Ellena Majere

Sex: Female
Race: Human
Occupation: Cop/Founder of the 'Rebels'
Weapon: Guns
Magic Types: Light and White

Ellena is one of the survivors from the 'Day of Lavos'. She was just milling about one day when Lavos came up out of the ground and began tearing apart the landscape. Ellena also had two friends with her, Havik and Telim'Tor. Before the trio realized it, they were sucked into one of Lavos' timegates and Ellena and Telim'Tor ended up at the End of Time. There, Ellena became one of "Elynthia's Gaurdians", but she didn't want to stay at the End of Time. Even though she heard that, thanks to Crono and Co, that 1999AD's timeline had changed, she didn't want to go home just yet, so she went to 2330 AD. She took a job as a cop and hung around the place, mopping up crime, and meeting Keli in the process.

But, a machine known as 'Warlord Havik' started terrorizing the people there, and the people were thrown into Chaos. Ellena soon found out that somehow, this was the same Havik who was there when she fell into the timegate! Ellena knew she had changed and formed the 'Rebels', a group bent on bringing Havik down.

Ellena is a no-nonsense person. She doesn't really take too well to slackers and goof-offs (Which is why she and Ben constantly fight) but she has a heart of gold and hates injustice in a big way. She's good to the friends she has, and a total witch to her enemies!

Will Ellena bring Havik to her knees, or will friendship prevent her from doing so?

Strength: Average
Physical Defence: Weak
Magical Defence: Strong
Magical Power: Average
Agility: Strong
Evade: Average
Intellegence: Strong
Stamina: Average