CTIRCRPG Session One: Boom Time


Mariah, Iris, Sarah, Chris, and Narrator: Lucca
Leeta: Leeta
Lucca: So. Central Rain
Vincent, Fritz: Golbez
Craig: Warlord Havik
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Leeta, Mud Ozymandias, Golbez & Warlord Havik

ACK! Annoying fair music! :)

Location: Leene Square-1030A.D.

The setting is about 1030 AD, 30 years after the fall of Lavos. The day is sunny in mild, and once again, people are beginning to gather at Leene square for a day of feasting and dancing (Just for the heck of it this time). A girl and her friends enter the entrance of the square. The girl looks about the crowd with her friends. The girl's name is Mariah, Daugter of Lucca, one of the warriors who destroyed Lavos, the other two are her best (and only) friends Sarah and Chris.

Mariah looks around, taking in all the sights.

Mariah: Wow...big...

Sarah: Ok..so..what do we do now?

Chris: Bumper cars man! Bumper cars!

Sarah: Moron! I think the tent of horror is way better!!



Mariah groans "Geez..we'll do 'em all, as long as we see my mom's invention, ok?

Sarah: Oh yeah..I forgot about that...

Mariah walks to the center of the square.

Sarah: What's wrong Mariah? You're way tense...

Mariah: No..nothing...

Sarah: Frowns Ooookay....

Mariah puts on a fake smile " Nothing! Let's have a good time!!"

Man in Ticketbooth: Anyone up for some Silver Points? Place your bets on the runners....get some Silver Points!

Drag Queen Runner: Huff....Puff... Staggers across finish line.

Chris: Oblivious to anything that's going on. Hey! Runner person dude! I bet 20..oh yeah, I don't have any Silver Points...heheh...

Mariah: hmm.....

Drag Queen Runner: I...made it! Dances and makes his/her way to the Tent Of Horrors.

Merchant: Hey! Where'd my lunch go?!

Mariah: Maybe we should fight my mom's robot..or.. or... or... hmm. Then,Mariah smacks right into someone! "OOWOWW!"

Tent Of Horrors Guy: Step right up! Mariah swears she sees stars.

Leeta: Hey! Watch it!!!

Sarah: Mariah! You klutz! Grins Are you ok miss?

Leeta pushes Mariah out of the way. Yeah...fine......

Mariah: I'm really sorry...really!

Leeta looks around, nervous.

Mariah: I'm kinda...preoccupied....Hey, Something wrong?

Merchant: HEY! There's the thief!!! Mariah looks a little jumpy herself.

Cop: Stop Thief!!

Crowd: Thief?! Leeta takes off.

Mariah: Hey wait! Runs after Leeta.

Leeta sighs as she runs past some stands, wishing she had never done it.

Sarah: Wait for mmeeeeeeeee!

Lawyer: Oh boy! Another case!

Mariah sprints, panting, finds Leeta behind a box.

Little girl: Look mommy! It's Locke!

Leeta stops by the box near the fruit stand and sighs.

Mariah: Hey, what the heck do you think you're doing?!

Leeta: I'm hiding! Whatsitlook like?

Mariah looks the girl over, hears the cops coming closer.

Mommy: That's TREASURE HUNTER sweetie. Mariah: Why did you do it?

Leeta: Because I need to eat!

Mariah: Hmm..so you don't really like stealin' eh?

Leeta looks around for escape.

Cop: FOUND YOU! Grabs Leeta by the collar. Leeta: I hate stealin......well....most of the time... Urk!

Mariah: Hey! uh..uh..uh...er...sir?

Cop: Oooh! Stealin...

Leeta struggles, and punches the cop in the eye!

Cop: Is a baaad offense lady! Leeta continues to struggle.

Cop: Oow..tough little lady huh? Handcuffs her You have the right to remain-

Mariah: WAIT!!!

Cop: Yea?

Leeta tries to look innocent.

Mariah: She's..she's...my sister! My crazy half sister...

Leeta glares at Mariah

Mariah: She forgot to take her drugs today....she needs a LOT of prozac. Right SIS?!

Leeta: Uhm....right sis....right.

Cop: This is true eh?

Leeta nods violently.

