Rook Farther

Sex: Male
Age: 12
Class: Fighter
Magic: Wind, Moon

Rook Farther at the age of 11 and 3/4s saved the kingdom where he lived from Nexes, A power hungry being who is the reincarnation of the evil mage who had the power to control time and dimenions with the help of his friend Kairu who was the decendant of the great knight Velequiz. Rook and Kairu were fighting monsters in the forest when a purple porter opened up and sucked him and Kairu into it. Rook awoke in 65 million BC And has no clue of what is going on around him and is looking for Kairu, He wishes to find Kairu as soon as possible so they can find their way home.

Stengths, Shadow
Weaknesses, Earth and Plasma
Strength: Strong
Defense: Strong
Magic: Medium
Magic Defense: Medium
Agility: Medium-Strong
Evade: Weak-Medium
Stamina: Strong

Weapons: Rook uses his magical sword, the Prismal Sword to attack enemies. It gains strength in the light but is only half as powerful in darkness.

Techs: Rook uses sword techs. Here are his starting out ones

Rainbow Arc: Using his magical Prismal Sword he calls for the light of the moon to shine apon his sword, creating a rainbow of light which helps him defeat his enimys as he uses the wind to help him strike his enimies