CTIRCRPG Session Four: Island Ambush


Mariah, Iris, Drunken Sailor, Merchant, Hydra., Ben,and Narrator: Lucca
Leeta: Leeta
Star: Star
Jazz: Black Phoenix
Derek: So. Central Rain
Damian: Golbez
Fritz: Golbez
Craig: Warlord Havik
And Various NPCS: Lucca, Golbez

Location: Porre Village-630A.D.

Last time, our heros got sucked into the time era of 630 AD, where they met a rather...um...vain guy named Jazz (Who just wanted to flirt with Mariah!) When they figure out where they are, they go to the town of Truce and learn from a woman named Liza that a boy by the name of Derek was kiddnapped, and that Iris and her goons are holding him in Ozzie's old keep (or so it seems) Now, the clan is at the seaside city of Porre, where they wait at the docks..

Jazz looks around.

Jazz: Nice place

Mariah walks around, smelling the sea air, and points to a gloomy island in the distance..Ooh....geez..is that it?

Leeta sniffs the air

Jazz squints Looks like it

Leeta: Smells lke fish

Mariah: Well..what now? I think we need to find someone who can sail us there..

Meanwhile..at 1030 AD, a nice guy named George hears a loud explosion and runs into Truce, where he sees a big portal and some people going in..

Jazz looks for the docks

Mariah walks up to an old drunk sailor Excuse me, sir??" Can you take us to that island over there...?

George runs towards the portal and whips out his sword, sensing something evil around, but starts to get sucked in too....

Jazz: Um, I don't think that is such a good idea

Drunk Sailor: Duh.....NO FRIGGIN WAY LADY!

Jazz: Maybe someone sober would be better. Pushes the sailor

Leeta glares at the sailor.

Jazz: That's no way to talk to a lady

Drunk Sailor: Ow! liddle annoying kids! Don't you know..who *Hick* lives there!?

Mariah: Um..no..we don't..who?

Jazz: Who?

Leeta: Stupid drunk.

Jazz grins at Leeta.

The portal finally sucks George inside and he flies headfirst on the pavement of a town near the sea....

Drunk Sailor: Well...*HICCUP!* Old ozzie used ta live there, and now, says a ghost lives there!

Jazz: Ghost? HA!

Mariah: Oh yeah right...

Jazz: Old wise tale.

Leeta: That's old wives tale doofus!

Jazz: Told by drunken sailors too afraid to find out

George sees lots of people nearby and walks over to ask where he is.

Drunk Sailor: It's TRUE! It was told to me by a' friendly spirit! *HICCUP!* Ohhhhh.....

George: To Mariah Excuse me.... Where.... am I?

Jazz: I bet you aren't man enough to take us there!

Mariah: Huh.....? Mariah turns to George..

Jazz crosses his arms.

Mariah: Who are you sir?

George: Me? I don't know.... My name is George....

Leeta just stares at George......Wow...what a babe.....he looks like my old boyfriend!

George: Looks around What is this place?

Mariah notes his armor....looks like a knight of some sort Well, You're in 630 AD, but.....well, I don't know WHY you're here...or us for that matter!

George: 630 AD!!??

Drunk Sailor: HEYYY! Pay attention to meeeeeee!

George: What do you mean, 630 AD??

Mariah: Yes...weird eh?

Mariah: I'm from 1030 A.D., but..well..long story, big machine..big boom, you get the idea..

George looks around, his eyes wide.

Jazz: Well, we would pay more attention to you, except you don't seem to be in the mood to help

George nods.... A big boom... In Truce...

Drunk Sailor: I was bein' helpful! Ni!

Jazz shakes a bag of coins.

Drunk Sailor: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Jazz: Now are you going to help?

Leeta: Just what she said......630......what're you doing here?

Drunk Sailor: Mooooneyyyy!

Jazz snatches it back! Not until you take us there.

George: Ehhmm.... What am I doing here... Good question... George looks at Leeta, trying not to make anyone notice.

Drunk Sailor: Ooooh! Ok! Fine fine...give me five minutes. In the meantime, head into that little shop! You'll need their stuff *Hic* Leaves

Jazz: Everything in the bag is yours once you take us there.

Mariah nods Ok, let's go into that shop, but first Turns to George Where to do live?

George approaches Jazz.

Jazz grins.

George: Umm... what is going on?

Jazz head down bumps into George! Oh! Who are you?

Mariah: Well....I dunno if we should get you involved in this...

George: Hey, watch it- I was just going to ask a question.

Jazz ponders at Leeta's predicament.

Mariah: Well, ok...first off, there is the WITCH Iris...right?

George is confused.... time travel.... new people... weird sailors....

Mariah: She's an inventor, and she made my mom a complete nut!

George: Iris? You know her or him?

Leeta: Iris.....yeah..the bitch

George: I met her once....

Mariah giggles Well, I guess yeah, bitch is a good word...WHAT!? You met Iiris?!

Leeta smirks.

George: Something strange about her... shakes his head

Jazz: What Iris?

Mariah: Tell me more!!!! We need to know! She's the one who blew up Truce, and she's controlling my mother!

George: She dropped something in the street, and blasted me away with something as I was about to pick it up...

Mariah: Was this recently?

George: Blew Truce??

Mariah: Yes....truce is..gone...

