Age: 10
Race: Mystic
Occupation: Gypsy dancer, warrior for Elynthia, and unoffical matchmaker. :)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 98 lbs
Magic Types: White
Time era: 1030 A.D
Weapon Types: None, relys soley on her claws and kicks. Once in a while uses a dagger.

Sweet little Mekare may seem like just a cute little tyke to you, but don't be fooled, you have one powerful warrior here. As the youngest of Elynthia's warriors, Mekare is the living proof that mystics did indeed survive throughout the ages, although Mekare doesn't share the same views as her ancestors, and wants the humans and mystics to be friends. Mekare, in mystic terms, looks part human, part feline, and she has clawlike hands, which she uses for combat.

Mekare doesn't have a family really. Her parents died of desise a long time ago. She was taken in by a friend of the family, Fyodora. Fyodora was part of a traveling carnival,and Mekare trained to be the star dancer there. Her motives and reasons for helping Elynthia remain a mystery.

Mekare is a carefree girl. She likes to have fun a lot, and sometimes gets a wee bit sidetracked from more important things because of it. She can be somewhat impusive. She usually acts before she thinks, a habit she's trying desperately to break. However, Mekare goes out of her way to help her friends, and is quite loyal. She looked up to Damian because he is an "Old Mystic Man", and views Mariah and Leeta as "The sisters she never had." Mekare does have one trait many mystics have, and that is she often is up to mischief. She loves to play matchmaker, and she'll do anything in her power to get two people together, and she is relentless in doing so.

Mekare's got her eyes set on two couples. Is Mekare right? Are they "Destined to be together?" Only time will tell....