Sex: Male
Race: Mystic (Gargoyle)
Occupation: Caller
Time Era: 630 A.D.

Appearance: Kane is a gargoyle, and appears as such. He has skin which is nearly black, tinged with a purplish hue. His build is lean and muscular. Kane has liquid black eyes and shoulder length hair of the same shade. His hands and feet are razor sharp talons, which he uses to his advantage in battle. Despite his rather dimunitive appearance, he is still an intelligent beast. He wears no clothing except for an impskin loincloth.

Personality: Kane is used to living in seclusion, so he is somewhat reserved and timid. He is extremely self conscious because of his rather unique appearance, so he does not associate with the outside world very much. Because of this, he is extremely naive and makes very instinctual, emotional decisions. His one deep longing is to find a single person who will be kind to him.

History: Kane is from 600 A.D. He was born in Magus' fort during the war with the Guardia Knights. Magus had a need for a beast who could make use of both physical strength and magic, so he used his dark magic to create Kane. Although the gargoyle was far from perfect, he served Magus well in combat. However, he soon realized that killing innocent human begins was senseless, and fled Magus' army. He has been roaming the world of 600 A.D. ever since. During this time he lost most of his physical strength, and now relies on his extremely powerful magic. He also has the ability to summon other monsters, like himself, for aid during combat.

Motivation: Kane has been wandering aimlessly for many years. He stayed as far away from the war as possible throughout that time, growing and maturing both physically and mentally. Now that he has reached some level of maturity, he has recognized a rather filial affection for the wizard who created him. Therefore, Kane wishes to find Magus despite the fact that the wizard used him for the sole purpose of killing.

Strength: Average
Physical Defense: Average
Magic Defense: Very strong
Magic Power: Very strong
Agility: Strong
Evade: Strong
Intelligence: Average
Stamina: Average

Weapons: Claw (bare hands)

Magics: Shadow Magic, Call Magic

Techs: Claw