George: Nods Hmm yeah, I saw Iris quite recently... Last week!

Jazz wonders when the sailor will be back

Drunk Sailor Uh..give me..*Hic* another sec....go into the shop over there..

Jazz will when they will pick up their supplies

George asks what do they want the sailor for.

Leeta wonders if George is wearing underwear underneath his armor.....*blush*

Jazz: We need to go to that island over there. points to it and he is taking us

Mariah walks along to the shop, with the other's following her. Well, you see...there was a kiddnapping..we think he can help us!

George: Why? I sense something strange there...

Mariah walks into the shop and see's a nice, primp little woman

Merchant Woman: HELLO MISS!

George: Something evil...

Mariah: Hi! What have you got for us?

Jazz looks around the shop

Merchant Woman: Oh! Everything miss! You name it, we have it! Everything for your adventuring needs!

George sighs and sits down on a stone block nearby.... and can't help looking again at Leeta...

Merchant Woman: Here's our item list, you have GP, right?

Leeta looks at some canned goods.

Porre Shop Item List

George: Porre?? This is Porre?

Fellow merchant: It's funny how drunken sailors always seem to tell stories about ghosts.....those fools

George takes out his purse....

Merchant Woman: So, what do you want???????

Mariah: Hmm..lemme see.....money..money... Mariah has about 400 GP..

George suddenly goes up and looks at the goods...

Leeta doesn't have any money....

Mariah: Well..first..I'd like...an air gun! Yeah! And can I sell this?

Jazz checks his bag, 350GP Jazz tosses 200 on the table

Mariah pulls out her wooden mallet.

Merchant Woman: Sure!

Jazz: I'll take a power glove

Merchant Woman: That Mallet goes for 20 Gp there...

George has 450 GP he won out of some monsters...

Mariah pays her 200 GP, and gets the air gun!

George tells the Merchant he'd like a Magic Scarf.

Leeta looks at her fists and decides that she doesn't need any new weapons....

The merchant woman takes the money, and gives the power glove to Jazz, then, takes George's cash, and gives him what he wants.

George looks at Leeta again and gives her the 250 GP he has left so she can buy something.

Leeta blushes and gives the money back...

Mariah: Ok..one more thing....I'd like...a maidensuit and leather wrist.. Mariah then smiles at George and Leeta..HMMM...??

George looks away and tells Leeta to accept it... he doesn't need it...

Jazz puts on the glove, perfect fit, feels his muscles surge.

Merchant Woman: Gives Mariah her items Ok, one more person!

Leeta nods and puts it into her money pouch....

Leeta: What muscles Jazz?

George goes a little red in the face as he feels he's being looked at and goes a little further.

Jazz glares at Leeta

Mariah hears the sailor yelling Hurry up! I'm *Hic!* ready!!!

George looks up as he hears a sailor yelling something.

Leeta looks outside

Drunk Sailor :Hick! HURRY UP!!!!! Starts singing really loudly!

Jazz walks out bag in hand. Remember, everything in here is yours when we return safely.

Merchant Woman: Did I help you miss? Points to Leeta.

George runs to the ship so the sailor stops singing.

Jazz stows the bag

Leeta: Uhhh.....no thanks Miss......Leeta turns and runs.


Mariah: Stop singing sir!

Leeta: Ahhh!! Make it stop!!!

Jazz laughs.

Leeta giggles.

George puts on his scarf tightly so he doesn't feel the bite of the sea air...

Mariah: We're....Notices a man is standing on the boat as well uh..who's this..

Man: Hello....

Drunk Sailor: Just 'sa bum.

Mariah: Umm...er.....umm....who are you sir?

Man: My name is Damian

Mariah blushes...another cute guy...all the guys she's met are cute...

Damian: .....Who might you travelers be?

George sits down at the ship and handles his sword's grip.

Mariah: Damian....? Why are you on this boat? Don't you know where we are going? It's dangerous!

Leeta looks at the water....

Damian: I know where you're headed......but I also had a purpose in mind.......

Jazz leans over the side of the boat, looking out at the island.

George: Sighs Lots of people want to go there it seems.... What is your reason?

Mariah then notices a young woman on the boat as well...

Jazz: Leeta, beautiful isn't it?

Damian: I heard that there was a ghost that was disturbing that keep over there

Mariah: Another purpose...Sighs How can we trust you?

<Leeta> Yeah....and so calm

<Mariah> HA! You belived that!? *Giggles* That sailor over there is drunk!

George growls at Jazz and turns a little red again.

Damian: I will prove your loyalty to you, but what is your name, fellow traveler?

Jazz looks at George What?

George: My name.... George. Nice to meet you, Damian.

The woman then starts to walk off the boat, Mariah looks puzzled... Oh! I'm Mariah...

Leeta looks up startled and just then notices Damian.

The boat now begins to move...

Location: Open Ocean- 630 A.D.

Damian: Nice to meet you too, George.....I don't know how I can prove my loyalty to you......

George: Loyalty? shakes hs head and smiles.

Star stands at the safety railing of the ship, looking slightly lost..

Damian: But I am willing to help you travelers......

Mariah: Well......we'd better go there now...oh! The boat's moving! Yes! Say? You know about Derek?

Jazz wonders what those things are that are crawling up the side of the boat

George: No need of that.... I was just asking you why did you want to come aboard...