Cop: What is the lassie's name?

Mariah: Leeta....come on sis..say bye bye!

Leeta: Uh...bye mister!

Mariah: I mean, she's really crazy, you see that cat over there? She thinks he's King Crono! Right SIS?!

Leeta: Yeah...all hail! Leeta mutters what Mariah can do with the cat......

Cop: Ok, go ya liddle monkees, and don't do this again! Leaves.

Mariah: PHEW....


Mariah: You alright?

Leeta: Uhm...yeah....thanks.... Leeta looks at Mariah.

Mariah: Can't let ya get caught if all you were doing is trying to eat..

Leeta smiles...

Sarah: There you are!!! Runs to Mariah.

Leeta: Yeah...Uhhh.......

Sarah:  Finally notices Leeta. Who's this?

Mariah: Oh, this is Leeta...

Leeta nods to Sarah.

Mariah: Leeta, this is Sarah, and that boy back there is her little brother, Chris.

Chris: Heh.

Leeta: Chris?.....

Chris:HI! Runs to the ladies.

Leeta pokes Chris in the nose. Hmmm...

Chris: OOOOW!!!!!!!!!

Mariah laughs. Anyway..let's have a good time..eh?

Leeta: Uh...sorry....

Mariah: Wanna come along Leeta?

Leeta nods a bit reluctantly.

Fritz: Come get some armor...some of the cheapest armor, right here!

Leeta: Sure....why not?

Chris: I dunno Mariah, I might get killed!

Melchior: Nice necklace there, little lady.

Sarah: Bops Chris Shut up!

Melchior: I would be willing to pay a high price for it...

Leeta laughs...

Mariah: Let's go!! Walks up to a candy lady.

Mariah: Hmm....looove candy....what should I get..hmmm.. Ponders the absolute joy of getting candy.

Candy Lady: Candy?

Leeta looks around, at all the armor and weapons.

Candy Lady: Would you care for some chocolate bars?

Sarah: Hey! Mariah! I thought you said you were going on a diet?

Candy Lady: Or Fig Nutans? Or Rocky Road? Baby Ruth?

Mariah: Uh? Oh yeah.... Her face falls.

Fritz: You look like you're interested in armors...

Candy Lady: Wacky Wafers? Snickers? Butterfingers?

Leeta takes a look at her katana.

Mariah looks rather crestfallen.

Candy Lady: Candy apples? Cotten candy? Chocolate yoshi?

Chris: HAHAH! I can have as much as I want, and still have MUSCLES!!!

Leeta: Muscles?.....let me see?

Sarah: Yeah right...as if.

Candy Lady: Care for a power bar, Chris?

Fritz: My latest special is the Broad Mail, for 50 GP, lass.

Chris: Yuck!!

Mariah: Broad mail? Hmm....got any guns or mallets on ya...?

Leeta looks at Fritz.......and blushes....cute guy.

Fritz: I got the Iron Mallet for 20 GP

Mariah: I could always use some tools for my inventions..

Candy Lady: Rice cakes? A certain guy named Mud seemed to like those...

Chris: NO WAY! Gimme cotton candy and Mountain Dew!

Weaponsmith: Ha! I got a Silver one for 2,000 GP! Beat that! They normally go fro twice as much.

Fritz: Unless you're going for the really good special, the Golden Mallet for 50 GP

Candy Lady: You sure you want some Mountain Dew? You're a guy, you know...

Leeta suddenly stops.

Candy Lady: I think you are, at least.

Mariah: Hmm..lemme see...Searches her pockets.

Candy Lady: You never know with drag queens running loose, like that one racer. Shrugs.

Chris: YEAH! I'm a stud! I can take it! Candy Lady: Yeah well....

Leeta goes farther away from Mariah and company...

The Candy Lady Turns around to get some Mountain Dew and mumbles how his offspring will look goofy cuz he drank this stuff.

Mariah: Leeta? Turns to Fritz Wait a sec Runs after her. Are you ok?

Leeta: Uhhhhh......yeah...I think.

Fritz: Wow....the companion the little girl has with her is HOT....

Mariah looks concerned If you're worried about the cops...

The Candy Lady hands Chris a Mountain Dew along with some cotten candy That will be about....fifty GP.

