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Upates, Thank yous, Disclaimers, and Session Dates


- Woohoo! After about 3 months of not updating this site is coming back to life! During the months of June and July, this site has been updated in every catagory! Expect even more!

8-03-97: Logs 13, 14, and 15 added, with a little note.

The CTRPG GM, Mariah, wishes to thank..

Everyone in the CTRPG. (Duh..) Without you, none of this would be possible!! Thanks!
All the other IRC RPGS out there, for giving me insperation.
The Lunar II IRC RPG, for a few of their midis
Geocities (Of course)
Drkmatter and sabin, who watch our sessions everytime, and don't complain. :D Wicked cool! :)
Whoever worked on the anime, Sailor Moon (You have no idea how many pics are from that show!)
Just about every other anime, for that matter!
To my SOPS (Story operators), who not only have to play the game, but have to help me run it! (And hear my whining and moaning too! :^_^)
And you! Thanks for playing!! (Doh, I played too many video games..^_^)


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The Next CTRPG Session is..

The next session date is Saturday, August 9th, 1997 at 1 PST.

Thank you very much, come again!