Mariah: That woman! Walks to the woman Ok...what GIVES!? When has this suddenly become a party?

Leeta also notices a woman standing by the railing.

Damian: I heard of the ghost and I had an urge to go do something about it.

Leeta walks up to Damian.

Mariah: Barnicles Jazz..Baricles

George looks up and asks Jazz what exactly did he mean by things??

Leeta: Pleased to meet you.......I'm Leeta

Mariah: I'm Mariah.

Jazz: Those are the biggest barnicles I have ever seen!

George looks sharply.

Mariah giggles.....hard...Oh Jazz..you're a riot!

Damian: Nice to meet you, Mariah and Damian, but why are you heading out to that cave over there like I am too?

George: Are you sure those "things" are barnicles?

Mariah: We have to save someone..

Jazz looks at the woman, Oh, I'm Jazz. Jazz bows slightly.

<Damian> Then I will go with you........

<Mariah> Umm...welll..hope not....

Star glances up sharply, appearing frightened...

Jazz: Actually, I doubt those are barnicles.

Mariah: They ARE Barnicles? Right?

George takes out his sword slowly.

Damian May I ask who the one speaking about barnicles and the frightened one be?

Mariah pulls out her air gun.

Jazz: No, just somewhere in between. The look sorta like small squid

Damian unsheathes his sword

George pulls his scarf tighter and looks at the things again.

Mariah Umm....OH CRAP! All of them jump into the boat! At least 5 of them! Damn! They aren't barnicles!

Jazz draws his dagger and climbs the mast to the crows nest.

George jumps back and glances to see if everyone is all right.


Enemies: Silly Squid 60 Hp each

Leeta unsheaths her sword and gets in to a judo/karate stance.

Jazz poises himself for an ambush from above.

George takes a fighting stance and prepares to go for the squid.

Mariah points her gun at one of 'em and fires, it hits! 17 hp is lost!

Star draws her sword and takes a defensive stance...

George jumps towards a squid and strikes down at it.

Leeta leaps at a squidy and slashes deep.

Mariah Ahh! Runs around as at least 2 are right on her butt!

Jazz dives off the crows nest, dagger first, and drives it into a silly squid's head. 52 damage!

Damian slashes at the monster hard. It hits! 40 hp lost! Squids one and two are dead!

Jazz follows up with a kick 12 damage, killing one.

George casts protect on himself and runs into the middle of the squid.

Star attacks the nearest squid...

Jazz gets ready to do a dash slash. It hits! 30 Hp lost, and it falls off the side of the boat!

Mariah: 2 left!

Jazz: SPOON!

Leeta backs up and almost falls off the boat!

Mariah: Mine mine mine!

Damian sees a monster advancing and slashes it again!

George casts "Light Bolt" at squid 2 and hits for 15 hp!

Damian's blow hits! 56 hp lost!

Jazz runs at it and cuts it across the middle. 35 damage

Mariah: The last one is mine! sheeeeeesh!

George jumps back and makes sure Leeta is all right.

Damian Okay, I'll let you handle this one, Mariah

The squid grabs Jazz's ankle and wraps around his neck, 17 damage

Mariah chants, and cast Flame Singe! 36 hp lost! The last squid is dead!


Leeta looks up at George and nods slowly, blushing.

Damian smiles.

All members gain 35 exp and 68 gold

Jazz rus around on fire!!!

Star looks around darkly...


George quickly looks away and sheathes his sword.

Jazz dives off the boat

Damian learns Discharge!

Mariah: You all ok? Concerned.

Damian: I'm fine....but what about the others?

Mariah: Ahhh!!!! JAZZ!

Jazz swims and climbs the rigging backup the boat.

Leeta: I'm.....fine...blushing deep crimson

George notices Jazz falling and runs over to see if he's okay.

Drunken Sailor: Get off my friggin boat! You're here!

Jazz: You should be more careful with fire!

George is all right...

Jazz: He had me in a death grip!

Damian: Looks like we made it!

Mariah: Sorry, I'm new at this! *Runs off the boat!* Let's go!

Leeta: Coo......

George gives the sialor a dirty look and prepares to go ashore.

Jazz hops off.

Damian looks angrily at the sailor.

Leeta runs to shore.....kissing the ground after she gets there

George jumps off and lands in a big rock.

Location: Island Tower (Used to be Ozzie's fort)-630 A.D.

Mariah stares up at the rather dark tower, and walks to the door....to find it locked! Oh no...

Damian: A tower eh?

Mariah: What now..?

Jazz: Stand back

Mariah stands back.

Star wonders...

Leeta: Puhh....

George looks as the others go ahead and notices something weird in the rock...

Damian: This reminds me of a fairy tale long ago......

George: A marking?

Star: A tower? Wait...

Jazz charges at the door with his dagger drawn.

Mariah: Fairy tale?


Leeta looks at the tower.

Mariah: WAIT!!!!!!

Damian: One I heard about a tower...

Jazz bangs into the door and nothing happens!

Mariah: Dude, you can't just BARGE in there! We'll be ambushed!

Jazz: Ooooomajor headache.

Damian: They say if a certain person sings, it'll open for em'

George shakes his head as he can't read it and follows towards the tower.

Mariah: We need magic.....or....Sees a storm drain.... Hmm...

George: Sings?

