. Central Rain
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Spade

Last time, our travelers met two new friends and traveled to the mystic village of Medina, only to get their butts kicked by Victor and Voira. Star was discovered to be Schala's bastard child, and Iris came to the party telling them to travel to 65 million BC. Now, the team is in front of a timewarp, near Medina, ready to go into the unknown again! (So what else is new?!)

Location: Medina Village-630 A.D.

Aleria: So, who goes first? Aleria peers into the timewarp

Mariah: I guess it'll be me...Hehe..

Aleria smiles

Mariah: Hey, where did Derek go?

Aleria looks around

Mariah peers around. "Did he stay behind to check on Star?"

Leeta looks around.

George: Uh... Derek...?

Leeta: Yo, Derek??

Keli looks around, sadly

Akira looks around

Jazz: Hello?

Mariah: I guess he did. Oh well, he'll catch up with us!

Aleria: Let's go!

George: Now... where were we...?

Leeta shrugs Who cares? Lets go!

Mariah walks into the warp, slowly.

Leeta leaps in

Keli gulps

Akira follows

George gets impatient and steps in quickly

Aleria walks into the timewarp

Keli follows

Kane spreads his wings and flies into the timewarp.

Jazz: SPOON! Jazz dives in

Location: Prehistoric Jungle-65 Million B.C.

Everyone lands on their hineys in what appears to be a jungle.

Keli and Aleria: Ouch..

Leeta: Eeeeyuck!

Mariah: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Leeta picks a bush outta her ear

Akira: My kind of place!

Keli stands up, and looks around

Jazz: Ow...

Kane pulls grass out of his hair.

George frowns. "Why did Iris HAVE to choose THIS era?"

Mariah realizes she's covered in mud.

Leeta: Ew...

Akira stands up

Mariah: I dunno, but's it's dirty!

Keli: Interesting place...

Aleria runs around, admiring how society hasn't destroyed nature yet.

Kane: I don't like bugs all that much...

Akira: yup

Kane swats around his head wildly

Aleria: Aaahhh, Nature.

Akira climbs a tree to take a better look

Leeta hands Mariah a towel

George thinks Aleria is crazy!

Mariah smiles at Aleria. Thanks Leeta.

George: Give me my woods in 1030 AD...

Mariah: Now, where do we go....?

Akira: Hmmm.... Hey fruit!

Kane nods agreeably at George.

Jazz feels right at home

George doesn't touch the fruit

Keli: Don't eat it, Akira!

Akira grabs some fruit and climbs down

Jazz jumps up to a low branch and starts swinging around

Leeta looks at the large trees and smiles

George: Strange foods can cause... uhm... the opposite of constipation...

Akira: I'm immune to poison remember.

Aleria is happy!

Mariah: George!

Akira: That's sick.

Mariah thinks that is just sick!

Leeta: Heh...

George: Umm.. I know, I'm just warning Akira of... of.. the... umm.. dangers of fruit...

Mariah: We should head to a town or something..

Aleria's mental note : Stay away from George for at least 24 hours.

George shrugs

Mariah picks up her things and starts walking.

George won't warn anyone with his knowledge anymore

Keli follows Mariah

Akira follows Keli

Aleria follows Mariah

Mariah: It's so hot here. Ahh, give me my nice house by the sea. Now that's NICE weather!

Leeta follows Mariah

Jazz has special boots

George decides to make it that everyone follows Mariah and goes too

Aleria: Does anyone need some water?

Jazz: Aw come on!: You have to admit, this place is beautiful!

Leeta: It is...Leeta agrees

George: Beautiful... Er...

Keli agrees with Jazz

Akira: Yup.

Mariah: True...but does it have to hurt my feet so much?

George: Well...

Aleria: Finally, someone else who likes nature

George: Give me my woods and the sea..

Mariah suddenly eeps!

Leeta: ?

Jazz: What?

Akira: Its awfully interesting.

Mariah: Ok Jazz, now honestly tell me...IS THAT BEAUTIFUL!!!?

George: Awfully laughs. Er... huh?

Jazz: What?

Keli nods

Mariah points to a large dinosaur slobbering 40 feet away

George: !!??

Akira: Whatever.

Kane lets out a yelp

Aleria: Eeeeekk!

Leeta looks at the dino, eyebrows raised.

