CTIRCRPG Session Seven: Citadel


Mariah, Ellena, and Narrator: Lucca
Keli: Maruka
Crono Jr. Umaro1000
Warlord Havik, Ship Builder: Emperor Uhl
Leeta: Leeta
Star: Star
Jazz: Black Phoenix
Derek : So. Central Rain
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Emperor Uhl

Last time, our fearless (?) heroes landed at the End of Time, where, from Elynthia, they learned of their enemies and gained magic from Spekkio. According to Elynthia, problems where occuring in 2330 AD due to a machine known as "Warlord Havik". The team enters this era, to find it in poor condition, meeting only one nice soul, Keli. But unfortunately, the team learns about Havik's power, the hard way....

Location: Keli's House-2330 A.D.

A woman suddenly knocks on the door. *Knock Knock* Keli? are you home? It's me.

Keli opens the door. Hi Ellena! Come in.

A young woman enters. She has medium length brown hair, a badge like she is a cop, and a gun. "Phew! It's hell out there! Well, now Kel, I never thought you'd go out and knock Havik around like that!"

Keli sits by Ellena "You okay girl? I had to..."

Ellena: Yeah, I'm fine, But I'm worried about you! Where are the people with you? Downstairs? I also heard a girl got a head injury.. They're strong, no doubt, no one goes after Havik!

Keli: They are downstairs, Ellena

Ellena: Can I talk to them...?

Keli: Sure! Go ahead. Keli invites her in.

Ellena: Thanks girl!

Keli walks downstairs with Ellena. Are you guys feeling better?

Ellena walks down the stairs, The others are hanging about downstairs, Mariah is still out of it, and some of the party members are hanging out in other rooms.

Jazz is siting on what is left of a couch, sharpening his dagger. He then looks up, hearing her come down

Leeta is chewing idely on a piece of wood.

Jazz: Just fine

Derek: Pretty bored.

Leeta: Bored as hell

Star reads a (blank) journal book....

Derek: Is Mariah going to be okay?

Ellena: Hi. You're the ones who took Havik on, heh? I'm Ellena Majere. Pleased to meectcha!

Jazz: Greetings

Star: Heheheheh... funny reads, man....

Jazz smiles.

Keli: Ellena is a good friend of mine.

Jazz extends a hand.

Ellena: Mariah? Looks at the unconcious girl. Hmm..lemme look.

Leeta nods in Ellena's direction.

Jazz: I'm Jazz. Just Jazz.

Ellena Shakes hands.

Star looks up and waves cheerfully.

Ellena: Well, let me see here...hmm...this girl has just a bump, she'll be ok in a bit.

Jazz goes back to sharpening his dagger

Derek: Huh. Okay.

Keli: Ellena, tell them about your 'journeys'...

Leeta sighs in relief

Derek: So when do we get out of here?

Leeta: Good.

Ellena: Ah! Well, first off, I got a hunch, you're not from this time era, huh?

Leeta: Noppers!

Ellena: Thought so!

Derek: No.

Keli: They are from the past...

Star starts bothering Leeta with nonsense questions.

Ellena: Well, neither am I. I'm from 1999 AD, and I know about Elynthia. Surprised. Most likely not, with all the crap you've been through lately.

Leeta gives Star a blank look and wonders what the heck is goin on.

Derek: So?

Leeta: Ya do????

Jazz checks the sharpness of the dagger on a hair.

Keli: Who is this Elynthia you speak of?

Ellena: I was there when Lavos attacked my town, I fell into a warp, and, landed at the end of time...Not a fun experience. He was butt ugly..

Star starts laughing...

Ellena gives star an oooooddd look

Derek: Lavos attacked your town too? Hm.

Star: Laaaaavvvvvoooossss.....

Ellena: Yeah, blew it up, but this was before those..hero people killed Lavos.

Star: Hahahahahaha...

Keli shudders.

Leeta raises an eyebrow

Star: Ya. Lavos got killed by... umm... What's-his-name.

Keli nods

Ellena just keeps starting at Star. Crono.

Keli nods.

Ellena: So, I never went back to my time era, I didn't want to, when I heard about our little friend Havik here. Havik used to be a normal human, like me, but..

Star: Lavos kicked the bucket, Lavos kicked the bucket...

Ellena: Somehow, over the time spans, she lost her body, and her sanity, I hope that never happens again Looks at Star.


Star blushes and wanders into a corner.