Damian: Well, I doubt it'll work here

Mariah: Sings...?

Leeta: Sings eh?

George smiles.

Leeta blushes.

George: Magic?

Star seems slightly frightened... I don't know you, but don't just go barging into the tower...

Mariah: Star, can you sing?

Jazz: Why not?

George looks at Leeta and wonders what is she going to do.

Mariah: I sure can't..I'm the intellectual one.

Damian: The girl you speak of could be the key to the tower.

Leeta meets George's stare and blushes more.

Star: Yeah, why?

George: And- who is the girl we speak of?

Damian: The one called Star, Sir George

Star: Hmm...

George turns around and looks at the sea...

Damian: If you sing, the tower could be unlocked

George: Star? Nice to meet you.

Jazz gives Star an encouraging pat on the back

Jazz: Good luck!

Damian waits as Star prepares to sing.

Mariah: Go for it Star!

Star: Me?

Leeta looks at Star and smiles.

Mariah: Yes! You can do it! Smiles

<Damian> Yes, you may be the key to this tower. Go for it, Lady Star.

<Jazz> Come on star

George rests on the door, waiting for Star to sing.

Jazz glances at Mariah.

Mariah: Or..I could always find that singer with the high voice, Mariah Scary...... She has my name, you know.

Star sings softly...

Jazz hopes he wasn't noticed.

Damian sees the tower opening.

Damian: You did it! The tower is opening!

Jazz: Why not?

Mariah: Yes! Yes! Yes!Way to go Star!

George looks up startled as the door opens and loses his balance, falling inside.

Jazz: Or how about that annyoing song that every girl in LUNAR sang?

Star backs off slightly...

Damian: Lunar? Never heard of it, Sir Jazz....

Leeta opens her mouth to say something ....

Mariah: Umm..sorry if we startled you....Gulps Let's go in..

Damian: Shall we go in?

George looks up groggily.

Damian heads on into the tower with George in the front.

Star remembers a bit of her past...

Leeta: Uhhh.....lets go.

Jazz then takes the lead and walks in.

After some searching..they find no on in the tower, but, they just found out where the prisions are...

George walks ahead, looking carefully at the groups of stone statues aligning the halls.

Damian hears a voice....Someone's here!!!

Mariah: Ok, we're ..ack! Hide!!!

Leeta keeps glancing at George.

Star: Th- the wind...

Damian rushes to the end of the prison row......

Mariah hides behind a big statue, and advises the others to do the same!

George walks to where the voices sound and sees something in one of the prisons.

Star stands perfectly still...

Mariah: NO! George! Get back here..

Damian hides in the statue on the end

Leeta jumps for cover and brings Star with her.

Mariah voices grow louder...

Star runs off in the opposite direction...

George looks carefully at the thing and backs off a little.

Iris: So...Hydra..what are we going to do with that boy..? He refuses to work for us..

Damian: No footsteps......Mariah, I think we're safe

Mariah wispers..Iris...!

Jazz wonders what he missed and jumps behind a pillar

George runs behind with the others.

Leeta mumbles something that is censored.

Damian: Psst.....who's Iris, Mariah?

Jazz wispers

Hydra: Well...I not sure...we NEED his powers...badly...

Jazz: What is she doing here?

Mariah: Hell if I know..SHH!

Star wonders who the boy is...

Mariah: An evil woman Damian!

Jazz watches silently.

George feels a big desire to blast Iris back for the favor she did to him in Truce the other day...

Iris: Maybe..I've been testing a new control device..I call it..a slave crown...ever heard of it?

Star: The black wind...

Damian: Oh my, an evil one like the supposed Ozzie? Argh....better hide here then....

Hydra: No..No madam..sounds cool though! Let me put it on that brat! Do you know what he did to me the other day? He SPAT on me! I want a pice of HIM!

Leeta could swear she just heard Star say the black wind....

Star represes the urge to attack...

George looks up sharply hearing what Star said.

Jazz: Black wind?

George: whispers The black wind?? You've heard it??

Damian: whispers The great Magus said that once....

Jazz: wispers Magus? That name sounds familair

Iris: It completely crodes a person's will, making him...practically ours...here..take him this food, and give him one more chance to work for us..if not! Makes a gagging noise Well, I must be off! The team hears a loud bang, like the timegates make

George: Magus.... right.

Jazz: Wispers But where?

Damian: whispers Although I have heard of him, but never met him....

Star: whispers The great Magus? So that's what that little fool is called in this time...

Mariah: Ahh! She's coming into that cell! Hide again!

George: Little fool?? Star??

Damian hides near Mariah this time

George ducks.

Jazz: Little fool?

Mariah runs to another statue!

Jazz: You've met him?

Leeta yelps slightly and leans against a wall

Star suddenly clutches her head in pain...

Leeta glances at Star

Damian never met Magus, Jazz....but he has heard the stuff he said.....Damian then runs to the same statue Mariah's running to

A Woman is walking the halls, with a food tray, she has practcally no clothes on, and has long dark red hair..

Mariah: Just like Liza described!

George was told about Magus... Or Janus....

Mariah: Ok! Shhh! She's talking!!!!

Damian stays silent

Star reamins silent...

Hydra: Heeeeelllllloo BRAT! How are YOU This eveing?

George looks around to see where Leeta is.