Keli is surprised!

Jazz: Oh come on. Its just a big lizard

Akira: He'd make a good pet :)

. George: Yeah, Jazz, BUT...

Leeta: Cool!

Mariah: It'll eat me!

Leeta: Like Barney on steriods!

Jazz: No it won't. Look its eating leaves from that tree!

Kane skitters behind George.

George: Not all dinosaurs are herbivores, like that one!!

Aleria shivers

Mariah: BARNEY? Oh jeez!

Leeta: Heh.

George: Huh?

Akira walks up to the dino

Mariah just shakes her head.

Leeta looks at Akira and hopes the dino eats him!

Aleria: Let's go!

George thinks that some carnivore is bound to step on all of them sooner or later

Leeta: Yeah. We should keep moving.

Mariah: Hey! Whoa! What's this?

Leeta: Great George...

Aleria: What?

Akira climbs up onto it

Mariah points to a large, speckled egg

George grins and decides to shut up

Leeta: Ooh! Omelets!

Mariah: Is it a dino egg?

George laughs at Leeta

Aleria: I wouldn't touch that

Akira: I'll name him Bob.

Mariah: Scientific study!

Keli: We better stay away from that thing...

Leeta: Bob?

Mariah takes it gleefully

Kane: Don't touch it...

Leeta: There's Mariah for ya!

Mariah: What?

Aleria: It probably belongs to the large lizard over there

Kane: The dinosaur will think you're after its babies.

Mariah: What?! Mariah nearly drops it

Akira breaks off a tree branch with leaves and gets the dino to move

George thinks we should all get OUT!

Aleria: Mariah! I'd put that down

Jazz: Damn!

Akira: WHEEEEE!!!!

George steps stealthily away from the nest

Kane: Mariah, it'd be a good idea to put it back in the nest...

Mariah tries to put the egg down, when...it suddenly starts moving!

Akira: I think I found us a ride!


Leeta: Oh boy..

Mariah: Help! help!

Keli: HUH!?

Aleria: Bad, this is very bad...

George wishes there were camels here

Kane swoons...

Akira: Huh??

Jazz laughs

George spots Derek running behind, out of breath and flushed

Derek: Why didn't any of you wake me up?!

Mariah: Derek! Help me! This egg is alive!!

Keli: Derek!

Mariah is going to be eaten alive, goddamit!

Derek blinks

Kane glances at Derek and immediately skitters away from him.

Leeta blinks

Aleria: Mariah, I'd put it back in the nest if I were you!

Leeta: Mariah!

Akira looks while riding Bob

Aleria steps forward to see what hatches

Akira: Hey! That's cruelty to unborn animals!

George frowns. Okay, let's get out of here.

Kane looks warily towards the huge dinosaur...

Kane: Yeah, let's go.

Aleria clears away the pieces of shell to see what hatched

George: We still have to search for what we came for...

Keli agrees with George

Akira: Hey Keli, want to ride Bob? He's ten times better than a camel!

Mariah still looks at the egg...


Mariah: Something's coming out!

Keli: Umm... No thanks..

Leeta looks at the egg too

George agrees with Leeta

Kane peers intently at the egg

Derek: Um...Mariah, the egg looks harmless to me.

Akira gets off Bob

Keli agrees with Leeta

Leeta: Heh....thanks George. Thanks Keli!

George bows

Leeta pokes the moving egg

Aleria: Don't hurt it!

Keli studies the egg

George tries to remember what kind of egg had that pattern

Keli: Amazing!

Aleria: What is it?

Akira all of a sudden wants an omelet

George: Agh...

Aleria slaps Akira

Akira: Hey!

Aleria Don't even think about it!

George: And I always thought Melchior was kidding when he said that the knowledge of prehistoric eggs was practical knowledge...

Mariah sees the egg open, and...a baby dino peers out! Oh wow!

Derek gasps

Keli: Wow

Leeta: COOT!

George: What do you know...

Derek: What's THAT?

Aleria: Aawwww, it's so cute!

Keli gasps

Akira: Cool!

Aleria picks up the baby dino

Kane frowns...

Leeta looks at the coot dino

Keli grins

Mariah smiles "And I thought it was gonna eat me.."

George sits and jots down something in a journal

Leeta: Awwww...

George laughs at Mariah

Derek looks at Mariah strangely.

