CTIRCRPG Session Five: Enemy in the Form of  a Friend


Mariah, Dopplegagner, Ben,and Narrator: Lucca
Leeta: Leeta
Star: Star
George: George
SirTMagus: SirTMagus
Jazz: Black Phoenix
Derek: So. Central Rain
Damian: Golbez
Crono Jr.: Umaro1000
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Golbez

Location: Outskirts of Gaurdia Forest-630A.D.

Last time, Mariah and Company met new friends, and new enemies, on a daring rescue to save a magically gifted boy. Although, when the gang was hanging around a campfire, explaining themselves, they soon realized they had a surprise visitor.....

Ben: Well, All I can tell you guys is that I AM a Gaurdia knight, and If I was REALLY a nasty guy, don't you think I'd have done you in by now?

Damian: Yep.

Derek: I don't know.

Damian: You would've done us in by now if you were nasty.

Leeta looks at Ben, still uncertain

Derek: If you were really a nasty guy, you might wait to kill us in our sleep.

Ben: Laughs Aww..come on! What's with the third degree?

Star: Perhaps not. I've met plenty nasty people who are nice to gain confidence.

Mariah: Well, you don't seem bad, but..why are you here?

Damian: I met plenty of Mystics who have seen me and seen death in their eyes, Ben.

Ben: Well, Actually, Liza told me to keep an eye on you. You know her, right?

Damian: On me?

Mariah: Liza? How do you know her?

Leeta just listens, abesntmindedly.

Ben: Blushes Hmmm...she's....she's my fiancee...

Mariah: Oh, that explains everything!

Damian: What does Derek have to do with you, though?

Ben: I met Derek though Liza, Damain. Damian: Oh....

Derek: But I don't know you!

Damian: Ben has to know you, and I know you from Guardia, how could you forget?

Derek is confused.

Damian: I mean, it's not as if a total freak accident has happened several times.

Ben: I don't know, Liza said you had amnesia for a while...you want proof that I know her? Here a picture of us Shows a picture with him and Liza beside a fountain

Star: There are people who know who I am, who I don't know...

Derek: Hmm.

Mariah: Well..Derek..isn't there a possiblity that you may still have amnesia, and not know it?

Damian: I thought I heard something, Mariah.....Footsteps......

Derek: I guess so...

Star sits back against a rock...

Ben: Actually, that's only partly the reason I came.

Star: Footsteps?

Damian: Someone's coming.

Mariah: Footsteps? Mariah readies her gun. Crono Jr walks into the clearing.

Damian: It's a blonde haired dude.......

Star immediatly stands.

Leeta draws her sword.

Crono is all bruised and beaten.

Mariah: CRONO! You're alive?!

Crono: Whoa, that was a hell of a trip..

Damian: Someone you know?

Leeta: Crono?!?!

Crono then faints and drops straight on the floor from exaustion.

Mariah: Yea! All right..umm...geez....what the hell happened?

Damian: I am Damian.....nice to meet you, Crono Jr......ohmigod....he fainted.....

Leeta runs to Crono

Mariah: Ahh! Dammit! Too many fainting people!!!

Star blinks. Cro-Crono? Where have I heard that name...?

Leeta: Wake up ya nerd!

Star runs to help Crono Jr....

Damian: I'll help him.......

Mariah: Leeta! Can you help me? Starts to pull him toward her sleeping bag

Leeta lifts Chrono towards the sleeping bag

Star Let me help-?

Damian gets Crono Jr. a tonic. I always seem to find these on my trips.....

Crono groans

Ben: Here, let me at 'em Pulls out a smelling salt Breathe deep, kiddo..

Leeta: Sheesh......he may be a prince but he ain't light!

Star casts LifeLine on Crono Jr.

Crono coughs, then slowly opens his eyes

Mariah: Phew..! Are you ok now?

Damian: Welcome back, traveler!

Crono: Yeah, I... I think so...

Damian: I am Damian....and you are?

Crono: I'm... Junior, son of the King of Guardia

Mariah: Geez...give him a minute to catch his breath!

Ben: Turns to Derek Are you SURE you can't remember me?

Damian: I gave him a minute.....he's fine now

Ben: Not even a little?

