Warlord Havik

Sex: Female
Race: Android
Occupation: All around evil person
Weapon: Guns
Magic Types: Shadow

History: While in 1999AD Havik was, quite human. She had always dreamed of global conquest and always felt that King Crono of 1030AD and his decendants were "tin-plated swagering dictators with dilushions of godhood." owever, when she fell through the gate that Lavos created to 2330 AD, she became more spitfull than before. It was then that the last wizard -and ruler of the citadel- had met her. The wizard, named Kyl, fell in love wiht her. As a result she became his second-in-command. Later, of course, the resistance made thier first bold attack on an ammunitions dump, and wound up critically wounding Havik. Kyl then ordered his curent shipbuilder, Syr, to make an android in her image that would be almost impervious to pysical attacks- although he didn't know then that this would make her extremly vulnerable to magical attacks. When he transfered her soul into the android, using a rare magic, Havik had to fight off the personality implanted in it by Syr... which matched that of Kyl's present Tactical program (big mistake, huh?). Her more caring side became buried, making her as close to pure evil as a machine would get, her soul still allowing her to use magic. Becomeing enraged, she blaste Kyl and Syr into oblivion, her careing side being buried which she still has ocasional "personality battles" with.

MAGICS (note: her soul in the machine is what allows her to still use magic, thoguh it dosn't work quite as well sometimes... have it backfire at the dramaically apporpriate moment )

Dark Bomb- Same as Magus's spell
Dark Fry- A *concentrated* Dark Bomb spell, in beam form.
Dark Force Rising- A blast of pure hatred which is fueled by magic. It strikes either one or a group, but loses power when distributed. Think of it as an ultima-like spell, with its power beign evenly cut between multiple targets (i.e half strength on 2, 1/3 on 3, 1/4 on 4, etc).


Strafing Run- flying through the air witht her laser, attacking, a la old style fighters.
Hover- Speed/Agillity x2, makes attacks that open the ground no longer affet her. Double attacks.
Spinning Laser- Hovers over the ground, and spins aroudn while firing her laser pistol.. Sorta like Robo's laser spin, with class Hover Strike- flys at one with a claw
Death From Above- use fling abillities to spend a round going up and then comes down, connecting with her claw for massive damage (Kain's jump with class)

Strength: High
Pysical Defence: Off the scale
Magic Defence: EXTREMLY Low
Magic Power: Average
Agility: High
Evade: Average
Intelligence: Very High
Stamina: Average