Leeta plays with a necklace around her neck. I'll.....be fine.

Chris: Here ya go! Pays her.

Melchior: Nice necklace there....Leeta?

Mariah: Ah! Melchoir!

The Candy Lady Pockets the gold.

Melchior: Yes?

Mariah walks up to him while Leeta is glaring at him.

Melchior: Mariah! Daughter of Lucca!

Melchior hugs Mariah.

Mariah: HI! How are ya?! Gives him a hug You're like my second grandpa!

Melchior Is something wrong Leeta?

Leeta: Oh, nothing!

Melchior: Yes...well...it's good to get away from Medina.

Leeta sighs and turns to leave.

Mariah: Have you seen mom lately? Has a worried look. I'm..worried about her..

A Mystic enters with bag of weapons "Can't.. you... carry... some of this.. Melchior?"

Lucca: Mariah? Lucca calls for Mariah.

Melchior: Those damned monsters are getting rowdy.

Fritz: Say, Mariah, do you still want the Golden Mallet? You and your friend are more than welcome to buy from my shops...

Mariah: Ah! Mom! Gotta book it guys! Be right back! Waves and runs to her mother in the back of the square Hey..

Lucca: There you are!

Mariah: Something up?

Leeta walks off to her "Hideout"

Lucca: I've been waiting for you.

Mariah: Waiting?

Fritz: Lucca, how are you?

Lucca: My invention is all ready for the public, but I wanted you to be there.

Mariah: Really? Oh...Gets a scared look in her eyes, but Lucca doesn't see it Ok. Do you mind if my friends come?

Leeta stops to glance back at Mariah and co.

Mariah: Please?

Lucca: Are your friends here?

Mariah: Yes

Lucca: No...we--er, I'd prefer it.

Mariah: Perfer? We? Wait..DON'T TELL ME IRIS IS HERE!?

Lucca: Yes, dear..I know how much you dislike her, but please try to be on your best behavior. She's an important associate of mine.

Mariah: Arrgh! She is a witch!!!

Leeta doesn't mean to overhear the conversation...but she listens in.

Mariah stamps her foot down "Witch!"

Lucca: Now I will not tolerate that kind of talk. I don't want to hear another word about Iris.

Mariah sighs "Ookay..for you mom.."

Lucca: Mariah, do you want to stay home for the entire fair?

Scientist: Miss Lucca, your friend Iris is waiting for you in the town square.

Mariah: Mother? I'm not a child!

Lucca: Thank you Victor, I was just about to leave. Then whispers to Mariah "Then act like it!"

Scientist: No problem.

Mariah: Just a little upset, that's all. I'll be there in a second.. growls. Geez...parents...

Lucca walks off toward the setup place.

Mariah stares at her mother until she leaves.

Sarah: Whoa..who pissed in your mom's cornflakes?

Chris: Chewing on cotton candy Ump..yeah....she's kinda mad..

Townsmen : Whispering to one another I hope Lucca's new invention dosn't... explode like the others did...

Drag Queen: Yeah, that wuz kinda phreaky!

Mariah_looks at Leeta Did you..overhear that?

Leeta: Uhhh....didn't mean to...

Mariah blushes..."I was kinda childish, but I HATE HER!"

Victor: Important note, Mariah....your mother is sorta stressed out right now about the invention, please be on best terms with her.

Mariah: Ever since she came...

Leeta puts her hand on Mariahs shoulder. Can I come?

Mariah sighs, then smiles "Sure!" Anyway..we better go!

Chris: Wanna hear a song?!

Mariah is walking up the steps to the new machine.

Fishy Merchant: Get yer fresh fish right here! We catch them, you buy them!

Lucca: Hello, Mariah! Leeta smiles and plays a bit with her hair.

Mariah: Hi mom...where do you want us...?

Victor: Miss Lucca, how will the machine affect this area? Iris told me to add some capacitors to the machine for some added effect of sorts....

Lucca: Just stand on that platform right there, dear.

Mariah: Alright...Stands on the platform

Leeta looks at the platform uncertain.

Sarah: Uh..Mariah..*Psst* what is this machine called?

Mariah: The..the..Neo Mammon Machine...