Mariah is breathing hard...

Damian looks to see if everyone's alright......

Star chokes down a cry of pain...

Derek: Same as always.

George starts fumbling with the grip of his sword again...

Derek: You know that.

Jazz draws his dagger.

Leeta clenches her fists and mutters a curse.

Damian quietly unsheathes his sword.....

Hydra: Hmm...hmm..fine..here's your dinner..Plops it down Oh! I forgot, you're chained to the wall..what a pity...

Mariah: No! Keep back! I need to know who he is!

Damian keeps himself back then.

George tightens his scarf again.

Star shakes her head...

Leeta grits her teeth.

Hydra: So...I have another proposition for you...you want your freedom, right?

Jazz waits.

Derek looks at the food in distance. Depends. What are the conditions?

Star trys to recall a spell...

Hydra: SPEAK! You haven't eaten for quite awhile! Don't you want it?

A strange glow appears around George, not noticeable as he can't be seen from the cell

Mariah wispers..Don't attack yet..

Hydra: SPEAK!

Damian won't attack yet....he recognizes that face

George tells Mariah he won't attack... it just.... started!

Star: Whispering to herself C'mon... don't give on me now... Dark... Dark what? Stupid girl!

Damian: Whispers Could that be who I think it is?

Hydra: Well..you must work for us, and let us have access to your magic..

George covers himself with his cape to stop.

Derek: I want it. Sure, why not?

Hydra: Oh, and you must do everything I tell you...

Derek: My magic? But I don't know much magic...

Damian: Whispers Mariah, I might know him.....

Hydra: It's not the quanity, it's the QUALITY! You're magic..it's quite powerful boy..You know a lot more magic then you think you do, you've just forgotten it

Mariah: Really Damin?

George makes a face when he hears Hydra.

Derek: I don't want to practice any more magic.

Damian: whispers I remember meeting that kid in Guardia once....

Derek: I just want to be left alone. Tell whoever that lady is that.

Hydra: Then no more food...hee hee ehe..

George feels so mad at Hydra he's about to stand up.

Hydra: Too bad..you'll work for us, weither you like it..or not!

Star: whispers Who would want to eat that?

Jazz gets ready to throw his dagger right at Hydra's head!

Damian: whispers Jazz, no!!!

Leeta moves forward a bit...

Mariah: Don't Jazz!

Star: The black wind... not yet...

Mariah: Stay back!

George holds his wrist tightly.

Jazz nods, then wispers I know.

Damian: whispers She's leaving.

Hydra: WELL?! You're not being coopertive..I have a little device here..that will take away all of your freedom....do you want that?

Mariah: No, she's not!

Damian: whispers Maybe not....

Star gasps in pain...

Leeta's fist glows lightly.....

Hydra: Ahem, let me repeat! You're not being coopertive..I have a little device here..that will take away all of your freedom....do you want that?

Derek:No! No...give me a little more time to think it over.

Damian: whispers I'll take care of her, I don't want you risking anything......

Hydra: Time is of the essence! Chose, you little brat! I haven't got all day..

Damian looks at Hydra angrily.....

Derek: I don't want to choose right now. And if I feel like I'm being bullied....then....

Leeta 's mind is a red haze......

Hydra: Then what?

Damian: whispers If you don't want me to, Mariah, I won't, but I want to see that kid freed.....

Derek: Well, then I'd probably have to tell those people hiding behind the wall to kill you You wouldn't want that, would you?

Hydra Slaps him...HARD! SPEAK!...what..?

Mariah: NOW! Mariah runs into the room Bar the door!

Leeta leaps at Hydra

Damian rushes to Hydra and slashes at her.

Hydra: You Little Shit!

Star suddenly reaclls the spell... DARK MATTER!

Hydra puts her sickel up to Derek's neck! Don't you dare attack!

Jazz throws his dagger straight at her head!

Damian sees Hydra grinning at him evilly.....

Leeta blinks as she hears Star yell something

Hydra barely dodges! Blast it!

Damian leaps upon Hydra and stabs her.

Star laughs maniacally....

Damian: You bastard monster!

Jazz looks fearfully at Star

Star: Let's do that again, shall we?

Derek: Wow.

Hydra: Ahh!...Crud! I'm outmatched! I'm outta here! Chants something funky, and begins to teleport outta there! She is gone in a flash of dark light!

Leeta backs off the monster.....

Jazz shakes his head and retrieves his dagger

Derek: There really WERE people behind the wall. I was just trying to distract her.

Damian: Darn!

George looks around, startled.

Mariah looks at Derek...and blushes..Umm...cute....REAL cute. Big smile

Star curses... I wanted to blast her 'gain...

Damian: I knew you were the one that was imprisoned.....

Mariah: She's gone guys..help me unchain him!

Damian: Didn't I meet you before in Guardia...?

Mariah: Are you all right?

Jazz: Mar, can I ask who ISN'T cute?

Derek: I don't think so, sir.

George looks at Leeta to see if she is all right.

Leeta notices Mariah's look at Derek.......

Mariah: Umm...er...umm....

Derek: I'm fine...does anyone have an ether, or something?

Star leans heavily against a wall...

Leeta also notices George.....Errr....I'm fine.

Derek: I depleted all my magic in case they enslaved me.

Damian gives Derek an ether.

Leeta: You 'kay Star?