Star stalks back to the shadows and sits on a rock...

Derek: If I could remember you, I would be a lot less suspicious wouldn't I?

Ben: Laughs Well, that's a blunt way of putting it, but Liza was just worried about you.

Crono stands up, and brushes himself off

Leeta smiles at Chrono and welcomes him back

Crono nods slightly and gets himself some water

Mariah's attention is both on Crono, and Ben.

Crono: In case any of you were curious as to what happened to me...

Mariah: Say, does anyone know where Jazz went? Turns to Crono. Yes, I am.

Damian focuses his attention on Star and heads over to her rock. There's something you know about Derek, but what is it?

Crono: I seemed to have fallen through a portal in the sky and landed in a nest of large flying dinosaur type creatures.

Leeta focuses her attention on her sword

Crono: I guess they thought I was an egg...

Damian: Com' on, Star.....you gotta tell me what you know.....

Ben: I knew him though Liza, he was no ordinary kid, but.....I also knew him previously as well..

Damian: I may be the last of the Mystics, but you said you had family...

Crono: Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to rest for awhile...

Mariah: Dinosaurs? Reptiles?

Star: Well... looks unsure

Crono: Huh? Oh, yeah. Reptiles...

Star says in a flat tone, You fell through a gate...

Crono: I had to climb down the hugest mountian to get down.

Mariah contuinues to listen..

Damian knows that Star has a right to keep some things to herself and goes back to the camp

Derek climbs a tree and watches the stars.

Leeta ponders.

Crono: Then, I was attacked by a group of reptiles...

Mariah then looks at Ben...*Psst!* You knew HIM Points to Derek Prevously? Turns to Crono. How did you make it to this time?

Star: I believe that you were in 65,000,000 BC, Crono Jr.

Crono: Hell if I know!

Damian arrives back at the camp to listen to the group

Crono: Wait, I think I'm remembering...

Damian: What's this stuff about reptites and dinosaurs?

Ben: Yeah, I did. I met him in Gaurdia. He said there were some guys after him, and he looked confused, and scared too. I went to Liza's about a month later, and he was there, nearly beaten up to death, and she said she found him lying on the road.

Crono: Oh, yeah, it was a birds nest... some animal stole my sword, and placed it in a nest...

Star begins laughing. Dactyls!

Crono: I went up there to get it, and I think that some of the reptiles followed me or something.

Crono: Anyways, if nobody else has anything to ask, I'll be going to bed now...

Star: I don't believe this-! laughing hysterically

Crono heads off into the back of the clearing.

Derek falls asleep at the top of the tree.

Leeta looks at Star and wonders why she is laughing.

Star: H- he never told him!

Mariah: Star?

Damian finds his cape and falls asleep on the ground, using a cape as a cover

Leeta: Hmmmm......

Crono runs into a tree

Mariah shudders...Strange people... HAHAH! Crono!! Heeeee...

Leeta has first watch tonight.....

Crono: I.... I must have been hallucinating... I must be more tired than I think...

Leeta: I'll stand guard

Star: You weren't hallucinating, Crono Jr...

Crono: Huh?

Mariah: Well, I guess we can hit the hay for the night. Ben? Are you staying here too?

Ben: If you don't mind.

Crono: Any free room in one of the tents?

Damian: I don't mind, Mariah.

Star: I'll stand guard with you, Leeta...

Damian then heads back to sleep

Leeta gives Chrono her tent. Okay Star.

Damian: Brr....so cold....

Crono: Thanks.

Damian covers his body with his cape


Crono goes inside his tent, and quickly falls asleep.

Leeta smiles at Star and sits under a tree

Ben pulls out a blanket and sleeps under the stars Geez Liza, this better be worth it. I expect a laaaarge dinner when I come home! Snore

Mariah falls asleep.

Star: Ah, the memories... sits under the tree beside Leeta

Leeta: So........where ya from Star? Crono's loud snoring can be heard throughout the camp!

Then, it is soon dawn...

Mariah tosses and turns "St..op...snoring...."

Star: Everywhere... and nowhere....

Damian wakes up to find the sun shining on him......

Crono continues to sleep.