Derek: I always thought that people ate eggs...not the other way around...

Akira: What is its name?

Aleria carries the dino over so the whole group can see it

Kane chuckles

Keli: Yep

Mariah sees the coot little baby Dino/dragon thingie! It's sooo cuuute!

Leeta: Coot!

Derek: What in the world is that...?

Mariah: Can it talk??

Aleria picks it up again

Keli: Owwwwwww!!!

Leeta: Talk? Keli?

Mariah pets it.

George goggles

Leeta looks at Keli

Jazz: Hmm

Aleria I think it needs a name

Jazz: What are we going to name it?

George: Hehehe... cute!

Derek: Let's name it Rupert.

Mariah: Yeah! Jazz! You pick!

Keli: I...I'm okay...

Derek: I had a pet named Rupert once.

Mariah: NO! It's a girl! I can tell

Derek: Rupertina?

George: Rupert...

Mariah points to...ahem. That special area that makes her a girl.

Leeta raises an eyebrow

George laughs

Derek: ....all right.

Jazz: WHAT?

Aleria: Well, that's one way to find out!

Akira laughs

Jazz: I am NOT naming it Rupertina!

Leeta: Ha!

Jazz: How about... Jessica

Mariah: I like that!

Leeta: Jessica? Not bad!

Keli: Pretty name!

George: Not bad...

Aleria: That sounds good

Akira: Nice.

Mariah: Jessica it is!

Mariah pets the Baby Dino/Dragon and puts it on her shoulder

Aleria giggles

Derek: Jessica? Hm. I'll admit, sounds better than what I had in mind...

Keli: How cute!

Akira: Shouldn't we feed it???

Mariah: Hey! I think it likes me!

Leeta murmurs the name over and over and likes it more and more

George frowns as a familiar name suddenly strikes him. Uh... where was it from...

Aleria looks over to where the BIG dino is

Keli: George?

Mariah: Maybe we should go to the village and they'll give it food!

Jessica nibbles Mariah's ear!

George: Uh... nothing, Keli

Mariah: OOW!

Leeta: HA!

Jazz laughs

Mariah giggles

Aleria: What happened to the big dino?

George chuckles

Derek looks around.

Mariah: B-big dino?

Derek: What era is this?

Akira: Bob??

Leeta: Bob?!

George: Well, I like camels better anyway

Keli: BOB!

Mariah thinks it's about time to get the hell outta here!

Jazz: Bob?

Aleria: 65million BC, Derek.

Leeta: Camellllllls

Keli: Camels... much safer

George agrees 101% with Mariah!

Mariah: Let's go to the village now!

Aleria Ok.

Akira agrees with Mariah

Leeta nods George: Village..? Where?

Kane: Yeah...this is getting old.

Kane looks warily at the dinosaur..

Location: Ioka Village-65 Million B.C.

About 2 hours later, the party FINALLY finds a village...Ioka village

Leeta: See George? The village!

Mariah plops down, exhausted.

Keli slightly grins

George falls down on his face

Jazz looks around, finding something strangely familiar about this place

Akira drinks some water

George: Why did I have to ask??

Leeta: Oh!

Derek looks at the sky.

Leeta picks George up

Aleria: Anyone need water?

George blushes

Akira: Want some Keli?

Kane stretches out on the grass.

Mariah thinks Jessica has it easy, she's sat on her shoulder the whole time!

Keli: Sure, Akira!

Jazz: You know Mariah, I would have carried it.

Leeta smiles

Akira hands Keli his water

Mariah wonders.....65 million B.C...Ayla?

Keli: Thank you. Keli sips the water

Aleria: Ayla? I've heard of her before

George thanks Leeta with a shy smile and goes to look for water

Ayla drops in on the group

Mariah: It's ok...isn't that right sweetie? Pets the dragon

Keli: Me too!

Akira: You're welcome

Mariah: Ahh!

Ayla: Who you?

Keli: Huh?

Leeta: Wow....

Aleria: George, you want some water?

Derek looks at the cavewoman in shock

Mariah: Me? I'm Mariah! Nice to meet you...um...um...Ayla?

Kane: Wow...

Mariah hopes that is right

Ayla pats her club on her shoulder

George: No thanks, Aleria- I found a stream right here!

Keli curiously looks at the woman

Kane: She's got muscles if I've ever seen them...