Chris: Isn't that the machine that...Trails off...

Leeta gasps as she hears the name.

Mariah: Yeah...that one..now I think you know why I'm soo stressed out.

Iris: Lucca, I think we are ready to start!

Leeta moves to the platform......

Lucca: Very well then.Turns to the crowd We are about to witness a new breakthrough in science! I can hardly wait...

Iris: Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention! Shall we explain, Lucca?

Townsman: Whispering and pugging ears Boom time.

Lucca: You go ahead, Iris. I'll check to make sure everything's okay one last time.

Leeta gets a small bit nervous.

Iris: Alright..this machine will help us finally have a clean power sorce for all of Truce!

Lucca walks around the machine and checks little pieces.

Iris: No more oil and coal power! Just pure clean energy!

Mariah: Yeah right..

Crowd: Wow! Can this be?

Mariah: Wish I thought of that...mumbles.

Iris: That's right!!

Victor: It's the answer to all our problems.

Leeta looks at Mariah, eyebrow raised.

Lucca: Looks good, Iris.

Iris: Tell us more Lucca!

Townsman: Yep... it's boom time.

Lucca: I think the world is ready for the Neo Mammon Machine. Iris glares at the men who said "Boom time"

Lucca: Throw the switch please, Iris!

Iris:Alrightie! heheh..

Victor: I'd say some of this was your work too, Miss Lucca. You're the best....

Iris throws the switch.

Mariah: Here we go Leeta!

Leeta shakes a small bit.....

Sarah: Wow...it makes a nice noise...

Chris: When does the fun start?

Mariah: Uh...

Fritz: I wonder if there's any aftereffect.

Iris: see!!?


Man: Fake!

Leeta grimaces, along with Mariah.


Townsman: No boom?

Crowd:We don't see anything!

A ball of engergy is appearing at the top of the machine!

Townsman: Looks at Fritz and whispers Boom. Boom-boom-booom. Boom. Have a nice day. grins

Leeta nervously puts her hand to the handle of her Katana.

Fritz: Hehehe

Lucca watches happily.

Iris: We did it!!

Townsman: Well somebody's gotta have the perspective around here! Sooner or later: BOOM!

Lucca glares at the townsman.

Victor: Wow, the machine's a success! Congratulations Madam Iris!

Sarah: Wait..is the energy supposed to be dark like that?

Lucca: Victor, I worked on it too.

Leeta starts to unsheath her katana....

Victor: You both should be put into the Truce Hall of Fame.

Mariah: Hmm...this doesn't feel right...

Leeta: I....don't like this.one bit Mariah..

Lucca watches the energy on top of the machine.

Mariah: Something..is...wrong here!

Victor: The machine....some sorta....energy backwash.....

Mariah: Mom! Shut the machine off!

Lucca: Iris, what's going wrong? Rushes to the machine.

Victor: AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Iris: Yawns I don't know...

Lucca: I can't turn it off!

Victor is killed by the oncoming energy.

Iris: Oh..what a pity.....Runs to the machine

Leeta growls.

Mariah Stop!! Runs to the machine.

Leeta leaps after Mariah....

Mariah: Mom!

Fritz: Lucca! What are you doing?

Lucca stops working. Well, time to face reality... If i can't turn it off, I can't turn it off.

Iris: Better look out Lucca.

Lucca: Nothing to be done about it.

Townsman: What did I tell you? Boom.

Lucca backs away from the machine.

Fritz: The machine's gonna blow.....run everyone!

Mariah: Mom? What the hell!? Turn it off!

Leeta skids to a stop.

Mariah: People are getting hurt!

Lucca walks out of the square.

Mariah: MOM!

Fritz and everyone else is running for their dear lives. Mariah runs after Lucca

Leeta runs to the machine and looks it over....

Iris: Wait up!!

Townsman: Running Just like I said. BOOM

Sarah: Get away Leeta! It's still on!

Mariah: Mom! What gives?

Fritz: I think you're right... running with townsperson.

Townsman: To Fritz And you laughed at me!

Lucca: The machine didn't work, Mariah. That much is obvious.

