George Desormeaux

Race: Human
Eyes: Blue-grey
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'9
Weight: 124 lbs
Occupation: Paladin
Magic types:
Light and White
Weapons: Swords and some kinds of katanas.

History: Raised by kindly old Melchior since he was little more than a three-year-old, he doesn't remember his past, or anything about his parents.

Melchior found him one day, wandering about, in Guardia forest, alone, but with a big sword he somehow managed to carry and drag along, and took him home and taught him the arts of swordmanship, which he eagerly learned, until he's become by now very skilled in it.

He enjoys going to practice in monster-filled regions to sharpen his senses and quicken his responses to enemies, and so has good agility and power, and an extremely advanced magic power, though as of yet he's learned only a few spells.

Strength: Quite High- more so for his age. His sword attacks are very strong.
Physical Defense: Average/Low. His defense is good when he blocks with his sword.
Magic Power: Very High. Able to combine Light magic with strong non-elemental magics for extremely strong spells, but hasn't seen any of the latter yet.
Magical Defense: High
Agility: High
Evade: Average- Low on some missile weapons, okay on the rest.
Intelligence: Smart, witty.
Stamina: Low. Health is average, though.

Techs: Shock: The name says it all! Cover: Protects someone for a fight, Cecil-style. Somerasault: Similar to Frog's critical hit, jumps in front of an enemy, slashes down first, then slashes upward with a jump, and returns to position using a somerasault flip. Slice: Uses a katana to quickly jump towards an enemy and slice it up. Light Blade: Charges up sword with Light magic and delivers strong magical blow.