Race: Human/Beast
Sex: Female
Profession: Wizard/Assasin
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Weapon Types: Boomerangs
Magics: White and Plant
Time Era: 2901 A.D.

Valeria is a 20 year old assasin from the year 2901 that doesn't live anywhere. She goes from town to town in search of high-paying jobs. One of the major reasons that Valeria is an assasin was to find the man who killed her mother and step-father.

One night, as Valeria, her mother, and her step-father were eating dinner, there was a knock at the door. Her mother went to go open it and found an injured man. The man had bruises, cuts, scars, and scrapes all over his body and was bleeding very badly. Val's mother let the man in and when he entered, all his injuries disappeared. He began chanting something strange and obscure and vines shot up from the ground. The vines began pummeling Valeria's step-father and mother. They wrapped around them and killed the two. As soon as this was over, the man stole Valeria's mother's locket and ran off with it because Valeria shouted out something and the man's vines began attacking him instead.

After that dreadful night, Valeria has hated all mages, even though she is one herself. Every once-in-a-while, Val gets a "job" to kill mages and she doesn't hesitate till she kills the mage, which she does. Now, Valeria met up with a cute moogle who has been protecting her for a while. One day, Valeria was in a tavern when a woman, Iris, approached her. They began talking and Iris offered Valeria a large sum of money for the death of a young girl by the name of Mariah Nu. Valeria agreed and a few minutes afterwards, Valeria was sucked into a portal with Mog and they arrived in a town. The town seemed to be destroyed and Valeria was unconcious while Mog cared for her wounds.

Strength: Strong
Physical Defense: Strong
Magical Defense: Average
Magical Power: Average
Agility: Strong
Evade: Average
Intelligence: Average
Stamina: Strong

Magics: White and Plant Magics

Techs/Skills: Karate and Throwing

Double Techs: w/ Mog: Boogie, stops enemies for a while