Keli Levine

Keli is thinkin' hard..

Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Historian
Relation: Decendent of Toma
Weapon: Foil Fighting
Style: Fencing
Time: Future (2330 AD)
Appearence: Long dark-brown hair. Looks a lot like Toma... but of course, she's a girl. Brown eyes. Really mature-looking for her age.

Kel's kinda down...:(

Personality: Very quiet, and doesn't interact with people she doesn't know too well. But when you get to know her, she actually very interesting to talk to. Keli sees life as a philisophical wonder, calm in her nature and doesn't like to resort violence... unless if it's necessary.

Intelligence: Smart for her age; but when it comes to street-smarts and arithmetic, she lacks it.

History: Keli was once a very playful young girl, until she got her hands on a family heirloom-- Toma's diary. After reading through the hardships and perils of her respected ancestor, Keli felt afraid about going into her everyday outings because she feared that she may end up in the same fate as Toma. During her teenage life, she stayed in town, made a few good friends, and studied the art of fencing. Keli read MANY books since she was 13, and it was one of her only form of entertainment. She once read a book about 7 time-travellers, a power-hungry queen, and a deadly consuming parasite in a book called "Nadia Chronicals". One thing Keli didn't know is that this, "Entity" mentioned in the story remained anonymous. She conducted research and found some facts -- but are they true? Will she find out who is the Entity, or is it all just a myth?

Magic Type: Wind and Light (Exotic Type)
She doesn't have a special power... or WILL she ever LEARN her power?