CTIRCRPG Session Ten: Terror, Insecta-Style!


Mariah, Mekare, and Narrator: Lucca
Akira: Xakor
Keli: Maruka
Leeta: Leeta
George: George
Jazz: Black Phoenix
Derek: So. Central Rain
And Various NPCS: Lucca, George, Star

Last time, our band of merry misfits arrived in 630 AD, thanks to Elynthia's suggestion, and met up with a new pair of baddies, Victor and Viroia, who laid waste to damain, killing him. Or is that three baddies? Pretty soon after that, Star came in, shouting to them that she had to find her father. Now, the party is hanging around the main street of Porre Village. They have heard rumors that a certain monster is plaguing the town, and it's killers will get quite a load of cash...

Location: Porre Village-630 A.D.

The team looks at the billboard in the center of the square, at the sign that reads "Wanted!"

Mariah peers at the sign..."Hey! Guys! Look at this!"

George: Eh? What is it?

Leeta walks over to the sign. Oooooh...Looks like a good way to earn money!

Mariah: Wow. That is a lot of money..

Derek looks at the sign.

George: IF we can catch it, that is!

Mariah: It says something about...hmm.

Leeta: Sure we can George!

Man: Hey! You don't wanna go there...

Leeta: We just need bait!

Mariah: Why not?

Keli reads the sign

Derek looks at the man.

Leeta: Why not?!

George: Er... bait...?

Derek: Why? What's wrong?

George gets a bad feeeling

Man: Cuz whoever has gone after that thing hasn't come back!

Mekare: Hmm..

Leeta: So?

George: Come... back...?

Leeta: It hasn't met us yet!

George: And how many people would that... make?

Mariah: Well....what do you guys think..?

Man: At least 20..maybe more..

Derek: Yeah, well we haven't gone after it yet .Mind your own business.

Mekare: Yipes!

Leeta: DO IT!

Keli: No way...

Man: Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you..

George closes his eyes and decides that after fighting mad machines and every kind of psycho conceivable, another monster can't be that much

The man leaves

Leeta yanks on Mariah's sleeve and says that the money could be useful

Mariah: Yeah..it could..Wait...where IS the monster...Mariah looks at the sign again..

George: Does it say something about its location?

Leeta looks at Mariah looking at the sign

George looks at Leeta looking at Mariah looking at the sign

Akira walks in.

Mariah: It's in the desert..under a sand dune..

Leeta blushes

George: Under a dune?

Mariah is too busy looking at the sign to see the strange man come in.

George: What kind of thing IS that?

Mariah: Yeah..a dune. What thing?

Akira looks at all those strange people staring at a sign

Leeta: Cool!!! A dune!!!

Leeta: Can we ride camels?!

George: THE thing! The monster!

Mariah: Leeta!

George: Camels??

Derek: They're like giant walls of sand.

Mariah: It doesn't say...

Leeta: Uh...

George grins

Leeta: Hee hee hee

Akira walks up to the group

Mariah: Hmm...I'm a little uneasy about this. Money is nice, but I value my life more

George turns around as he senses someone

Leeta looks at the man walking towards the group, smiling

George: Eh...?

Derek: It could be fun. I think we should do it, Mariah.

Akira turns to Mariah. Have you seen any Mystics lately?

Leeta: Yeah, Mariah!! PWEASE?!

Mariah: Well..if you say so Derek.

George agrees with Derek

Keli: C'mon guys.. There's other ways we can earn money..

Keli notices the man. He...hello. Keli turns away...

Mekare: Mystics..? Hey! I'm one, mister dark man! The ten-year old walks up to Akira

Leeta walks over to Keli and thinks she may be boy shy

Mekare: Whatcha need?

Akira: Hello.. Your not him... when I find the right one he will die slowly! HAHAHAHAHAHA

George tries to look at everyone at once and fails miserably

Mekare: Uhhh...let's run guys..run far away...

Akira: Nothing that concerns you girl.

George: Er... Die...?

Keli looks at the boy oddly.. "What did you say?"

George: Who are you, anyway?

Mariah shudders

Akira: Yeah..You got a hearing problem?

Derek picks up an interesting-looking rock and studies it.

Leeta: Easy, Buddy boy! Leeta glares at Akira

George: No, thank you for your concern.

Akira: If you give me one gp I'll tell you.

Mariah: Listen, we better go get that monster..hehehehe..

Akira: What monster?

George flips a GP over to Akira

Keli: Are you crazy?? looks at Mariah

Akira: My names Akira. May I accompany you?

Mariah: Well, this guys scares me! Accompany..us?

Mekare: HELL NO!

George thinks that everything is getting weirder and weirder since he was thrown out of his time

Mariah can totally sympathize with George..totally.

Akira: Watch your mouth! That is if you want to keep your toungue!

George: Er... I don't know about that.

Mekare covers her mouth...!

George: Lets say you watch YOUR tongue, bud!

Mariah: Listen..you don't need to threaten us!

Derek stares intently at Akira.

Akira: Well I'm in a bad mood today!

George stares intently at Derek

Mariah has a feeling this guy will slit their throats if they don't let him come...or will he slit their throats anyway..?

