Star Azure

Age: 14
Sex: Female
Hair: Blone
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Something like Schala, only with blonde hair.
Weapons: Broadsword-type weapons
From: Zeal

History and Personality: Star was born to a woman whom some people suspected to be Schala in Earthbound Village. She was raised by a family there ('Azure' is the name of the family) until Zeal was destroyed. She fell into a time portal and landed in 600 A.D., where she met the group. Her mother is suspected to be Schala, and nothing is known about her father other than he was a stranger.

Intelligence: None too bright sometimes
Physical Strength: Poor
Phyical Defense: Average
MagicStrength: Very high
Magic Defense: High
Aglility: Average
Evade: Average
Stamina: Average

Update: It seems that Star has gone completely loco, and left the group, saying she would get them. Could she be turning...evil? And, the real question, is why?