The energy is growing larger. Leeta growls some more and with a glare, plunges her katana into the machine! Fritz: I laughed with you, Craig, not against.

Lucca whispers to Iris.

The backwash of energy knocks Leeta on her butt! "Ah!" Leeta sheaths her katana and runs after Mariah...

Sarah: C'mon! Pulls Leeta away.

Lucca: Hmm. That's a large ball of energy... I wonder what's going to happen. Iris giggles

Mariah: No duh Mom! Mom...you...look funny..what's going on?

Lucca stops, turns around, and stands in place watching the machine. Leeta catches up the Mariah

Mariah: Mom! Practally tugs on her MOM! Ding dong? Helloooo? Anyone home?

Mariah is getting waaay scared here...

Leeta shoves Lucca.....

Lucca: ....Facinating....Then, Lucca glares at Leeta, and prepares a Flame Toss. DON'T TOUCH ME!!!

Scientist Near Lucca: Madam Muldune, what do we do now?

Craig: No boom?

Mariah: Mom! This is not facinating! Look! Points to some people hurt..or dead..on the street.

Fritz: No boom yet?

Mariah: Mom! Come on! She's my friend! She was only concerned about you!

Craig: No boom today. Boom tomarrow. There's always a boom tomarrow!

Leeta: Yeah! People are dying!

Chris: Oww....That machine hurt me...This isn't fuuunnn anymore!!

Fritz: Shut up and head for the forest, Craig....let's get all of us in there for now!

Sarah: Chris!! Runs to him Mrs. Nu! Stop this machine!

Leeta: Stop this machine!!!!

Scientist Near Lucca: Madam Muldune, this energy backwash is gonna blow Truce skyhigh!

Craig: I'm not stopping at forest. Ocean, maybe, but not the forest. Not this time.

Iris: Pity...

Lucca: Mariah, please stop misbehaving.

Leeta now glares at Iris....

Mariah: Misbehaving???!

Lucca: And tell your friends to stop being such annoying brats. I'm trying to watch the Mammon Machine.

Scientist Near Lucca: Mrs. Nu, Mariah and the others must be led to safety.

Mariah: Mom..uh....did the machine steal your brain?

Another Scientist: I would it best that we run, Lucca. This dosn't look good.

Lucca: All right. Coming, Iris?

Mariah has this urge to slap her mom in the face Leeta growls and jsut stops herself from punching out Lucca!

Iris: I..suppose so... heh...success...

Lucca walks away, to the island their house is on.

Mariah: Mom wait!

Scientist Near Lucca: Mrs. Nu, I'll take Mariah and the others, Norman, get the Neo Mammon turned off, okay?

Mariah: Looks at the machine, then sees her mom left her DAMN! Mariah looks at her friends GO! Go! before you all get hurt!

Scientist Near Lucca: My name is Wade, Mariah, let's get out of here..

Leeta frowns.....

Mariah: Forget it! I can show myself out!

Norman: Why do I always have to shut off Lucca's machines? You do it for once.

Wade: Come on! Your mom's not gonna like this.....

Sarah and Chris run off with the villagers.

Wade: Norman, we'll both shut it off.

Mariah: Leeta..you better go too, I have to find my mom. Leeta backs off....... Mariah looks at Leeta and sighs.

Leeta: Keep in touch Mariah! Leeta runs off.

Mariah: I would like you to come, but..I don't think you'd want to be friends with me...

Leeta stops....."Friends?"

Wade: Let's start with the ener....AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Wade is killed by the energy backwash!

Location: Nu Mansion, 1030A.D.(And random fleeing villagers! Two for the price of one!! :D)

Mariah starts running off to her home, she stops and looks at the storm clouds stirring in the sky.... Mariah runs in the house, calling her mom's name, throwing open every door..not finding her....MOM!?

Norman: You idiot, Wade. trys to shut of machine Little controls.. little contr- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Norman gets killed in the backwash.

Mariah: Wait! The lab!

Lucca is tinkering with the small-scale Neo Mammon Machine. Mariah runs to the lab, and sees Lucca and Iris. MOM!

Lucca: Hello, Mariah.

Leeta silently follows Mariah to her house and then sits beneath a tree, waiting....

Lucca: Did you have fun today?