Ellena: I'm a cop, and the Leader of the 'Rebels' we're sworn to stop Havik, at any cost!

Keli gets the door

Ellena: Um, Kel, couldya please get that?

Keli: Hello... Sir?

Star: No one's home!

Crono comes thundering in! Ummmm... hello!

Star: Umm... did I say that?... Hi!

Ellena: I was wonderin'..you wanna help kick Havik's sorry little ass..?

Leeta shhhhh's Star

Derek: Sure, sure. I guess so.

Ellena: Goodie!

Keli: What do you want sir?

Leeta: I'm always ready to kick ass.

Derek: Anything that will get me out of this skyless pit.

Star hushes... for a few seconds, then starts asking Leeta questions again.

Derek scowls.

Crono is confused.

Leeta giggles and tapes Star's mouth shut

Mariah moans "Oww..."

Leeta rushes over to Mariah. You 'kay girl?

Keli comes over tho Mariah.

Jazz hops up and goes to Mariah

Mariah trys to wake up "Damn..oh.."

Derek: Mariah! You're awake!

Star looks at the tape over her mouth, trying to figure out how to get it off...

Mariah wakes up "Oooh, who decided to tap dance on my head..?"

Keli runs into the kitchen to get some water.

Jazz brushes a hair out of her face.

Star: Eeta?

Jazz: Welcome back to the land of the living!

Leeta: Eeta???!!

Derek: Warlord Havik did. We're going to go and make a mess out of her, want to come?

Ellena looks thoughtfully, silently

Mariah: You...ow..bet...Let me..get....OH! Stop the ride! I wanna get off!

Jazz grins. Just sit back

Keli: Calm down, Mariah!

Jazz: You got a pretty bad hit on the head

Keli: Everything's okay.

Mariah: Thanks... Who is that upstairs....?

Star: 'Riah! Elp!

Mariah: Crono?! Is that you?!

Crono looks around.

Star pulls the tape that's on her mouth.

Crono: Huh, wha? ANYBODY HOME?!

Mariah: It IS! You're alive!

Star: Off!

Crono walks downstairs.

Keli: CRONO?

Ellena: Mariah, are you the leader here?

Star: 'Elp!

Crono: Mariah?

Mariah: Umm...am I?

Keli looks at the boy.

Mariah: I guess so..why?

Leeta: Yeah. you are.

Ellena quickly tells her who she is.

Crono walks into the room. Hello?

Star tugs on the tape over that's on her mouth... 'Elp 'elp 'elp!

Derek glances at Star.

Leeta grins and hauls off the tape.

Crono: 'Elp?

Ellena: Here is the mission...We, as in the Rebels, are gonna go after Havik's security systems, severly crippling her. Wanna come?

Crono: What's going on here?

Leeta: Instant hair remover!

Mariah: You bet!

Crono grins.

Jazz: Sure! Count me in!

Star: Thanks, Leeta... It was getting hard to breathe...Hey!

Leeta: Of course!!

Jazz: I've been waiting quite a while for some action!

Mariah wonders what gives with the tape.."S&M??" Chuckles at her sick joke

Leeta cracks her knuckles.

Crono: Whoa, you mean fight? Cool!

Ellena: You look familar.

Star: Can I use magic???

Derek practices with his staff, accidentally knocking Mariah's head again lightly.

Crono opens his sheath

Mariah: OOH!

Star: Mariah!

Mariah falls back.

Leeta catches Mariah

Derek: Oops.

Mariah: Derek, please be more careful...

Leeta: Woah girl.


Crono: Gee, that was smooth!

Star: You okay, Mariah?

Mariah: Umm..does anyone have a tonic? Elixir? I can't go like this...I feel sick..

Ellena: I do.

Crono: I have an Elixer

Leeta smiles.

Jazz tosses a balm of gilead to her.

Crono: Found it on the road on the way here!

Mariah takes it from Ellena "Thanks" Drinks it and feels better.

Star: Road kill? *giggle*

Ellena: Now I know who you are..this is GREAT!

Crono: Hopefully not! Crono laughs

Leeta: Heh!

Ellena: You're related to Lucca Nu?

Crono: Huh? Who who is? Ah, her

Mariah: Hee hee...really REALTED, as in, daughter related!

Leeta: Related

Crono helps himself to a glass of water

Leeta smiles

Ellena: If you inherited some of Lucca's knowledge, you may just be smart enough to crack into Havik's defenses. We better go! Follow me! Runs up the stairs, and out the door!