Ben: ZZZZZ...Ah! Mornin'!

Leeta shrugs and offers some tonic to Star

Damian: ungh.......whoa......Mornin' already?

Leeta gets up and stretches.

Star: Thanks, Leeta...

Leeta: No problem.....smiles

Mariah tosses and turns "Hmm..Mom..No Mom..I didn't take that bolt from the Telepod..I promise!"

Damian: Mariah....look who just came back from the other side from the camp

Derek snores.

Mariah gets up..

Crono_Jr talks in his sleep "But mom, I don't wanna put my toys up!"

Leeta cracks her knuckles and looks at sun rising

Mariah streches....Ahh! Good moring everyone!

Leeta: Mmmmm....nice......romantic......gets a cloudy look

Star: Can I wake up Crono Jr?

Ben: Watch this...tee..hee...Jazz..here...get me some water..

Jazz: Good morning Mariah

Damain: Hello Jazz. Crono just came back and said he saw some strange Dactyl thingamobobers.

Mariah: *Yawn* Morning Jazz...

Damian: Wait a minute.....that was last night.

Star: He did see them!

Jazz walks over and gets some water for Ben.

Ben: Hee hee hee...Takes the water given to him by Jazz and George and puts Chrono's hand in it!

Star: Lord... If I knew where the Gate was-!

Damian knows, Star....not a little too skeptical

Mariah: Ah! Ben..how juvenille!

Crono: Huh? WHA?!

Ben: Hee hee he....!

Crono stands straight up, causing the tent to collapse and him roll down a hill with it!

Damian: So, Mariah, what's our mission now? Where to next?

Ben: I can help you with that.

Mariah looks up. You can?

The tent then hits a tree and Crono's head is sticking out from it.

Star: I'm going for a walk.

Jazz begins his morning streching So where we going today?

Star goes to help Crono Jr.

Ben: Ok, First, Liza told me to tell Derek, wither he remembers me or not, that she needed to see him.

George looks down...

Crono gets out of the tent with Star's help and starts his morning stretching.

Star: You look just like yer father, Crono Jr...

Ben: Secondly...I recived this strange letter...It told me to give you this Give Mariah a small box And to go to the place you appeared from in this time, and...just see what happens..

Crono: So I've been told... except for my blonde hair, that is.

Star: Of course!

Mariah: How do you know about Time gates? Are you a time traveler too?

Jazz looks around and wonders what the hell is going on.

Ben grins Well, Kinda..sorta..heehe. Laughs, as he knows a little something they don't.

Crono: So... where are we off to next?

Ben: Well, just do what the letter says. You should read it! I gotta go! Later! Waves, then jogs up the road.

Mariah: Strange guy.. Anyway, who wants to read this letter?

Jazz: Weird

Star looks as if she wants to say something...

Mariah: Star?

Leeta: Weeeeeeeiiiiiirrrrrddddoooooo!!

Jazz: Read it.

Leeta: Read read READ!

Mariah: Ok, I'll read it! Opens the letter, it's in beautiful cursive handwriting

Crono: Say, that dude looked familiar... is he from Guardia or something?

Leeta: Ooooooh. Nice writing.

Jazz: He looked like one of Leeta's old boyfriends I know that much! Jazz laughs.

Mariah: It says " Please, with this box of tools, repair the gate key, and meet me..."

Leeta: Shut up Jazz...really.....shut up.

Star blinks...

Jazz sticks his tounge out at Leeta

Mariah opens the box Yessss! Toools!

Leeta feels like ripping off that tongue......

Jazz: Read the rest of it.

George looks around and decides he'd better go before he causes any more trouble for the party.

Star smacks Jazz on the back of the head.

Jazz: Try me

Mariah gets right down to work! Whoa! all the parts I need! Whoever this woman is, she rules!

Crono: Huh? Wha? Tools? Whoa... I like tools!

Leeta: I would, only you live in the other side of the world.....

Mariah giggles at Star You have more balls than me, Star!

Jazz: Just the country!

Mariah: Well, not litteraly..

Leeta: Idiot!

Jazz: Bad girl!

Mariah works,and mumbles Now, drive A goes into drive B.