Akira: Nice clothes.

Derek: Wow...

Leeta: Woah...she's buff!

Ayla: Nods That me

Mariah: What clothes?

George turns around

Aleria: Hi Ayla!

Ayla sniffs the air, then sniffs Jazz's hair.

Mariah: Hi Ayla! We were hoping to find you!

Jazz: Hey ! Stop that!

Mariah laughs so hard!

Akira: hehehehe

George laffs

Derek snickers.

Ayla hugs jazz and almost squashes him!

Leeta: Ha!

Keli quickly thinks of "Clan of the Cave Bears"

Leeta smirks

Jazz: OW! HEY! Let up!

Mariah: WHAT?

Aleria: So, you're Ayla. nice to meet you!

George: You have a way of communicating with everyone, Jazz!

Mariah: I think she likes you Jazz!

Leeta: Heheheh...

Jazz: Is that a good thing?

Akira: Yup

Keli: Jazz... got some girl problems!

Derek: Everyone likes Jazz, until they get to know him. Derek is still snickering.

George: Maybe. George chuckles

Mariah snickers with Derek

Leeta smiles suddenly.

George: Depends on how you'd like to stay here for while...

Leeta: Hey guys, lay off.

George: You said you liked nature? George grins

Keli smiles

Ayla: Where Kino?? KINO??

Mariah: Oh gross George...gross

Aleria: Yes, I love nature!

Akira: Kino???

George: What did I say?!

Jazz: Um...

Mariah is rather confused now.

Leeta: Kino?

Keli: Kino...

Jazz: How do you know my father??

Kane: Her language is very broken...

Jazz: Are you??

George is more confused

Jazz shakes his head

Leeta blinks

Mariah: F...father? HUH?

Ayla: You Jazz. Son of Ayla

Derek: What?

George: !?

Leeta: Woahhhh.....

Jazz is stunned

Akira: WHAT???

George goggles

Derek: I'm so confused..

Kane blinks several times

Keli 's mouth droops open

Aleria: Wow...

Mariah: WHAT? Oh, um...you must have the wrong Jazz. :)

Leeta: I shoulda seen the resemblance

Ayla: Come this way!

George: I've been accused of all sort of malicious and hentai things today and now this...

Akira does Takahashi devil pose!

Keli follows Ayla

Derek: Well, I'll be. I always knew Jazz was something of a Neanderthal...

Mariah just stands and stares

George thinks he wouldn't do the takimashi-whatever in a thousand years

Ayla: leads group to a hut I be back later. Big party tonight!!!

Mariah then quickly runs to Ayla!

Akira: Party???

George sits down

Derek: Party? I hate parties. Derek scowls.

Leeta follows Ayla. Party!!!

Keli: A party sounds nice.

George: I prefer my own little cottage in the middle of Guardia forest...

Aleria follows Leeta

Mariah loves parties!

Leeta: Lets get funky!

Kane: I dislike parties...

Derek agrees with George.

Leeta: Oh, lighten up Kane....

George: Umm.. party?

Mariah wants to...dance!

Leeta smiles at him

Derek: Dislike parties? You might not be so bad after all, Kane...

George doesn't really know how to dance...

Akira: I wonder if they'll have soup?

George blushes

Leeta: I'll teach ya, George!

Jazz quietly looks out at the jungle

Later that night, a big party is going on!

George stumbles. Oww!

Mariah smiles at all the people making asses of themselves

Leeta smiles at George

Aleria walks over to George

Derek walks up behind Mariah. Enjoying yourself?

George smiles sheepishly

Mariah: Hey Derek!

Akira finds some soup and wonder if he could win a soup drinking contest

Leeta: Hey, George! Lets dance!

Mariah: Where are you?

Keli stands around, watching people

Mariah: AH!

Lots of drum music in the background. Men and women are dancing around a huge fire. Ayla is sitting on a large oak throne.

George: Uh... all right...

Mariah: Yes! Very much!

Kane leans against a tree and looks uncomfortable.

Keli watches everybody dance

Derek: Good. At least someone is.

Leeta hauls George out unto the dance floor....uh...ground.

Akira: Keli would you like to dance?

George stumbles down

Mariah: I was going to dance for awhile. Care to join me?

Keli: Umm... I don't know how to...