Keli: What's your problem, anyway? moves away more

George: I can see that..

Akira: Its a personal matter.

George: Look, who are you? Why do you want to join us?

Mariah wonders..

Akira: But I will tell you fo lets say 50 gp.

Mariah: Are you a mercanary? Are you after the reward too?

Akira: Partially.

Leeta growls at Akira

Mariah: Hmmm...

George: Forget it! I already gave you one and you haven't given me a word!

Akira growls back

Mariah turns to her friends..."Hmm.....should we or shouldn't we?"

George: I don't know...

Akira: I told you my name. It's Akira.

Keli: Err...

Keli ponders

George: Oh. Thanks, that's enlightening.

Leeta: We shouldn't. I don't like this guy.At all.

Mariah: I think he'll kill us if we don't..

George: Kill us?

Leeta: Huh....like to see him try

Akira: It would be unwise to make me mad.

Derek: Mariah...come here a sec.

Mariah walks over to Derek

George: Unwise in what sense?

Mariah: Yeah?

Akira takes out some very raw meat and eats it in two bites.

Derek whispers "I can keep him docile, at least. Want me to help?"

Mariah: Yeah! Sure!

Akira: That was good.

George stares at Akira

Mariah gives Akria a quick glance.

Akira wipes the blood off of his mouth.

Leeta: Great. A cannibal.

Townsperson: Duh... who's that freak? pointing at Akira

George: Melchior would really have to teach that guy a lot... mutters

Derek stands back and casts a spell on Akira..

Akira: Who you calling a freak.

Mariah stares thoughtfully at Akira.

Akira: Huh??

Old Man: Gwa ha ha! Confyoozed, you are! Akira, he is! Crazy, I am!

Mekare just watches from the back

Townsperson: You heard me, shorty....

Kid: WOW! Big people!

Old Man: He said shorty! SHORTY!

Akira walks up and picks up the townsperson with one hand

Mariah wonders..where did all these dumb people come from?

Old woman: Lookit the buns on that one!!! points at George

George glares at the woman.

Akira: Care to rephrase that?

Mekare grins And what lovely buns they are! Aren't they NICE Leeta? Mekare grins..

Leeta blushes and quietly kicks Mekare in the shins

Lady: Who're you people?

Mekare: Ow! Hey!

Mariah snickers

Leeta: Ahem...

Lady: ACK!!! It's Hannibal!

Mariah: Umm..we REALLY should go...

Old Man bonks the Lady on the head witha sledgehammer

Mariah: These people are scaring me more than Akira!

Old Man: And what if it's me???

Akira thinks to himself about these new people.

Leeta: I agree Mariah.....should we head out soon?

George quietly edges away from the crazy old man

Lady runs away from Akira

Mariah: Yeah. lets go! The Dunes are up north!

Leeta: Can we ride CAMELS?!

Mariah runs to the exit of the village..

George: Not soon, say right away! Leta's go!

Derek looks at Leeta in disgust.

Little girl: to Leeta Come jump rope wif me!!!

Mariah then stops.."CAMELS?"

Leeta: Another time, kid pats her on the head.

Keli follows Mariah

Leeta: CAMELS!!!!!

Mariah gives a rather..ummm odd expression Well..anywho..lets go!

George sighs and looks around to see if he can find a camel

Leeta giggles oddly and runs after her friends

Keli: Okay. nods

Leeta: Come on, Tiger!!

Akira sees the camels and grabs all of them

Location: Sand Dunes (Near Dorino Village)-630 A.D.

The Party is now at the sand dunes....lost....whooooo.....

Mariah is feeling hot, very hot...

George is feeling tired, very tired...

Keli: I'm thirsty...

Mariah: Me too.

Keli wipes her forehead

Leeta spits out some sand and makes a sand castle

Akira: Here drink some of this.

Mariah: I wish I didn't wear such heavy clothes..

Leeta: Hee hee hee

Derek sits on the sand and waits.

George tries to use "Refresh" but it doesn't work

Akira throws a canteen.

Leeta flicks sand at George

Mariah gives Derek her water Want it?

Akira: By the way what are your names

George rubs his eyes to take the sand out and gets bonked by the canteen

Mariah: Oh, My name's Mariah Nu.

George: Names?

Leeta: I'm Leeta, Akira. Not pleased to meet you, cannibal.

Derek: Sure, thanks. Derek chugs down the water, drinking all of it.

George: George, George Desormeaux.

Mariah: Ack!

Akira: That was just some monster meat!

Mariah trys not to look hurt..no more wawa!

Keli: Anything will do... Thanks, Akira

Derek: Huh? What's wrong?

Mariah: Oh...nothing.. Mariah looks crestfallen.

Derek realizes he left none for Mariah. Oops!

Akira pulls out another canteen and takes a sip.

Mariah shrugs "Maybe we'll find more!"

Akira: You are welcome.

George rubs his head and throws the canteen at Mariah

Mekare: HEY! What's that? Mekare runs up the dune

George: You can have it, I might slash it

Mariah: Thanks George!

George runs after Mekare

Derek follows Mekare.

Mariah drinks a little

George: Wait!

Mariah runs after Mekare.