Star looks around the room with a strange look on her face...

Mariah: Whelp, better follow her...let's go..

Derek runs after Ellena.

Keli follows Ellena.

Crono: Ahhh, man, out AGAIN! No time to get a sandwich...

Leeta runs after Mariah also.

Crono: Sigh... ah, well

Jazz follows in the shadows.

Star: Wha-?

Crono strolls out.

Star looks around, confused... follows Crono.

Leeta runs back in, lifts Star up by her shoulders and runs out

On his way out, Crono grabs some food from the counter.

Location: Citadel-2330A.D

The team is now outside of Havik's fortress.

Ellena: Well, here we are...

Mariah: Whoa...biiiiiig..

Leeta: Wow....

Keli: Ak!

Crono: Whoa... cool fortress!

Derek: It reminds me of home.

Ellena: This place is only known to the people here as the citidel. It's 5 stories of metal hell..

Leeta eyes the place and tries to think. Hell huh? Good!

Crono: Strange, this place looks familiar... oh, well.

Mariah: I have an idea..

Star: ???

Keli: How are we gonna... ponders

Mariah: How about we split up..I have my latest invention on me..Walkie Talkies! We can split up, and try to find the defense systems..

Derek: We're not seriously going to storm that, are we?

Star: Kill meany now?

Mariah: Actually, I didn't invent them, my mom did..*Sigh*

Jazz: Of course we are!

Crono: Walkie talkies! Cute...

Leeta nods....."Good idea Mariah..."

Crono smiles.

Mariah: We have to!

Derek pales.

Mariah: Derek, we'll be ok! We have to stop her..

Ellena: Ok, I make the teams here..

Star: Kill meany?

Leeta: Yes Star.....kill meany

Crono: Wait a sec... we're all going into "5 stories of metal hell"?!?!

Star: Yay!

Crono: COOL!

Jazz: Isnt it just 3 stories of metal hell?

Star: Gee... Doesn't look bad to me... Get to kill!

Ellena: Let's see, with Mariah, let's have Derek, Leeta, and Jazz,and with me, Crono, Keli, and star. Did I forget anyone?

Star grins.

Leeta: Oh goodie!

Keli nods.

Leeta grins and says she can't wait to kick ass!

Mariah: Cool! See? You're with me Derek!

Derek: Great. Kicks a stone.

Star: Black Wind's gonna be blowing like there's no tomarrow!

Mariah: How about you take go left Ellena, I'll go right!

Ellena: Got it!

Crono: Any particular plan, or do we just blindly try to breach this gigantic fortress and kick ass?

Mariah and her team runs off in one direction, the others go the other way.

Derek nods to Crono.

Leeta: Exactly Crono!

Derek: Blindly breaching it is, then.

Crono: Ahhh, man!

Derek follows Mariah.

Star: Okay! Gonna be mighty busy... runs off in a random direction

---Meanwhile, Mariah's team enters the right side of the Citadel---

Jazz: Attention metal hell shoppers, blue light sale on assholes, level 3

Mariah: Oooookkk..now what...

Leeta creeps along quietly

Mariah: Ok, now..let's see here...

Leeta knocks on the metal and says "Heeeeelllllllo? Anyone home?"

Mariah notices that she is smack dab in a factory area. Look at that! Sweet joozus..

Derek covers his ears from the clanging machinery.

Leeta blinks Woah...

Mariah: What are they making?

Derek: Nothing good, I'd imagine.

Mariah goes to investigate.

Derek pokes at a conveyor belt.

Mariah then takes one off the assmbly line, and opens it..."Drones. This thing is making Drones"

Leeta caustiously looks at ceiling. Drones?

Jazz: Those things that attacked us

Mariah: Yeah, the ones that attacked us.

Derek: Well, let's smash this stuff. Then they can't make any more drones.

Mariah: Wait! Look!

Leeta: Yeah

Jazz: Then how did we get in?

Mariah runs to a computer! A password code! Shit!

Jazz: Don't smash it!

Mariah: I dunno if I can crack this...

Jazz: Just figure out what is going on. Hmm.

Derek: It's probably something easy.Derek walks over to the computer.

Jazz looks at the lights flashing on the screen, types in "secret"

Derek: I mean, when you're an idiot like Havik, you don't want to make your pass too tough, do you?

Jazz types in "god" Nothing.

