Iris Muldune

Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Inventor
Weapon: Anything she can make! O_o
Magic Types: ????

Iris is the lady behind this enitre mess. Although she doesn't look to be evil, she is as evil as it comes. She supposedly knew Lucca from College and one day came over to Lucca's house, asking Lucca if she wanted to work on an invention with her. Lucca agreed, and on that day, Lucca slowly became Iris' lacky. Her master plan was reveled as she used the Neo-Mammon Machine's power to steal life energy from the residents of Truce, and blow it sky high. On that day, Lucca was fully under Iris' control.

Iris is power hungry, and no one truely knows her real intentions. All that is known at this point is she wants world domination, and that Lucca is one of the keys to her plan. She is cold hearted and a ruthless scientist, wishing to use her knowledge, and science itself, for horrible purposes. She loathes Mariah with a passion, calling her a goodie-goodie and weak-willed.

However, her true motives lie in shadow. Peope have said that Iris isn't working for herself, but for a strange, evil power. If this is true, who is this evil force? What does it want?

Is Iris the player, or the pawn in this elaborate game?

Strength: Weak
Physical Defence: Average
Magical Defence: Strong
Magical Power: Strong
Agility: Average
Evade: Average
Intellegence: High
Stamina: Average