The Changing Night


The night's cool breeze blew by the young girl's face and she shivered slightly. Her eyes narrowed in concentration and she regained her composure. Leeta was in a tree, watching a rather large manor in Porre, which she knew to be the Mayor's home. Her light green eyes danced over the manor's surface, taking in every detail possible. The lights turned off in the home. She smiled grimly and leaped out of the tree and grabbed on to a windowsill. She swung to and fro there for a few minutes, her face tight with pain and small beads of sweat making themselves known on her forehead. She dropped with a light thud on to a balcony. Her eyes flashed with anger when she spotted the door. The door with the advanced looking lock. She reached into a small pouch on her side and drew out a small metal rod, which she studied for a minute. Her eyes narrowed and she frowned in displeasure. She had nothing to the pick the lock with. It was too state of the art and technologically advanced. Snarling slightly, she tossed the rod back into the pouch and sat crouched on the balcony, thinking. Leeta didn't like stealing. Well, in truth, she didn't. It was a rush and it provided food and money for her. Leeta was only 16 years old and had no family. Lately though, she had been putting her skills on the market the town where she had grown up in, Truce. She had advertised that she would steal whatever someone wanted, If the price was right of course. She had been paid to break into the mayor's manor and steal his wife's necklaces. PAID was the word that had caught her attention. The man who hired her offered her 10, 000 GP to steal the necklaces. A hefty little sum that would let Leeta live peacefully for the next 20 years. Unfortunately, she was having difficulties. Leeta sized up the lock again and got a dangerous and nervous smile on her face. Standing to full height, she drew her little knife. The clean and shiny metallic gray seemed to give her strength as she drew back her arm to slice the lock to bits. She brought the weapon down with a sharp arch and it sliced the lock cleanly off the door. The door creaked open and Leeta had to stop herself from cheering as she stepped into the home. She was now in the mayor's bedroom where the mayor and his wife were currently sleeping. Their soft snores made Leeta edgy and she hardly breathed as she went the dresser by the bed. 'Watches…earrings…brushes…makeup…WHERE ARE THE NECKLACES?!?!' she thought, clenching a watch in her hand. She gasped as it started to beep. The mayor muttered and sat up. Leeta's eyes opened wide and she dropped to the ground, where she rolled under the bed and stopped herself from breathing. "Juh…..wh-who's th-there?…..I…..nnn….Zzzzzzzzzz…." the mayor drifted back off to sleep again.

"Thank god." Leeta murmured and started to roll out from under the bed again. She stopped as she hit her head on something. Cursing under her breath, she grabbed the thing and glared at it. It was a small, delicate, black and shiny box with intricate patterns on it. 'Bingo!!!' Leeta thought and smiled to herself 'Money….here I come!'. She opened it and there the necklaces were. Leeta closed the box and put it in her pouch. Shuffling, she rolled out from under the bed and stood up. She mock bowed to the unsuspecting sleepers and turned to leave. A nagging sensation made her look down at the watch that had beeped earlier. Before she could do anything, the beep started again. The mayor jumped up this time and saw Leeta. He stared for a second and then remembered he wasn't wearing pants. He leaped back into bed, waking his wife who screamed "THIEF!!! THERES A THIEF IN MY BEDROOM! GAURDS!!!!"

Leeta saw the doors to the bedroom open and 3 armored men waltz in. She groaned inwardly and drew her knife again. "Bring it on." She stated and got into a battle stance.

The biggest armored man charged at her and she ducked out of his grasp, kneeing him in the gut. Another man followed his friend in though and caught Leeta in the jaw with a right hook. Leeta flew into a bookcase and stumbled around a bit, groggy. The 2nd man rushed at her and punched her again but this time in the stomach. Leeta felt her mind go blurry and then refocus. She gasped in uneven breaths and began to feel hot. The 2nd man leered at her and drew a knife. Leeta blinked, trying to remove the red haze that had started to seep into her mind and which had began to plague her senses. With a roar of fury, she leaped at the man who had hit her, the 2nd man, and round housed him in the face. She dropped him with a sweep kick and then kneeled over him, pounding and pounding. His screams rang in her ears until her head flashed with pain and she hit the floor, the 3rd man standing over her holding a club. Sputtering, she tried to rise again but got clubbed in the back and stayed down. The man spit on her and tied her hands up. "This is for Lien." He said in a gruff voice.

He began to beat her senseless with the club and soon she was lying unconscious on the ground.

She awoke some time later to find herself in the cellar of the basement. The sounds above her head were not good ones. They were angry tones. Yelling voices. Leeta shook her head to snap herself out of it. Reaching a hand up, she felt a large gash on her forehead. Her mind ached and her body quivered. Leeta forced herself to stand and take a look around. The cellar was pretty much like a normal cellar. It was full of boxes and a wine rack and a few empty chests. Leeta inspected the boxes with great carefulness. Inside one she found an old whistle that gleamed as though it was brand new. She stuffed it in her shirt (they had relieved her of her pouches) and looked up at the door with a longing. She hated being in closed places. Afraid of going stir crazy, she decided to play the whistle. Drawing it out again, she brought it to her lips and began to play it softly. She had never used a whistle before but she seemed a natural at it. The tune was a haunting one that pulled at Leeta's memory. She didn't place the tune itself but felt strangely related to it. She heard the voices up above her quieted down and she played a bit softer. Footsteps alerted her to the doorway, which opened. Down came the mayor, a sneer on his face and his eyes glowing with hatred. Leeta just smiled at him, whistle in one hand, and waved like an idiot just to annoy him. He clenched his fists. "Be quiet you dirty thief or I'll beat you senseless!"

Leeta chuckled. "You don't have the nerve."

He considered this and then snarled. Leaping at her, he was met by a fist in the throat. He gagged and stumbled back, turning blue. Leeta followed up by kneeing him in the stomach. He dropped like a ton of bricks. Leeta ran for the door to escape but was tripped by a hand on her ankle. The mayor drew a small dagger and stabbed at her. She felt pain in her shoulder and screamed. The mayor drew back for a minute, uncertain of what he had done. Clenching her teeth and ignoring the tears of pain sliding down her cheeks, Leeta slid the knife out of her shoulder and stumbled to her feet. The red haze returned in her mind, stronger and more angering. She roared at him and stabbed with great strength into the mayor's chest and into his heart. Blinking more and more to clear away the haze and the tears, she stumbled upstairs. The mayor's wife gaped at her and then took off downstairs to her husband's corpse. Leeta walked slowly outside, her mind clearing. She realized she had just committed a serious crime and her face went pale. Behind her, she heard the widowed mayor's wife screaming. Leeta took off running, out of town and over the bridge, into the town of Truce. The trip wasn't pleasant or comfortable and Leeta kept herself alive by fighting monsters and stealing from the occasional fellow traveler. Sitting outside the town, Leeta got a strange feeling of loneliness and something else. She couldn't name the feeling she felt and it sent shivers up her spine. It nagged her all the way the streets of Truce. She stopped and stared wide-eyed at the big celebration going on. It was the Millennial Fair. Leeta spied a small packet of food in one of the vendor's stalls and smiled slightly. She had to eat didn't she?……