Mariah: Leeta? Stop fighting you two! Really!

Crono stares at Jazz and is wondering who he is.

George: Leeta??

Mariah: Oh, Chrono, that's Jazz..he's...hmm..he's... Goes back to work

Jazz: What is it Crono?

Star: Oh... What's ya gonna do? I'm not in a bad mood... Just daring. fake sweet smile

Crono: Oh, nothing, I was just wondering who you were.

Jazz: I'm What? Puts hands on hips

Derek snores.

Star: You know...

Damian now learned the tech of Threnody Song (from fighting a monster on the way here.)

Star: Ahem...

Mariah: Oh man! did anyone wake Derek up?

Damian: Derek, wake up.....

Jazz: I dunno... Hey MARIAH! I'm what?

Derek is at the top of the tree.

Mariah: Nothing! Hmm..we need to go. Let me wake Derek up Starts to climb up the tree..

Crono goes out behind a tree and takes a leak!

Damian splashes water on the tree and Derek doesn't look like he's waking up.....

Mariah: CRONO!! Don't urinate right in front of me, for god's sake!

Star climbs Derek's tree and tries to wake him...

Jazz throws a dagger at Derek, trying to wake him up but not hit him.

Mariah: WHOOAA! Too many people..in the TREEEEEE! The one branch snaps and everyone comes tumbling down!

Crono goes to a tree to do his daily sword practices.

Derek yelps at he falls out.

Jazz laughs.

Mariah: Eeeeeeeek! Falls on top of everyone!

Derek falls on top of Mariah!

Damian: ACK!Damian now feels more pain.

Mariah: Ahhh! Can...not....

Crono stares up blankly and looks to see what's the matter.


Damian: I thought I heard someone mentioning a way of repairing what is called a gate key.

Star doesn't fall.

Crono doesn't find anything the matter, so he continues his sword excercises.

Star: You two okay?

Jazz runs over to Mariah. What happened?

Derek rolls off of the pile of people.

Mariah: I'll be fine..just as soon as Derek gets off me! Ahh! Better!

Star: Hey... this is funner than I remember!

Damian: Did you get some sorta instructions on how to repair a gate key, Mariah?

Jazz pushes the people off Mariah.

Crono: So, are we ready to push on? I'm eager to kick some... rear end!

Damian: I thought I had some parts to repair it once.....

Jazz: You gonna live?

Mariah: Yeah, Jazz.

Star is floating a little ways above the tree.

Mariah: I Think I can use the key, but first, we better go to Truce, and see what Liza wants.

Damian: Okay.

Jazz climbs the tree and grabs his dagger, jumps down landing like a cat.

Star: I'm ready to go. Can't wait to show off a bit...

Damian: We better head to Truce now while the gettins' good.

Crono sheaths his sword.

Location: Truce Village-630A.D.

Later, in Truce

Crono: ...

Jazz looks around for that woman they met a while ago looking for Derek.

Crono turns to Damian.

Crono: So... Damian, right?

Damian: Yes. I'm Damian

Star: When can I blast something?

Crono: Pleased to make your aquantince

Mariah: Ok, so..where was Liza's house again?

Derek wanders around.

Damian: I thought it was over here.

Jazz: That way.

Mariah: Derek, Don't you know?

Damian: Nice to meet your acquaintance, Crono Jr.

Jazz points towards the water.

Star: Been a long time since I've used Luminarie...

Damian: Oh....here it is.....

Mariah: Hmm...drat! I wasn't really paying attention...

Crono: So, you all wanna play cards or something?

Leeta: Wanna play poker? sly grin

Damian sees a man looking more like the great Magus. Oh, hello sir.....

Mariah: Cards? Makes a face No, wanna invent something? Grins

Crono: Cool!

Star wonders if Crono Jr. can use magic....

SirTMagus: Greetings.

Jazz: 5 card draw, no wild, sky's the limit.

Crono: Well, I can, but I'm not very good at it.

Damian: May I ask who you are? You remind me of the great Magus.

Mariah: Aah! Yet another random guy poping up right in front of me!

Star: Magus?

Jazz: Magus?

SirTMagus: The "great" Magus?

Crono: I'm much better at fighting and techs.

