Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Chronomancer/Historian
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 166 lbs. (thin build)
Age: 35
Birthdate: Mitrul 17, 83 R.A. (November 17, 1961)
Hair: Red, curly, all one length
Eyes: Solid Black (no whites, hides this behind 3D spectacles)
Weapons: Staff, Dagger (usually none, prefers words)
Magic: Chronomancy, Force (Concussive Energy, non-elemental)

Personality: Eccentric, pragmatic, can be quite arrogant at times, and marvellously witty at all times.

History: Having arrived in this dimension due to a breech in the Space/Time Continuum, Tatterdash quickly adapted to this new world he is apparently trapped in. An historian, he learned, in his words, the "short and predictable" history of this planet. Now he has discovered that his enemies have somehow followed him here, and Tatterdash searchs for individuals that can help him.

Strength: Average
Physical Defense: Average
Magic Defense: Very High
Magic Power: High (Very High in own dimension)
Agility: Low
Evade: Average
Intelligence: Super-Genius (190 I.Q.)
Stamina: Above Average

Force Bolt (damage, individual)
Force Shield (protection, individual)
Slow (halves attacks)
Fast (double attacks)
Force Field (protection, multiple)
Stop (stop time, individual)
Force Blast (damage, multiple)
Time Stop (stop time, multiple)

Tatterdash also can communicate mind to mind, and is unaffected by poisons.

He usually wears a long grey cloak over a multi-coloured jacket, a 12 foot long purple and orange scarf, and 3D spectacles. "To better blend in with the populace" he once said.