Ben Wynstra

Sex: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Gaurdia Knight/Swordsman
Weapon: Swords
Magic Types: Water and Earth

Ben is a Guardia Knight who lives in 630 AD. Not too much is known about him at this point. Although he claims to be a Gaurdia knight, he's more of a freelance fighter now, and tends to show up when the party is in quite a fix. He is also engaged to the love of his life, Liza, and when not fighting monsters, lives with her.

Ben tends do be somewhat of a goof-off and has a boyish personality, but is very serious when it comes to battles.He's easygoing, and tries to stick up for the little guy. He carries a gigantic sword, which is a family heirloom. He also is one of "Elynthia's Gaurdians" like Ellena and Mekare, but it is unclear why he is...

Could it be that behind this easygoing guy lies a tragic past..?

Strength: Strong
Physical Defence: Strong
Magical Defence: Weak
Magical Power: Average
Agility: Average
Evade: Strong
Intellegence: Average
Stamina: Strong