Derek: Thank you. Derek drinks it down.

Jazz: Good thinking.

Derek: Ah...there. Now you're all going to be my friends.

George looks away.

Derek subtly casts a spell.

Star: Yeah... my magic capabilites aren't as good as my brothers...

Damian blinks

George: Your... brothers'?

Damian: You're....?

Leeta: Yer brothers? Hmmm?

Mariah feels slightly funky..I.. guess so.

Damian: Then we were trying to rescue......

Star: The black wind...

Mariah: Ok, what gives with this "Black wind"

Star: NO!

Mariah: Star!

Jazz: Really!

Star passes out..

Mariah: Star! Oh Man....

Leeta runs to Star.

Damian: Lady Star!

Jazz: What is this black wind?

George feels something weird in the tower...

Jazz: Great.

Damian: Oh my.....

Mariah turns to the group Wha..what's going on!!

George goes to where Star is and casts "Cure" on her.

Damian: I have no idea....

Leeta looks at Star and then feels her pulse.

Star looks around groggily...

Mariah: Do you know Derek..and what is this magic everyone is refering to when they talk to you?

George looks around suspiciously.

Damian sighs.....

Jazz sighs.

Leeta: Star?.....are you okay girl?

Star: I think we should leave the tower... haste would be a good idea...

Damian: I will tell you my story, Mariah........

Mariah: Umm..I think this is a REALLY good time to get outta here..Hears Damians comment Story...? Ah well Let's get out of here..for now...

George glows again and hold on for a second.

Damian: Okay.... sigh

Derek: Can I come with you?

Damian: Of course! But who are you?

Derek: I'm Derek.

Jazz: Too bad they don't think so Mari! Points at the six pike carrying guards running in.

Star: ...

Derek: Derek Eccles.

Mariah: Sure! Why not..umm...Blush

Damian: Hello Derek, I am Damian, mercenary traveler

George turns around and sees the guards.

Mariah: Sees the gaurds Ahh! Damn! I knew this was too easy! More gaurds!

Jazz: Jazz, nice to meet you

Damian: Guards....?!?

George looks around and waves his arms.

Mariah: Keep Derek in the back! He's still too weak!

George: Can we have the introductions later?

Derek: Ahem. Hello, guards. Derek makes motions with his hands...

Mariah: Umm..you don't want to really be friendly with them..it's a bad idea...

Leeta smiles at the guards sexily and causes one to stop and just look at her.

Damian: What the? Derek's doin' somethin alright

Derek: We can be friends, right? No need for violence.

George goes to the opposite wall and feels around the bricks.

Mariah blinks..What the heck..?

Jazz laughs at Leeta You think they would look at YOU?

Star recognizes on of the guards...

George looks away quickly and tries not to look at Leeta.

Jazz draws a dagger and hides behind a pillar.

Gaurds: Oh...yes....LET'S BE FRIENDS! ALL of 'em hug, while Mariah laughs her rear off!

Derek hugs a guard.

Mariah: Oh man, this is goooooooood!

Damian: Wow....this is cool!

Leeta laffs.

Jazz hugs everyone!!

Derek: Nice to meet you! Bye! Derek walks off down the corridor.

Mariah is rolling on the floor, giggling!

George backs off, not wanting to hug the guards... nor Jazz!

Star: What the-?

Damian: Derek, wait for us!

Gaurd: BYE!

Damian: Bye fellow guardsmen!

Leeta: See ya!

Mariah: Hmm...Now let's beat it!

Damian runs off to the corridor.....

Star: I... think I'll go now...

Jazz Bye! Wispers and good ridance!

George follows Derek and asks him where did he learn that.

Star dashes towards the nearest window...

Location: Outskirts of Gaurdia Forest-630 A.D.

----Later..that night, the party is off the island, somewhere around Gaurdia Forest, and by a campfire..----

Damian: You said something about magic earlier, right Mariah, about what you wanted to know?

Jazz watches the light bounce off Mariah's perfect face.

George sits back against a tree and tries to keep from falling asleep.

Jazz: I think I speak for everyone when I say, what is this Black Wind?

Mariah: About Derek...what WAS that magic....it was incredible!

Damian: I have a story to tell.....please bear with me, Mariah......

Mariah: Ok...Listens

Leeta leans against a tree and looks off into space.

Derek: We should go in order...Damian?

George wakes up.

George: What do you mean, black wind?

Mariah: Damin first.

Damian: I was born and raised in the Mystic home near Guardia castle.. The elder named Delgarin taught me all that I know about what magic was about........

Mariah: M..Mystic?! You're kidding! There GONE! My mom and her friends did 'em in!...ah..sorry..

Damian: I am....the last of the Mystics Damian bows his head in shame.

Mariah gasps...No way..

Star: Mystics...

Damian is a good mystic! :)

George looks away...

Damian: I wanted to help you guys out knowing the risks.....

Mariah: Don't be ashamed..I mean...there is always good people..right?

George: Few mystics were good... but you've helped us...

Damian smiles..."There's always good...."

Mariah: But how DID you know about us...

Derek: What's a Mystic?

Damian: Spekkio told me about a group of travelers once

Star thinks, scared...

Jazz listens.

Damian: A guy who looked like a Kilwala

Star: Spekkio?! He's-?