Keli: I think Mekare is seeing a mirage..

Mekare: Look at that!

Akira follows Mariah.

George: At what?

The party sees..a strange sandtrap type thingie..swirling below the dune

Derek looks at the swirly thing...

George: What's THAT?

Derek: Wow. Never seen anything like that.

George: Me neither, Derek...

Mariah: It's some sort of whirlpool..

Akira: Hmmm...

Mariah: ..of sand! I guess we..jump in?

George: And I'm not anxious to see more of them...

Leeta: Jump in!!!

George: Jump in!?

Leeta: Will there be camels inside?

Mariah: Well...maybe that's where the monster is?

Keli looks at Mariah. Neato...Or maybe I'm going insane, too..

Mariah: Leeta! Stop it with the camels!!!! Mariah giggles

Akira: .....

Leeta: Sorry....Heheheheh

Mariah: Oh, I'm just kidding! I'm going in!

Leeta: Errr....

Derek peers inside the cavern...dark, isn't it?

Mariah jumps in, and with a *Fwap* she gets sucked in!

Leeta: Ew.

Akira dives in

Leeta leaps in afterwards

Keli: MARIAH!!

Mariah lands on her butt.

Leeta lands on her head

Leeta: OUCH!!!

Mariah looks around the place...

Keli shrugs, and jumps in!

Akira lands safe and sound on his feet

Leeta: Annnnnnnny camels?

Derek lands on Mariah

Mariah looks at Akira "How can you do that! OWOWWW! Derek! EEEEEK!"

Derek: Whew...landed on something soft.

Leeta: Woooo....go Mariah!

Derek: Oops!

Akira: Stop it with the camels!

Keli lands on her feet "OOOOOWWWW"

Mariah: Get off!!!

Derek scrambles off.

Leeta: Make me, cannibal

Akira: Just some training.

Mariah wonders how many ribs were crushed...Wheeeze...

Akira growls at Leeta

Leeta glares at the cannibal

Keli: I think I pulled a muscle..

Derek: Sorry, Mariah.

Mariah: You okay, Derek?

Keli falls back

Mariah brushes some sand off..

Leeta catches Keli

Derek: I'm fine. You?

Mariah smiles "I'm just fine "

Keli gets back up, ssslllloooowwwllly.

Mariah then rummages through her bag. Here we go..

Akira helps her up

Mariah pulls out a glove.

Keli: Ow, you gotta teach me that, eh Akira..

Akira: Maybe.

Mariah puts the glove on her hand, and start to chant a spell..

Leeta looks around the cavern

Derek looks at Mariah, curious.

George looks around, wondering what happened

Keli slightly limps, and looks around..

Wham slam thank you mam! The glove catches on fire, working as a torch!

Akira whispers to Keli "If I go into a rage during a battle say Zombor Ca when its over"

George stares at Mariah and wonders what kind of spell that was.

Leeta: Nice rhyming there....

Mariah notices another person falling in the sand dune. It's..JAZZIE BOY!

Derek: Jazz!

Mariah: Jazz!

Keli wispers back at Akira. " What for?"

Akira looks at the falling person.

Leeta: Hey Jazz....*mutter*

Mariah then hears some screeching and fluttering of wings coming down the cavern...

George gets impatient and starts exploring the cavern Eh?

Akira: to Keli You don't want to know!

Mariah: What is that?! Mariah pulls out her gun....

Jazz: So, where are we? Looks around

Leeta: Ooooh....a camel with wings??? *WHACK* SHUT UP LEETA!

Keli starres oddly at Akira...

The screeching gets louder...

George shoots a blast of light around to see better

Derek looks at the ceiling to see if he can see whatever's making the noise

Mariah: Look out!

Akira puts on some claws and goes into a defensive stance

Mariah: It's almost here!

Leeta unsheathes her sword and grins evilly

George: What is?

Mariah then sees about 4 big dragonflies coming outta the cavern!

George shakes his head and draws his sword

Mariah: I knew it!


Enemies: 4 Desert Flies- 200 HP.


Akira: GRRRRR!!!!

Derek brings out his staff.

George starts charging his sword.

Jazz: SPOON! Jazz draws his dagger, anddoes a dash slash at one of them YAH! It hits 180 HP Damage!

Mariah: Yeah! Spoon!

George slices the air a couple of times and charges full force into a fly, hitting it with Light. It hits! 173 HP damage! fly 1 is dead!

Mariah: Whoa! These guys are weaklings!

Jazz flips off to a safe rock outcropping.

Leeta: Good....overkill Leeta gets ready, chanting

Mariah chants, and throws a lil' bomb! It hits 2 of them! 201 Hp damge! flys 2 and 3 are dead! This is too easy..

Derek: Hey, don't complain!

Mariah: Huh? I'm not complaining..I'm..worried..

George: Worried? I'd be relieved...George frowns.

Derek: Yeah, me too!

Jazz: This is a nice change of pace Mariah. Don't knock it!

Leeta rushes in, grabs the monster and slams it into the ground, electricity flowing through her handsIt hits! Critical hit! 321 HP damage! Fly 4 is dead!


All members gain 54 XP and 432 GP!

Mariah gains a level!