Derek types "havik".

Leeta types in MD

Derek: Hm.

Jazz: Wait! Jazz types in "kivah" I think I did something!

Leeta: kivah??

Mariah: No, you didn't.

Jazz: Havik backwards Aw come on! Work!

Mariah tries "Battle droid"

Jazz: Can't we do anything right?

Mariah screams BACK OFF! please? Ok. Wait, Looks at the back of the droids serial number "GOT IT!"

Leeta steps back violently......

Derek stays exactly where he is.

Mariah types in "Nemesis 512432" the assembly line slows and stops! "Whoooo hoo!" Mariah smiles "Science saved my ass again!"

Leeta: You go girl!

Mariah: Now, let's explore some more......

---Meanwhile, the second team just entered the Citadel--

Ellena: Are you guys behind me?

Crono: Gee... isn't this peachy?

Keli: Whoa! This place is humoungus!

Crono: I guess...

Ellena: Ahh..! Mariah figured out the password! Spunky! Whips out her gun let's go now..slowly..slowly..

Crono: Doesn't anybody here have an ounce of common sense?! WE'RE GONNNA DIEEEE!!! Crono looks around and touches some metal thing he sees and is electrocuted.

Star: I don't mind dying...

Crono: AH! Damnit!

Ellena: Crono, trust me, I'm a cop, you WILL not die Motions This way.. then gets irritated. Crono! Don't touch crap, you dolt!

Crono: Mutters Yeah, right...

Star: Are you okay?

Keli follows Ellena silently...

Crono walks along

Ellena sees a door, and kicks it down!

Crono: Yeah

Star looks around, then follows...

Crono: Mutters Call me a dolt again, you b... sigh...

The team goes into a room, and sees..one hell of a warship! Its Huuuuge!

Ellena: Whoa! Dude...

Keli: Ack!

Crono: Ummm...

Star: Warship? Kill it!

Ellena: That's either the Harbinger..or the Nemisis...

Crono: You know, it isn't too late to head this way... points to exit

Ellena looks at it "It's the nemisis..it's not done all the way.."

Keli gasps.

Crono: Oh, hell, I might as well stay and fight! Where's the bad guys?

Star: Fight?! Yay!

Ellena turns to them. "You see, the Harbinger is a biiig warship that kills anything it comes in contact with, but the Nemisis is not done yet, so this unfinished ship here is the Nemisis.."

Crono: Can we blow it up?

Ellena: Yeah! Who wants to redecorate...? Ellena gets out her gun... Go for it!

Crono: WOOHOO! Action time! Crono pulls out his sword

Warlord Havik sends in 5 anti-personel drones

Crono: I think I'll take apart this control panel...

Keli brings out her foil.

Crono: DOH!

Crono turns around

Ellena: Drones! SHIT! Ellena whips out her gun!


Enemies: 5 Drones=40 HP

Keli: Damn!

Crono: Shouldn't we come up with a plan, I said...Crono holds his sword with both hands

Ellena: Goodie, they're the weak ones!

Keli stances.

Star hesitates, then draws her sword.

Ellena pulls out her gun. and shoots with great percision at one drone, 78 HP lost! Drone one is dead!

Keli smacks the second drone. 45 hp lost! Drone two is dead!

Ellena smiles Gooo Kel!

Star attacks the third drone. 46 Hp lost! Drone 3 is dead!

Crono: Oh, god, this is pathetic!

Ellena: Kick ass, flyboy.

Crono leaps up of the ground and slices into the drone diagonally, lightning in his eyes!

Keli: Make your papa proud!

60 Hp lost! Drone 4 is dead!

Ellena: Ok, now to finish this...Ellena uses the but of her gun on the last one! 64 HP lost! Drone 5 is dead!


All memebers gain 47 XP and 165 Gold

Crono cleans the oil off of his sword.

Ellena: God! Easy! They didn't even attack! We can thank Mariah for that! Ellena then hears star laughing... You ok, girl?

Star wipes her blade with her hand, and cuts herself on the edge and drops it, shrieking.

Ellena: Hey! Careful! Wonders..

Keli keeps her sword.

Star: Ow... Heh... aha... Heehee... HAHA! FUN!

---Meanwhile, with Mariah's team---

Mariah: Ok, now, let's count, HOW many minutes have we gone in circles?

Jazz: 17, I think

Derek: Too many. Can we just -try- another way?

