Lieutenant Lynn Calhan
(Official Designation: Anastasia, the First Daughter - GCLF-04, Class 1)

Sex - Female
Race - Genetically constructed "Elf"
Age - 18
Ht. - 5' 9"
Wt. - 112 lbs.
Eyes - Green
Hair - Brown
Occupation - Soldier

Personality - Born to a strict regimen of discipline, Lynn is first and foremost a warrior. As such, she often displays the grim outlook of a soldier. This "stone-cold soldier" personality, is however; only one-half of her personality. The other side of her personality, one she rarely shows because her soldier-upbringing, is that of a kinder, more caring individual. She sees it as a sign of weakness though, and never, ever reveal a weakness to your enemies.

History - Lynn hails from the year 3022 AD, a post-apocalyptic, war-torn era. When the Unified People's Republic's "Archs" (See History, Circa 3022) uncovered a military research & development base containing advanced bio-engineering equipment. Before the base was destroyed by an attack by the UPR's opposition the Guardia Empire in 3005, seven such beings were created. Lynn was "born" Feb. 24th, 3004. Lynn was the fourth creation, she is also the only one of the seven that contains some man-made, or artificial, genes. The ramifications of these "false genes", if there are any, have yet to show themselves. Approximately 23% of her genetic makeup is man-made, the other 77% is made up of what was considered the crowning examples of mankind at that time. It is also important to note that there were genes other than human genes used. Lynn was designed to excel in the areas of speed, agility & dexterity, with a secondary specialization in magic. Lynn lives up to, if not surpasses her creators' expectations. She is an accomplished gymnast and acrobat. Her top running speed, while classified, is no doubt impressive. Through her extensive physical retinue, she has also developed an impressive stamina, and is capable of sustaining advanced physical activities for long periods of time. In late 3021 the UPR Archs uncovered an ancient missile silo, and salvaged a weapon they referred to as a "Nuclear". Some six months later, a strike against the Guardia Empire was arranged employing the use of the Nuclear. After detonation, a strike team would slip in during the chaos and assassinate the Guardia royal family. Lynn was a member of that strike team. It was last reported that the helicopter she was on was shot down my a survivor. The strike team was presumed to be wiped out when unbeknownst to all but the highest military officials launched a second Nuclear into Guardia. Lynn however, survived, and is trying to make her way back to the UPR. She now carries vital information about the Guardia Empire. Information vital to the survival of the UPR, for the Guardia Archs have unearthed another example man's ability to destroy, and after the UPR's Nuclear strike, Guardia is eager for revenge.

Strength - Average
Physical Defense - Average
Magical Defense - High
Magical Power - Above Average
Agility - VERY Agile (She's as agile as Mariah is smart!)
Evade - VERY Agile (Same! ^_^)
Intelligence - Average (Great at military strategy though!)
Stamina - High

Magic Element - White Spells

七ure - Heal some Hp.
乙rmor - Raise physical defense.
七ure2 - Heal more Hp.
又hell - Raise magical defense.
几ife - Resurrect an ally with some of their Hp.
七ureEx - Heal Hp for multiple allies.
上all - Reflect back magical attacks.
几ife2 - Resurrect an ally with all of their Hp.
又ol Rend - A devastating solar attack to all enemies.


BullsEye - A precisely aimed attack for devastating damage.
Ricochet - Bounce bullets off of things to hit multiple targets.
Point Blank - A short range attack made with her pistol causing a fatal attack.
RailGun - Lock On - The RailGun's targeting system ensures an unavoidable attack.
Hyperion - A deadly, unavoidable energy-weapon attack to all enemies.
Execute - A horribly blunt, fatal attack to two enemies.


Pistol - Lynn carries a modified semi-automatic Magnum Mark IV Special Ops Military Issue pistol. Like any artifact unearthed by the Archs, guns are highly prized items. Carrying one is a great honor. The removable chamber holds 6 rounds. Lynn has three other of these removable chambers, for quick reloading in battle situations.

RailGun - Lynn carries a modified FFG-20 RailGun. Modifications include a salvaged plasma induction capacitor, and several other Arch relics. The weapon no longer fires solid projectiles (bullets. :P) like it once did, and is now an energy weapon. Because of the massive power required to fire this gun, Lynn uses it sparingly. The gun is powered by 2 Energy Clips. There are 5 shots to a Clip, and Lynn has an additional two clips. (Four in total.) The clips are rechargeable, but finding a place to do so is extremely difficult, so Lynn fires this powerful gun sparingly. It also takes 3 turns to warm up before it is able to fire.

Knife - Lastly, Lynn carries the Standard Military Issue survival knife, just in case her guns go to hell. Like any survival knife, it has a compass, matches, etc.

Appearance - Beyond her eyes, height, etc. listed at the top of the page, Lynn has several other distinct characteristics. Notable are her pointed "elfin" ears; a side-effect of the man-made genes? Elf genes? No one knows. When she needs to hide them, she simply disguises them under a hat. Her eyes are also rather unique, with odd pupils not unlike those of FFVII's Sephiroth. Since beginning her trek back to the UPR, Lynn has lost her military fatigues in favor of darker colored jeans and shirts. She also wears a black trenchcoat, which is good for concealing numerous types of weaponry, save for the modified RailGun, which is quite large. She also has a backpack in which she carries her fatigues and a fedora-style hat and a few other things.