Friends of the Warriors

Sarah and Chris Stoner

Sarah and Cris are a typical brother/sister pair. They both live in present day Truce, and they are Mariah's ONLY friends before this whole mess started. You could think of these two like Palom and Porom from Final Fantasy 2. Sarah is the older, polite, wiser sister, and Chris is the younger, annoying dork. Despite the fact that these two argue all the time, they are loyal friends to Mariah.

Whenever Mariah heads into 1030 A.D., expect these two to give her valuble information.

Eliza (Liza) Thompson

Eliza, or Liza, is a young lady living in Truce, in the year 630 A.D. She is Ben's Fiancee and she was the woman who found Derek and nursed him back to health.

She had a husband previously, and had a little boy, before her husband died. Eliza was quite lonely until she met Ben and fell in love with him. They were set to be married, but duty called for Ben and he had to leave home. Liza would have gone crazy if she didn't happen to find Derek one day passed out. She occupied her time taking care of him, and figuring out who he is.

Liza is a lonely girl, who seems to either lose important people, or important people leave her. She is sweet and very self sacrificing. You know she'd be the kind of woman to take in every stray cat and feed every homeless person who walked by her door. She's not very rich, not by a long shot, but she gets by, and she is a wonderful mother.

However, her kind nature has gotten her into trouble, and she has recently been kidnapped by Iris' band of thugs. It is unkown weither she is dead or alive...


Damian was born as a son of a human father and a Mystic Naga-ette mother in the year of 607 A.D. He was found by a Mystic elder named Delgarin and taken to a secret hideout hidden well near Guardia, where Delgarin raised him and taught him all he knew about magic. Damian soon grew to possess average strength techs, and was visited by Spekkio, who had traveled to that time period from the End of Time. Damian didn't know who Spekkio was, but Spekkio challenged him to a fight anyway, and Damian won. Damian was given Moon and White Magic by Spekkio, and was told to keep those forces in order.

When he was 15, Damian witnessed a terrible act by one of his own friends named Dimalio. Dimalio told the humans about the Mystic hideout near Truce, and nearly half the Mystics got killed. Damian soon found Dimalio hiding and found that Dimalio had killed the elder that cared for him so much with a sword. Damian was nearly killed by Dimalio before he found that sword. It was nearly too much for Damian to lift, and he plunged it into Dimalio, killing the fiend.

A few years later, all the Mystics were killed, and Damian saw that the humans had indeed found the secret hideout. The humans then learned that there was one last Mystic, which was indeed Damian. Damian then left a fake suicide note to fake his death and posed as a wizard who "killed" Damian. The humans then left, saying that the Mystics were totally annihilated, and Damian was free from their path.

Damian met with Mariah and tried to help her party for quite awhile, but he was later killed by Victor and Voria...

Sir T Magus

Sir T Magus was the son of Magus and a well rounded traveller. He was also a part time writer, and was writing a memoir of his adventures with Mariah's gang. He was slightly eccentric, but an all around good guy, and loved to talk a blue streak on just about anything...

Unfortunately, he too, died due to Iris sucking him in a time warp.

Crono Jr.

Crono is the son of Nadia and Crono. Thus, he is a prince and the rightful hier to the Gaurdia throne. He's a wee bit imature, but he has a strong sense of justice and learned almost all of his skills from his dear old dad. Now, both of his parents are missing and he vows to kill Iris and find them, dead or alive..He wanders in and out of Mariah's party for one reason or another, but he is a valuable ally...

Problem is, will HE be Iris' next victim?