Leeta DeArmond

Race: Human
Occupation: Fighter, thief
Eyes: Light green
Hair: Brown (Mostly up in a ponytail)
Height: 5’7
Weight: 121 lbs.
Magic types:
Lightning and Earth
Weapon types: Katana and basically her fists and feet

Personality and History: Leeta grew up an orphan in the town of Truce, surviving a day at a time. Her mother is only a memory to her. Her father, she doesn’t know. She isn’t usually seen around in town, for she is a bit of a thief (Hey, you try surviving on your own without anyone and not steal a piece of bread.). When she is seen, she’s usually chased away by angry shop owners.

She always carries a small pouch. It contains a whistle she stole, a small locket with a picture of her mother on it and some small bits of food. At her side rests a katana which strangely, was left by her side on morning by some mysterious person.

She is generally a smart alecky, wise cracking, happy go lucky type girl. She isn’t really friends with anyone and that has affected her personality a small bit. She‘s kind of easy to anger and really does not think when she loses it.

What she does enjoy is going into Gaurdia forest and fighting monsters for fun. She’s one of those battle happy people.

Strength: Strong for a girl her age.
Physical Defense: Average defense in fighting situations.
Magical Defense: Average for all elements except for Ice. She’s got a weakness against Ice
Magical Power: Average magical powers (One thing though, she uses her emotions to enhance the strength of her attacks.)
Agility: Very quick.
Evade: She has trouble evading Magic attacks but can dodge normal attacks well.
Intelligence: Average intelligence especially smart on the street.
Stamina: Does not easily get worn out in battle. She doesn’t give up easily either.