Mariah blinks, then turns to Derek You don't know about them...? They're...monsters..I suppose...but..act more intelligently...

Damian: I fought him once......and won......

Mariah: Spekkio?

Damian: In return, Spekkio gave me Moon and White Magic

Mariah nods...

Damian: I returned a year later to find all the Mystics dead, killed by the humans.

Star backs into the shadows...

Mariah: Oh..no...

Damian: I am half-human.....half-Nagaette

Star: ....

Mariah nods in understanding...But why are you here? Why did you leave?

Jazz is shocked.

Damian: The humans tried to hunt me down.....

Leeta just stares off into space......thinking.

Mariah feels ashamed...

Damian: I made up a suicide note designed to tell them of my death

Star understands Damian all too well...

Damian: I posed as a wizard and made up a fake body......To tell them that all the mystics were annihilated. That is......was my story........

George looks thoughtfully and cautiously approaches a tree near Leeta.

Mariah almost gets teary..it's just not fair!

Damian: And now that you heard of it.......please keep my identity a secret.....

Mariah sniffes..It's ok.....

Derek: Of course, Damian.

Mariah: Don't worry, you're welcome here!

Damian: Only to others

Star trys to run away...

Jazz puts his arm around Mari It's ok

Leeta 's eyes drop to the ground.....(not literally)

George uses vanish on himself and backs off a little.

Damian: I can only hope that I can make a kinder group of Mystics who could help.....

Mariah: I hope so too.. Star? Where are going?

Star: Uh... I-

Mariah: Now, it's Derek's turn.

Damian listens to Derek......

Derek: Ah...that was nothing really...don't pay any attention to it.

Damian: Please....tell us.....

Mariah: No no...You met someone named Liza..right?

Leeta brushes her bangs out of her eyes and stares up at the sky again.

Derek: Yes, I did.

Mariah: How...?

Star sits on a rock FAR from the campfire...

Derek: I come from Zeal.

Mariah nearly falls off her little rock ZEAL!?

Derek: There was an earthquake, and I fell...

Star gasps in terror...

Damian is in shock!

Star: No....

Jazz gafaws Fell a loooong way down!

Derek: But I never hit the ground, which was about two thousand feet below.

Jazz: Watch out for that first step!

Derek: There was a portal in the air, and I fell through that one.

Damian: You are from the time of wizards, when Spekkio told me about.....

Derek: The Master of War? He was banished from our kingdom. It was felt that he would be a negative influence on our efforts for peace.

George remembers something Melchior told him a long time ago about Zeal...

Mariah: But..you landed..in this time...were you hurt when you fell...and how did you know about Hydra beforehand..?

Star recalls old, horrid memories...

Derek: Well, I was discovered by them.

Damian: From what I remember, Spekkio had given peace before.....That was in the history books.

Mariah: Discovered...so....you weren't gravely hurt when you first landed here?

Derek: No.

George looks at the ground and stands up.

Mariah nods..Do you know who these two REALLY are..

<Derek> I escaped from them for a bit, but as you can see, they found me again. I haven't a clue who they are.

Leeta wanders off, away from the group, staring at the sky

Star bites her tongue...

Derek: When they found me, I went through all kinds of tests...they put me through metal things and gave me shots.

Star stalks away...

Jazz: Do you know why they want your magic? I mean, what they want to do with it?

Derek: Well...

Damian: What would they need from you?

Derek: My magic is rather different.

Mariah: Umm...well, I'm glad you're ok now....shudders...

George goes out of the campfire without anyone noticing.

Mariah: Why?

Derek: It doesn't deal with the physical elements.

Mariah: What? That's scientificly and magically impossible!

Derek: I haven't discovered very much about it yet, but I was about to publish my findings in a magical journal when the earthquake occurred. and no Mariah, it isn't.

Jazz: Then what does it deal with?

Derek: It deals with the mind, and emotion.

Mariah: Like those soilders...?

Derek: Exactly.

Damian: Does magic like yours effect emotion to a core?

Mariah: Can you make them feel...anything...? Saddness..anger..?

Derek: Theoretically, it could. I never found out how to do anything more than change emotion. Derek then nods "yes" to Mariah.

Mariah: Hmm...

Jazz wonders what Star and George are doing back there in the dark

Mariah: Well, Star? You're up next!

Damian: My Moon powers work when I'm near angry or angry and my white powers work when I'm happy.....odd...

Mariah: Sorry, I'm just plain ordinary! Smiles.

Star: I... can't tell you... Not now...

Jazz raises an eyebrow.

Mariah shrugs Ok, George..Jazz..?

Damian: Com' on, Star.......like me, you have a story we can all relate to.....

Star glances fearfully at Derek...

Jazz: Yes Mari?

George goes away out from the group but accidentally steps on a twig.

Mariah: Well, actually, I know all about YOU...Mari..Stop calling me that!

Derek stares off into the woods.

Damian: I thought I heard something......

Jazz: Sorry, What should I call you?

Mariah: Hey! Why is everyone leaving? Mumbles Strange bedfellows..*

Star gulps...

Mariah: Mariah is nice....

Damian sees 2 forms appearing. Something's happening....

Mariah What's going on...hey guys?!

Leeta just sits down, listening to her friends voices....

Star thinks... "If he knows who I am... I'm in deep trouble..."