Mariah: Where is Leeta? We didn't lose her back there, did we?

Mariah tries left this time. Wait! What's this..? HEY! This is new!

Derek: The exit, hopefully.

Mariah smirks, pushes open the door, but no luck! "I'm not strong enough! Help!"

Derek adds his strength (ha) to Mariah's.

Mariah slowly pushes it open. Ah, got it. Mariah looks in, and notices living quarters for..Someone.. What is this?

Derek: Weird place.

Mariah: Yeah, is this where Havik lives? Pulls out her little gun.

Derek: Who knows.

Jazz: Looks like it.

Ship Builder starts comming in.

Jazz: Look at that body iterface over here.

Mariah inspects some drawers.

Ship Builder: No, it's were *I* live.

Mariah: AH! Someone's here!

Jazz: Looks like someone "attaches" to it...Huh??? ACK!

Mariah turns around. Who are you?

Derek whirls to see the Ship Builder. He's got Leeta captive! That's where she went...

Mariah: Leeta!

Jazz draws his dagger.

Mariah: Let her go!

Ship Builder: I am the Ship Builder of the Citadel. . . and you must be the intruders the Warlord warrned us about.

Leeta struggles. You bastard! Let me go!!

Mariah: Yeah, well, let go of Leeta, ok? PLEASE?

Ship Builder pulls out a laser rifle, and aims it at Leeta's head.

Mariah: NO! Stop!

Derek: No!

Jazz: Let her go or I'll cut your circuts one by one

Mariah wonders...

Derek casts a spell.

Leeta blinks rapidly.

Derek: Now just put down that weapon....

Mariah whispers.."Keep him busy.."

Leeta: Try me......asshole.

Mariah sees a bottle of acid on the nightstand..she slowly picks it up..

Jazz: And I garauntee I can do it before you pull that trigger

Ship Builder: No, I won't. In fact, my ultimate project is a fith complete. Once I re-activate the drone factory, you'll be dead.

Mariah: Now, we can have a nice, simple agreement, right... No need to get crazy..

Ship Builder begins to put away his weapon. . . slowly.

Leeta growls...."Let me go...now...." whispering

Derek whews.

Mariah walks up to the shipbuilder..."See? Are we so bad.. We're nice..."

Derek: Mariah! Get away before the magic fades!

Ship Builder: I don't care what you are. All I know is that if it wasn't for the rebels, we'd already have stopped with these warships!

Leeta blinks rapidly again

Mariah then says "Nice enough to do..THIS!" throws the bottle of acid in his eyes, and pulls Leeta away! RUN!

Ship Builder pulls up his laser rifle again.


Enemy: Shipbuilder=300 HP

Ship Builder: You. . . His eyes are starting to burn...

Mariah: Are you ok Leeta?

Leeta steps away and growls

Mariah gets her gun out..

Leeta hauls out her katana and snarls violently

Ship Builder shoots a double beam at Derek and Mariah! It hits them both! 25 Hp lost!

Mariah: ACK!

Jazz makes a dashing attack at the arm with the weapon. It hits! 46 Hp damage!

Mariah: Damn! He's strong!

Leeta: Bastard!!!

Mariah: Derek! You're in the clear! attack him!

Derek swings the staff as hard as he can at the Shipbuilder. Been practicing! It hits! harder than usual too! 35 hp lost!

Mariah: Whoo!

Leeta snarls violently, her temper rising. She leaps at the jerk and rips into him, slashing and hacking uncontrollably Whoa! Mega hit! 75 Hp lost! She was that pissed folks!

Mariah: YES! You go Leeta!

Jazz runs circles aorund it cutting its exposed wires and prying pannels. 45 Hp damage

The shipbuilder uses a gun attack on the party! 13 Hp lost to all!

Leeta: Ow!

Derek kicks the Shipbuilder.

The Ship Builder uses a laser beam at Mariah! 14 hp damge!

Derek's kick hits, but not all that strongly! 20 hp damage

Mariah: Ow! Take THIS Creep! Mariah chants, and casts Wind1! 64 hp damage!

A voice says "FINISH HIM" Mortal Kombat like

Mariah: I think he's almost dead! Get 'em!

The Ship Builder starts to repair it's ripped circuits..

Mariah: Leeta! Hurry! Before he repairs himself!

Jazz gasps

Leeta rushes in and casts thunder fist. Slams her fist so damn hard into the f*cker! It hits! 56 hp damage! The shipbuilder falls over!