George gains a level and looks at his pouch, relieved that it;s getting bigger again!

Jazz swings down and lands next to Mariah. Nice Shot!

Mariah leans against a wall, smiling.

Akira gets out of his defensive stance.

Leeta yawns and sits down, looking at her hand.

George sheathes his sword back and closes his eyes, thinking

Akira keeps the claws on just in case.

Mariah then hears a slithering sound..like..um...she doesn't know...

George: Why would those things be HERE, of all places? George shakes his head

Leeta: Ah!

George: Something isn't right here. Mariah?

Mariah screams as some strange appenage thing grabs onto her! "EEEEEEEK!!!!"

Leeta hears the sound and leaps into George's arms.

Jazz: WHAT?

George goggles.

Mariah is being pulled into a hole!

George blushes.

Mekare: Mariah!!

Akira grabs Mariahs hand.

Mekare trys to pull her away. Leggo!

George gently puts Leeta down and helps Akira

Jazz dives at Mariah

Mariah keeps on screaming "HEEELP ME!"

Leeta runs to Mariah and tries to help her.

Akira's eyes turn red.

Jazz grabs Mariah.

The monster is too strong..it finally gives one pull and drags her through the hole!

George: Hey!

Mekare: Mariah!!!!!

Derek clutchtes at Mariah's hand as it is pulled through

Leeta: Aw shit!!!!

Akira: No not now AHHHH!!! Berserker Rage!!!!

Mekare: She's gone!!

Derek: We have to break through! Hurry!

The hole closes..

Derek: Hurry!!!!

George blasts the sand repeatedly

Keli: Mariah!! NO!! Mariah!! D... damnit..

Jazz: NOOOOOOOO! What was that thing? Jazz looks around

Leeta tries to follow Mariah.

Mekare: Don't panic!!

Derek pounds on it with his bare fists.

George: No use...

Mekare and George: There's gotta be another way in!

Leeta: Shoulda never got up this morning...

Keli gulps

Mekare looks around frantically. "Up that way! This way!" Points to the north

George lights his hand with light magic and looks around for another way in.

Derek runs in the direction where Mekare points.

Leeta: Up what way, Mekare?

Leeta runs after Derek

Mekare rushes up

Keli stays close to the group....

Akira gets a hungry look on his face and looks at Jazz

George jumps up

Keli notices Akira's odd look

Derek: Where now, Mekare? We have to find her!!

Leeta glares at the cannibal and says, "Hands off"

Mekare: Don't scream in my ear! You're smart! YOU THINK OF SOMETHING TOO!

Akira jumps at Jazz yelling with his claws ready to strike.

Mekare: Umm..oh, I'm screaming now..heh..Hey!

Leeta: JUST EVERYONE CHILL! Leeta scowls

Jazz grabs Akira and flips him HEY!

Mekare: Simmer down canibal man!

Derek: FINE!

George shakes his head and rushes off the other way.

Derek turns and runs away from the rest of the group.

Akira gets back up and trys to attack again.

Leeta: Yo, Cannibal! CHILL.

Mekare looks down "Sorry Derek..I'm ..hey!"

Keli: Hey!

Mekare runs after Derek.

Jazz: I never thought I'd have to say this to you but....SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Leeta growls and leaps at Akira.

Derek stops at a wall.

Mekare: Stop!

Derek: It's a dead end.We can't save her.

Akira jumps out of the way

Leeta lands in a roll and glaes at Akira. Stop. Now.

Derek closes his eyes.

Akira slashes at Leeta.

Mekare: Don't give up Derek!

Leeta blocks and throws Akia into a wall

Jazz grabs Akira's hand before he hits Leeta

Mekare tells Derek to wait a second.

Derek: Okay...okay..

Leeta: I can take care of myself...

Derek tries to think.

Mekare: Akira! Simmer down spanky!

Akira gets back up as if he didn't hit the wall and slashes her across the face

George lights up his hand again and tells Akira to stop that

Mekare: Umm..what did he say eariler..Zombor Ca?

Jazz: I see that!

Leeta roars and skashes Akira in the eyes

Akira: Huh what happened?

Leeta: Die you son of a bitch!

Mekare screams! "WAAAAIT!"

Akira passes out!

Leeta growls and unsheathes her sword in anger!

Jazz grabs Akira and wrestles him to the ground pining him on his stomach!

Leeta: AR!!

Mekare: Ummm Jazz! Stop that!

Derek: Hey!

George rushes to Leeta to see if she's all right

Leeta thrusts her sword towards Akira's head

Jazz gets up

Mekare: While you were all fighting who knows where Mariah..STOP FIGHTING!

Derek: I have a fix on her mind...she's unconscious, but I think I know where she is.

Jazz grabs Leeta. NO!

Mekare: A fix?

Derek runs off again with a plan

Leeta growls and throws Jazz into a wall

Mekare: You're psychic?

Akira wakes up

Jazz rubs his head

Keli: STOP ALL THIS! Akira? Leeta?

George looks anxiously at Leeta.

Keli: Leeta! Stop!

Akira: See Keli that was what I was talking about

Mekare doesn't think this is so fun anymore

Leeta calmly sheaths her sword and runs a hand over her bleeding cheek...

