Info on the CTIRCRPG


I now have picked the people who will be in the CTRPG, so if you send (or sent) me a form, you'll be put on a waiting list, and I can't gauruntee that you'll get a spot. Oh well. :) We meet every other Saturday at 2 PST. If you're not in the CTRPG, that's ok! You're welcome to watch! We usually hold meetings bi-weekly, on Saturdays, at 2:00 PST. Occasionally, on holidays (Like winter break) We'll have it once a week, or on a actual holiday, just for fun, but Saturdays are usally the time we meet.

We're now on the esper net server ( (Port 5555), or In the room #CTRPG. We found espernet better than DAL net because DAL net messes up too much. You can't participate, but you're welcome to watch! (Be forwarned though, if you disrupt the meeting, you may be devoiced, kicked, or even banned! Behave yourselves! *giggle!*)