All members gain 46 XP and 167 Gold!

Mariah learns Lil' Bomb!

Mariah does a cartwheel!

Derek looks bemusedly at Mariah.

Mariah: Sorry..

Derek: Cartwheels?

Mariah begins to blush. "Well.."

---Meanwhile, the next team...---

Ellena: Ok, I hear something up ahead..

Star: Hahahahaha... Wanna play...

Ellena walks up the hall, with her gun drawn...Ellena breaks open the door, to see the others! Mariah! Derek! And everyone else!

Derek: Aaaaah!

Star: Yehaaa!

Derek: Oh...whew.

Keli: Guys! You're okay!!

Star: HI!

Ellena: Good! We did what we wanted! Let's split.. Star?...

Leeta: Heya guys!

Star draws her sword, looking feverish...

Mariah: Star? are you OK?

Leeta: Hu..huh?

Ellena: *Psst* She's been acting reaally off..

Mariah: Star?

Leeta: What the?

Derek: Ow...

Star: The Black Wind blows...

Mariah: Derek? Star?

Leeta walks towards Star... Girl?

Derek: Her mind...

Star lunges at the nearest person.

Leeta: Ack!

Mariah: Oookay...I thought I was the eccentric one here...

Leeta falls back.

Mariah: AHH! Leeta! Mariah rushes to Leeta

Ellena: What the hell?

Leeta: Ah! Shit! Leeta curses.

Star laughs...

Mariah sees a puddle of blood where Leeta is

Leeta groans.

Ellena: She's lost it..

Star: You'll never escape me...

Keli: Star?

Star runs off, laughing hysterically...

Mariah: What do you mean?! We are..your friends!

Leeta: Christ.....

Keli gulps

Mariah: NO! Come back!

Derek: She's gone psycho. I could feel it...

Leeta stumbles up.

Mariah: I..don't understand..

Leeta: Erugh.......Star....

Ellena: I do..she's gone crazy..

Warlord Havik walks past the room, searching for them

Ellena: We better go..before-

They all hear a voice "Before I show up?"


Mariah: Oh no!

Derek sighs. I knew this would happen.

Mariah and Ellena Pull out their weapons..

Leeta: Ah christ.

Warlord Havik aims her laser at Ellena.

Derek grudgingly gets his staff out.

Leeta hauls out her katana

Jazz: Oh shit

Warlord Havik: You. . .

Keli looks around frightenly

Leeta: ?!

Jazz: Metal muncher her(him?)self

Ellena doges quickly Ah, metal one, you come a calling? This is the Avon lady of death! Anywho, we're just gonna mosey on along now..See, Leeta had a bit of an accident...

Warlord Havik: It looks like I can end two problems right here. You do know that if you destroy me, you will be unable to stop my drones. Warlord Havik looks at the Ship builder But I'm not as easilly stopped as him.

Leeta grimaces and runs her finger along the deep gash

Ellena: You're Bluffing! Mariah stopped them!

Mariah: That's right! I did! And what do you mean "Him?"

Leeta: Yeah.

Mariah looks around for an escape

Keli glares, gripping the handle of her foil...

Warlord Havik: Oh, really? Did she also stop Tactical or Shipbuilding? Unless you stop them, I still win.

Leeta growls "Not while we live...."

Ellena: Sonnafabitch,,

Jazz decides to sit back and wait cuz he doesn't have a clue as to what is going on

Ellena: Well, We won the battle today Havik.. And We WILL win...in the long run, but..I thik we'll take our leave now..

Warlord Havik: Over my dead body. . .

Jazz: Exactly!

Leeta: That can be arranged

Mariah: Damn right..

Warlord Havik: Let me re-phrase that: over your dead *bodies*.

Derek: Mariah, we should leave, not fight.

Ellena throws a smoke bomb! Run like shit and don't look back! That door is the exit!

Derek runs.

Mariah runs.

Jazz runs.

Leeta runs, blood dripping after her

Keli sprints to the exit

Ellena runs

Warlord Havik slams a button marked "secrity patrolls to maximum"

Mariah: Havik is mighty pissed..Run faster!


Ellena: I see drones..If we can make it back to Keli's house..we'll be ok..

Keli: Let's go...

Leeta: We can make it....

And the team makes it into Keli's driveway, and inside the door!

Mariah: Phew..

Keli opens the door to her house.

Leeta collapses into a couch.