George: Aye yai yai...

Derek: Dance? What's that?

Leeta smiles at him... C'mon....here, just follow me!

Akira: Neither do I...

Aleria walks over and visits Kane

George thanks Leeta for being patient and gets back up

Jazz: Dance?

Leeta does a few easy steps

Jazz: Who said dance?

Akira walks over to Keli

Kane: Hello, Miss...

George mimics Leeta's movements

Leeta: Good!

Jazz gets out on the... ground and starts doing a killer breakdance

Keli grins at Akira

Leeta does some more

Aleria: Hi, I'm Aleria!

Akira grins back

Keli: Might as well enjoy the moment, Akira!

George is doing fine.... until he trips over Jazz and both of them fall down

Kane: I'm Kane, as I'm sure you know.

Leeta: Ah!

Mariah: Let me show you!

Kane extends a scaled hand.

Keli tries to dance

Jazz: Ow!! hey watch where you're going!

Leeta smiles and helps George up

Mariah gets up, and waits for the next song to come on.

George thanks Leeta again

Akira tries too but falls on his butt

Leeta: Sorry 'bout that Jazz...

Kane watches the humans trip and make asses of themselves...

George: I don't think I'm much good at this...

Keli helps Akira up

Akira: Thanks

Aleria shakes Kane's hand

Leeta: Don't give up now...

Kane: I wonder why they continuously do that?

Leeta gives him a dazzling smile

George penetrates Kane with a look. George then blushes and feels strange because of Leeta's smile

Keli tries to copy everybody dancing

Kane isn't looking at George right now. :)

Leeta: C'mon! Leeta dances

George joins Leeta and does his best not to stumble

Akira just stands there trying to figure out how to dance

Ayla waves a hand and the music and dancing stops

Leeta: Awww...

Keli: Huh?

Leeta pouts as the dancing stops

George: Just when I was getting it right...

Akira: Huh?

Keli: Aw man! I was already getting into it!

George sighs

Aleria looks at Kane. Whats going on?

Mariah waits for the music to start..

Derek plays the music

Ayla: waves a hand and the music and dancing stops...again :P

Mariah begins to dance, and...she's really...REALLY good! HUH? Hey! I was having fun! ?

Ayla: We wait for this 20 years

Derek: Whew.

Mariah pouts

Derek: Thank goodness that dancing nonsense stopped...I might have had to do it. Derek shudders.

Kane drinks soup.

Mariah: Derek!

Ayla: The return of Jazz, son of Ayla

Jazz starts to get a little worried

Kane falls asleep with a bloated stomach

Derek watches Ayla carefully.


Mariah notices Leeta sleeping in a corner and giggles

Aleria talks to Mariah

Jazz: By Kane!

Derek: Wha...?!

Jazz drops his drink

Akira: HUH????

Mariah: Hey look Derek! Kane's sleeping too!

Keli: Jazz?

Derek doesn't hear Mariah

Mariah: Jazz? A leader? Haahah! Yeah right!

Akira: Jazz a leader?

George thinks Ayla is kidding

Mariah wonders, what's in the soup?

Jazz: Um.... I'm quite sorry, but.... I ah.... I'm a little busy right now

Ayla: You must! Prophet say so!

Akira: Prophet?

Derek: What?

George: Prophet?

Jazz: I will... someday. But not right now

Derek: What the hell is going on?

Aleria: What prophet?

George thinks this is all too weird...

Akira: Who's the prophet?

Keli ponders

Derek fights the urge to smile

Akira thinks...

Ayla: When Iris attack us prophet say you come back and beat her and her mammoth

Derek: WHAT? Iris was here?!

Akira: Iris?

Keli listens to Ayla

Jazz: Um.. Iris?? What did she do?

Aleria: Where is she now?

Keli frowns

Ayla: Iris attack town. Kino take you to Lucca

George: Iris...George glares

Derek: Lucca's here too?

Akira growls

Keli: Lucca?!?

Jazz: You mean THAT is why I was in 1030AD?

Ayla nods

Derek: This is all too weird..

Jazz: So Iris is here now then?

Aleria looks for the DJ

Ayla nods

Derek: I hope not...

Jazz: Where is she?

