FAQ on joining the CTIRCRPG

So, you wanna join the CTIRCRPG huh? Well fortunately, it's not all THAT hard to join. Perhaps the hardest part is to come up with the character you want. Hopefully, with this little FAQ I whipped up, it'll answer all the questions you have about the CTIRCRPG.

NOTE: The CTRPG is now closed to new members. This FAQ is up here only for reference.

When and where does the CTIRCRPG Meet?

The group meets on IRC on the esper net sever in the room #ctrpg. The time is usually every other saturday (bi-weekly) at 1 PDT That would be 3 mountain, 4 central, and 5 eastern. Also, if you cannot make a session, you must tell me at least 2 days in advance. Simple.

OK, enough babbling about times! I wanna make my character!

Ok, here's how to do it. It's gonna take a bit of thought! Think you can handle it? :D

First, pick a sex

Easy enough.

Next, pick a race, there are 5.

Ok, next is probably the though part, an Occupation/Class. Now, here are SOME of the Occupations/Classes you can be, not all. If you come up with a class that works, then tell me about it...

Unfortunately, that's all I can think of at this time..

Next, tell me about THEM! What is their appearance? What is there personality like? What is their history? What motivates them? Where are they from? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHAT TIME PERIOD!
Next, you'll have to decide on strengths and weaknesses. Now, your character is NOT invincible! He/she will have something that limits them. For example, Mariah (My character) has strong magic and magic defense, average agility, but weak physical defense and attack power (But it is strengthed by guns).Basically, you're average magician Also, if you are A fighter, you may have great strength and defense, but crappy magic. Just use common sense. I don't need numbers. Just tell me if your character is Strong, Average, or weak in these fields, this helps me with battles, since Gato (Our bot) was scraped ~_~

Next up, weapons. This isn't all that hard. I'll take about anything. Whips, guns, bare hands, just don't say "Nuclear bombs" =D

Next, Magic, now, I will only accept a character to have two magic types. For example, Mariah has Fire and Wind magics. You can just have one type if you wish. Here are the spell types. They're a lot more types than in CT. Mostly for variety....

Work Like spells, but are not elemental based. Most characters WILL have skill attacks! Here are some examples
Rare and Exotic Magics.
These types of magic are exotic and rare to the people of CT. One condition to these types of Magic is that you can have only the magic you pick here. You can't have two, like you can have in the elemental magics, nor can you have one rare magic or one elemental magic... Of course, these are JUST suggestions! If you have another idea for occupations, spell types, ETC, please tell me...

Finally, find a pic of what you want your character to look like. I don't absolutely require you to have one, but I'd like you to. The best thing to do is look under a web searcher with the word "anime"! Ultra helpful!
Oh yeah, no one can be Chrono, Marle, etc. As main characters, they will make cameos though..=)

NOTE: If you wanna be an NPC (A character who is sorta a side character, like Schala) You still need to follow this format!

Well, that's that! once you have ALL of this info, e-mail me with it and I will let you know if you made the cut...:)

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