Mariah: Fun? FUN!?

Lucca blinks. Is there something wrong?

Mariah: Mom! Have you lost all touch with reality?!

Fritz: Where's the companion with Mariah? Is she around?

Mariah: PEOPLE DIED TODAY! Because of YOU!

Lucca: Well, I wasn't forcing them to stand around like idiots while there was an energy anomly in the area, was I?

Mariah doesn't know that Leeta snuck into the house!

Mariah: It should have never happened!

Lucca: It won't again, Mariah.

Craig: She's still with her, I think. Now keep running! This is gonna be a BIG boom.

Lucca: Next time we'll get it to work right.

Leeta creeps into the Nu household, sword at ready......

Mariah: It's still going, and..mom....you know..a long time ago...

Fritz: Let's head to the forest, trust me, the boom won't go as far as Truce.

Mariah: You told me about a machine called the Mammon machine..wasn't it evil?

Iris: Geeez...curious little girl, ain't ya?

Leeta sees some light..."Must be the lab or something...."

Craig: Okay, Fritz. I'll tell your dad that you said that when you're toast.

Mariah: Mom, if we don't shut this machine off in about Takes out her caculator and puches up some numbers 3 minutes, were all dead!

Fritz: My dad's dead, Craig...how will you tell him?

Craig: Ouji board?

Lucca: The old one was. But this is entirely different.

Fritz: No, stupid, he's dead....he's been dead for 30 years

Leeta listens in on Mariah....

Craig: Okay then.. I'll tell your wife that when yer toast.

Mariah: Old one? This one has the EXACT same purpose!

Fritz: Uh, excuse me, Craig, I work only in an armor shop.

Mariah: Mom...Face is hell of stern Turn off the machine.

Fritz: Keep running!!

Machine will self descruct in 60 seconds, 59...

Lucca: Iris, is there a way we can turn it off from here?


Iris: Sigh...guess not.. Iris: although....hmm hmm hmm....

Leeta growls and innerdly struggles to decide what to do!

Fritz: Found the palace, Craig, let's head in there....

Mariah: Iris! You're stalling! This is all your fault!!

Lucca: Sorry Mariah, but it looks like there's no way to turn it off. We'll be safe on the island, though.

Mariah: What..about everyone else?

Lucca: Well, maybe most of them won't die... shrugs.

Mariah: Moooom!

Leeta gasps.....

Mariah: How can you be so..coldhearted?!

Fritz: We're down near the Snail Shop now....let's move it Craig!

Leeta: Inhuman witch..mumbles

Lucca: Mariah, if there was some way to help, I would.

Iris: Whispers so that Mariah can't hear, but she does anyway. Because I made her that way...mwa haha.

Lucca: But there's no way we can turn it off from here. You're asking me to do the impossible.


Iris: Ahh! Nothing!

Lucca: Mariah! Watch your tone. Iris is a very important and respected scientist.

Mariah: Nothing my foot! You made her this way? What are you talking about?

Fritz: Ahh....safety at last.....let's go in here for now.

Lucca: You could learn a lot from her, if you'd keep quiet.

Mariah realizes she'll get punished for this, but she says it anyway" BULLSHIT!"

Lucca unleashes a Flame Toss on Mariah.

Mariah: Ahh!

Leeta rushes downstairs!

Neo Mammon Machine:15 seconds to countdown

Mariah falls to the floor "Mom?"

Leeta: Earth...Rumble!!!!

Neo Mammon Machine: 4.....

Iris Who's there!!

Lucca: I will not have my own flesh and blood speak to me that way! You're punished!

Neo Mammon Machine explodes.....

Leeta 's spell hits Lucca, taking off 20 HP I

Iris: OK! Who just did that! Show yourself!

Lucca_ hits the ground as the shockwave goes through the house.

Mariah: Mom!

Fritz: Dammit, Craig.....look at that BOOM!

Leeta drops to the ground.....

Mariah: Mom! You've changed! You...eeek! Shockwave drops her on her rear!

Fritz and the others drop to the ground

Chris with Fritz End of the WOOOOOORLD!

Craig: Told you so. drops to grou before everyone else.

Leeta crawls over to Mariah....."Get down!!!!"