George looks at Leeta tenderly in a corner and sits down to listen to Ayla and Jazz talk

Mariah starts to drink some soup

Ayla: She in Tyrano lair with mammoth

Jazz thinks she is talking about the Mammon Machine

Derek: Hm...could be.

George: But...

Jazz: I'm outta here. I got a score to settle with that bitch!

George: Wasn't it at 1030 AD?

Mariah: Tyrano lair?

Derek: Wait! Can't we help?

George: The Neo Mammon Machine, I mean?

Aleria requests some technoish dance song

Jazz runs off from the party and into the jungle

George: What's it doing here?

Keli sits down... only listening

George: Huh? Jazz!

Derek: Huh. Oh well. Not like I really wanted to help him anyway.

Akira sits down beside Keli

George sighs

Mariah: Me too! Mariah cheers and puts down the soup.

Ayla: We go after him! Iris beat him like ant!

George wanted to dance some more...

Aleria requests a la bouche song

Derek: After him...? If you say so. Derek scowls.

Mariah eats some more soup, feeling a little happy.

Keli grins at Mariah

Mariah: H..hey! I feel *Burp* good!

Ayla waves her club

Keli laughs

George looks disapprovingly at Mariah

Mariah: Hey! Where...*burp* did Jazz go?

George: Gross Mariah... gross

Derek: Jazz ran off to fight Iris, I think.

Ayla: To Tyrano Lair

Akira stands up and asks Keli if he can help her up

Ayla: We help him

Mariah: I'm...burping...and I can't stop! We...better go after him!

Aleria knocks out the "DJ" and takes his place

George grins evilly

Derek: Okay...

Keli: Sure, Akira!

George: Mariah!

Keli grins

Derek sighs and trudges off into the jungle.

George: Where are your manners?

Akira helps her up

Keli: Thanks

Ayla clubs Mariah's back and she lets out the burp to end all burps

Aleria: We have to leave? but I was just beginning to have fun!

George: I told you eating strange things might cause this sort of thing!

Ayla grins

Mariah runs after Derek C'mon *BURP*

Ayla: Fun just starting!

George falls down laughing

Aleria follows everyone

Keli helps George up

Location: Tryrano Lair-65 Million B.C.

Later, at the Tyrano Lair entrance

Akira follows

Keli follows Akira

Mariah: *Huff Puff* We're here!

Aleria gives Mariah some TUMS

Mariah: Thanks Aleria!

Aleria smiles.

Derek: Hope it won't be too had to break our way in.

Akira: Yeah

George walks onward, with some cotton on his ears so as not to listen to Mariah's burps

Ayla clubs the door and it falls open. There. Open

Derek waits for everyone else to enter before following.

Aleria That's a neat trick

Keli laughs at George

Mariah looks around and walks in "Oooh! It smells bad in here!"

Akira: That's one way to get in.

Keli: Smells like droppings...

Ayla: This way! Leads them through the maze

Akira: Yeah

George puts some cotton on his nose too

Mariah starts to hear voices in the distance...

Keli: Thanks, Ayla!

Derek runs after the group

Jazz: In the distance IRIS! I've found you!

Akira looks around

: Voice: Who the hell are you? Oh yes...the little Dino brat hanging out with the wimpy scientist..

George runs forward

Ayla: He this way

George: LEMME AT HER!!!!!!

Mariah: That sounds like....like...IRIS! Hurry!

Derek: I know that voice! Derek runs ahead of everyone else


George unsheathes his sword and runs as fast as he can

Mariah runs!

Aleria follows

Keli runs

Mariah: WAAAIT!

Akira runs after George and attaches his claws

George arrives first and sees Jazz and Iris in front

Mariah runs...and comes to an opening in the cavern!

Keli watches Jazz... and Iris

Jazz draws his dagger

Iris: Who..? OH heeeelloooo Mariah, Derek...oh, and little...Aleria...long time no see!

Keli shudders at the sight of Iris

Derek glares at Iris.

Jazz: Leave them out of it

Mariah pulls out her gun

Jazz: This is between you and me

George: No, leave us in!

Keli growls


Akira curses Iris

George: By all means!

Mariah: It ENDS Iris! Where is my mother!

George growls. Okay...

Mariah: Jazz? No, THIS IS MY BUISNESS!

Derek: Fine...Derek steps back, pulling Mariah with him. Mariah, it's his fight. Don't worry.

Mariah shakes her head...