Akira drinks an elixer

Mekare: Ok, so all we have to say is..Um..I'm afraid to say it

Leeta: You f*cking crazy bastard!!! ASSHOLE!!! Leeta storms off

Mekare: Akira, It's ok, just try to control yourself!

Derek arrives at another wall.

George follows Leeta

Mekare: Now, can we save Mariah already, or are you too into your lives to care!?

Akira: Sorry.. I hardly ever get that way without forcing myself but for some reason it did it automatically

Leeta ends up at a dead end

Keli follows George and Leeta

Mekare storms off to Derek

Leeta: Ahhhh......frigg!!!

Derek: Mekare! There you are. She's behind this wall, but I can't find any way past it.

Leeta pounds on the wall

Mekare wonders..I think I know a way...

Jazz: Wow. Who pissed in you're cornflakes?

Mekare: Stand back..

Akira sheds a silent tear and wipes it off before anyone notices

Keli stands back.

Derek gets back.

Akira stands back.

Leeta waits, silent.

Jazz walks over to Leeta.

Mekare gets in a posistion...."Dragon..Chop...KICK!" She kicks open the wall! Then, more of those flies come buzzing out!

Akira throws a bag. Catch Leeta!

Leeta: Yes, Jazz?

Mekare: Oh crappity crap!

Jazz: LEETA WATCH OUT! What's wrong?

Leeta drops and rolls


Enemies: 5 Desert Flies=200 HP

George: WAHHH!

Leeta: Good.


Leeta picks up the bag.

Akira: Grrrr!

Derek: Oh well, at least they're easy..

Leeta: Grrrr.....Something to rage on at least...

Mekare tries a quick bop to one of the flies! It hits 201 Hp damage! Fly 1 is dead!

Keli sheaths her sword

Jazz does a jump spin kick into a fly It hits! 203 Damage!! Fly 2 is dead!

Akira jumps and slashes at one. It hits! 199 Damage!

Mekare: Someone use magic! It'll wipe them all out!

Leeta: Oh boy.

Derek swings his staff at one of the flies in a rage Derek's attack hits! 123 HP damage! Fly 3 is dead

The flies spit out a strange goop! Derek, Leeta, and Mekare are poisoned!

Jazz draws back. Gross

Leeta follows Derek in and rips at a fly "TAKE THIS YOU F*CKIN ASSHOLE!!!"

Derek tries to wipe the stuff off him.

Jazz: SPOON! Jazz rips a fly's wings off. It hits! 234 HP damage! the fly dies! He he he. Take that!

Derek takes 12 damage from the poison...

Leeta mutters and curses some more.

Mekare takes 12 Hp damage from the poison...

Keli swipes at the ugly fly.

Mekare: I'm..gonna..puke...

Leeta takes 11 damage from the poison

Keli's swipe hits! 200 HP damage! Fly 5 is dead!


All memebers gain 54 XP and 432 GP!

Jazz gains a level! Learns Whirlwind. DOUBLETECH: TwinWind (Mariah)

Derek gains another level!

Mekare learns Balm Cure!

Leeta learns Thunder roll!

Jazz: SPOON!

Keli: SPORK!! Keli unsleaths her foil

George pouts as he doesn't gain a level

Mekare wishes she had an anitdote.

George: So... shall we go in and stop jumping and doing the victory dance?

Akira tosses one at her.

Derek is already inside.

Jazz shrugs. SPOON! Jazz dives through the wall and rolls

Mekare runs in! WEEE!

George goes through the wall and into the room inside

Akira jumps in real fast

Derek is in shock at what he sees.

The party enters a large cavern, filled to the brim with strange, white..coocoons?

Keli walks in the room

Mekare: What..?

Keli: Freaky!

Leeta falls through the wall

Mekare: This is REALLY eerie

Leeta: Gross...

George: Urck...

Akira: What the.....

Mekare: They're even hanging from the walls.

George: Let's get Mariah and get out of here...

Mekare: She's...not IN one of those, is she?

Akira: But where is she?

Derek: She is, Mekare...I know it.

Leeta: Double gross

Derek: She's not the only one either.

George: You tell me

Derek: There's someone in every one of these things.

Mekare: Cut all of them open!

Akira: Let's cut them open and see

Jazz touches one of the slime covered capsules Yuck

Keli shrugs. Ew!

Akira cuts one open

George: And what if we kill those inside?

Derek takes his ceremonial dagger and slices one open.

Keli: Reminds me of science class! *pout*

Derek: Try not to slice them, George...just cut the binding.

Mekare cuts one of them open..and screams!

Leeta cuts one open and steps back

Akira is using both claws

Leeta: This is so gross

Mekare: Aaaa! The..body..is sucked dry!

Akira runs over to her.

Keli hesitatedly sleaths her sword, and slices one open... Ooze comes out of the cocoon..

Derek: Just go to another one, Mekare. Leave it.

Akira: Hmmm.....

Leeta: Ew

Derek cuts another one open

George sheathes his sword and grabs the katana on his back and starts cutting the cocoons merrily

Mekare: Sick sick sick...

Akira goes back to cuting one

Mekare cuts open another..where is she?!

