Age: Unknown, but is believed to be around 19-21 years old
Race: Human?
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7
Weight: 117 lbs.
Magic: Chronos

Elynthia is a young lady who has quite a job to undertake. Not much is known about her history, although bits and pieces have been discovered over time. When this young woman was mearly a toddler, she had the misfortune to fall into an active time gate, and end up at the End of Time, where Gaspar still kept his watch. Of course, Gaspar was in quite a fix. He was amazed that anyone was able to wind up at the End of Time at all, since the gates sealed up years ago. But, the gates were too unstable to use without great harm to the space time continuum. The little tyke had no way to go back to her own time, so Gaspar was at a loss. What could he do with this child? Then, he had an idea. He figured he'd raise her by himself, and she'd be his disciple, learning the ways of time, so that one day she could control the time gates herself. Elynthia flourished under his tutalage, even more than Gaspar ever thought she could. She soon was able to control and understand the flow and mechanics of time.

However, as time passed, and Elynthia grew into a young woman, Gaspar noticed that the timegates grew more and more unstable, meaning only one thing: doom. He never told Elynthia of his findings, for he didn't know if his premonition was the truth. Unfortunately, it was. One day, a dark figure appeared at the End of Time, and, with powerful magic, began attacking everyone there. Elynthia tried as hard as she could to fight this menace, but he was simply too powerful. Gaspar told Elynthia to run away, and of course, she had no choice but to listen, as she saw Gaspar and the dark figure duke it out. Soon though,one of the figure's magic shots blasted into Gaspar, mortally wounding him. As Gaspar died, he told Elynthia that she now had to control the timegates, and to assist a girl named Mariah and her friends against this new evil they faced, and that is what Elynthia has sworn to do!

Elynthia is very skilled at Chronos magic. She's innocent and nieve, for she has never been outside the End of Time, but she is extremely intelligent and knows what is going on in the world due to her control of time. She has the ablity to communicate to people through pools of water. Her face will appear in them, like a holographic image, and she'll give clues or items to the heroes.

One thing to know, though, is that she is extremely powerful. Some say she isn't even human....Is she?