Krysta Somo

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Wizard/Magician
Eyes: Deep cobalt blue and slightly sunken in with rings around them
Hair: Very dark purple and long
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: Slightly underweight
Clothes: Purple and blue hues; conservative
Magic Types: Enchantment and Shadow
Weapon Types: Javelins
Time Era: 10984 B.C.

History: Krysta is from the year 10984 BC. More specifically, she is from the Confederacy of Palcrio, one of the many short-lived countries that existed in the four milennia following Zeal's fall. This is a very dark era, for the years between 10993 BC and 10969 BC were the time of the global Mana Holocaust. All users of magic were hunted down like animals so that they could be slaughtered, presumably to keep a second Zeal from forming. Some of the few survivors of this tragedy went on to teach their skills to posterity. Some bore mutant children who added to the then-tiny gene pool of the Mystics. Some just stayed in hiding for life, not ready to trust those who had pursued them for so long, and died meaningless, pitiful deaths.

Krysta Somo was born in 11004 BC, eleven years before this horrific chapter of history began. Despite the fact that her father disapproved and it made people leery of her, she began to study magic at a very young age. At first it seemed as if she only had a small capacity to learn Shadow magic, but it turned out that she was also good at casting enchantments. Even though many people were afraid of her and her mother was the only person who came close to supporting her, Krysta was proud of her abilities. When Palcrio joined the crusade to eradicate all sorcerers in 10992 BC, however, she was forced to leave her parents and go on the run. For nine years, her life has been nothing but a battle to keep her lungs and major blood vessels free of holes.

Personality: Krysta Somo is not the sort of person you would want to meet in a darkened alley -- or in an open field, for that matter. She is bitter, nasty, rude, sarcastic, and aggressive. Most would judge her evil, but if you were to hang around with her long enough (which would be her choice more than yours), you would find that she actually does give the greater good a second thought. Since she's had to survive on her own for so long, though, her first instinct in any situation is to protect herself.

Krysta is very paranoid and jumpy. This, when combined with her high intelligence, lets her see through almost every trick, scam, and deceit that comes her way. However, she also has a tendency to see conspiracies where there are none, making it difficult to know when she's right and when she's not. Also, her pride in her own abilities has survived in a morbid, mocking form. ("Do you know what it's like to be dead? I could show you easily enough with my magic...")

Strength: Moderately low
Physical Defense: Very low, and can only wear the lightest armor...
Magical Power: Very high
Magical Defense: Above average against everything except Light, which she's below average against.
Agility: Quick, but not dexterous.
Evade: Above average for physical attacks and average for magical attacks.
Intelligence: Very high
Stamina: Has moderately high endurance from having been on the run, but her health is poor. She's frail, can withstand few blows, and often becomes ill.

Techs: None, and will gain none. Krysta relies mainly on magic.

Spells: Dark Ball (Shadow): Damages one enemy by an amount slightly less than what Darkbomb deals to each enemy hit.
Protect (Enchantment): Reduces damage dealt to the recipient by half.
Poison (Enchantment/Shadow): Damages an enemy for a small amount and poisons it as well.

(Note on spell advancement: Krysta will not learn any "killer" spells; instead, she will learn a great variety of spells of weak and moderate strength. She generally learns new effects rather than how to make stronger versions of the effects she knows.)