Keli shudders

Leeta thinks Mekare will need a psychologist

Derek takes a moment to wipe off his dagger.

Akira cuts open another one

Keli: Umm... moves away

George: Yes, and? chuckles Reminds me of the Valley of the Dead where old man Melchior made me cut those weird things..

Derek gets to cutting another one open. Found her!

Mekare: Where!!!??

Derek: This one right here.

Mekare runs to Derek

Keli peers behind Derek.

Mekare: Is she ok?

Akira walks over to Derek

Keli: Mariah!

Jazz: What happened to her?

Derek: She's unconscious.

George stops and looks back

Derek: I can't tell...seems to me she's poisoned.

Leeta stays in the background

Mekare: She looks so pale..is she...?

Akira: Give her this.

Jazz: No she's not dead

Derek: No, no. Her mind's active.

Jazz hears something.

Keli: What is it, Akira?

George: Give her what?

Akira gives Derek an elixer.

Jazz turns around.

George: Jazz?

Derek: Thanks, Akira...

Mekare: Do you have some kind of connection to her?

Derek: Um, I guess so, Mekare. Derek feeds it to Mariah.

Jazz: Dont look now but...

Mekare: What?

Jazz: ...I think we found what caught her!

Mekare turns around.

Jazz: Look!

George: Jazz? What?

Jazz points at IT

The elixir doesn't work...

Akira: Its always a good idea to keep a lot of supplies

Mekare: AAAH!

Keli looks.

George: Er... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mekare: Guys! Look!

Derek looks at where everyone else is staring.

Leeta: Great.....ugly little cock sucker...

Mekare: Umm...yeah, a...EEEEK! Where's the bugspray!!!??? 

Akira turns around.

Jazz: What is it Mekare?

Keli: Huh?

--One big monster, that is a cross between a spider and a giant bedbug, comes out of the inner caverns, screaming!--

Mekare: Shit!

Keli: AAggghhh!!

Mekare: Well, I think that the..thing!

Derek: Yeah, that's probably it.

Akira: GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

George: Yuck! What's that?

Mekare: Sick sick sick..

Leeta draws her sword and growls

George: The THING...

Jazz: Um... spoon?

It spits out some webbing! Everyone is pinned to the ground!

George: No wonder the ones who went to hunt it didn't come back...!

Mekare: Ahh!

Keli: This is dis-gusting

Derek yells.

The monster start crawling to Mariah..

Mekare: NO!

Akira trys to get up.

Jazz knows not to struggle with the web.

Leeta: Argh!!!

Mekare breaks free.

Derek: NOOO!




Enemy: Arachylix 1500 HP

Akira: Berserker Rage!!!!!!!!!!!

George tries to get the webbing out of his mouth.

Jazz slowly draws his dagger and with two fingers cuts the web off. Yuck!

George: Hgmplh hgm hmr!!

Akira's eyes turn red.

George wriggles out and spits the webbing, Ergh!

Derek: Someone cut me free! Derek struggles against the binding

Jazz cuts Derek free. Don't struggle!

Derek: Thanks..

Jazz: You'll just get more caught

Akira: GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek: Akira! Do you have any Ether?

Derek: I used up most of my magic locating Mariah.

Keli unsleaths her foil

Jazz is distracted helping Derek and gets smashed against a wall 42 Hp lost

Keli: Boy oh boy... another battle..

Mekare chucks a ether at Derek My last one!

George throws some water on Jazz

Jazz: Uh

Mekare: Jazz!

Derek: Jazz!

Jazz shakes his head

Jazz: I'll be fine

Derek catches Mekare's ether and drinks it down.

Mekare: Come on people! Work here! Attack, Jazz!

Jazz: SPOON! Jazz throws his dagger at one of the arms lodging in the joint It hits! 120 Hp damge!

The monster charges up some static in it's legs! It hits everyone for 33 HP damage!

George: Ouch!

Mekare: Ugh! Damn! This thing is strong!

Leeta: Ah, frigg! gets fried

Derek gets shocked and can't move for a second

Keli: AHH!!

Jazz: Only seven more legs to go.

Keli stumbles.

Akira using his enhanced strength slashes rapidly at it 123 Hp damage!

Keli: 7... what a lucky number

Leeta charges up her attack.

The monster spits out some webbing at Mekare! She can't move!

Mekare: Eep!

George uses the Somersault he learned when he gained a level and slashes deep into the THING! 130 HP damage!

Jazz drags himself off a minute.

Leeta: MEKARE!

Jazz watches from a distance

Leeta cuts Mekare free

Mekare: Thanks..Look out Leeta!

Leeta: Argo, Suchi!

The monster swipes at Leeta! Fortunately, it misses!

Keli: Leeta!

Leeta leaps at the monster and slices its "head" Hits! 125 Hp damage!

George gets hit by another electrical shock and grins stupidly and falls down, smoking

Leeta: George!!!

Jazz stands up and flexes his muscles "Much better"

Leeta runs to George.

Mekare: George!

George: Gmphblll da da da... unconscious.

Mekare: George!!!

Derek screams with anger and casts a mindbolt spell on the spider-thing. 220 HP damage!