Keli steps back

Mariah: O..Okay.

Iris: Good, The less there are, the harder you'll fall!

Akira steps back and stands ready

Jazz: Why'd you do it Iris? Why did you attack my village?

Keli is worried for Jazz...

Iris pulls out a gun. Why? For power. And, they had something I needed for....THIS!

Keli whispers something "Be careful... Jazz..."

Jazz watches

Derek tenses up

Iris pulls off a white covering and right in front of them is...A..MAMMON MACHINE!

Mariah: OH MY GOD!

Akira growls

Derek gapes

Iris laughs.

Jazz: The Mammon Machine?

Derek: What...how...another one...?

Keli gasps at the sight!

George: !?

Aleria: Wow!

Keli 's mouth drops open

Jazz: Where did you get it? We destroyed it

George glares

Jazz: or rather, it destroyed itself

Iris: Well, you see.. We've had the power to make many, many more! We need energy, so that 'it' can revive

Jazz: To what end?

Mariah: Who?

Derek: "It?"

George: End? Ha.

Aleria: It?? Akira: Huh??

Jazz: What is this IT?

Keli: It...

George: The only end is that it will destroy everything...

Iris giggles. "You don't wanna know."

George: ... and Iris first.

Aleria: Yes I do!

Jazz: Well?

Jazz: What is it? What do you plan on doing with it?

Iris: Well, what? I plan to use this very spot to extract a ton of energy... Of course, it'll destroy everything in the vicinity, but who cares!

Jazz: Energy? What sort of energy?

Aleria You have made the fatal villain mistake!

Akira: You deserve death Iris!!

Aleria You told us your plan, fool!

Iris: Pure energy, from both Earth and Humans!

Mariah: We won't let you...

Iris: Not all of it, Little elf girl

Jazz: Human energy? How do you plan on taking that?

Iris: So, do you people mind if I turn the machine on, and kill you all? of course you don't! Heheheheh


Iris: Ah...that I've already done..

Derek mutters under his breath. "Spoon? How stupid...hope she kills him." Mutters something his breath, looking at Jazz.

Jazz dives at Iris

Iris: But I cannot tell you that! Iris turns around. "Dare to fight me?" Iris pulls out her gun, and quickly dodges out of the way

Jazz freezes up

Iris: Hahah! Was that the best you could do!

George closes his eyes

Keli shudders

Jazz: What the? I cant move??

Iris takes out her gun, and blasts Jazz! 352 HP Damage!


Derek: Jazz!

Jazz hits the wall with a thud

Mariah: JAZZ!

Akira: Jazz!!!

Keli: Jazz!

Mariah: NO! Grr...OK, NOW WE ATTACK!

George glares at Iris and takes his sword firmly in his hands

Akira: Grrrrrrr.....

Keli is REALLY REALLY p.o.ed at Iris!!

Mariah runs up to Iris "Where is my mother?"

George: Methinks, this is PAYBACK TIME!

Derek takes out his staff.

Ayla: For the people of village, SPOON!

Keli brings out her foil!

Aleria begins to chant

Iris: Mother? Oh yeah, she's not here, it was all a ploy, but you knew that...ahahha!

Mariah: You...you...you...

George charges up his magic power

Mariah charges at her in rage...

Akira learns the new move!!!

George blasts Iris to distract her from Mariah's attack

Iris chuckles and blasts her gun at Mariah! It hits for 321 hp damage! Mariah is thrown back!

Derek runs to Mariah's side.

Mariah: Aiieeee!

Keli: Mariah!

Derek: Are you all right?!

Mariah hits the wall, hard

Ayla clubs Iris over the back of the head

George stands in front of Iris

Akira: Take this witch!!!!

George: My turn now.

Mariah: U..uh..


Iris: AHH!

Keli: Be careful George...

Derek: Mariah! Are you okay? Do you need a potion?

Iris is clubbed!

Ayla 's club splinters

Akira tries to hit Iris a few hundred times!!!!

Derek: Akira! We need some healing stuff over here, please!

Mariah: Uhh...pretty...pretty birdies...flying around your head Derek...weee.

Keli: Akira!!

George throws his most powerful magic spell at Iris, the Light Crash

Akira throws some elixirs over there!!!


Keli: How many fingers am I holding up, Mariah?

