Lost in Time-The CTRPG Time Eras
The world of Chrono Trigger, Arinda, is vast and complex. Just when you thought you've seen all the time eras imaginable, more timegates appear. Here are the various eras our adventurers have or will visit. No matter which era they travel to, it's apparent that Iris has left her mark in all of them. It's up to the heroes to correct the damage Iris has done. But is this possible?

65 Million B.C.-The Prehistoric

The dawn of history, the Prehistoric Era still is a place where the cavemen dwell. Although the dinosaurs were killed off thanks to Chrono and his friends, signs of the ice age have been noticed in the last few years. However, Ayla was a great ruler and taught the cavemen to fend for themselves. Iris soon changed this peaceful setting by blowing up half the contentent with her Mammon Machine. To make things worse, Ayla was killed by Iris' forces. Who will help the cavemen now? Perhaps our band of Heroes will lend a hand, and unlock the mysteries of this so-called "Dawn of Time".

12,000 B.C.-The Fall of Zeal

Zeal, once the mightest and most beautful nation known to man, is now in ruins at the bottom of the sea. The survivors of this claimity struggle to survive in the harsh tundra of the wastelands, living one day at a time. People already are fighting against each other for power over the camps, but thankfully, no blood has been spilled yet. Unfortuately, strange happenings have been reported in the the recent weeks. Rumors of strange women snooping around their camps, snowstorms suddenly increasing in intensity, the ruins of the Ocean Palace glowing eerily at night. The people of the fabled Zeal are gripped by dread. The real question lies, what can Iris gain in a frozen hellhole such as this?

10,984 B.C.-The Mana Holocoust

Apparently, the fall of Zeal had a much greater impact on the world than previously thought. About 1000 years after Zeal's fall, mages are hunted down and killed like animals so that another Zeal cannot be created. The mages hide out in the dark recesses of the streets, fleeing from government officals who want to end their lives. The buildings in this era have a roman styled feel, but grit and dirt detracts from their beauty. It's a time where you can't trust anyone, and you must always watch your back, or you may end up in a corenor's bag. People who seem to be your friends suddenly turn into your enemies, and, strangely enough, people who seem to be your enemies suddenly become your friends...Can our band of heroes help lighten up this dark age, or is it simply too late?

0 A.D.-The Beginnings of the Kingdom of Gaurdia

This is the era where The Kingdom of Gaurdia was established. According to popular legends, it was said that an epic battle between a tyrant, King Maricha, and a young soilder, Anthony Gaurdia, decided the fate of a world repressed by Maricha's wicked rule. With Maricha's army and Gaurdia's band of revolutionists fighting day in and day out, much of the land was ravaged. Courrption, decit, and betrayal almost wiped Guardia's army out. However, Gaurdia came out victorious in the end, slaying Maricha by his own hand. From there, he liberated Maricha's Castle,became a King, and renamed the kingdom "Gaurdia". For 600 years, peace regined. However, Iris wants to destroy Gaurdia by making sure it never existed! By assisting Maricha with her advanced technolgy and power, she hopes that Maricha will win the war. Rumors are even circulating that Iris even sent out assasins to kill Anthony!  Can Iris be stopped in time?

630 A.D.-The Middle Ages

The middle ages have not changed much since Crono and his friends first arrived thirty years ago. It's still a place of chivalry, and danger. But lately, Iris' band of cronies, Hydra, Victor, and Voria are causing even more havoc than usual! to make matters worse, a mysterious cult has recently been seen in the area. It is rumored that their base is somewhere near the village of Tomoe. The cult seems harmless enough, constantly begging for money and new members. However, people have said that random poeple are getting kiddnapped, and strange magic radates from the cursed woods, where the cult is supposedly located. Is the cult reposible, is it Iris, or it both?

1030 A.D.-The Present

The era where the trouble begins. Once a prosperous era where King Crono and Queen Marle ruled over happy subjects, it is now in ruins, the people desperately trying to rebuild. The trouble began when Truce was holding it's annual festival. Lucca was supposed to present her fabulous new invention "The Neo-Mammon Machine", when the machine went berserk and blew Truce sky high. Thanks to Iris, Lucca went berserk as well. To top off this era's problems, the repressed Mystics have banded together under the leadership of Hendral to wipe out the humans forever. At the moment, the humans seem to be losing, and the new ruler of Gaurdia, Crono Jr, is forming a army to hold them off until the repairs are made.

1999 A.D.- The Corporate Business Era

Once the era where Lavos made his fiery apperance, this era looks to be a properous time period. It could easily be compared to the era we live in today. It is an era where techology is starting to become the norm. Large skyscrapers rise into the sky, malls can be found almost anyplace in the city, and the Rolanda show is on five times a week. But this era has one big problem. The cities are litterally ruled by large, money grubbing companies. The leader of these companies is the Ristole Corperation, who's skyscraper is located in the center of Truce. The activies of this company are a total mystery. Some say they only make chemicals and medicene. Others say they make biological weapons. Some go as far saying they make not only biological weapons, but other kinds of weapons as well! There are also rumors that the Ristole Corp. has tough, almost mob type men roaming the higher floors of the building, ready to shoot intruders. What could the Ristole Corp be hiding? It's up to our heroes to find out.

2330 A.D.-The "Havik" Era

Since Lavos never made his apperence in 1999AD, this era isn't a wasteland....it's much worse. Instead of wastelands, the people are gripped by fear everyday. The cause of this fear is a android/robot known simply as "Warlord Havik". Havik controls the people with her mechanized machines. If the poeple refuse to follow her, they will be killed on the spot. There haven't been many people who have gone against her, due to her tanks and her massive power. She "rules" the area from a five story fortress,(Shown in the picture) nicknamed "Five Stories of Metal Hell". There are still many mysteries about this Era that the adventures must uncover. Could it be that Iris is resposible for Havik here as well?

3022 A.D.- Nuclear Wasteland

The future looks bleak, indeed. The world in this time period looks very similar to what 2300AD used to look like. The world has been torn apart by massive fighting between two groups, the Empire of Gaurdia and the Unified Peoples Republic, or UPR. Thanks to the constant nuclear bombings, most of the planet is charred wastelands, unfit for human habitation. The sky is always a dingy color, the buildings lie in ruins, and diease is commonplace. The survivors of the war live in poverty, fighting to stay alive, but wondering "why bother?". This era not only has the most advanced techology around, with lazers and bio-techlogy. However, they also draw power from the old relics left behind when they blew the world away with their nuclear holocoust. The people also dabble in Bio-Technology, as mentioned, and seven so called "Bio-children". where created to fight in the wars. Years have passed since their creation, and most of them are now grown up. Their locations, at this time, are unknown...

If you would like to know how this whole mess started, here is an account of how the nuclear wars came to be, written by a fellow CTRPG player, Bahamut (Lynn)
History, Society, Etc. of Arinda - 129 A.H. (Ad Holocaustum) (Circa 3022 A.D.)

The End Of Time

The End of time was once the area where all time eras intersect. It was a quiet, yet lonely place watched over by Gaspar. But a recent attack by Iris' forces have left the place in ruins, and Gaspar dead. Now his disciple, Elynthia, must rule the End of Time in his place. On the bad side, the timegates are so unstable that more than three can travel in them now, and time eras that were preiviously unreachable now are. On the good side, Elynthia is helping our band of heroes as much as she can, and Spekkio is still around, as annoying as ever! What secrets can be learned in this lonely place?

For your knowledge, Arinda is the name of the CTRPG world.