Lucca Nu

Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Inventor
Weapon: Guns
Magic Types: Fire

Lucca was once a kind and compassionate inventor, working with science to make the world a better place. She is, indeed, the same Lucca who fought against Lavos and won. But today, Lucca is a completely different person. A cold, heartless woman who uses science to wipe out humankind...permentely..

However, Lucca wasn't always this way. Shortly after the fight with Lavos, she met and fell in love with a fellow scientist, Nathan, and they were married. They had a child, Mariah, but when Mariah was still young, Nathan died. It took Lucca quite a while to recover from the blow, for Nathan was the only man who really understood her, but she then focused her attention on Mariah, and she raised Mariah on her own. Both lived a very happy life.

But when Iris came to her house to work on her latest invention, Lucca slowly began to change. She became cold, reclusive, and constantly cruel to poor little Mariah. Mariah didn't know it then, but Lucca was slowly falling into Iris' dark web, and was becoming her so-called "Slave." When her invention was activated, she fully fell under Iris' control and is now following Iris whenever she goes.

Mariah's ultimate goal is to bring her mom back to reality and return her to her normal, kind self. But Iris is striving for that not to happen. Iris somehow needs Lucca in her master plan, and is using Lucca to bring the world to it's knees.

Will Lucca be forced to destroy the most important thing to her, her daughter?

Strength: Weak
Physical Defence: Average
Magical Defence: Strong
Magical Power: Strong
Agility: Average
Evade: Average
Intellegence: High
Stamina: Average