Akira growls loudly.

Leeta snarls and glares at the monster, angry

Mekare: Whooooa! Nice hit! Goo Derek! How pissed are you?

Derek stares at the spider, not hearing Mekare

Leeta bristles.

Mekare jumpkicks the bedbug with all her cutie strength! 123 HP damage!

The monster slaps a leg across Derek's head! It hits! 50 Hp damage!

Derek is knocked back against the wall

Mekare: Derek!! Mekare casts Balm Cure! Derek regains 42 HP! She then casts Her last magic points on George!

Keli quickly flicks the spider with all of her strengh. 121 HP lost!

George regains 34 HP, and wakes up!


Derek: Huh...what happened?

George shakes his head groggily and looks around

Mekare: Shit happened.

Jazz jumps on the spider's back and holds around the neck

Leeta kisses George on the forehead and pats his head

Derek: I see.

Mekare: Stab it! Stab it!

George blushes and thanks Leeta

Mekare then sees Leeta and George "Damn!!! Can't get 'em together now..I'm too damn busy!"

Jazz: You wanna get my dagger out of that flailing leg? Didn't think so!

Keli: What is it, Mekare?

Leeta blushes and turns away

Keli: Ah..

Leeta: Forget it George.

Mekare gets the dagger, and chucks it! Now stab it!

Leeta walks to the monster

The monster casts poison lighting! All are poisoned!

Leeta: Ah, man!

Jazz catches the dagger and stabs it into the back of its head.

Mekare falls down.

Leeta: I just got over the last poison!

Akira's immunity saves him from being poisoned.

George loses 32 HP! Crouching!

Derek is poisoned. Derek catches Mekare

Leeta runs to Mekare

Keli: Derek!

Derek: You okay?

Mekare is about ready to pass out. Ye..ah.

Jazz is still being thrown about like riding a bull

Leeta: Here...hands Mekare a Heal potion.

Derek loses 30 HP as the poison courses through him.

George uses his last Tonic on Mekare.

Mekare passes out..

Leeta growls.

Mekare wakes up again.

Derek pulls Mekare up to her feet.

Leeta: Dammit! You f*ckin' monster!!!

Mekare: Aww...this is not fun..

Keli: Kick butt, Akira!

Mekare wonders if Mariah is ok

Akira jumps on the monster's head and stabs his claws in its eyes repeatedly. 142 Hp damage!

George stands up weakly and uses Light Blast on the Thing. It hits! 124 Hp damage!!! It falls over.....dead!


All Members gain 230 XP and 1421 Gold!!

Mekare gains a level!

George gains a level!

Derek gains another level! Learns Mindlink!

Keli gains a level!

Leeta walks over and yanks the eye off the dead monster.Leeta rips it apart

Mekare: WHOOOO Nellie!!! Mekare is GLAD that thing is dead!!

Akira starts to approach Jazz

Leeta: Who wants monster burgers?

Akira eyes are still glowing red

Mekare: Zombor Ca!

Keli: Don't make me hungry, Leeta

Mekare: Yes, I remembered our old friend Akira there..

Jazz: Hey dude stop looking at me

George sits down and get sick on the messy floor

George: Ehh.. no food...

Akira: Thanks, sorry Jazz

Mekare: Now, let's wake up Mariah, and get the hell out of here!

Leeta: Aw Poor George...snicker

Akira drinks a tonic.

Jazz: You're starting to freak me out here.

Mekare runs to Mariah.

Derek kneels beside Mariah.

Akira walks over to Mariah

Keli: Mariah?

Derek: Hmmm.

Mekare shakes her "Kay! Time to go!"

Leeta walks to Mariah and wipes the blood off her hands

Mariah just lays there...

Keli gently shakes Mariah.

Jazz walks over to Mariah.

Mekare starts to sniffle "C'mon! I wanna go!"

Derek: That's weird. And the Elixir had no effect, either.

Akira wipes the blood off himself "I need a bath."

Jazz: She's alive.

Mekare: It's like she's dead! But she's not..

George stumbles around drunkenly

Derek: No, she's not.

Leeta trips George

Akira: Hmmm.....

Akira: Is there a healer in town?

George falls head-first and hits himself on the ground! He passes out.

Derek: Town's quite a ways away.

Mekare: George!?

Derek: If this is poison, I don't think she'll make it before we get there.

Mekare: Will..*Gulp* She die?

Akira: I saw some camels outside.


Leeta snickers at George

Mekare starts to cry..

Leeta: CAMELS!!!!

Derek: No...well, not if we do something. We have some time.


Akira: Yes, Camels

Leeta kneels by Mekare and hugs her

Keli: More camels?

Jazz: Oh,sure, Cigs will REALLY help her now

Derek: Mekare, calm down. We'll only get through this by thinking.

Mekare cries. *Sniffle* kay..

Keli: Mekare...

Akira sits down and meditates

Leeta sighs and fades into the backgrond....

Derek: Now...there has to be some kind of antidote..

Mariah will need a miracle...

Jazz sits down next to Mariah

Mekare: Yeah, but what....

Leeta scowls.

Mekare: I think Derek is rubbing off on you Leeta!

