Age: 16
Race: Human
Height: 6'1
Weight: ???
Hair: Very light brown
Eyes: brown
Occupation: Inventor
Weapon: Halberd

Personality and History: Ashe is the son of Fritz, the owner of the the store's son in Chrono Trigger. Fritz wanted Ashe to own the store someday, but Ashe had other plans. He wanted to be an inventor. He worked secretly, but eventually, his father found out. Instead of being angry, Fritz understood, but decided to move the store since Ashe didn't want to run it. (The store is now in Medina) Ashe lives alone in Truce, since his mother is constantly travelling. He has barely any friends, and stays inside his house all day, working. His father returned, one day, saying something about trouble in Truce. Ashe decided he would check it out....

Attack: High
Physical Defense: Low
Magical Power: High
Magical Defense: High
Intelligence: High
Agility: Average
Evade: Average
Stamina: Average

Ashe attacks with halberds, and has Chaos magic, which he doesn't know about yet. He does have skill attacks, in which he uses a non-elemental force to crush the enemy.