SirTMagus smiles.

Star shrinks back...

Mariah: *and yet again* MAGUS?

Jazz is lost in an odd memory.

SirTMagus: No. I'm .......

Damian: I learned about the teachings of magic from Magus...

Star nods.

Leeta notices Stars reaction......

SirTMagus: His son.

Jazz shakes his head Uh...Whoa, where were we?

Mariah: SON!? When did he have kids?

Crono: Magus's son? I heard my dad and mom knew Magus...

SirTMagus: You called my father "great"?

Mariah: My mom too..

Star: I have known magic since I was little.

Damian: Yes.

Damian: I was once a disciple of his

SirTMagus: Thank you.

Damian: I am the.....last of the Mystics.

Jazz: Magic?

Jazz: Magus? Magic? What is going on?

Star: And I knew all of them! Well, Crono, Marle and Lucca at least...

Crono: So, we're in Guardia... what now?

Derek wanders off.

Mariah: You knew my mother Star?

SirTMagus: My full name is Sir Timothious Magus.

Damian: Let's knock Points to Liza's door then knocks on the door.....

Star: I know Magus... Indirectly.

Derek: Hm, a candy store..

Mariah: Oh, yeah, right.. Blushes

SirTMagus: She knows YOUR mother?

Derek goes into the candy store.

Star: Yes. smiles

Mariah: DEEEREK! Come back! Ah..man, he's..kinda shy, huh?

Crono follows Derek.

SirTMagus: So ... who are you?

Leeta: MMmmmmmm....candddddyyyy

Mariah: Me? I'm Mariah Nu

Jazz: Candy? Where?

SirTMagus raises one eyebrow.

Star: Candy-?

Mariah: GUYS! NO candy....!!!

Derek: Why not?

Leeta laughs.

Jazz: Damn!

Crono pokes his head out the door.

Star: No! Gummi bears!

Damian: Let's head to Liza's, guys

SirTMagus: Candy?

Crono: No candy? AWWW, come on!

Derek: Liza's? Why are we going back there?

Damian: We have to get the gate key repaired

Leeta: C'mon.....why not??

Mariah is getting very pissed! This is serious! You're acting like saving the world is as easy as baking cookies!

Derek: Gate key? What's going on?

Jazz: Derek she is worried sick about you

Crono sneaks in and gets 5 gps worth of candy

SirTMagus: May I accompany you?

Damian: It's a key to a gate of some kind.

Leeta: Cookies?

Mariah: Me? Sure

Jazz: Derek, you and I are in the same boat

Derek: I want to go home. Can anyone take me back?

Mariah: I mean, you coming with us? Why?

Crono: Hey, all in a days work, right?

Jazz: I don't know what's going on either.

Leeta walks over to Mariah and decides to get serious.

Damian: Let him, Mariah, I wish to gain more insight about his father.

Mariah wants to go home too..

Star: I want to go home, too...

Mariah: Ah..alright...can't get any more crowded..

SirTMagus grins.

Leeta: I want a home to go too.

Damian: All my life I wished to have worked with the great Magus.

Crono: Yeah.

Mariah knocks again on Liza's door...

Leeta is a street rat.

Jazz: Um, hate to tell you, but as far as I know, Zeal is well, kinda grounded if you know what I mean.

Mariah knocks yet again... and again...

Crono: We need all the help we can get, too

SirTMagus: Who is this ... Liza? Damian sees a woman comin near the door, or is she..?

Mariah: Where is she?

Crono: Should I pick the lock?

Star wonders why he wants to... There's nothing left...

Damian: Here she comes......

Mariah: I'm worried..

Crono: Hmmm..

SirTMagus: Aah .... Zeal.

Mariah: No, that's not her

Damian: Oh.... Mariah: She's blonde That was blonde, I thought!

Mariah: No, that woman looked brunette...what IS going on?! Mariah calls for Liza.

SirTMagus: Something's wrong?

Star: Hey, Derek-...

Leeta: Hmmmm......who?!

Jazz: I'll kick the door down!

SirTMagus: NO!

Jazz laughs.

Leeta reaches for her sword.

Derek: What?

Jazz: Leeta?