Akira: First though, how do we get out of here. It will be hard enough without her conscious.

Mekare: Leeta..don't be mad at me.

Leeta flinches.

Mekare pouts.

Leeta: W-who said I'm angry?!

Mekare goes to look at the carcass

Akira: Hmmm... Mybe the leftover cacoons contain the answer

Leeta sniffles.

Mekare: Whoa..this thing has a lot of spit coming outta it's mouth..Mista drooly..

Keli: Perhaps so..

Jazz: I wonder who is in the others

Mekare doesn't wanna know!

Akira: I'll look.

Derek: Maybe, Akira.

Akira starts to cut the other cocoons open

Derek: Hold on...What was that, Mekare?

Jazz takes his dagger and cuts one open.

Leeta walks over to the carcass and runs her hand through the drool, then smells it.

Jazz looks to Derek. Yeah?

Mekare: It has a lot of spit!

Keli: If I see ONE more fly...

Mekare: Smells like an outhouse..

Akira goes over to the carcass and tastes it

Derek: Anyone have a jar?

Mekare: I wish I brought my bug-spray..

Leeta: Man, this piece o' crap reminds me of a guy I dated once

Mekare: I do, why?

Keli: Worse than a water closet

Derek: Collect some of that spit.

Jazz shakes his head

Leeta hands Derek a jar

Mekare collects some spit

Akira: Its not poisonous. And aren't some of you still poisoned?

Mekare: It neutralized..I think.

Derek: Stands to reason it would need an antidote if it didn't want to drink poisoned blood...Thanks.

Mekare: Give her some Derek!

Derek pours it down Mariah's throat.

Mekare kneels down.

Akira: Should we give her some?

Derek: Hey, guys, if this works...I'll kill anyone who tells her I gave her monster spit.

Jazz watches carefully.

Akira: I won't tell

Mariah: M...mm..

Mekare: Huh..?

Jazz has an evil grin on his face

Akira: Are you alright? You need to rest. Let's stay here for the night ok?

Mariah: Ugh.....

Mariah starts to come back from the "Dead!"

Derek: Mariah! Are you all right?

Mekare: WE DID IT!

Derek hugs Mariah. "I thought you were dead!"

Jazz: MARIAH! Jazz hugs her.

Derek then realizes what he's doing.

Jazz: You're alright!

Mariah wakes up..."Uh...."

Derek walks off quickly to the far end of the cavern.

Akira: Glad you are ok!

Mariah: D.Derek..where am I..? Why is everyone huging me like I died...?

Mekare hugs her too!

Leeta: How sweet. I'm getting cavaties....

Mekare: Don't do that again!!!

Mariah: Do..what..?

George shivers as Derek steps on him

Mariah gives Derek a look..

Akira: Shall we stay the night?

Derek: Come on. Let's leave. I hate this place.

Mariah: Ooh..I'm so sleepy..I feel like I've been sleeping forever. Mariah tries to stand up, and falls.

Jazz: I don't want to spend another minute in here! Jazz helps Mariah stand up

Mekare: Hey!

Mariah: I..won't ask what happened..I don't want to know..

Jazz: Can you walk? Or do we have to carry you?

Akira: I'll help support you if you have trouble walking. By the way, when do we get the reward?

Mariah: Umm...reward..?

Derek leaves the cavern.

Mariah: Um...

Akira: The monster. We killed it while you were asleep

Mariah shrugs "I guess we have to drag that...carcass over there..."

Jazz: Just cut off the head!

Mekare drags George along.

Akira: Ok! Akira rips the head off!

The party walks out othe cavern, with a smelly monster's head!

Mariah feels sick..

Akira puts him down. Are you ok????

Mariah: We..should stay here tonight..I'm..tired..

Jazz: What's wrong?

Mekare: She's just worn out.

Mariah nods.

Jazz: I'm not tired. I'll take watch.

Akira: Jazz will you help me set up camp?

Jazz: Sure Akira!

Derek sits 100 yards away from the rest of the group.

Akira: I'll help you take watch

Jazz: Nah. I prefer to be alone

Mariah: Mekare...

Akira: Hey? Where did Derek go?

Mekare: Hey...

Leeta lies on the ground and stares at the sky

Akira: If you wish.

Mariah: Who..who was the one..who thought of the antidote?

Jazz and Akira whip up camp

Jazz looks down.

Akira: Good-night everyone!

Mekare grins..this is a blessing in disguise.. Oh, Derek did! He was GREAT Mariah! Just super!

Mariah: Really? Smiles

Akira falls asleep.

Mekare: Yuppers! Nightie Night!

Jazz tries not to get angry.

Mariah tries to sit up "Derek, can you come over here?"

Akira: ZzZzZz

Mekare: ZZZZZZ

Derek looks over his shoulder at the rest of the group.

Jazz walks off and climbs up in a tree above the camp

Mariah calls for Derek again..

Derek: Yeah? What do you need?

Mariah: Thank you.For everything.

Jazz sits on a branch sulking

Mariah hugs him.

Derek: Yeah...sure.

Mariah smiles...."Night.."

Derek: Bye. Derek looks at the stars again.

Mariah lays back down again, and falls asleep, smiling.