Derek catches one clumsily, and pours it over Mariah's mouth.

George kneels, exhausted from the effort

Iris blasts her gun at Akira! It hits for 424 HP Damage!

Akira: ARGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

Mariah bounces back What the hell!?

Ayla jump-kicks at Iris

Derek: Crap...

Keli: That's it... bitch

Mariah gets up

Akira is now indented in the wall

Derek tries to take one of Akira's elixirs from his belt and feed it to him.

Iris runs up to the machine

Mariah: NO!

Derek turns around at Mariah's yell

George uses an Ether and runs after Iris

Derek: NO! Not that!

Akira falls off the wall

Keli runs up to Iris and attacks

Iris: Time for doomsday, kiddies!

Akira drinks an elixir

Aleria screams NNNOOO!!!

George throws his sword at the switch of the machine to turn it off. It misses!

Iris: While you all burn, I'll be collecting that energy! Iris flips the machine on!


Keli: NO!

Derek: Crap! Come on, let's get out of here!

Akira tries to block

Ayla picks Jazz up and runs

Derek sprints after Ayla.

George swears and runs forward to get his sword back

Aleria runs!

The machine starts collecting power at the top in a black ball, just like Lucca's did..

Derek: Come ON, Mariah!

Mariah: We'll be caught in an energy backwash!

Keli runs out

George yanks his sword out and tries to stop the machine

Mariah tries to get up.

Derek: We'll be caught in worse than that if we don't MOVE!

Akira: I'll try to hold it off!!

Ayla throws Mariah over her other shoulder

Akira starts attacking the machine

Iris grabs onto Akira

George blasts Akira back Get out!

Akira: Hey!!!

George: I'll do this!

Iris: You're coming with me!

Mariah: No! Akira!

Derek sighs.

Akira: NOOOOO!!!!!

Derek runs back after Akira.

Akira: HELP ME!!!!!!!

Keli: Akira!!

George grabs Aleria

Iris: Hehehe...Later!

Iris warps away with Akira!

Akira: Keli!!!!

Derek: NO!

Mariah: NOOOOOOO! Mariah kicks and screams

Keli reaches out for Akira

Derek: How much time left?

George yells at everyone to get out FAST!

Ayla: Just run!

Mariah: About...40 seconds!!!

Derek picks up Mariah

Keli runs out!

Aleria runs

Derek gets out as fast as he can

Mariah: WAIT! JAZZ!

Derek: What? Crap.Mariah, you go!

Mariah: Where is he?! Help! Put me down! JAZZ!

Derek: I'll go after Jazz.

Ayla: Wait! I have!

Derek sets Mariah down and goes back in.

George tries to delay the machine so the rest can escape

Mariah: What?

Keli pants.

Mariah: No! Derek! DEEEREEK!

Derek: Huh?

Aleria chants and the wind lifts her off the ground and carries her to safety at an astonishing speed

George yells at Derek to get out

Derek runs back out, confused

Mariah: Wait! There his is! Jazz!

George: I can't stop this thing!

Keli: DEREK!

George: Don't get killed!

Mariah runs up to him

George: GET OUT!

Derek: No! Mariah, don't run TO me!


Derek: AWAY!


Suddenly, the cave explodes with such force that everyone is thrown back! Things are falling everywhere..

Keli: AHH!!!

Aleria: Aaahh!

Mariah is thrown against a tree. AIIEEEEE!

Derek is thrown forward by the blast

Keli covers herself from the flying debris

Mariah: Heelp...ahh.

Jazz is still unconscious

Keli crawls to Mariah. Mariah?

The back of Derek's shirt is burnt off

Mariah: Aw....god…what...what is...OH DEAR LORD!

Keli looks at the destruction My God..

Aleria is unconscious and isn't looking too good. Derek moans and looks around.

Mariah points to...to...a...swirling mass...a timegate! It's getting bigger! We'll be sucked in!

Derek: Holy...

Mariah: Holy freaky creeps! Mariah screams as it starts to suck her in "HEELP!

Ayla: Blue Destroyer

Derek jumps after Mariah and gets pulled in as well.

Aleria wakes up as she is being pulled in

Mariah: AHH!

Mariah and Derek are gone!

Keli: AHHH!!

Ayla: So this end of us. Prophecy come true

Soon, everyone is sucked in...

---END SESSION 13---