SirTMagus: Maybe I should go inside.

Leeta: Jazz?

Damian: Something's oddly wrong here....

Star: I'm also from Zeal.

Crono puts his hand on his swords hilt, just in case.

Mariah: Then you're color blind! She's blonde! That woman was brunette!

SirTMagus stares at Star.

Jazz: Why are you going for your sword?

Damian: I'm not that color blind.....

Jazz laughs.

Star is completly calm.

Mariah: Ok, that does it..Kick the door down!

Damian rams himself into the door.

Leeta blinks and looks at Star. What?.....

Derek stands back.

Crono slices the doors knob off.

Jazz takes a running start and kicks the door down like a swat team dude.

SirTMagus: HA!

The door breaks!

Mariah: Stay here..

Leeta: Okay......I think the door is gone now! Laughs.

SirTMagus: I'll go with you.

Mariah goes in..and screams...!

Crono starts to follow Mariah in the room.

SirTMagus runs in.

Star: Mariah?

Derek follows Mariah

Jazz runs in after her

Leeta runs in.

Crono: Huh, wha?

SirTMagus gasps.

Damian runs in.

Mariah: Oh no!

Jazz: Mariah!

Crono: What's wrong?

Jazz: What happened?

Derek: Where's Liza?

Mariah: The whole place! It's ransacked!

Star casts "TrapSpring" before she enters.

Crono readies his sword.

SirTMagus: LIZA!

Derek runs to Liza's bedroom.

Jazz: This place is a wreck! Looks like a tornado came through!

Crono: Uh, oh...

Leeta: Wow......trashed.

Mariah calls for Liza.

Star: Oh, Lord...

Damian: George, you should come see this......

SirTMagus starts rising the debris with magic.

Damian: Liza's house is in ruins.

Star casts "LifeSearch".

Mariah: Oh man, Ben is gonna be pissed..

Derek: Mariah! Come over here!

Jazz: You ain't kidding!

Star: She's in her bedroom!

Mariah: Wha...Derek..What's up? Runs over

Damian comes near Derek's direction.

Leeta searches through the wreck.

SirTMagus teleports to Derek's location.

Damian unsheathes his sword

Crono goes to the bedroom.

Jazz runs into the bedroom.

Mariah: Is she..?

Leeta walks to Derek.

Crono has his sword in hand.

Liza is on the floor, unconcious...

Damian: I hope she isn't.....

Crono goes up to Liza.

SirTMagus checks her pulse.

Jazz wonders who in this age would have such a nice bedroom.

Leeta: What is goin on?.....wow.....

Crono feels Liza's pulse too.

Jazz draws his dagger.

Star prepares to cast "Delta Force".

Leeta: Uhhh...

Damian: That's a fake......

Damian: It's lifelike...

Crono: I... I'm not sure.

Damian: But it ain't her......

Mariah: What ARE you talking about? Fake?

SirTMagus: This is bad.

Mariah shakes Liza.

Crono: Yeah, he's right... it's a dummy.

SirTMagus notices something and looks back and forth.

Damian: She's been replaced by a lookalike dummy

Mariah: She feels live to me!

Jazz: Hmm.

Damian: Hooboy........ Watch out!

Star: .... But-?

Damian sees the dummy transform into a monster!

Leeta looks at Liza transform.

Crono: Either a dummy, or Liza's in a trance of some sort.

SirTMagus: AAAH!

Mariah: EEEK!

Jazz: Remember that clone that saved Crono? Maybe this is one of those!

Crono: Monster!

Leeta: This is way weird.....yipe!

Damian unsheathes his sword now.

SirTMagus draws his scythe!

Leeta draws her sword.

Crono draws his sword.

Mariah dodges the mosters attack! What the heeeell?!


Ememies: Doppleganger HP:??????

Star brings a magical forcefield around the party.

Damian uses Threnody Song against the monster.

Derek runs out of the house to hide. Hm. That looks like a good hiding place.

Damian 's tech doesn't work

Derek runs and hides in the candy store.

Damian: Someone use a strong tech!

Crono: Okay, who's got the first whack at it?

Derek: Mmmm...candy

Jazz passes, getting ready for a dagger dash. It hits! 30 HP damage!

