Sex: Male
Age: 20
Height: 6'10
Weight: 180 lbs. Hair Color: Brown
Weapon Type: Swords
Time Era: ???

He often wears a hat and cape

Personality: He is the kind of person who doesn't care.. He was originally in it for money, but now for revenge. He is more calm than he used to be, but will still get angry on occasion. If he would learn to be more focused it would help him a lot.

History: When he was young he was abandoned and was wandering around. He found a master who taught him martial arts. He trained and met the group, he helped them and even got them a free boat ride :). Iris then captured him and made him evil but was later brought back to the good side by Keli. Will he ever find a time or place he belongs? Only time will tell...

Strength: Below Average Physical Defense: Below Average Magic Defense: Very High (Weak against Light Magic) Magic Power: Very High Agility: Average Evade: Average Intelligence: Not a genius but not dumb Stamina: Average

He uses Dark Swords, and Shadow magic

Techs: Teleport (teleports around enemy slashing them)

Magic: Eternal Flame (A Dark Flame hits the enemy damaging them and giving heavy burns)
Black Death (A beam of dark energy blasts the enemy)
Hold (Guess) Void (Drain Spell)
Darkness (Ultimate magic attack. It drains all Magic and he is unconious for the rest of the battle. Then is not awake til 2 hours pass or is given an elixer or something of the such)

Double Tech: Hellfire (Eternal and Angry Flame combined into one attack. Mariah is the other person)