Damian: You're all in danger! I'll protect this group!

Jazz: Ok MARIAH!

Derek: Anyway, Mariah...I think they wanted me because they thought I could control people's minds. I can't, but it's possible, according to my theories.

Leeta blinks and jumps up.

Mariah sticks out her tougne!

Damian sees 2 monsters appearing outta nowhere!

Mariah: You can...? Oh boy...

Damian: Groupies!

Mariah: AAAAH!

Jazz: Groupies?

Damian sees 2 fierce groupies comin out!


Enemies: Groupies-600 HP each.


Damian uses his tech of Discharge........

Star: No worry... Leave 'em to me...

Mariah barely has time to push Derek outta the way as one of 'em pouces!

Derek climbs a tree.

George sits down and looks at the ground....

Star: Let me handle them!!

Jazz kicks it over Mariah so it doesn't get her

Mariah hangs onto Derek and blushes...Oh..hee hee..better get off of you...heeheh..

Damian: Join us, Star.......we can get these fiends easily

Leeta stumbles to get to ehr friends but yelps as she slips and twists her ankle.

Damian slashes at the monster......

Jazz runs to help Leeta up

George lifts up a finger and fries a groupie and as it approaches.

Star: Please... get a safe distance away...

Jazz gasps!

Suddenly, more are coming...!

George stands up and hears Leeta's yelp.

Star: Dark...

Damian: You take care of one, I'll take care of the other, Star

Mariah: NO!

Star: ETERNAL!!!!

Damian: UHOH!

Then, out of the distance, a man runs in and starts blasting the monstees with a Biiiig Sword..

Leeta grimaces.

George runs towards Leeta as he sees a groupie in front of her!

Damian slashes at the monsters........51 HP critical hit!!!

Star What-?!

Mariah: Who the hell?! Whoa...! Lookit that complete and random stranger go!

A Groupie slashes Jazz's face!

Man: Bows Let me handle this!

Star tries the spell again... "DARK ETERNAL!"

Leeta glances at the groupie in front of her and punches it.

Damian: Mariah, use any tech possible, these groupies aren't too hard to defeat!!!

Damian sees Groupie 1 die

George uses his Tech "Light Sword" and delivers 58 HP mass damage!

Mariah: Ok! Pulls out her boomerang...and throws it! It hits! 65 mass damage!

Jazz uses tech: Dash slash and cuts one on half

Damian: Who's the guy with the sword?

Man: Hmm...STOP!

George quickly helps Leeta up and tries to guide her along to a tree.


Man: I've come to help you...stay back!

Star uses the tech "Black Light" and delivers 120 mass damage.

Jazz grabs one and begins to wrestle on the ground with it.

Star: Heh... bit of overkill there...

Damian: Who are you?

Jazz: Just a little.

Man: HEELLOOO???! Short attention span? Oh well, these last few are mine! Starts slashing random monsters..until none are left...


The party gains 35 XP and 130 GP

Leeta looks up at George and nods.....

Damian: Darn.....

Star leans against a tree, breathing heavily....

Man: Me? Well... Walks out out the shadows..he has Green hair...gold armor..amd one bigass sword. Call me Ben

Derek casts a spell on Ben from the tree.

George steps into the front after making sure Leeta is all right and smiles as he feels what was left of the Black Light...

Ben: You guys alright...?

Leeta: Ohhh........green hair....

Damian: Yeah......we were just attacked by Groupies and such

Ben: Hey! Look at the kid up there, in the tree! Humph! You're not gonna get a lot done from here!

Derek: Is it safe?

Jazz: Lemme guess, looks like your old boyfriend?

George sheathes his sword and begins chanting.

Leeta: How'd ya know?

Jazz: Always does Grin

Mariah: I think he's ok guys..put your weapons away..

Star laughs exshaustedly.

<Damian> How did you find us here?

Derek carefully lowers himself to the ground.

Ben: Yes...You Derek! Get down here!

Damian puts his weapons away.

Jazz puts his dagger back.

George looks back at the group and finishes his chant, aiming at a tree.

Derek: What...you know my name?

Mariah: Whoa! How do you..know his name!

Star: Man... I didn't have this much trouble with my magic at home...

Damian: You know Derek?

Ben: Boyish Grin Long story...But..yes..I do..

Star thinks..."But why isn't-?"

George jumps up and shoots a light beam at the tree.

Ben: He's got a bit of a memory problem..

George: Heh.... smiles, looks back and mumbles Memory problem, memory problem.... I've heard that since I was a kid....

Ben: Actually, He kinda needs to learn to stick up for himself here! Hee hee hee..

Derek: But I remember everything. I don't have a problem with memory. What are you talking about?

George approaches the group again.

Star pulls Leeta aside and whispers something to her urgently...

Ben: ??? Then you should know about me...

Leeta blinks and listens to Star.

Derek: I have no idea who you are.

Damian: I knew I met you at Guardia....I just knew it.

Ben: Trust me...I'm not working for Iris..and Yes..I do know about her..

Jazz: Who are you Ben?

Damian: Not you, Ben

Mariah blinks...

George breaks in Well then who is Iris? What does she want?

Damian: Were you in Guardia with him that day, Ben? Or was it just me.

Ben: Yes, I was Damian, and ..well, I'm a Gaurdia knight..that's all I can tell you.......