The monster growls.

Mariah prays that they'll be able to kill this thing.

Leeta summons Earth Crash spell. It hits! 36 hp damage!

SirTMagus slices through the monster. 35 HP damage!

Damian uses Threnody Song against the clone. No effect. Damn, didn't work again.

Jazz does the dagger dash CH! It hits 32 HP damage!

Crono's sword starts to get brighter, and he hightens his sword, and attacks! It hits! 45 HP damage!

Star casts "Delta Force" 32 hp damage!

Damian uses Discharge! 35 hp damage!

Star pulls out her sword...

SirTMagus teleports behind Clone and casts Black Hole. No Effect!

Crono sword lunges at the dummy. Misses!

Doppleganger: You'll never defeat the forces of evil! Why try?

Mariah chants... You're full if it!

SirTMagus's scythe materializes.

Jazz grabs his dagger and crouches for a dagger dash.

Leeta gets power for a spell.

The Dopplegagner's eyes start to glow. Your hopes and dreams are futile! Sleeeeeeep..sslleeeeep..

SirTMagus jumps behind the monster.

Star: "Evil turns upon itself..."


Damian: Whoa....the monster's trying to make us sleep!

SirTMagus covers the Doppleganger's eyes.

Damian: My tech didn't work.

Mariah gets sleepy..Hmm.. Stops chanting.. Uhnn...


Star is still wide awake.

Jazz drank 6 cups of double esspresso so it doesn't effect him.

Leeta yawns....Dammit....

SirTMagus grabs monster's eyes ATTACK IT! He yanks them out, but they regenerate right back!

Damian: Jazz, attack quickly!

Star attacks the monster...Critical hit! 120 HP damage.

SirTMagus: I have it in my grasp!

Jazz hits with a dagger dash for 46 HP!

Damian casts Discharge on it! 23 HP damage

Mariah is still sleepy..."Need a Mountain dew.."

Jazz shrugs.

SirTMagus casts Dark Bomb!

Damian falls over.....asleep.

Leeta shakes her head.....

SirTMagus casts Heal on Damian.

Jazz hands Mariah a cup of the double esspresso he had.

All togeter, the monster suffers 67 hp damage!

Damian wakes up again.

Jazz: It'll wake anyone up.

Leeta: EARTH CRASH!!!!! It hits! 39 hp damage

Dopplegagner: Hahah!

SirTMagus slices at the monster! Misses!

Jazz jumpkicks the monster for 33 HP

The dopplegagner starts screeching..it confuses you!

Leeta hates things that confuse her.....she is confused enuff!

Damian: Attack now, Sir! Damian holds onto the Monster.

Leeta is really woozy.

Damian sees action slowed down.

Mariah feels like she's gonna hurl. She finally passes out...

Damian: The monster's slowing us down!

SirTMagus shoots a Dark Beam! 19 hp damage

Crono walks in the room. Huh? What's going on?

Damian: Good time to join us, Crono, help Mariah!

Crono runs into the bedroom

SirTMagus: It's a monster!

Damian: Derek, help SirT!

Leeta falls down......

The Dopplegagner is walking to Mariah Hee hee hee hee hee... Blasts her with a ray of light! 36 HP Damage!

SirTMagus uppercuts the monster! 6 hp damage!

Leeta: So.....tired......

Star casts "Stop" the clone...Misses...


Jazz runs up and jumps on the back of the clone and whips it backwards. YAHHH!

Mariah wakes up finally. What the..AAAH!

Damian stabs at the clone! 34 hp damage.

Jazz gets in a wrestling stance. Come on, you want a a piece of me?

Star casts "Dark Eternal" 43 HP Damage!

Mariah: It's almost dead! Hit it a few more times!

SirTMagus: You used my father's spell!

Jazz charges at the clone and hits it right in the gut with his shoulder 20 damage.

Dopplegagner: AHHHHHHHH!

Damian sees the the monster disappearing You did it! It dissolves and dies! It worked!

SirTMagus: YES!


All members gain 35 exp and 492 gold

Mariah learns Befuddle!

Damian learns Lunar Eclipse!

Leeta gains a level.

Crono learns lit!

