Sex: Female
Race: Mystic
Occupation: Wizard/Warrior
Weapon: Whips
Magic Types: Shadow, fire, and is currently learning mind magic.

Hydra is a loyal general to Iris forces. She is in this job solely for the fact that this so called "power" Iris works for will make her rich and happy beyond her wildest dreams. Hydra is a cold hearted person (Duh) and is merciless to her enemies, tourturing them or killing them. She is power hungry, and wants more and more power, which she hopes Iris will deliver on. Hyrdra is a rare type of mystic in the fact that she has the power to morph into two forms. She can either be in her weaker human form, or, when threatened, can turn into her ultra powerful hydra form. She can, however, be persuaded to change sides, or work for herself, in the blink of an eye, if the money is right. Some say she used to be a mercenary. Hydra is very slutty, both in her taste of clothes and her actions.

Right now, Hydra has taken quite an intrest in Derek, and feels his mind magic will make her even more powerful. She hopes to harness his power so he can control other people to do what she wants.

But, there is something else Hyrda wants Derek for. Something far, far worse...

Strength: Weak in human form, very strong in Hydra form
Physical Defence: Weak in human from, Strong in Hydra form.
Magical Defence: Strong
Magical Power: Strong
Agility: High
Evade: High
Intellegence: High
Stamina: Average


Morph: When Hyrda's human form is beaten up, she morphs into a several headed, fire breathing Hydra. This is her true form. She is EXTREMELY powerful in this form and is a force to be reckoned with!

Whip Strangle: She takes her trusty whip and wraps it around the victims neck, causing them to choke, and eventually die..