Race: All too human
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Weight: 154
Magic: Wind 2x
Native time: 1000AD
Silver dagger w/serrated edge near the hilt. Pro: Undead Con: Water
Tunic, usually open showing off his chest. No Def adds.
Pants are baggy and loose. No Def adds.
His boots protect him from poison in swamp grass.
Personality: Acts like he is god's gift to women. Though his looks don't hurt that thought. Though his flexablity kinda grosses some people out. Likes to show off. But he'll always stand by his friends in a clinch.

History: Born in Truce AD 1011, he was raised by his father, from whom he got his personality. He left home at 12 to study the ways of speed with the Wind Wisps. When he 17 he was thrown out for being too wild and undiciplined even after his training. Feeling a new freedom, he left to become a soldier of fortune. When passing through Truce, he spotted Mariah.

When he finds out that his whole past has been a lie, there will be hell to pay!

Agility: Very High
Evade: High
Strength: Enough to serve his purposes
Magical Power: Minor to average
Intellegence: High
Constitution: High

Dash: Dashes at enemy with dagger drawn
Circle Slash: Runs circles around enemy cutting them with each swipe
Spin Kick: Super Spin kick
Wind 1: Wind cuts enemy
Wind 2: Same as 1 with twice power
Gale Blast: Hits every enemy with power equivalant to Wind 1

Abilities:Though he has little strength, he makes up for that with speed. He can run circles around any enemy. He can evade just about anything with his speed. He has some magic skills, but not much. He is weak against fire magic, but not necessarily enemies of that element. His wind magic can do some damage for when his dagger can't do the job. Aquaphobiac(He fears putting his head under water). But he does wash his hair!