Jazz gains a level but collapses.

SirTMagus: So, what did you think? My father taught that move to me.

Mariah still feels like shit.

Derek learns not to overdose on candy.

Damian: You should've helped us, Derek and Crono Jr., instead of hoggin on candy!

Crono: Cool!

SirTMagus: Star ...

Derek: Sorry...*burp*...

Mariah laughs, says in an annoying voice "SAILOR MOON SAYS! Don't overdose on candy!"

SirTMagus: Lay off the lads, Damian

Crono: Sorry, man!

Damian hears a thud Jazz! Rushes to Jazz

Leeta trips over Jazz.

SirTMagus: What was that?

Mariah: Ah! Hmm..

Leeta: Ow!

Damian: Jazz looks passed out

Mariah: Hey! Leve him there..hee hee.

Crono looks around and eats some more candy.

Leeta: Yah...leave him!

Mariah: Hmm..guys...Where is Liza?

Crono: So, what do you guys think happened to the real Liza?

Jazz: Uhhhhhhh

Derek: I don't know.

Jazz sorta comes to.

Derek: I hope Hydra didn't get her.

Damian: She could've been kidnapped by Iris.

SirTMagus: Hydra?

Mariah: Hydra..or Iris..*Gulp*

SirTMagus: Iris?

Damian: I bet that Iris isn't gonna make this easy for us

SirTMagus: Who are these people?

Mariah: Megawitches.

SirTMagus: A witch?

Mariah: Iris..she..made my mother a total nut!

Crono: So, why not put that time key to use, Mariah? I wanna get back to my own time!

Derek: So what now?

Mariah: Who doesn't? Let's go to that gate...maybe we'll find Liza!

Jazz: Chrono, quit complaining we all do!

Derek: All right. Derek wanders off...

Location: Truce Canyon-630 A.D.

SirTMagus: There are still GATES?!

Crono comes up to Jazz.

SirTMagus: Let me see one!

Derek: So how do you open it, Mariah?

Crono: Nobody's complaining, short stuff!

Damian: I heard of these!

Mariah: As far as I know, we fell through one...

SirTMagus: Amazing!

Jazz: Yeah squirt? Short stuff?

Damian read about this from Magus's mystic book.

Mariah: Hmm..You see, this is..a key. It interupts the molecular structure of the gate..and..voila! It opens!


Crono: You heard me, stumpy!

Mariah says Shhh! Lemme try this..

Derek casts magic at Jazz and Crono....

SirTMagus: Amzaing. My father told me wonders about it.

Damian: Let Mariah try

Crono: Huh? PORTAL!

Mariah points the key at the gate..and..it opens up!

Crono leaps at the portal, eager to get home!

Damian: Oh my!

Mariah: YEES! I did it!

Damian: We must see where this leads to

Star: Uh-huh... I've been through these things many times...

SirTMagus: By the Black Wind!

Star: What?

SirTMagus: I must go through it!

Mariah: Crono!

Damian: Black Wind? You are truly the great Magus's son!

Jazz touches the gate. Hmmm

Mariah: Ok! Let's go!

SirTMagus: Enough talk!

Mariah jumps in!

Damian: Let's go....Damian jumps in too

Crono lands, looks around, then sees a trash can behind him.

SirTMagus: I MUST go into it!

Derek walks tentatively through the gate...

SirTMagus: I sense something.

Leeta looks at the gate and backs away.

Crono: Still way ahead of the others. Hey... that trash can has a star on it...

Star walks away. I refuse to go with you.

Crono walks to the trash can.

Jazz walks into the gate.

SirTMagus: Star ....

Crono: I wonder what that blue thingie is...

SirTMagus puts hand on Star's shoulder.

Leeta blinks.....

You jump in to the gate, and fall into a void, with losta gates..and trash cans..and more voids..

SirTMagus: You are part of Zeal ... aren't you?

Mariah: ooooopmh!

Leeta leaps through.

SirTMagus leaves and stands in front of Gate.

SirTMagus jumps in.

Crono touches the trash can, and dissapears!

SirTMagus falls.

Star changes her mind, all of a sudden and jumps in.

SirTMagus: Where are we?