Mariah Nu

Age: 16
Race: Human
Occupation: Inventor
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Purple
Height: 5'5
Magic Types: Fire and Wind
Weapon Types: Guns, Arrows, and workmen's mallets

Personality: Mariah is a rather innocent person, but she's no idiot. She is a little nieve in the ways of friendship, battles, and the world in general. But, she has a fabulously high IQ and, like her mother, has a fetish for Inventing. She's logical when it comes to problems, but due to her nieveness, she's very emotional. She's either totally happy, or totally depressed. Also, it's a good idea to be on her good side, or she'll really hate you with a passion! But, Mariah is a sweet hearted girl, who always thinks about others before herself.

History: Mariah is the daugther of Lucca and Nathan Nu. After Mariah's father died, Lucca became a pretty well known scientist (despite the fact that her inventions tend to backfire sometimes.) Mariah's mom was very protective of her daughter, for some unknown reason, and Mariah resented it. However, both she and her mother were very close, and Mariah, for the most part, has lived a happy, peaceful life, despite the fact that she is known as "The Little Inventor Kid That Couldn't" to her classmates....

However, that is all about to change. One day, one of Lucca's college classmates, Iris Muldune, came into town and wished to work on an invention with Lucca. Mariah felt something wicked from this woman, and hated her instantly. Even still, Iris soon moved into the house and worked with Lucca on their invention, non-stop. It was then that Mariah noticed that her mother's behavior changed. She was now cold, quick-tempered, and reclusive. In the coming months, it was rare that Mariah ever saw her mother. But, when the two scientists finished their invention, and called it the "Neo-Mammon Machine" Mariah knew something was wrong, and felt that Iris was responsible.

Little does Mariah know the true dangers she faces, and that her mother has kept a dark, tragic secret from her since she was little. A secret that could change her life...

Strength: Low (That is why she sticks more to missle weapons)
Physical Defense: Low
Magical Defense: Very High
Magical Attack: Very High (Magic one of her strongest points)
Agility: Average
Evade: Average
Intelligence: VERY high! She's a total genius!
Stamina: Average

Techs: Narcosis wave (Similar to Lucca's Hypno Wave)
Flame Singe(Similar to Lucca's Flame Toss)
Befuddle (A Wind orentied spell, confuses enemies)
Boomerang Cleaver(A Wind based boomerang attack. She can only use her trusty boomerang in techs only.)

Magic: Thus far, Fire1, Wind1 and Lil' Bomb