The CTRPG Cast Page

The world is in dire chaos, as a new threat preys on the world, in every time period. A group of evil men, women, and monsters destroy all to gain what they desire...power..

However, in times of chaos, heroes must arise to silence this threat. Although the warriors in this situation seem to be young and inexperienced, they will grow to be the only hope for saving their world from the wrath of Iris and her minions.

Here are brief histories of these warriors, which time eras span from the time of magic, to the time of machines. All have different motives to their quest, but all have the same dream, to rid the world of evil, once and for all.

Here are the warriors fate has chosen.

Inventor extrodinare, and unlikely leader, Mariah Nu

The bull-headed, yet lovible orphan thief, Leeta DeArmond

The agile, hansome, slightly into himself Jazz

A disciple of Melechior, the Paladin George Desormeaux

From the kingdom of Zeal, the mind magician Derek Eccles

Also from Zeal, the dark, mysterious Star Azure

The biological experiment from the far future, Lieutenant Lynn Calhan

Inventor, and son to the shopowner Fritz, Ashe

The hunted mage, the resourceful Krysta Somo

The mystic looking for his "father", Magus, Kane

Once a dark mecenary for hire, he now fights soley for the defeat of Iris. He is Akira

An assasin bent on avenging her family's death, the half-human, half beast Valeria

From the future, the smart, spunky fencer Keli Levine