Derek Eccles

Race: Human (Enlightened One)
Class: Magician (Mind)
Mind Magic
Weapons: Sturdy wooden quarterstaff, ornamental Zeal dagger.
Description: A thin boy in baggy robes.
Time period: 12000 B.C.

Personality: Standoffish and rather rude at times. Doesn't really know how to get along with normal people. Fortunately, he knows a solution...

History: Was a highly honored student of magic in Zeal, until the day it was destroyed. Fell into 630 A.D. and met Ben and Damian. They could not stop Iris Muldune from kidnapping him, however, and he was tortured for his advanced knowledge of magic. He Managed to escape, but was severely injured from the experiments and such. Liza found him passed out on the road, where he awoke with full amnesia. After some time, he began to remember his experiences, blocking the most traumatic memories. It was about this time that Iris recaptured him. He was rescued by Mariah's group shortly after then.

Strengths: Powerful magician, superb tactician.
Weaknesses: Doesn't really care about getting things done. Cannot fight very well at all.
Power: Very poor. He could subdue, say, a Blue Imp, but don't ask him to do anything past that.
Physical Defense: Slightly better than his strength. He can withstand several hits before falling down.
Magical Defense: Strong against non-physical magic, such as Muddle, Sleep, Mute, etc. but weaker (though still not a pushover) against traditional elemental spells.
Magical Power: Tremendous potential, very little actual knowledge (except in Mind Magic, he's a giant here)
Agility: Extremely agile.
Evade: Despite his agility, does not have tremendous Evade ability, due to the fact that rarely pays attention to what's going on.
Intelligence: Where he truly shines. When he puts his mind to it, there's almost nothing he can't figure out.
Stamina: It is difficult to put him down. Far easier to make him run away.